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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/14/2004 22:20 (Entered as : 12/14/2004 22:20)
Reported: 12/14/2004 11:58:24 PM 23:58
Posted: 1/11/2005
Location: Seattle, WA
Duration: 2 seconds
Hi again Mr. Davenport: I wanted to let you know that I spoke to my brother in law, who is a ((deleted)) captain on ((deleted)). He works at night, and after I saw the fiery object in the sky last night, I called him to ask him if he might have seen anything himself, on his boat that goes between ((deleted)) Seattle (south of where I was walking), Vashon Island and Southworth on the Olympic Peninsula near Bremerton.

((deleted/brother)) said a couple of members of his crew saw two events, just after their shift started about 21:00, and one the night before as well on his shift. He said that a crewman probably saw the event I saw, which he said was somewhere up near my house located somewhat north of the ferry dock.

((deleted/brother)) said that there were in fact some clouds out of which these shooting stars seemingly came, and he said that they went quite low through the cloud cover and then burned out before they hit the ground. He said that they were both quite low and did in fact, enter the sky below the cloud cover. They were within Puget Sound, and the one was just where I described it. So I also find it strange that my brother in law saw the same event, two seconds or so long, that I did. Pretty strange. Incidentally, my brother in law, ((deleted)), before becoming a((deleted)) captain in Puget Sound, was an officer in the Coast Guard and also had a degree in Astronomy, though I don't think that it makes him any more of an expert than the average person who might witness such an event. Just makes it a little more credible. ((deleted)) often says he witnesses at night lots of astronomical events, being out on the water, not close to land or lights. Quite a meteor shower and I guess we did see some that passed low. If you want more information, call me or write back, and I'll try to ask ((deleted)) more about what he saw from his angle, south of here and out on the water.

Thanks, ((name deleted))