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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/4/2005 19:54 (Entered as : 02/04/2005 19:54)
Reported: 2/4/2005 8:23:15 PM 20:23
Posted: 2/8/2005
Location: Riverdale, UT
Shape: Light
Duration: 2-3 seconds
Light was about the size of a BB held at arms length

Not much to describe. I was outside, getting ready to take a drive up to the mountains, when I happened to look up, just in time to watch a light briefly streak across the sky. At first I thought that it may have been a meteor, but then I realized that it did'nt have a trail behind it. Usually, this is the case. But, there was no trail, or anything else! The light was moving WNW to SSE at about 40 degrees above the horizon. Could have been a meteor, but since there was no trail...!