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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/6/1978 22:00 (Entered as : 08/06/1978 22:00)
Reported: 3/22/2004 7:11:14 PM 19:11
Posted: 3/23/2004
Location: Black Hills, AZ
Shape: Light
Duration: Over an hour
Three blue lights come together and shoot up.

The time and date I logged in for this report may be off.

Dear Mr. Brian Vike Hello once again I hope you are doing fine and well also. As I told you in my last e-mail back in the 1970s I think it was 1978 or 1979 I had just turned 18 years old as well as many of my friends that I grew up with in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

When we all got of age we decided to take a cross country road trip to California, so 4 of us went cross country on a Greyhound bus to San Diego California to see just what the west coast was all about. It took us about 5 days to reach California from Boston and before we ever heard anything about UFO's we found out after being in San Diego for only 2 days. We all shared a motel room and on our second night in California we were watching the local news in San Diego. The news reporter said that thousands of calls were coming into the news station as people were reporting sightings over the area of Palo Alto, California.

The strange thing was no T.V. footage was shown and it must have been the government trying to cover it all up. The people reporting the sightings said they saw huge discs hovering over Palo Alto in the middle of the day and it was starting to cause panic for some people. I do remember the news people saying that it was not a good idea for people to travel up to Palo Alto because of too much traffic from all of the on lookers. All of us at the motel just thought it was strange and never gave it any thought after hearing the report on TV. Well we stayed in San Diego for about 3 weeks before we all decided to head back to Massachusetts, so we did. We pooled our money together and bought a 1968 Dodge Charger for the big trip home so we could have more freedom than being stuck on a bus for the next 5 days.

We left California during the late night hours so the car would not overheat during the day as we crossed through the areas of desert. Well all was fine until we crossed into the area of Arizona known as the Black Hills. We had to drive over a mountain range that seemed to take hours to get over, once we were headed down hill to the desert areas and level highway we noticed something very strange indeed. We saw 3 blue beautiful lights ahead of us, they were the color of cobalt blue like the old vicks salve jars.

It seemed that no matter how far we drove the lights were always in the same location in the sky ahead of us. We decided to pull over and get out to see if these lights were aircraft or radio towers as it was hard to tell moving at 70 miles per hour in a car. Once we pulled over we got out for a closer look and noticed that these blue lights did not make a sound at all and they were in the same exact spot as an hour before when we first spotted them in the sky. Another strange fact is that we were the only car on the highway at the time and not even a truck or anything was spotted during this time. So we got back in the car and drove for almost another hour before pulling over once again because the lights were still in the sky in the same location as before. We started getting a little nervous and wondered if this was what the people in Palo Alto have been seeing.

We decided to turn on the car radio to find out if anybody had called in anything about what we were seeing in the Arizona desert but as fate would have it the radio was nothing but static on all stations. We just thought we were so far away from the nearest radio station and that was why we could not get any music or news on the radio. We all looked at each other in shock asking one other if we all saw the same blue lights and if we could still see them, we all said yes to that. After a few minutes my friend who was driving decided to turn off the car head lights and shut off the engine and as soon as he did we then became instant believers of UFO's because when he turned off the lights the 3 cobalt blue lights that looked as if they were at least 500 feet apart from each other began to move towards each other until the 3 lights became one large blue light that headed away from us and then went upwards at the speed of a shooting star.

My many thanks to the witness for the sighting report.

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