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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/12/2005 00:11 (Entered as : 07/12/2005 0:11)
Reported: 7/11/2005 11:40:22 PM 23:40
Posted: 7/13/2005
Location: River Ridge, LA
Shape: Other
Duration: :03
Strange long light opens in the sky.

It is really chance that I saw this. I was walking my dog and sometimes like to look at the sky. I was facing southwest as I looked up and to my left at the tea cup part of the Sagitarius constelation which was about 35 degrees high in the sky. I looked down at the dog and then looked up again. This time I looked up near zenith facing southwest. I did not see a craft. I saw some type of strange light effect. I will be able to describe it very clearly but it will take a lot of words.

Imagine how this would look in the sky: If you had a plastic zip-loc sandwich bag and you were looking down on the opening as the bag hung vertically, you would only see a thin line of transparent plastic. This is what I saw in the sky. If I held up my hand at arms length and spread my thumb and little finger as far appart as possible it would seem to be about that width. It was translucent white. I could see stars through it.

I saw this thing apear while looking up at the sky. It was a straight line then the thing got wider in the middle, the same way a plastic bag would look if you started opening it from the middle. Inside of the widening thing it still had a whiteness to it but it was easier to see through the middle than the edges. Inside it there was a line from end to end but it wasn't straight. It curved a little toward the top line of the light. The line was as thick as the other edges.

If I were looking southwest and then tilted my head up this light in the sky was side to side.

Here is what happened and it happened faster than you can read this. I looked up, the long horizontal light then started appearing like someone at a TV station sliding in an effect. It got wider in the middle, reached its maximum brightness (a little brighter than a cloud passing over a city at night) then started fading away to nothing as it started closing and it was gone.

I guess I should mention how wide it seemed to open. Looking at the overall length and then comparing the opening to the length of the whole thing I would say it got about one tenth as wide as the whole length.

This thing was see-through the whole time.

After watching it I remembered to look at my watch and also the position of the stars. At first it seemed to show up almost diagonally in what reminded me of the great square of Pegasus. Five minutes later I looked up again and I couldn't find that group of stars. I found this very odd that I couldn't locate that pattern again. Did the sky change on me? It is the weirdest thing. Perhaps something is up in the sky creating some type of camoflage that resembles stars, just the wrong pattern. That would change the pattern in the sky. I don't have a star chart to do a check. Years ago I had an interest in astronomy and I have some experience with the sky but I am just a very rank amature.

(NUFORC you may contact me if you need more details.)