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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/15/2005 04:00 (Entered as : 8/15/05 4:00)
Reported: 7/13/2006 9:45:13 AM 09:45
Posted: 7/16/2006
Location: Plainfield, IN
Shape: Other
Duration: 20 minutes
In August 2005 i seen 3 non human humanoid entities.

In May of 2005 one of my two older sisters had just got her first house and wanted me to move in with her for awhile to help with money and just to keep her company.So i moved out of my parents house and started living with her just right on the other side of town.It is a regular suburban neiborhood with plenty of streetlights, porch lights, and those lights above your garage, just to let you know.

Just east of Plainfield is Indianapolis and just west is plenty of nothing,just a bunch of feilds basically and highway 40.

I have always been interested in ufos and ets since i was probably about 6 years old.Because around the age of 6 me and my family, me,mom,dad,and my two older sisters moved into a really big really old looking house in Russelville the county just west of this.There were these really old and dusty and stinky books on ufos and aliens in the house when we moved in, and that is where my interest in it all began.

But anyway, so i was living with my sister and i liked it, it was fun.

I cant remember the exact night it was but it was around the middle of August of 2005, and im pretty sure it was a Friday night.I was doing what i always did there on a Friday night, just staying up late watching tv.One of my favorite movies came on at 2:30 and it was do to go off at 4:10.So i watched the movie all the way through and at the end of the movie during all the credits, i got up and stretched and yawned and all that good stuff,and peaked out my window for no reason really.

The exact second i peaked out the blinds, i could see 3 entities walking across the street under a streetlight staring at me, like they knew i was going to look out the window at that exact second.They did not stop and stare at me, they kept on walking and looked at me while they were walking.There were 2 taller ones and 1 shorter one.They walked very strangly, kinda like zombies, with their backs bent way down low, and their arms just dangeling(long limbs) and their heads were just dangeling aswell but cocked a little to look at me.The heads were slightly larger than human but not much.And they were not walking side by side they were walking back to back with the short one in the middle.

Because of the lighting or whatever i could not tell what color they were, they just looked black even right under the streetlight,and i couldnt see the eyes either, basically i could just see the outline of them, but that i could make out quite clearly.

So im up in my room looking at them and they are looking at me and im looking at them and they are lookin at me untill i couldnt see them any more because i lost sight of them behind the houses i guess.So the next thing i did was take my hand off the blinds, take a step back, put my hands on my head and said"what do i do now", and as soon as i said that i slowly fell to the floor, i could not use my legs at all, and my heart was beating very fast. And while i was on the floor in panic i could smell something that i can only describe as 'insanity' , but not like an odor in the room but rather way up in my nose.

I crawled to my recliner cause i did not have a bed, thats what i slept in every night, and i lied there in panic, still unable to use my legs and my heart racing, i have never had a harder time trying to keep my eyes open, but i was afraid to fall asleep. While im laying there i reached for my cell phone, i thought about calling my other sister who lives in the same neiborhood, i even thought about calling 911 or screaming so my sister in bed could hear me. Fortunatly i was able to maintain my composure and just sit there and suffer through it and wait it out.

Eventually after about 20 minutes my heart slowed back down to normal speed, and i could slowly but surely walk again, and open my freagin eye lids. I was just glad to be OK.

I soon fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning fine for the most part.

Ive been thinking about that night ever since.

The anxiety of the experience is long gone by now, however i still think about it.

To be honest i think about it and "them" all the time.

I dont know why the hell that happend but it did. Sometimes i think that i was not supposed to see them, but i did, and maybe they demobilized my legs so i could not run outside and and get a closer look or something, i really dont know, all i know is what i saw.

Ive told my experiece to one very well known website, ive never heard back from them, i think they think im jokeing but im not. thank you.