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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/17/2006 23:08 (Entered as : 08-17-06 23:08)
Reported: 8/18/2006 7:57:22 AM 07:57
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Cedar Lake, IN
Shape: Other
Duration: 10 seconds
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There were aircraft in the vicinity or aircraft chasing the object
Floating lights in a rooftop formation

While returning home from town after picking up pizza, we forgot to drop off a movie. I began to turn around in a vacant golf course. When I turned North into the lot, there was a bright series of lights directly in front of us and just over our heads. The sky was light blue with thin whisps of clouds. Our windows were down and I was talking on the phone to a friend. My daughter and I were amazed at what was in front of us and I expressed this to my caller and daughter by saying , oh my god, what is in front of us. I said are those planes, they can't be planes, what is in front of us. I leaned my head towards the open window for any sound. My daughter was already amazed by what she saw. We both were excited and stunned by what we thought was a UFO. My daughter actually yelled it's a UFO. I think it's going to land. My other daughter in the back seat said she couldn't see anything and was frightened telling us she wanted to get out of here quick. I told my caller that she needed to step outside and look north, there are some kind of lights in the sky, but it was already fading away while I was speaking to her. What my daughter and I viewed was a multiple light formation containing six individual lights that were very bright in the center and grayish on the outside. My daughter (age 15) said that she could see a thin gray outline like it was a craft. I did not view that myself, but I was also looking over at her and glancing back to my other daughter while talking on the phone. It happened very quickly. Five of these lights were in the formation of a rooftop with one light at the peak and two lights on each side. The sixth light was centered a short distance below the peak. They all stayed in this formation and seemed to float moving only slightly up and down as if they were suspended in air. We had the impression that whatever we were seeing was attempting to land in the field or empty parking lot. We thought it was a formation of jets but they were way too close to each other. With the windows down, there was no sound of planes either. And there was a plane flying below them iin a slanted east to west direction which my daughter pointed out when I asked if they were planes. No, she said, that's a plane below them, this is a UFO! It was obvious these sets of lights were significantly different than a plane light. Then all of the lights seemed to close at once as if they each had a sliding door that closed from our right to our left. Each light left a very small sliver of light like a piece of moon. The formation then seemed to move slightly up and west. It had no shape of an object, like the side of a plane would have or anything of that nature as it turned. It was just those slivers of light that moved as one. They didn't move out of our sight, they disappeared out of our sight. It was as if they were the same backgound of the sky but with slivers of light. I guess you would say whatever it was now seemed to be transparent. My daughter was asking me if I could see the thin gray outline of it too because she could and she knew it was an UFO! I had glanced away and found it difficult to see it again, but she watched for a second or two more but she said it was gone...and just disappeared. VERY VERY WEIRD and VERY VERY COOL.

Now, let me tell you. There is an air show scheduled this weekend in Chicago. My family did view a jet flying over. My husband could hear the jet when it went over. I was in the car alone earlier and saw a jet overhead too. I recognized it as a jet because jets are obvious with there beak style nose and slim body. I thought that maybe there was an air show somewhere this weekend and that was why a jet was in our area. And that is also why my first thoughts at seeing this formation was that it has to be jets in formation. However, when we were viewing this ten seconds of lights there were no sounds of planes/jets, no visuals of a plane/jet either while it was facing us or when it turned/moved or whatever it did to leave. And I don't think jets just disappear. This was truly the coolest thing we have ever seen and I was glad that I saw it with someone else. Excitedly I called a family member and my other daughter called a friend. I thought about calling someone somewhere and reporting it, but who? You don't want people to think you are some kind of kook or something. I also hoped that maybe someone else had seen it and it would be on the news or in the paper. I don't know if this is an official site to report UFO's or if it does any good to report it at all. But it was definitely awesome to see something that unknown and interesting!