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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/20/2007 13:00 (Entered as : 10/20/2007 13:00)
Reported: 11/29/2007 5:44:44 PM 17:44
Posted: 2/14/2008
Location: Lamoni, IA
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 0n video/football game
I captured a dark object moving quickly across the sky (to fast for a bird)!!

My son was playing football. When I was videoing him running for a touchdown I got excited and started yelling, forgot I was taping and the picture I was capturing was everywhere. In one part I had the camera pointed in the sky. An object flew over the field and it was captured on my camera. The object was going to fast for a bird. I did not know it was there until I played the video on my computer. I have it saved on my computer.