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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/7/2006 23:00 (Entered as : 80706 23:00)
Reported: 8/31/2006 4:42:38 PM 16:42
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Cancun (Mexico),
Shape: Light
Duration: 3 seconds
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object
Red shooting star changed directions and went back into space.

My girlfriend and I were sitting on the balcony of our hotel in Cancun. I was looking out over the ocean and enjoying the stars. It was a very clear night. I saw what I thought was a shooting star. It was red and moving very rapidly. The only thing that was odd was that it was red (every shooting star I have seen was green or white). As it neared the horizon, the trajectory changed to a horizontal movement from the right to the left. After a second or less it suddenly doubled back at aproxamitly 15 degrees and went back out into space at a speed 10x what it was going when it came in to view. We both had goosebumps for hours! It was a amazing experience. I am no longer a skeptic.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))