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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/15/1976 (Entered as : 07/15/1976)
Reported: 9/16/2005 4:54:03 PM 16:54
Posted: 10/11/2005
Location: Cave Junction, OR
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 12 hours
Characteristics: There were electrical or magnetic effects
Year 1976---The Real Man In Black Time for a real vacation! I had beem working steady with very long hours, six day a week for over six years-, in a large lumber mill as a computer tech and electrician., previous employment as a Electronic Designer and Engineer.

Now I'm a rare divorced dad, with full custody of three children. So I asked them where they would like to go, "lets get Grandma and go to Salt Lake City as she always wanted to see it" was the unanimous desician , my Olds Cutlass Supreme was a great road car and in perfect condition so it was loaded with camping gear and ready to go!

Sunday morning after Church off we went, up to Hat Creek for the night and in the morning down to Reno, after seeing the town then drove out to Winnimmucca, Nevada for a late lunch, continued driving to Salt Lake City where we stayed for the night.. We saw the Mormon Temple and Temple Square and all had a good time. After sightseeing I remembered a lake campground east of Salt Lake City so we went there, a lot of fun! That evening there was a bad storm warning for late the next day,on the radio. We left early.

We decided to drive to Pendleton Or, and while there stocked up on some really neat clothing! How about Portland, down the Columbia river, we went to Meryhill, WA., where the stonehenge replica stands--We were having a great time, and all the above detail is to show our frame of mind.

While driving from Maryhill on the freeway {84), I was thinking about the Hanford Atomic facility somewhere to the north, as we were headed west. Grandma said "Look at those three funny airplanes" , looking north,

I saw three, black, triangular objects, above the other side of the river gorge, headed our way, and grandma and kids were talking with great excitement!

Suddenly, as my eyes were on the road, everything quit working, engine, dash lights, radio, CB, so I coasted over to the side of the road--wondering what's going on ?

Next thing I knew, I was standing in front of the car, wondering what I'm doing out here, Gradma and the kids, in the car "were looking at me like what are you doing out there"?

I got in the car, started up fine, everything working, except the dashboard clock--we all acted dazed and dis orented--we decided to stop in the next town and get something to eat--and then continue on and see the dinosaurs at Fossil Or, that excited everyone, so we stopped at a drive in at The Dalles,

The Man In Black! While munching our burgers and fries, the hair on the back of my neck stood up as if some one was behind me, I turned around and this Man was sitting two tables away, not eating but just staring at us, nothing was on his table and I sensed danger!

I stood up and walked over to him, he was thin (like a person that had rickets), olive-brown skin, coal black hair and beady eyes framed by bushy-black eyebrows and pointed chin! Black shoes and suit, white shirt--feeling this was unreal asked "May I help you with something?" He shot back crisply, "Where are You Going"? Feeling very uneasy I stated "going to take the family down to Fossil, and see the sights"! He replied, in a low but distinct voice, 'DO NOT GO DOWN THERE, THINGS BIGGER THAN HOUSES, COMES IN OVER TOPS OF THE TREES, !"

With that he stood up and went out the door, stunned, I went back to our table and discussed the events of the day and it dawned on us that some how we were unable to account for three hours of time, and then this weird guy, Then we all saw him drive very slowly by the side glass door of the diner, in a very black- highly polished utility truck. (painters vans we called them then}, just staring at us as he passed by .

Quick vote, panic setting in, lets go home quick! Down highway 97 we raced, past Bend Or, we started feeling a little safer, Forest road, star lit sky, was beautiful,

Then a Big Black Car passes us like we were standing still, with that Same face looking at us as he passed, (I was doing 65 mph). And was quickly out of sight. Everyone was quite upset again!

I mashed the gas pedal up to 80 and let it roll, quicker out of there the better! Again that black car, with that stern face passed us again, Panic now, find a place with people, Grandma found Dechutes State Campground on the map just ahead., quick right turn, and there standing by the side of the road, was that strange man.!

This Is Nuts!! Shaking, I quickly found a camp site near the bathroom, removed my 30-30 from the trunk, and stood guard the rest of the night!!!

Next morning we traveled on home, wondering what had happened! Still don't know!

The Oldsmoble never ran after that trip, too many problems with it! The storm? That when the Estes Dam broke. Was the man in black bad or good, good I think, but I don't want to meet him again,

Thank you!

The missing three hours, just gone, not sure I want to know!

Other strange experiences, yep, since I can remember, UFO perhaps, don't know! Sincerely .