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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/8/2005 22:45 (Entered as : 07/08/05 22:45)
Reported: 10/12/2006 11:51:25 PM 23:51
Posted: 10/30/2006
Location: Tuscaloosa, AL
Shape: Circle
Duration: ABOUT 10 SEC.
It was round, silent,illuminated pale white, and it moved, from where it wasn't suppose to be.

It was a typical mid-summer evening in West Central Alabama. The sky was crystal clear and full of stars. The temperature was in the mid seventies and the wind was calm. I live beyond the distraction of city lights and sounds and in the midst of near dead silence and a glorious view overhead,I swear I was a witness to the following; It was around 10:45 PM when I began preparing to retire for the evening. My wife and Miniature Dachshund had gone to bed about an hour before. My routine includes checking door locks,night lights,oven settings,candles,etc.This also includes a walk through our covered patio area out back where we often spend quiet time outdoors most summer evenings,weather and mosquitos permitting.We have a TV,a fan,candles and other items we enjoy out there just like any other room of our home.

As usual,I went out to secure the patio.I stepped out onto our uncovered,attached patio where I began to take a big stretch and yawn before heading back in to the bedroom.My stretching motion shifted my head backwards and up toward the sky and.....

there it was! In the sky directly above me,was a perfectly round,silent and still object slightly smaller than the full moons we have here,and not quite as bright,but similar in color.I knew from it's position in the sky however that it definately WAS NOT the moon!Our moon starts out in the eastern sky and moves east to west across the sky on the southern side of our house,regardless of the time of year,and is viewable ONLY from an area some fifty feet north of where I was standing! My eyes remained fixed on the object for about 10 seconds or less,at which time it very slowly moved off to the west/northwest,and faded away into the clear night sky.

It's distance away from me when I first saw it was impossible to judge.I can only base it's size on the only object similar to it,the moon.When it began to slowly move away,it moved a distance of about one and a half to two times it's own size before fading out of sight,never making a sound of any kind.And as usual,you could have heard the hum of a mosquito's wings that night.

I have waited this long to report my experience because I felt then,and still believe this was a sign from God,to let me know he has heard my prayers.

I am of sound mind.Alchohol,drugs or any mental shortcomings simply does not figure in to this event in any way.

But it was.....unidentifiable.

Am I the only one that saw this? Has anyone ever seen this before? I really would like to know.

Thank You.