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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/1/2005 17:00 (Entered as : 12/01/2005 17:00)
Reported: 6/21/2006 1:38:56 PM 13:38
Posted: 7/16/2006
Location: Easley, SC
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 5 hours
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Hovering triangle shaped aircraft that the military DID see no matter what they report to the public.

We were outside smoking cigarettes. I had a 3 month old in my house and my cousin's 2 week old baby was inside as well so now you can see why we were sitting outside on a cool fall, almost winter evening. It was almost dusk and about 5 miles away we could see something flying and it had a bright light so we figured police copters looking for drugs. It was very low to the ground. It is normal to see cops looking for pot fields around here and if they think they have a moving meth lab the copter is out too. So we were watching cuz this is a small town. We all know each other if we aren't already related to them or married into the family. And it happened to be over top where a lot of my friends and family lived so I was really curious.So here we are cracking jokes about which friend/family member it could be and It darted sideways up! Totally from the left side at the bottom of the sky to the far right and high. After we were through freaking out at how it did that, then it dawned on us what happened and we started saying ufo! And we came in and got everyone in my house to go outside and look. (of course we told them we thought it was cops and how it darted there in the sky.) This thing hovered. It didn't move. I tried to take pictures of it but I have a pretty crappy cam when it comes to taking pictures of the sky. Even when we have a huge full moon that is bright I can't even get a dot on my cam. But I tried anyway. It wasn't like the thing was going anywhere. I got a blurry spot in the blackness of the sky with these pics BTW. We had been watching it for about 20 minutes when a passenger plane started it's nightly route to where ever. We watched this plane go straight towards it and we were like, "It's going to move" and it didn't. The plane kinda moved around it. It was like maybe 30 minutes after that we had military aircraft flying towards it. The funny thing was we were like "should we call the air force? call the police? call someone?" and we pretty basically agreed no that if the military was involved they would say it was one of theirs they were testing or a weather ballon or something like that. What could local police do? And we thought if we called the local tv station they would laugh at us. So we just sat there talking and watching. Well here comes the military and we were like "YEAH! Now it is going to get interesting." And we watched 4 air craft fly up towards it and go completely around it like they were circling this object of prey. It was as if there was an invisible barrier stopping air craft from getting close because we used the trees as guides and we could tell before they got to a certain tree they would go around. We watched the military planes for a long time play cat and mouse and finally the object moved a tiny bit. And then it disappeared. Now what I really found odd was the planes still could not go into the area of the sky that the object occupied. After the military left we came in and warmed up and that is when my mom told me she had seen the same object before from her bedroom window one night and she watched it for hours because it scared her. She saw it in summer on the other side of town in a completely different year.

Well when we went out (we walk people to the door if not their car still here in the south) it was back, in the same place. My cousin says, "They cloaked!" He was convinced they cloaked themselves and hid. And we watched it for a minute or two but it was too cold to stay out there. So every little bit I would walk out my back door and look at it and it would still be there. I went to sleep at 12 that night and when I went to bed it was still there.

A few weeks later, my cousin and his wife who were here that night and living in the same house my mom lived in when she saw the object that summer night, called me at like 6 am telling me they had been watching it stince about 2 am when they went out to smoke. And they reported they saw it two or three more times after that too.

Plus as of 6-21-2006 they are still reporting seeing this object at my aunt's house.

I will go in to my paint shop pro and try to make a pic of what it looked like-well the lights on it. I can't draw the ship.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD))