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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/13/2004 23:00 (Entered as : 06/13/2004 23:00)
Reported: 6/14/2004 10:20:07 AM 10:20
Posted: 6/18/2004
Location: Sandy, UT
Shape: Triangle
Duration: few secs each
2 transparent triangles travel silently through the night sky.

There were four of us in the front yard Me, my wife, and 2 cousins. We are all in our early twenties. We were just going to our homes from my motherís home, which we visit every Sunday to play a game of Risk, when we found my sister had left her keys in the car. So one of my cousins took the key out and put it on the doorstep because the house was locked behind us.

Then my other cousin pointed up at the sky and my wife and I saw this transparent triangle shape. It flew heading North to South. I could make out the edges because the transparency did not go all the way to the edge. It was kind of just fuzzy on the edges. The object made absolutely no sounds. There seemed to be no emitted light. The sighting lasted all of about 2 seconds before it disappeared from view behind some trees. The cousin who was putting the key on the doorstep did not get to see it there was a porch awning in the way. He ran out after we all said "what the hell is that?". He thought we were lying. After we all described what we saw and speculated what it could have been, we decided to stay there a few minutes to see if it would come back. The cousin that did not see the triangle went out to the middle of the lawn and started running in circles staring at the Big Dipper. Then he all of a sudden stopped and pointed up. A smaller triangle had appeared in the sky and was headed from North to more Southeast. It looked more like 2 shaded triangles that may have been linked by a transparent piece or something else. This one had more speed and disappeared into the night sky. At first we thought this one was just ducks or geese, but then realized that they usually make noise when flying and do not fly in such a perfect formation. The cousin that had not seen the first one, now believed us. We stood around and speculated on this one too, we all drew some pictures of what we thought both looked like on the hood of my sisters car, in the dust that was all over it, and the pictures turned out pretty much identical. My younger brother, age 15, heard all the noise we were making and looked out his window. We motioned for him to come down stairs and he did. We explained this all to him then went back to watching the sky. We waited to see if another would appear but after about 20 minutes we decided it is time to go home. All we saw in the 20 minutes was 2 Satellites in the sky righ! t above us. One went north to south the other south to north.

None of us have ever seen anything like this. We all agreed on the shape and transparency of the triangles. We also all agreed that they appeared to be paper-thin. They made no noise at all, and also made no apparent air disturbance that we could feel or see. The night was perfectly clear. Not a cloud in sight or on the horizon. We also could not see the moon in the sky, it might have not risen over the mountains at that point. My cousins went home and found this article on this web page which sparked my intrest to post my experience. I will try to have images posted on my web page that each of us have drawn.