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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/5/2004 11:30 (Entered as : 02/05/2004 11:30)
Reported: 2/5/2004 2:31:31 PM 14:31
Posted: 2/12/2004
Location: Sun City, CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration: 2.5 minutes
Characteristics: There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Menifee, Ca: 4 Spheres seen by 3 people

Moving from Northwest to Southeast, 4 spherical swirling then stopping and forming diamond shapes then turning in a diamond formation. Couldn't tell altitude, maybe 10,000 ft or less moving at apporximatly 100 - 150 mph. Saw as long as possible until it moved into sun. Headed towards airliner last time seen. Sherrifs helicopter in area right after incendent following the path of the ufo's and combing for evidence in my opinion.