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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/15/1990 22:30 (Entered as : 4/14/2010 22:30)
Reported: 5/4/2010 9:48:05 AM 09:48
Posted: 5/12/2010
Location: Janesville, WI
Shape: Light
Duration: 45 min Hour
Characteristics: The object changed color
close encounters several events 20 yrs apart

Wish to remain anonymous.: Please note this is strange enough for me to bring up. Was ridiculed for it by my family for what I am about to write.

I am of the age of 35 yrs and almost 20 yrs ago, a friend and I were honestly getting ready to head to the lakes about a mile from my home at the time to have a few beers. Mind you we hadn't had any to drink at this point.

We pulled up to about the end of the lake, “they were man made lakes for reservoirs,” and parked the car got out and cracked our first beer. This was around 9:30 pm.. The year was I believe 1990 and it was around march , “what day I could not be sure,”. Anyhow we just cracked our first beer and looked over to the north east toward cape Canaveral fl.

We noticed a luminescent orange light emerging from the ground. Our first reaction was what is that? I said it's the shuttle. My friend says , “no couldn't be I didn't hear anything on the news about a launch”. I said, “ Me either but there it is.

The strange thing is that it looked to be traveling straight up and at a very slow accent. My friend also noticed this and said that's weird. I agree. And sure as he said that it looked to have shot straight up what looked to be at least 2 miles up within the blink of an eye.

We then noticed it coming in our direction. After seeing it move toward us we guessed it to be at least 3to4 miles away. It was over the lake not more than 50 yards in front of us within less than three seconds. Our initial reaction was holy sh** what the f**k is that.

My friend and I got in the care shaking trying to put the keys in the ignition. I told him how many time in your life will you see this again? So we stayed. I remember it being shaped like a slender oval. It reflected the moonlight and the moon as would a mirror and had two lights on top swaying back and forth touching each other. No noticeable windows or anything.

I don't think they knew we were there. I believe it was purely accidental we saw them that close because when I opened the car door to get a better look, “ this thing at an angle straightened up shot side to side across the lakes at what appeared to now be a white light. It shot back and forth within 2 seconds stopped at the end of the lakes and just shot off towards west palm bch fl you didn't have time to even close your eye and it was gone.

We both agreed that we had just seen what we had seen. I told him we should tell someone. He said sh** I'm not telling anyone there going to think your f***ing crazy. I went home told my mom and brother who both till this day call me a liar and just don't believe.

Look I wasn't a believer in this. Never told stories like this in my whole life about seeing things. Yet how can you help what you see. I am now and always will be a believer.

The story gets better. For about a week after I noticed what appeared to be a white light resembling a star would always be on the right of the cars I would be in and would also change direction with the car as we would turn there it would be on the right side of the car. Weird I thought at first until I thought that no other stars do that so what the f am I going crazy? I kept telling my girlfriend at the time and she about thought I was going crazy too. Until about 6 days after the initial sighting I noticed from my house back by the lakes a light. Looked like a spot light from a helicopter.

I told my girl do you see that? She said it's just a plane or something like that. So out of all last hope I grabbed my lighter , “I know sounds stupid,” and began flickering in click click click pause click pattern. My girl looked at me like I was crazy. Can you blame her. Everyone else thought I was crazy. Until I noticed the light got real bright and flickered the same pattern. My girl said that was co-incidence so I did it again in a different pattern.

And once again it did also. At this point my girl even said that's weird. I noticed the light starting to come our direction and as it got closer we heard the sound of a prop plane. My girlfriend then said see I told you it was a plane and I said no crap your right. At this moment the prop plane sound changed to what sounded like a helicopter . I started to trip at this point and I asked my girl if she just heard that thing change sound. She said yes. And at that moment it sounded like it changed to the sound of a single jet propulsion engine.

The light began to get closer and as it came by the street in front of the house the light dimmed out to almost nothing and the sound just stopped. And there it was again and my girl saw it with her own eyes and starting crying and saying I want to go inside. I told her to look and tell me I am not crazy and she said I see it I see it I want to go in the house.

I told her to go inside and get my mom and her husband , “at the time,” and tell them to come out the back door and look up over the house in the back yard . This thing was 30 ft high and probably 30 ft in front of us. By the time my mom and her husband came out I watched this thing start flickering and moving up down left right and random patterns as fast as the eye could see and disappeared . My mother said that I talked about it so much to my girl that I convinced her to see this in living color and she saw it only because I convinced her to see this, my girl I mean. She even told my mother and they did not believe us. If I was that convincing to make someone see that then put me on ripleys or I am in the wrong line of work. Oh well I know what I saw and have not seen it in almost 20yrs.

Moved to wis. And recently strange things have occurred over the last two weeks that I can not explain. White star like object sitting in the sky around dusk very similar to the one I thought was around for a week prior to the second sighting when I was sixteen. Noticed every night for last two weeks at least ten times this has occurred. Will watch the star slowly descend and turn to amber orb no visual shape other than amber or every once in a while it changes colors but mostly amber. Sits there and moves slow almost as if to get my attention. Will watch it fade out to nothing and light will reappear bright white and turn amber and move slightly . Call this strange but it is really weir-ding me out . After 19 yrs what the hell is it and why does it keep coming back . Have looked around environment and questioning it you know , “ maybe it's a street light , but come up with the same answer. It's not! Reason: It has not been here every night. I've seen this thing at least! 10 times and on a couple of clear nights its not there and 30min later there it is . So if anyone can help me solve this riddle pls do.

Note: I have never been abducted nor have I ever seen an alien being, just what I saw when I was sixteen and now again almost 20 yrs later. Have never been inside of this thing or anything like this.

Just a color changing orb appears at close range.

Is it possible after one has a close encounter for these things to show up and let you know at a distance that they are back or am I just fortunate enough to see this again ? And if so why ? Haven't seen or looked up in almost 20 yrs . Tried to forget what I saw. This all started 4/14/2010 right before the meteor event. Saw these lights before the meteor and have 9 other occasions over the last 2 weeks.

I know I am not nuts considering I haven't seen this in 19 yrs and not the same. This has been appearing around9:30 10: almost every night for the last two weeks. Any explanation would be valued.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

((NUFORC Note: Date in March 1990 is approximate. PD))