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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/27/2003 15:20 (Entered as : 09/27/2003 15:20)
Reported: 9/28/2003 5:01:59 PM 17:01
Posted: 9/28/2003
Location: Sumner, WA
Shape: Sphere
Duration: 3minutes
Bright silver sphere seen in skies above Sumner, Washington-then disappears.

It was a clear day, not a cloud in the sky and was around 80 degrees. My daughter and I had just stopped at McDonalds and were heading home on Main Street in Sumner, Washington. As we reached the traffic light at Wood Avenue, the light turned red. We were stopped behind one car and had a view of the down town area. I looked down the street and up to the sky and seen a silver sphere high in the sky. It was gleaming cuz the sun was reflecting off of it which had caught my eye. I'm not sure if it was rotating but I got the feeling it was. I am not sure of the distance but seemed to be close to the flight pattern the airplanes travel on their way to Sea-Tac International Airport. Just as I was going to bring it to my daughter's attention - it disappeared. One minute it was there, shining brightly and the next it was gone. This is the second time I've seen a bright silver, sphere disappear in the skies but the first time was in August of this year while we were in Dresslerville, Nevada. At that time, my daughter seen it too however it disappeared to me but she swears she still could see it at which time we turned left away from the object - that day was also clear, no clouds and around 90 degrees. I've had many questionable sightings but one amazing sighting in June of 1975 in Bonney Lake, Washington coming down Highway 410 into Sumner. That also was a bright sunny day without any clouds. This craft was silverish and saucer shaped but with a dome on top. At the bottom of the dome was huge bright lights that reminded me of strobe lights, blinking around the bottom of the dome. My stepdad (non-believer) brought it to my attention and as I looked out of driver's side window I was totally astonished to see this. This craft stayed nearly parallel with us as we almost reached the 2nd exit to Sumner. It sped up and was over the Rivergrove apartments when it just vanished. This sighting lasted about 10 minutes and I've been searching the skies ever since.

((NUFORC Note: One of five reports from same witness. PD))