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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/10/2004 22:14 (Entered as : 02/10/2004 22:14)
Reported: 2/11/2004 4:22:20 PM 16:22
Posted: 2/12/2004
Location: Alice Springs (NT, Australia),
Shape: Disk
Characteristics: The object landed
i am only 16 but i am into ufo aircraft, so me and a few freiends went out bush to look through the teliscope, we were out for a whilewhen my friend said "hey whats them things floating around, we wre watching them for a while and i managed to get it on the teliscope, this gave us a clear veiw of them, the were like saucers but there were 4 of them, they had a green colour to them, and were hovering around near the ground, about 15-20 metres from the ground, i didnt see any sort of alian lifeforms, although there were trees in the way so we didnt get clear view of the ground just the ski, but i did hear weired and bazzar noises coming from the derection of the saucers, we were watching them for a while for atleast 2 minutes or even more, and when they left there was more than 4 of them mayby about 6-7 of them, so i think that maybe there were some of them on the ground just sitting there on the ground, when they left it would have been an instant and they were out of sight, after they left, we went and looked over were they were, and there was 2 patches on the ground, and some footprints, only faint footprints but you could notice them, there wasnt any bodie around, but we stayed there for a while, just looking at the marks, and were totely amazed by it, we were a bit freaked out but who wouldnt be i say, my friends are older than me one is 20, and the other 22, we all seen it well with the naked eye, and i also got the telescope on them, they looked unreal!