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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/18/1997 20:30 (Entered as : 08/18/1997 20:30)
Reported: 9/5/2005 10:25:12 AM 10:25
Posted: 9/15/2005
Location: Countryside/rural (UK/England),
Shape: Circle
Duration: 1 to 2 hoursor two occasi
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object
three ufo's (green pale rings) interchanging follwed us for over 10 miles- and neighbour also!!!

myself, husband and daughter had come from Penzance in far south west Cornwall in the evening about september. About the time of new term starting at schools daughters said. it was a moonlit night and the clouds were boyant bt plenty of clear sky between them- as if it was fairly windy high up.

WE had to take a country road for about 11 or 12 miles through some small hamlets and one or two small villages but very quiet. The raod was welllit by the mon depsite the fast moving clouds which did not except sporadically obscure any significant part of the sky. WE had I think it was when we had the Audi with a sun roof but it might have been a Renault car I am not much good about cars. The point is we had a tinted glass sunroof. My daighter and I had been comenting on the lively night and sky when something caught my attention. WE must have travelled perhaps three miles out of the town. First behind a cloud then unshielded were three green or gey green faded but clearly there, green spheres. They would have been pretty big, I suppose if we estimated them to be er!!! flying below the clouds sometimes I dont really know what height the clouds are at!!! But at that hieght they would seem to measure about I would guess half the size of football pitch!! maybe a third.

If I measured them as an artist using my thumb down a pencil- the tip of the pencil being put at the visual edge of one of the spheres and my thumb moving down until my eys sees it as recording the oposite edge and my arm straight ( if you know this methods used to measure distant objects bye artists!!!I would say they would be about three to four inches across at that distance.

At first we thought there were some kind of laser show, (we had seen one which had given us a scare when the images appeared over our fields,) But these interchanged positions altering height slighty as the way a car does on and unneven road. Also of the road tured they altered thier path to follow us blatantly drawing close to one another to take the turn. At first watching them partly throught the sunroof and partly by craning our necks was just interesting then we becaem disconcerted when we saw they were following us and it becamwe more urgent to get home fast. In fact they trailed us for all but th last mile home when we reached a village and took the sharp turn left they swung around and went into the distance growing smaller as they went. we didnt know what to think we were sure they were some kind of spacecraft. There were no seperate lights as I have heard described though, just a continuous ring (pale green) each of them had and the middle was obscured somehow. we are used to seeing helicopetors as we lived on thier flight path from a military base some 12 miles in another direction, and also planes and airballoon but none like this and theses were moving fact and had great propulsion faster than a jet plane when they went off but not a sound. My husband met a neighbour( about a mile away) a week later and when he went to mention it the neighbour said' that is odd we were also followed by those 'exactly the same'. Then in the local paper for Cornwall (and I have a picture someone took) was a report (up near bodmin I think it was) of this Ufo 'one only' but very like the ones we had been followed by, but this was taken in the day at sun set!!!! Around the same time ( and this may be accountable any other way, I do not know, may be unconnected but those were very real no question) I was awakened in the night by a very bright white light blue white. The road ran next to the house, so I thought at first and so did hubby it must be a car!! I actually had made little shutter fo this side window but they didnt fit very well so they let light in along the edges and it shone straight on my face. I opened up the shutter to see and there was no car and the moon was not visable or at least I could not find it and also the light was much much brighter and very white with a bue eliment to it. I could not see its course, it lasted a while um! maybe twenty minutes half an hour and went.

I had often told people about these sightings and they came back with amazing stories but I never found anywhere to report it and find out whatit was, then I was reading the uninvited lately having got it in a pile of books i got at charity shop[ before we left england two years ago. and when I mentioned the light it reminded me and fankly gave me the w*llies. Now I am wondering exactly how far that encounter actually went!!!! at least if you have this information you can look into it yourselves and it isnt lost forever which I hated because I think anoything lik ethis shou dbe recorded otherwise how can we knwo waht is happening or to what extent?

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))