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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/13/2005 17:10 (Entered as : 07/13/2005 17:10)
Reported: 7/13/2005 9:50:50 PM 21:50
Posted: 7/15/2005
Location: Seattle (downtown; Shoreline), WA
Shape: Other
Duration: 20 mins
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object
Metallic object "hovering" at altitude over downtown Seattle for at least 10 - 15 minutes - 07/13/05

While sitting in traffic on northbound I-5 we observed an single object that appeared to be static on the sky and around 75 degrees above eastern horizon.

It was a shiney metallic object that appeared to have geometrical facets on top area of it. Furthermore, we noticed that the area around the object appeared to have a "halo" due to the fact that it was a darker blue color than compared to the clear blue sky behind it. This "halo" appeared fuzzy and did not seem to have definite edges.

Due to the traffic barely moving along we were able to observe the object for around 10 mins as we slowly moved north towards downtown Seattle. Also, since we weren't moving we were able to compare its size to the half moon that was also in that hemisphere of the sky. Its size relative to the half moon was about 1/5 - 1/7 of the moon. In relation to the moon it was north of it and higher towards the sky zenith.

When we compared it to fixed objects in our field of view it became obvious that it wasn't moving in relation to us. We lost sight of it when we entered the tunnels and express lanes of downtown Seattle. We saw it again when we were north of the Northgate Mall and just south of the King county line. It seemed to be in the same location in the sky relative to the horizon and moon as before. This time we only observed it for a couple of seconds before it seemed to "vanish" from the sky.

In the car we had 3 people (including the driver) of which two of us saw the object. All of us in the car have aerospace engineering backgrounds and have significant experience in identifying flying vehicles and their systems.

The two of us who observed the object concluded that we had never observed such an object before. We were quite surprised at how it was able to hold station so precisely and the fact that it appeared to have no aerodynamic lifting surfaces to it.

((NUFORC Note: I spoke with this witness at length, and I found him to be eloquent and quite sincere. I suspect he is an excellent witness. PD))