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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/24/2010 04:30 (Entered as : 02/24/10 4:30)
Reported: 2/25/2010 7:45:10 AM 07:45
Posted: 4/13/2010
Location: Arden, AR
Shape: Formation
Duration: 20 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object changed color, The object landed, There were electrical or magnetic effects
Without knowing I disturbed the same lighted aircraft that my family and I have seen 24 years ago in the same area as before.

In the year of '86 my family and I saw a very huge lighted aircraft hovering above highway 32 west of Ashdown. It was during the school year almost at dusk. The remaining daylight showed what I remember as a huge craft that looked like what I seen off of Star Wars. It was going as slow as we were, almost as it was floating. it stayed with us until the turn off of Old Richmond Road. It was like it was using the road also. I remember yelling to my Father to follow it. He looked as he seen a ghost as my Mother told him no. Other cars and trucks were driving fast to follow. I remember that like it was yesterday. It was posted in the Little River News and also aired on the local 10 o'clock News. Stories were told for a long time until suddenly falling silent. The morning of 2/24/10 I just left Texarkana, AR from shopping late night I felt like riding some old back roads and listen to my newly installed sound system that is very loud. I did not want to disturb the! working class town folk, because I know how it feels to wake up to loud music on a work day. I cut down the road that leads behind our paper mill, Domtar. It is just a little North of the town Ogden, AR. I hate to admit this, but I got a little lost down further I drove. It has been years since I have driven that route. I got turned around several times and seemed like i went around in circles. I knew what community I was in just not were exactly i was. A while after driving very slow on the gravel road I felt like I was being followed. That is because I have noticed a light that seems to stay the same distance behind me when I travel down Highway 32 going East towards Asdown. It always originate around my parents home community of Arden. It seems not only to follow me from there on that road but stays a good distance behind me on every road I take leaving from that area. I have driven out to the wooded area called Gum Flats, which is a very wooded area that covers a lot o! f land from Foreman, Ar to Wilton and Ashdown, AR to see if I ! could ca tch a show like i did when I was 9 years old. I did not think to try crossing Highway 32 and covering the South part of the area. It is very different almost like a marsh like swamp land with its fair share of large remote and hard to get places. This stretch of land is between Ashdown and Foreman is covered with crops and cattle farms. A very large if not more is very remote and has lots of wildlife including lots of water beds and creeks that leads for miles. When some of it felt familiar I got fed up and started to feel like I should stop these kids or so called buddies from playing these jokes on me. I have only been without a job for a month but i started to ride the old back roads again a lot to ease my mind and plan my future. I figured my friends was doing a little joke to keep me on my toes. I guess I was wrong, when I cut down a narrow road and turned around very quickly, it was almost a little bigger than one lane. Being far enough down the road that had a fence r! oad on both sides, I should have caught a glimpse of the back end of any vehicle if it had turned around like I did. I drove very fast to catch them but did not see or hear any sign of a vehicle or people present. I knew that there had to be something following me because when i went down a long straight road that had a street light at where i started the road that left a perfect light on the road i saw on down a shadow that broke the light and moved a little left and right. With no trees to do this and still being straight I new they were behind me fixing to fool around again. I never heard a sound when I stopped and killed the engine no gravel crunch, no sudden stop and slide that is when I realized I told no one that I was there. Feeling like a fool i started back on the road and saw a shadow in the distance like a house or barn with a yard and cars. As I got closer I saw a reflection of a dull metal gleam from my headlights. It was like a normal reflection off a metal b! uilding but shinier and the shine seamed to go away and come b! ack. I t hought I lost my mind and should call a local friend to help me get home so i could get to bed. When I got close to the house it had a dull brown or tan color that could not have any kind of reflection. In middle of that what i thought would be me mentally breaking down finally going mad like my girlfriend has been accusing me of being when I told my Lighted Jokes Following story, I realized I knew the bridge I was driving upon.I took the side road that is numbered County Road 9, which I have been on many times also have a few friends that live on and near the rough road. Feeling frisky and Awaken I turned my Stereo full blast on the best song I cold find on my Flash drive that had the loudest base also when this flash drive is in my player it has a bright flashing blue light that is random flashes. Grabbing the New L.E.D. flash light I bought earlier I turned it on