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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/26/2003 16:15 (Entered as : 11/26/2003 16:15)
Reported: 11/29/2003 1:24:09 AM 01:24
Posted: 12/9/2003
Location: Forest Park (a little south of Atlanta), GA
Shape: Light
Duration: 15 minutes on and off
Light over the skies of Georgia

While on the way to dropping my mother off at a dinner rehersal on Fort Gillem (an army base located in Forrest Park, Ga), I looked up while being checked in at the guard station. I saw in the sky a light that I thought to have been the sun. But to the south of this light was where the sun was positioned, noticibly brighter and more visibly defined in it's shape than it's neighboring visitor. The light was white with a lightly yellow colored brightness. The light was shaped like an acute triangle at the left with the bottom nearly paralell to the horizon. The right side was undefined and lead almost what seemed to be a curved line back to the base of the light. The light did not move and was wider but smaller than the large sun. The skies were spattered with thin clouds that were so much like lace that an airplane could easily be seen through a great majority of them. I childishly raised the question "why are there two suns" to my mother as I pointed to the western skies. She became as baffled as I at the sight of this luminous spectical.

When an M.P. finished filling out a visitors pass and had barely had time to hand the pass over to me I pointed and asked him if he knew what the second light in the sky was, he looked but seemed puzzled and only responded with a "what." My mother then leaned over to try and convey in better detail the question at hand by saying "there are two suns." She also pointed and added a motion of the head that meant for the soldier to look again. He did, and apparently noticed the light in the sky because his head remained to help his eyes focus. "Do you know what it is?" The soldier answered that he did not and I teased him saying "come on you're the government." Hearing my sarcasm, he replied "that's just it, I'm in the Army" I and my mother continued and kept a watch on this light that began to fade then dissapear. We reached the chapel soon after and continued to talk about what was just witnessed, and as we talked in the car I saw that the light had resumed it's place in the sky only to dissapear once more only moments afterward. I used my cell phone to call a local television station WGNX Atlanta via 411. After allowing the automated system attempt to search my request a live networker assisted me by routing my call for me, but there was no answer. A church friend of ours pulled up a few seconds later. My mother and I began to tell her of what we witnessed, of course followed by the pointing also recieved by the guard. She studied the sky and saw nothing. After this I hav yet to see the light again.