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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/1/1994 21:00 (Entered as : July, 1994 21:00)
Reported: 8/20/2006 4:29:43 PM 16:29
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Ink-O-Pah, CA
Shape: Other
Duration: 25 min
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object emitted other objects
Until I find my original details and drawings here is the picture of the hills so you can understand what my son and I are referring to in our notes…. I wrote him earlier this year asking what he recalled about the incident… b/c I have been coming across more tv specials regarding ufo and crop circle phenomenon.

The photo was taken from the spot where we camped. I had been walking/hunting this area for many years and knew miles of territory around this from many angles. I’ve camped here and close by many times. I’ve never had any previous encounter and have not had any since…. But what my son and I saw that night was truly different than anything we’ve heard, read or seen on tv.

The night had a half moon on the opposite side of the sky, which gave some cast on the outlines of the hills even though it was dark – meaning no city lights were affecting us…. It was about 9pm.

The exact date is not in my recollection but is recorded in my original notes of 12 yrs ago, however it was late June/early July of 1994, we were near Ink-O-Pah California, close to Table Mtn. I was 42, my son was 16.

We were finished with dinner and were shooting fireworks, rifles, pistols and shotguns… I had gone to the back of my Chevy Blazer to get something when my son said he saw a fire in the distance and thought someone was coming towards us.

I turned and saw a light in the distance where there should only be sky… it looked like a large campfire and it looked to be way out in the distance and the light was flickering.

There was a hill about 1/8 mi from us on the right, with another hill about 1/8 mi more on the left, these forming a V.

The ‘campfire’ was off center … while we looked at it another fire come on to the right but the same level, then after 15 sec another come on off-center of them but lower – no symmetry…. They did not start small and become larger, they were big fires immediately and all 3 the same size.

I got out my 12x power binoculars and looked at them…. They were not campfires, instead they were large rectangular windows with yellow light coming from them, the heat of the desert was plainly distorting in the foreground [which gave them the ‘campfire’ look in the distance] but these windows were just beyond the furthest hill [approx ¼ mi].

We only had a few minutes at these 3 when one went out, then another, then 4 came on – leaving 3 on one plane and 2 on a lower plane, again no symmetry. In my binoculars there was enough light from the 5 windows that I clearly saw a horizontal deck under the lower 2 lights … the openings looked to be about 3’ x 12’ and the deck about 5’ wide.

After about 1 min I gave the binoculars to my son and got my rifle out which also had a 12x power scope. Just then the lights began to go off, then 20 seconds later come on … in different patterns 3/2, 2/2, 2/3, ½, etc, etc for the next 10+ minutes as we watched.

We felt no fear, just curiously watching as the lights went on and off.

Then they went to all 5 on…. and one by one went out.

I figure the distance the lights spanned was about 100 yds, left to right, while the lights looked like they were between the peaks, they were behind them a distance that I can only guess at , at least 1/8 mile if not more.

We waited to see what happened next … After approx 2 min a tall white light looking like a pole lit up on the closest hill on the right. There is a smaller peak formed by large boulder with another boulder below on to it’s left which nearly outlined the downhill slope of the hill in the background…. The light was on top of the lower boulder, it’s light illuminating both boulders and yet shedding light on the hill in the background too …. It looked to be 8’ or 10’ tall with quite a glow around it, there was no form other than a long tall pole of a light, I would guess 6” wide in comparison/proportion to the height of the pole.

After a couple minutes looking at it, it went out. After about 1 minute it came back on in the same spot and 10 seconds after that a red pole light popped on, to it’s right and lower down the rocks … it looked to be approx 6’ – 8’ tall. It’s glow was bright and we could see the rocks around it, but it was a bright red.

These lights went on and off only a couple of times over about a 4-5 min period, then went off – white being the last one.

We looked intently to see if they or something was moving towards us or coming closer to us.

After approx 2 min several of the ‘campfire’ lights came on again, stayed for about 2 min, then all went out at the same time. We watched and waited and then began to make ourselves busy while talking about everything…. nothing ever happened the rest of that night.

We stayed up till about 11pm, then went to sleep in the bed of the Blazer with the tail gate open. Neither of us had any awakenings, encounters, aliens, kidnappings or nothing … we woke up fine and have never had any dreams or nightmares or anything beyond our mental recollections of what we saw that night.

Next Day: We walked to the closest hill and searched all over for any signs of marks, prints, burns, disturbances … and found nothing.

We then walked down to the base of the hill in the background, finding nothing we went back to the Blazer, drove to the other side where I knew of a dirt road coming close to the hill, then walked up to the top of the hill, again searching for any signs of something or someone having been there. I looked for any fake rocks too, as in the movies they use foam rocks. We looked for anything moveable, any place that a pole might come out of the ground that could have lights on it, we used our imagination to try to find anything… but there were only animal marks, prints, etc – just natural traffic in the dirt. I returned the next weekend with my camera for the picture I’ll attach or send along.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))