and shined it out side in many directions randomly and switching directions very quickly. I also was driving n! ot straight but from one side to the next staying kind of centered on the road, like i was bouncing from one ditch to the other. Slowly getting closer to the houses that live closer to the highway 32 which this road leads I came around a curve that is not sharp 2 lights flashed on almost like the flash light i played with and the flash drive that was flashing. My first thought was I was seen acting a fool on the road by our local Wildlife Officers of the Law making sure our wildlife friends was not being harmed by poachers out of season (great job fellas!) After seeing two I noticed they were getting brighter, when all of a sudden 8 to nine more flashed on creating a shape that looked a lot like I have seen before but did not grasp at the moment. I still blamed my good buddy for taking a joke to far, so I went toward the lights thinking they where in a tree stationed waiting on me. It was not to far away when i saw no tree and this Huge U.F.O. floating above me it was like ! a stealth camo it was dressed in because all i could see was t! he brigh t lights and what looked like its paint or body of the vehicle was bending light so it looked like the sky around it. when I stopped the car and turned off the radio it also stop approaching me it was huge like a large non perfect oval hole in sky with lights. I wanted to get as close as I could to touch it, when I drove a few more feet the lights went out and I still saw it there like it was trying to hide with the camo paint job that reminds me of the movie Predator, where I still saw its shape but it tried to blend in the sky. I saw it glide slowly to the field to the right and what I thought land, without having a great light I could not say for sure. I stopped and started to get out so I can see what I can learn about this thing that haunts me. Without emotions or feelings I was full of a urge to finish this 24 years of wonder. Then thought to myself what if something happens to me no one would know because I did not inform any one about me being lost and driving all ov! er these back roads. I sadly left and went down to my friends with a thought of finding out what that is if I even have to walk for days in the marsh, camping and getting cold, wet, and finding out why it messes with me. Maybe I am at the right places at the wrong times and they feel threatened by me. First question my buddy got was if he was involved. He looked like he got pale and told me no, and if I remember one night about 4 or 5 months back when me and my brother visited we went to a old property and he saw lights above the trees move around and we did not listen or look cause we thought he was playing. "well same lights" he said and seen them off and on around the same place. The way he talked with his tone I did believe him. Next day i rode with him and my brother to my cousin's house to get a stove. I only would go if I could see this road in daylight. He drove faster than I liked, but I saw the grand scale of how much wet lands I would have to cover to end this my! stery. Moving the stove I fooling around told my cousin I know! you are involved. he said "for what". I said Causing the lights to flash in front of my car. He got scared and was loudly say those things are for real many times and said it was about midnight the night I saw them when he was scared by them back in the house and went to bed thinking he was seeing things. I do not believe in the other worldly aliens. I like Sci-Fi but outer space beings do not make me think they came to earth for deserts, swamps, and cattle to probe. I have seen many aircraft flights that were over my parents home were we lived since I was in 2nd grade. They have been large and small copters with many jet engine aircraft making the same path over the house. I was even Nearly Knocked off my feet by a Bomber I think was a F-1 it was big and very loud it flew right above the ground at tree top level. With many bases around and lots of remote land that maybe no one can reach. Our Military Force may have a very quiet stealth machine that has new camo like armor and! super flight abilities. I would like to know why we have not seen one in combat it seems like the tech has not changed since i seen 25 years ago or that of what I researched. the lights from the early 50s is the same shape and size. I know i am not the only one to see this ship. I am not scared to tell my story, because I want to put it out in the open and I will find this thing or many things if it is one of many that breaks off from a larger ship to do test runs in isolated areas using its stealth shell and flight controls to see if it can be spotted by civilians who drive or live in these areas. Also my vehicle did not get shut down by e.m.p. at the time we were face off, but the day after my electrical systems started to act up. first my radio was reset of all my settings like the battery was unhooked or reset. my electric windows and locks did not work also my transmition will not go in gear. When I checked engine over my battery was leaking acid like it exploded from! a short. I now am without a ride so I am even more ready to f! ind this thing and face it to find my answers as well as what other would like to know. If any person like my self know any more info that will lead to the closure of this mystery please help and tell of your encounters.