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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/1/2003 07:10 (Entered as : 12/01/2003 07:10)
Reported: 12/2/2003 8:21:54 PM 20:21
Posted: 12/9/2003
Location: San Jose, CA
Shape: Other
Duration: 3+/- minutes
Bright object seen in sky while driving to work. Shaped like an upside U.

I was at a stop light on my way to work on 12.1.03. I was looking at the clouds because it was a nice day w/lot's of clouds. I seen an object high in the sky that struck my eye because it was bright and amongst grey clouds. The best way I can describe it was that it was like a U shaped light bulb, floursent. it was like a u upside down w/two long parallel shafts. I couldn't really see the top part so it may not have actually been U. I looked to see why it was so bright and seen the sun peaking through the clouds but it couldn't explain in my mind why it was shinning. it wasn't a reflection type of shine. it was throughout the object and did not flicker. It was almost like a giant luminous light bulb. It was like the light was the object.

I could tell it wasn't moving because the clouds were moving through it or around it. I sat and watched this for the few minutes that I sat at the light. I noticed the women in the car next to me notice it as well. I sat there focused on the object trying to logicly justify what it was but could not. The light then turned green and I had to drive on. I tried to look for it as I drove but when I got that chance to look up it was gone. I am new to the area and I heard there is an air base near by. It did not look like anything we would be flying??? I have never seen an object in my 32 years of life that struck me like this. It was as if as soon as I seen it I thaught "wow, i'm looking at a ufo". I wasn't freaked out or scared but felt very peaceful. I told as many people as possible when I got to work. They looked at me like I was crazy but I didn't care. I kept telling it over and over. Maybe it can be explained but the feeling it left me w/can't be.