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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/2/2006 10:40 (Entered as : 06/02/06 10:40)
Reported: 6/16/2006 11:14:33 PM 23:14
Posted: 7/16/2006
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Shape: Teardrop
Duration: 10-12 seconds
Characteristics: There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Craft near AFB followed aircraft then proceeded south at a constant rate through changes in direction and elevation

he shape was not clear since the color of the craft matched the sky haze. The only reason the craft was so visible was the reflection it gave off but the reflection did not show the exact outline. However the reflection(s) allowed use to visually follow the craft while my friend and I kept asking each other, "Have you ever seen an aircraft do that?", over and over.

Al was over Saturday evening and I saw my first UFO. Craziest thing I've ever seen. I still don't believe it was an Alien thing but it wasn't any typical aircraft. The speed and its maneuvering looked impossible. It chased two planes over the airport going two different directions, dodged another and then dove close to the ground and proceeded south all in 10-12 seconds. It was at dusk so the sun was going down but shinning on the vehicle. It was white and no lights of any kind. It had to be a pearl white or like that reflective 3M white tape or sign material. It was not shiny metallic but definitely white but a halogen white. It did not have a vertical stab, rudder and it was a little hazy so there was no way to make out any detail. There has been a lot of activity at the Ft. Carson and Peterson since this weekend. My guess is that it is some sort of new flight vehicle and they were testing it. It was likely also very stealthy so I assume it was likely not picked up on radar, especially considering what it did and the speed involved. It was directly east when I saw it and farther out than an approach for the airport. It came around and come up behind the first plane and veered off coming around to approaching the second plane coming in at a right angle to the first plane. That was an 'S' shape that covered more than 12 miles. Then it went south and dodged a plane on approach while in a steep dive. After it came close to the ground it leveled off and proceeded south. It did this all within 8 seconds, no longer. It did not seem to lean into turns as an aircraft would and looked like it stayed level. Neither Al or I could make out its shape except it did not have a rudder. The only plane that I know that could do this would be an F-22 but there was no sound. Something maneuvering that fast should have made some pretty noticeable throttling jet engine sounds. If the F-22 has noise suppression maybe, flying an experimental pattern and painted pearl or reflective white. My guess and feel after just watching the Thunderbirds at graduation is it was traveling just under mach one. Also it did not change speed either in the hard maneuvers or when it dove. It just looked really odd. Neither Al or I took our eyes off of it until we could not see it any longer and just started laughing. He's retired Army advanced radar and communications technician. The F-22 has vector thrust but it makes a lot of noise and it still looses speed in hard maneuvers.

One thing this was not was winged aircraft, even an F-22 with vectored thrust. It made maneuvers that only a helicopter could make but at a speed that had to be just below mach one at 7000 to 10000 ft. elevations. The two sincere giveaways that this was a special craft was first it flew over an municipal airport and Air Force Base with no lights and in two flight paths of other aircraft and came very close to the rear of those two plane with no clearance lights or landing lights… all very illegal for either military or civilian aircraft. The second giveaway was either drastic changes in direction or elevation did not change the velocity of the craft in the slightest.

I am not a believer in extraterrestrials, an engineer and would have to see either an extraterrestrial or their craft closely before I could possibly believe. Someone owns and operates on incredible aircraft for sure.