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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/28/2010 05:30 (Entered as : 04/28/10 5:30)
Reported: 5/12/2010 1:31:01 PM 13:31
Posted: 5/12/2010
Location: Portland, OR
Shape: Light
Duration: 30 minutes +/-
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object, The object changed color, The object landed
On the morning of Wednesday April 28, I was staying at a friend's house in SW portland and we had been up all night having a conversation. We were standing in his kitchen looking out the sliding glass door to the upper balcony. His deck looks east over the Willamette, and his house sits very high up, near John's Landing and Macadam. Because his house sits at the top of the viewpoint it offers a full view of Ross Island and directly parallel from the deck is the north end of Oaks Bottom Natural Reservation. This is where the whole incident took place it did not happen in the sky. The objects appeared about a half mile away from us, from the opposite bank, the east side, of the river.

Before we noticed the lights, we were having a good conversation talking about the state of the world, spirituality, and sharing personal experiences. I had gotten to the subject of recent UFO sighting I've had, and I was explaining to him that I really feel that we can be making efforts to reach out and contact off world visitors, as individuals, and as communities or small groups. I was telling him about a sighting I had near Lake Cushman in Washington, where I was staying at a friends cabin. This particular sighting happened one night a few months prior, when I went out to the deck of the cabin overlooking the lake. Strangely enough, when I went out there the sky was clear but nothing unusual was visible. I closed my eyes and began to envision a light rising up out of the lake, and I put out my thoughts that I wish to have a contact and I want to see something, then when I opened my eyes out in the distance on one of the hills was a white light which had appeared while my! eyes were closed! It pulsed irregularly with no apparent pattern, and the brightness of the pulses also were changing. This is a sighting in Washington months ago so I won't go into detail here. But it's important to describe this because it is interconnected with all of my sightings I've had recently, which all seem to be the same 'type of craft'.

SO, while I was describing this to my friend, I had been looking out his window at lights which were flashing and changing colors, but I hadn't noticed consciously. My friend interrupted me from my descriptions and said, "What are those lights out there?" I then noticed we were looking at something unusual. I started to list things off and I thought at first we were looking at a traffic intersection, was there an accident? Were we looking at ambulance lights or was there construction going on out there? But my friend pointed out the lights were not coming from our side of the river, they weren't that close. These lights were coming from across the river! We went out to the balcony and our eyes adjusted to the darkness, it was just before sun rise so it was pretty dark out. We could clearly see the outline of the river and Ross Island, and the tree line and bank of the east side where Oaks Bottom sits.

The lights were all very close together, I would say there was an area of 100-200 feet which these lights stuck together and hovered around very close to ground level. The lights didn't rise up above the tree line so they stayed about 50-100 feet above the ground and the river. They moved slightly at first from side to side, and then towards the end of the sighting they did move north about a quarter mile before disappearing right before our eyes.

To describe the lights without seeing them for yourself does not give justice to the intensity of what we saw! I could not stop saying, "This is so beautiful! Have you ever seen something so amazing and beautiful before!" I was touched by the sheer sight of it all. But also I was going through phases of many emotions and physical feelings during this sighting. At first I was skeptical, uncertain of the area we were viewing, that it could be something unexplainable. But as it got brighter out I could see my friend was right, it was an area where there are no buildings, no roads, and no public access. The lights we saw are unlike anything I've really seen before. Even in science fiction movies, these lights just were so unique I can't really describe it perfectly.

There were lots of colors, and the lights seemed to change rapidly in shape, size, color, and brightness. The lights would stay 'lit' for a split-second to a full few seconds. And the lights were not lights on an object - this is very important to understand - the UFO was a group of lights with no other objects associated. I could clearly see, for the entire duration, the larger lights would pulsate, glow, and vibrate for a few seconds. Then, upon shrinking and disappearing, it would be followed by dozens of colorful sparkles and twinkles and yet more bright white-blue or golden pulses. The number of individual pulses and appearances would number in the hundreds. Because for the whole duration these twinkling pulsating orbs of light would be constantly changing and it was hard to say whether we were observing a collective of dozens of individual objects, or if this was some kind of vortex which many objects were popping in and out of, or if maybe it was all one big transparent object which dozens of changing lights appearing all over it.

We were out there for a while and continued to watch these lights with much excitement and wonder, for the next 20-30 minutes I assume. The sun came up not long after we stepped outside, and the lights continued pulsing even though it was then light out and we could clearly see no vehicles, people, objects, or anything at all! The lights were appearing from out of nowhere, they were literally phasing into our visual perception either from another dimension, or from a band of light or vibration which we cannot visually see - or both.

I recall my friend describing that he felt very warm through the entire experience, I too did feel like I was having hot-flashes, but I at the peak of the experience, I felt as if electricity was surging through my body, and I felt like I was having a transmission of thought with these objects. So many feelings went through me. But not one tiny amount of fear was felt - I felt completely secure and in fact I felt very blissful and loving energy. I recall that there were tears streaming down my cheeks and I couldn't help but cry because the love and joy I was feeling was SO intense! I felt that these lights were supporting us, all of humanity, and they care dearly for our well-being and our planet too. We are not alone and we live in a vast universe. But we do not have anything to fear, if we feel fear and are in a negative place within, then we are going to attract such experiences perhaps unconsciously. We must remain grounded, centered, and composed.

We didn't get any pictures or footage at all unfortunately, but this sighting was more than a usual UFO sighting, to me it was a CE5 - a close encounter of the fifth kind characterized by close bilateral communication, and experiencing physical effects from the encounter. I can send a picture of where the sighting took place using an aerial of the area from google maps - if this is something that would be useful then let me know.

I can be contacted via phone or e-mail for further questions and details. I am an artist so I have been drawing what I saw but truly the whole incident was so dynamic a simple picture doesn't really show the incredible animation of these objects.

I am personally making efforts to pursue more contacts and I feel very confident now that things are just beginning and I am very excited for the near future events to come. I know I have my own personal perception of what happened and because i've experienced 'supernatural' or unusual events all my life, I am very confident in trusting my intuition on these matters. Contact with these higher dimensional beings requires an open heart, and pure intent. We must be raising our vibration as individuals, communities, and a planet - there is much hope for us here in our quest to heal and clean our home, these beings are here for multiple reasons, some may be a part of our earth too, some may be here to assist us or our planets or the sun. We will find out more as we open up and begin to shift into the new paradigm.

There is much more I could attribute to this sighting, as in the last 2 weeks I've had yet another sighting but of a smaller implication. I've seen ufos in the sky but my sightings are happening on ground level as well simultaneously in some cases. I am pursuing more contacts with an open heart and mind. Thought and meditation techniques are very helpful and I believe the way to go for pursuing a communication with dimensional beings. Please contact me if you feel compelled to, I feel there is much more to come very soon!