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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/23/2005 12:00 (Entered as : 05/23/2005 12:00)
Reported: 9/13/2005 8:19:02 PM 20:19
Posted: 10/11/2005
Location: Orange Beach, AL
Shape: Light
Duration: 1 hour
Bright and huge star-like object in the sky during mid-day hours.

On May 23, 2005 beginning at 12:00 PM, 5 people including myself observed an unusual daytime object (almost star-like yet comparable in size to an enormous planet near earth at its closest point) emitting radiant light (correlative to reflection of sunlight shining off a mirror) in the daytime sky. Our location when we saw the light in the sky was at Orange Beach, Alabama on a condominium midway through construction. The condominium is located nearly directly in front of the Alabama Point bridge which I estimated the distance between the bridge and the condo to be approximately a mile in distance.

The whole observation began when three people and I took our lunch break at exactly 12:00 PM on the condominium's balcony that was facing southeast on the first floor. I tended to my lunch, devouring the tuna-fish sandwich that I had made in the early morning, while the other three people began consuming their meal just a few yards away from me.

While attending to my lunch, I was wearing my polarize sunglasses and glancing towards the Gulf admiring the scenery of the barrier island's surroundings. It was extremely hot and humid that day which also set a new temperature record for that day. I believe the actual temperature was 98 degree F, and with the humidity factored in, the temperature actually felt like 115 degree F. Because it was so hot and humid that day, the surrounding area had a slight haze in the air which is typical for hot, humid climate.

The sunlight seem to be especially intense that day for it was extremely bright and challenging when seeing without the aid of sunglasses. Thankfully, there was a slight and gentle breeze from the Gulf to briefly cool us off just a tad now and then.

While glancing around at the surrounding area, a brilliant light in the sky captivated my attention. I said nothing to the others just yet, but I just dwelled there in awe scrutinizing the light to see if it would change direction if it was traversing the sky. I didn't want the other people to think I was seeing a UFO until I rule out all possibilities of what the light may be.

There was some clouds in the sky, and few times, the clouds would pass in front of the light in the sky, yet the light still shined through the clouds seemly almost unhindered. The light was just barely off the left side of one of the three, huge condo that was on the barrier island. In the line of sight of the light is a small island that has some pine trees on it. That was one of the reasons why I didn't spot the light in the sky at my first glance of the surroundings.

The light seem to just suspend over the Gulf just between East and South East direction near the area where the torturous sun rise slowly each morning. If you were to draw a line between the light and the condo, it did not cross the Alabama-Florida boundary line, but it was just between the two, tall pine trees on the island. Between the two pine tree was a stubby tree possibly an oak tree. I used those trees as a guide for any lateral movement in the light.

The light elevation may had been between 30 to 45 degrees off the horizon, but almost level with the condo's roof on the barrier island which was also leveled with the pine trees.

Thinking it may be a jet heading directly towards my direction with its lights on, I waited five minutes for any changes in direction, elevation, or intensity of the light, and I also listen for any sounds of a jet flying. Since none of those factors changed and no jet sound could be heard, I disclosed to the other people of what I saw. I guided them in direction using the pine trees as landmarks for the viewing of the light.

At first, both witness had some trouble spotting the light until their eyes adjusted and was able to see clearly the light. I let one of the witness use my sunglasses, and he was able to see the light with no problems.

I asked the two witness, "What is it?" Neither of them had any clear answers, but only possibilities of what the light may be. There was another person on the balcony, but that person refused to glance in the direction that the light was being observed.

Both witness and I watched for another 10 minutes when three more people showed up on the balcony. They were able to view the light and again I asked, "What is it?" No one had any definite answers. One person said, "It could be a balloon." Another person said, "It could be a parachute ride." Another person said, "It could be a plane." Another person said, "It could be a planet or star." Another person said, "It could be kite." "It could be an UFO!" I said because nobody could identify it.

All the witness watch the light and discussing what it could be until our lunch break was over.

Occasionally, I would glance towards the light while we were working until around 1:00 PM, I could no longer see the light where it once was positioned exactly each time in the same area in the sky motionlessly shining like a bright, huge star. My final thoughts, "What was it I saw that day?"