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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/1/2001 01:00 (Entered as : 11/01/2001 1:00)
Reported: 9/29/2005 1:16:55 PM 13:16
Posted: 10/11/2005
Location: Truman Lake area, MO
Duration: 5 minutes
Characteristics: The object made a sound
I was out camping in the country in Benton County, MO in the Truman Resevoir area. I was lying outdoors, snuggled in my sleeping bag in November, 2001, at about 1 am. It was a full-moon that night; ceiling and visibility were unlimited. I was encamped in a sparse cedar grove at the Southern end of a 40-60 acre cattle pasture. Wind was almost still; ambient noise was basically non-existent; air temp was approx. 40F. What breeze there was from the NW<5 mph.

I awoke to my wolf-dog hybrid(1/4 wolf;1/4 malamute; 1/2 yellow lab; I include this description of him to give a sense of how much I trust this dog's senses and instincts; he is very intelligent, very observant, and knows the difference between a possible threat or unknown machine or entity and something to be disregarded) growling--not viciously or menacingly--at first, just suspiciously, and observing something off the ground over the pasture. At first, very faintly, I hear a "swooshing" noise with a high pitched whine approaching from the North very slowly. Also, the swooshing noise was deep and rythmically slow. The best thing I could come close to describing it as sounding like is an attic fan with a whining, loose bearing. As it approached, the noise became more pronounced, but the same rythmically. This was a full moon night; this thing was within 200 yards of me over open terrain. I would judge its alltitude at between 100 and 200 feet. Its airspeed was much, much slower than any man-made aircraft I know of could maintain and stay aloft. I was in the military; I have flown in Blawkhawks, Hueys, Sea Nights, and C-135's.

As this object approached, my dog became much more menacing in his deep-throated growl, and his eyes locked onto this object and started tracking it. Yet, I could see nothing. This object flew directly over me; my vision was unobstructed. The moon was overhead slightly to the South West. The object flew over me at about 100-200 feet. Airspeed was <60mph. It was a slow "wooshing" sound, and the whine was so high pitched as to become almost auditorily painful and inaudible at the same time. It agitated my brain and nervous system to a point almost unbearable as it passed over. Again, the closest I could come to describing the effect is to compare it to the EMF field surrounding a powerful electric sub-station. My dog tracked this thing with a deep-throated rumbling growl and an intense, unabated stare all the way over us and across the horizion until it was inaudible; ie: He could see it, I could not! Its vector was from 11:00 NW to 5:00 SE. There was no visual obstruction overhead in the starfield; no obstruction of the moonlight; no visual distortion of any kind overhead against the starfield, the moon, nor either horizion from its approach to its departure. The diameter of the "wooshing" sound as it passed directly over me I would estimate to have been 40-60 feet??? There was no air displacement. The wooshing sound was moderately loud, but nothing to the point of roaring or uncomfortable.

INVESTIGATOR FOLLOW UP: In reference to your questions, I will try to answer them in order. The only other bodily sensations I had consisted of the "tingling and icy cold-blooded feeling" one gets when confronted by something they have never experienced before; and cannot identify--in other words: "fear"! (also, hair standing on end, ect.) As for how I felt after it left? Physically fine; no lasting hearing impairment or pain. Now psychologically, I was very agitated and anxious; it was very fascinating, exciting, and frightening all at the same time! And no, no missing time. Sorry! lol. Again, no; no dreams--just fascinating and life-long memories. And yes, I have been back there since the incident--and many times before--and only this one time has anything unusual occurred. As for it being worth further investigation, I sincerely doubt it. Again, I have camped there many times since 1986, and have had only this one experience. However, I spent allot of time out West in California, Wyoming, and Colorado. I was in the Marines in California from 1988-1993 in the infantry. I am an avid backpacker, hiker, camper, and general all-around outdoor-nature nut! I have spent allot of time in far more remote regions than this; and this was my first and only experience(and my grandmother's "sighting" was in the same county back in 1987). So, who knows for sure? As for an electrical transformer sound? No, not really; it was a whining noise: very high-pitched, rythmical, and..."mechanical?" Not a humming or buzzing type noise. But without a visual/phyisical description, I'm not sure of what value it would be; other than its uniqueness of being only heard and not seen, I guess! lol.

(Report received by Missouri Investigators Group.