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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/23/2006 22:35 (Entered as : 06/23/06 22:35)
Reported: 6/24/2006 2:24:18 AM 02:24
Posted: 7/16/2006
Location: Sunderland (UK/England),
Shape: Light
Duration: 1 minute
Strange Light Ball seen floating in sky.

On the night of June 23rd 2006 I witnessed a very strange ball of light whilst outside conducting a sky watch in the sky minutes before I had been viewing a star and at first I thought the UFO was that star I had been monitoring for the past 5 minutes as the UFO had the appearance of being a star. But the only difference was this UFO was moving very slowly across the sky in a sort of floating motion a movement I have not seen matched by any aeroplane. It got to 10:35pm and as I looked up at the tree tops which sit very close to my home in Sunderland which is in the north east of England, UK, I saw a strange light ball UFO going across the sky the UFO was about the size of a golf ball if you were to throw a golf ball up into the air. The object was completely silent there was no sound of any aircraft or any other aviation related craft as the object was completely silent and unlike planes that pass by it had no flashing lights at all. I successfully videotaped the object going across the sky I videotaped for 1 Minute and then the UFO went behind the trees and out of sight. I got to a higher vantage point but the UFO was nowhere to be seen below are a few details about the video that you should all remember while viewing it. When I was viewing the object I had time to think of explanations but none seemed to be credible it is definitely unexplained and the object is definitely an Unidentified Flying Object. I have had many sightings in the past and this one has got to come somewhere in the top three it was amazing seeing this light ball floating in the sky it felt like something off the X-Files TV program.

Video Details: In the video I shout "I thought It was a star minutes ago" that is not true I made a wrong assumption at the time as I had been observing a star that looked very similar moments before.

To view the video visit this link -

((NUFORC Note: We viewed the photo, and we cannot certify that the anomalous object is a genuine UFO. PD))