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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/30/2003 19:50 (Entered as : 11/30/2003 19:50)
Reported: 12/4/2003 4:51:12 PM 16:51
Posted: 12/9/2003
Location: Pico Rivera, CA
Shape: Changing
Duration: 20 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object emitted other objects, The object changed color
Bright Red UFO Continues To Haunt Montebello

This is my seventh sighting of the ufo that seems to have an interest in the Montebello area. What's going on? My first sighting of this ufo occurred on August 24, 2003, and it has appear just about on every Saturday since. The longest and my second sighting occurred on August 31, 2003 around 23:30pm. It was a very bright red spherical ufo, that blinked, blurred, brightened, dimmed and somewhat changed color to white, and that traveled in a north easterly direction for about one hour. And you know what the strangest thing about that night. There was hardly any commercial or general aviation activity at all during the event. Not even chemtrail activity. After the event of that night, I counted four police helicopters flying around as if they were looking for something. The chapter of MUFON L.A. has a clip of news footage from KTLA of the event on their website. Check it out. In fact, they all(local news stations) have footage of the event. And of the professional-kind footage that is.

My third sighting occurred during the wild fires of Southern California: October 18 2003 around 23:30pm, SATURDAY. During this sighting, the ufo appeared first as the usual bright red spherical object traveling in a north east direction when suddenly it took the shape of a chandelier. It was unbelievable. Within this wheel-like transformation, there was about a dozen small bright white star-like objects dancing or moving oddly within the glowing chandelier. I and other witnesses were in awe. There is more to this event to much to get into. I reported this back on,...I can't remember, but you must have my report, right? Duration of this event: 40 minutes.

It is now December 4, 2003 and my last sighting of this habitual ufo(if I can call it that) occurred on November 29, 2003 around 19:50pm universal time. Now, during this event, the ufo appeared early in the evening, but this time it was a bright white and yellowish color spherical ufo that suddenly turned into what looked like a Christmas tree. Complete with red, green, white, blue, and gold sparkling lights. Also it appeared to be getting bigger, or growing when suddenly it just blinked out of existence. Gone in a flash.(Duration of event: 5 minutes) One weird thing I've notice during my encounters with this ufo is that when it is about to blink out, there are unusual meteor streaks or what looks like laser fire up in the stratosphere. I've notice that in all my sightings. Also, I notice on some of my sightings, the almost non-present of man-made aerial vehicles, such as airliners, or general aviation crafts, like a helicopter.

My educated guess as to how high the ufo is during my sightings,...about 3,000 to 5,000 feet in the air. It is not a plane, or a high altitude jet of chemtrailer. It is definitely not Mars, or Venus, or a supernova, or any other planetary or celestial objects. It is not an astronomical anomaly period. It is not a man-made object either. The people in those areas or cities where the object appears above them have formed ufo watch groups. In fact, many people are scared now, and I've heard strange things happening within those cities. Some are calling the sightings: apparitions of the virgin mary. Please! Some bold individuals are now driving around armed with cameras, video recorders, and even armed with shotguns and handguns. The local police department doesn't want to inquire into it. They don't even want to talk about it. They're only statement to me was, "Get going, or you are going to be arrested." Arrested? I said. "Are you people out of your minds?" Anyway, things are getting weirder, and scary. What's going on? There is more to this, but I rather not write anymore.