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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/28/1925 18:00 (Entered as : 12/28/1925 18:00)
Reported: 4/27/2005 11:43:00 AM 11:43
Posted: 5/11/2005
Location: Atkinson (6 miles north of), IL
Shape: Disk
Duration: 1 minute
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Young boy witnesses disc in sky above Illinois farmland in December 1925.

((NUFORC Note: NUFORC has spoken via telephone with the daughter of the witness, and she sounds very sober-minded, level-headed, and sincere to us. Her father, who saw the ABC program on UFO's, hosted by Peter Jennings, on February 24, 2005, decided that he had better report his sighting, and he called his daughter, to inquire as to how to do that.

We are grateful to the witness for sharing the fascinating report with NUFORC, and to his daughter for passing the report along to us. PD))


March 21, 2005


Enclosed is my Dadís written report of his 1925 sighting. (I have the original.) I have not edited it in any way. Nor did I discuss it with him to tell him what to put in it. This is his unadulterated version, in other words.

He still wonít agree to be interviewed by anyone, and wants to remain anonymous. So, if you have questions, I guess Iím your source. You can ask me, and Iíll ask him. Sorry, thatíll have to do.

This occurred in Henry County, Illinois. Number "6" on the map is where Dad was standing. (I understand the map, while it wonít make sense to you.) It might help your understanding that, as Dad has previously told me, he was standing on a ditch bank that was higher than the field the "craft" went across when it left. It seemed to be low over the field and had to go up to clear the hill and neighborís barn that was on the hill on the other side of the field. In other words, it didnít streak across the sky. The barn it cleared when it left was on the neighborís farm, not the barn where Dad was.

He previously mentioned an "odd" sound of a low hum, or buzz.

Please donít use my name, either.

Hope this helps.

Signed, ((name deleted))



Tuesday, March 1st, 2005

The event that I describe herein happened in 1925, between Christmas and New Years (Christmas vacation). Three people were present, Uncle (name #1 deleted), Uncle (name #2 deleted), and me. Uncle (#2) was in the cow section of the barn, and Uncle (#1) was in the horse barn. (We were later than usual with the duties of doing the farm chores.) Uncle (#1) suggested that I take a bucket that was nearby and to go to the corn crib for corn for the horses.

I exited the barn and started for the corn crib. The corn crib was at a lower elevation than the barn, so as I started to descend to that level, I stopped to admire the scenery because it was such a "picture-postcard" winter scene, about 15 degrees F, fresh snowfall, clear sky, wind was calm, so I stopped to look around. The stars were beginning to come out. In viewing the stars, looking to my left, I noticed two stars, brighter than the others. This caught my attention, so I studied them a little.

It occurred that one of them was moving away from the other. As I watched this going on, all of a sudden, an object is above me, and the whole area becomes as light as day. I looked up and looked all around. I could see the neighborís building as clear as day.

The object above me, the source of the light, this was not like a searchlight, more like daylight, so I could look up at this object, just a short distance above me. However, all I could see was a dark (not black) space about 10-feet in diameter, enveloped in sort of an aura atmosphere.

It remained there for a short time. The light dimmed, then it glided over the field at about the same level that it was above me, about 25 feet in the air. It went directly toward the buildings on ranch #2. It had to ascend in order to clear the cow barn (a huge barn), and sailed off to the northwest, and it faded from view.

I returned with the corn. Uncle (#1) and Uncle (#2) were emerging from the barn. Someone said, "What was that?" Also, someone said, "We will read about it in the newspaper when we return home." When we got home, Grandpa ((name deleted)), who always read the paper thoroughly, said he saw nothing in the paper of such an occurrence, so that was the end of the event.

Place: ((name deleted)) Ranch, about six miles north of Atkinson. No longer in existence, as such. Building #6 ((shown on hand-drawn map)) has been completely demolished. It was in a remote area, about Ĺ mile from public road.

Uncle (#2) at last interview remembered nothing of the incident. He was milking the cows, and did not have much exposure.

Uncle (#1) remark was, "Something happened" somewhat bigger object, about as big as a car. Uncle (#1)((deleted-twenties)); Uncle (#2); ((deleted-teens)); Me ((deleted-11 yrs.)) No women were there. Neighbors at least one mile away. I was not frightened.

I think the object was either tinted glass, of some kind of fabric.

((name deleted)) ranch sold into smaller parcels.

Horses were called "oat sniffers," but draft horses were fed several cups of corn with the oats, plus timothy hay. Also, this corn was selected with care. So, the best corn was called "horse corn." The names of the #1 team on Uncle (#1) farm were ((deleted-horse #1)) and ((deleted-horse #2)).

No telephone; no newspapers; no electricity; no radio.

Building #6 ((indicated on map)) was known as "the ((deleted))," by the locals. The buildings were used during the construction of the company ditch, and abandoned when the ditch was completed.