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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/27/2003 03:30
Reported: 7/27/2003 4:14:47 PM 16:14
Posted: 8/1/2003
Location: Mission Viejo, CA
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object, There were electrical or magnetic effects
Extremely fast moving craft lights up as it shoots over Southern CA coastline

My friend ((name deleted)) and I decided to go to Strands beach last night(this morning) around 3:30am. Knowing the location and the time of night we were probably the only people on the beach for many miles in either direction. My friend and I were sitting on rocks smoking a cigar that lit up our position on the black stretch of beach, watching the sky, and talking. No more than 5-10 minutes after we got to the beach did we start seeing stuff.

It is probably important to mention when we pulled up to the parking lot behind the beach the radio station we were listening to, 93.1... a very large Southern California radio station with a powerfull signal located close to where I live and really never prone to static or disturbance, cut out completely making very strange non-static disturbance sounds that resembled strange and loud medium pitched humming for about 5 seconds two seperate times as we were driving through the parking lot. The radio station hadnt cut out once the entire time until we got there and the extended and very strange sounding 5 second periods where the radio cut out COMPLETELY and abruptly stuck in my mind.

Also I would like to mention less than 1 minute before we actually saw craft shooting across the sky something happened to me, physically. Im standing up enjoying the ambience of the waves and the night when I exhaled and attempted to inhale .. all of a sudden out of the blue I couldn't breath or inhale a single breath. It was like somebody disabled the use of my lungs or shrunk them to 1/10th the size for 5-6 seconds, a truly frightening and startling experience ive never had once in my life. I have no asthma nor any in my family and I've never had even the slightest shortness of breath or problem breathing, let alone the complete inablilty to expand my lungs and breath for atleast 5 seconds. During the 5 seconds i just stood there trying very hard to breath thinking both my lungs have somehow collapsed and contemplating how long i should wait to tell my friends im sufficating. I've been reading alot of ufo reports since trying to find somebody else who had a similair experience and so far haven't found anything so I dont know if it really does have anything to do with what we saw but it's timing was VERY strange... not to mention I have never had anything REMOTELY like that happen once in my life.

Less than a minute after i had my strange chest episode my friend and I both spotted the craft simultaneously as it streaked southward across the sky, stopped in front of us, and back. It came in what seemed like 200-300 yards off the coastline at medium-low altitude from the North at speeds that made the fastest shooting stars we saw that night seemed half as slow. It traversed half the sky in a small fraction of the second and stopped INSTANTLY directly in front of where were on the coast a few hundred yards out. The most incredible thing to me was the speed, what seemed like 10,000mph... much faster than most video cameras would even be able capture. It hung around for maybe a second then shot back North up the coast in what seemed like the exact trajectory it came in on, parrallel to the horizon, not to mention it accelerated instantly from where it had stopped and shot accross half the sky in a small fraction of a second.

Over the next 15 minutes we see what we figure is the same craft making guest appearances in other parts of the sky North of us, where it first came from, flying horizontally here and there back and forth up the coast line to the right of us. I might mention that the craft we saw had no lights on it and was black against the sky when it briefly stopped out in front of us and we would never have been able to point it out stopped in the sky if we hadn't seen its trajectory coming from the North. In fact aside from stopping out in front of us we only were able to see it when it shot across the sky at mindblowing speed and lit up. The second it would stop the light around it would disapear and unless you had it outlined against a lighter part of the dark sky that night you never would of seen it stopped. It seemed to move so incredibly fast it was making the air around it glow giving the entire object a dull glow slightly brighter than the stars around it and easy to spot if you're watching the sky the fraction of a second it takes for it to shoot across it. We stuck around for about 30 minutes afterwards watching the sky and saw the craft two more times to the North of us light up as it shot around making brief one directional and less dramatic appearances.

My radio was perfectly fine on the way home at about 4:35am and I haven't heard that kind of disturbance before or since. When i am able to i am actually planning on going back to the beach with a friend and a camcorder in the early hours of the morning again to see if i can capture what we saw last time.