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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/11/1992 02:40 (Entered as : 8/11/1992 02:40)
Reported: 1/17/2011 11:15:01 AM 11:15
Posted: 1/31/2011
Location: Scofield Reservoir, UT
Shape: Changing
Duration: 15 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object emitted beams
More details are in my mind, but I almost can remember them...

My sightings are absolutely real, but I have been very afraid of what peers may think!

I. First case:     

B. Halls-Crossing: Where the Colorado River enters Lake Powell.

C. Date: Approximately July 6th 1989.

D. Time: 3:45/Or 4:30 a.m (We arrived late setup our camp in the Campground I & a friend woke up to it after sleeping about 3.5-4.0 hrs.  I awoke first for NO APPARENT REASON! I had been sleeping in our "Smoker Craft." ( On it's Trailer) Upon Sitting up I looked to my Southeast & Noticed for the first time a very large mountain only about 1 mile from where we had parked in complete DARKNESS FACING THE RESVOIR.( I could NOT SEE MY HAND IN FRONT OF MY FACE; Without Artificial lighting! As I looked above the mountain, I recall first seeing a Platinum semi sphere the size of the ENTIRE MOUNTAIN, but it rose over an approximate 3 minute Period! At this time the Silent stationary OBJECT WAS AT LEAST 3X's the Size of the Full Moon! Alarmed by my inability to explain what I had already whitnessed; I then woke Jim Y. He and I observed this object for what seemed to be ten to fifteen minutes. The now complete Mercury/Quick-Silver Full Circle could be seen, in TOTAL SILENCE!  What I don't understand is why after speaking to Jim, to wake him: Why he or I spoke nothing about it the next morning? WHY WE DID NOT WAKE MY BROTHER SLEEPING IN THE BED OF THE TRUCK, to Also view SUCH AN INCREDIBLE SIGHTING! 

I know I felt like I had a dream, because it took nearly a year or two after this sighting to RECALL ANYTHING! I almost felt like I had been given the Out-Patient Valium type of drug called Versedt! I only RECALLED THIS EVENT WHEN AT OUR CABIN SOME YEAR OR SO LATER! The first time I made what would be one of 3-4 sightings over a 2-year period. I was putting out the Campfire about 2:45 in the morning alone. 

I. Scofield RESVOIR August 11th or the weekend nearest?

II. Time 02:30-02:45

III. Three witnesses I called for from inside. The cabin is on NORTHSORE DRIVE, just passed Madsen Bay State park off St.HWY 296-13 miles from HWY 6 that runs SW TO Helper and Price, Utah.

IV. All three-4 sightings were witnessed by: ((names deleted))...(older Brother to Daren E. But they are half bros. Their Sir names end in "l" and Differ by ((names deleted)) last name after we were married in 1996.

V. Description of the Almost Identical sightings: Azimuth 115 degrees/ but facing due north looking almost 85 degrees in Elevation( I took Meterology & I had just place my RCA Direct tv dish in the first summer of it's release) I have also taken General Astronomy, as well as Dead Reconning/ Cartographical Navigation. Almost every sighting seemed to be on an exact time an Schedule: The observations would begin at 02:30/02:45 and 0:4:50ish with a duration of between 15-1hr...dunno if longer because I randomly would either go out in the middle of the night or early morning to find what looked like three stars, but brighter. They would almost appear straight-up in the North or Northwest direction. These objects would start in a straight-line, evenly spaced at at least 16-19 miles high, because sometimes, I could see the Atmospheric "Sparkle""Twinkle" Effects. This on clear nights. The sighting would progress greatly in movement and bright-flashes.

The "Formation" would then increase to about nine evenly spaced objects. Each evenly spaced, equal in size luminosity. They would then either rotate 45 Degrees to the left or Right, forming a Osciles Triangle instantaniously, with no perceived time lapse between each munuever. The addition of the six oringinally seemed to just turn on like a Distant white LED. The ojects would then shoot an "ARGON" Green LASER between them. Then it would discontinue in about 10-15 Seconds, then the nine would form a straight line Array. Repeat, then Rotate another 45 degrees withouth changing the Over-All location in the sky by more than the total Estimated Six inches in the Sky. But if one applied the change in angles in the Sky observed from the ground at 7,400 feet; One would deduce they were moving up to 6" @ 19 miles or easily Two hundred miles per second, or other arrays were already in place and then were activated? Either way the speed would be 200 plus miles per non perceived time o! r moment! The other alternative is this "Array" that made triangles rt,isoc...Circles and then either a total "Wink-Out or on one instace I did see on then leave West covering from about 85 degrees to 15 Degrees Behind/Below Horizon in about 3.3 Seconds( I counted one one thousand two one thousand ecetera) [ the array would be literally hundreds of miles in area?]

Other deductions or findings:

A. I believed I was watching Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars, but since have been apprised that our Technology did NOT HAVE THESE ABILITIES IN THE EARLY 1990's!

B. I had no reason to look up / wake the first time at either location! No sounds or ANYTHING SEEMED MORE THAN SATELITTES THE SECOND TIME. This until I for some reason noticed Stars "ABove the big dipper straight up moving, this after watching what I dismissed as a Man-made SATELITTES move!

C. I nor, any other of the Five apprx. Witnesses: Ever discussed, mentioned in casuall discussion This What should have been a Life altering experience for everyone!  D. No fear, dialog during Drugs or Alcohol involved!

E. I nor anyone has reported this "Complete" Experience for "Any Reason."

F. I had a 1.5-2mm. Object removed near my left scapula, medial an inferior to C-7-t10 Spine, but not on the backbone...distal and medial to my Left shoulder blade!

This was Removed by ((name deleted)) DERMATOLOGIST FOR OVER 46 Years in about 1993 or prior to 1995! ((address deleted)) in the "Cottonwood or Millcreek" areas! I have had severe sleeps problems, fibromyalgia, Migraines and Back issues Post incident! Moreover, I have a difficult time emotional dealing with anything pertaining to the Travis Walton Story!!! I become terrified, even though I don't believe in abductions or the "Grays Conspiracy" garbage!!! I want to rationalize this was all either the Military or waking Paralyzed Dreams witch I have seen/felt a Presence either Theology related or Extraterrestrial in Nature on five instances I can recall..all but TWO were prior to the removal of the "Foreign Body" from my Back! I would testify or take a lie Detector Test last some 85-90 of what I recall is almost Exact! I realize I am human and waking up, or possible emotion duress makes All Testamonials Falable by natural physiology!!!

((name deleted))....l...I Taylorsville, Utah

Ps. I want to know somehow what/why I lost memories?