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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/18/2011 21:45 (Entered as : 01/18/11 21:45)
Reported: 1/19/2011 12:41:50 AM 00:41
Posted: 1/31/2011
Location: Lehi, UT
Shape: Light
Duration: 15 minutes
Characteristics: The object emitted other objects
Two red lights fixed in the sky one of them started sendind or emiting white pulses downwards.

My testimony: Today at about 21:45 at the interception of 2450 N 300 W in front of the Lehi city warehouses and municipal building about 200-300 meter behind them and about 700 m ( less than 2000 feet) above in the sky I saw 2 bright red (with a hint of orange) lights. They were separated about 1.5 - 2 of my fists if I would extend my arm and use them as measurement on how far apart they where and they were fixed in place. I went walking tonight because it was warm enough as I always do when the weather permits. I was just a few blocks from home crossing the street when all of the sudden I look to my left and I saw two red lights near and above the sky. At first I thought to myself that they were a couple of new tall antennas caped by the red lights and I thought to myself how fast they were put in place. I kept walking until I reach the other side of the street and started walking again going south when I notice that someone may have shoot up a firework up in the sky in the direction! of where the “antennas” where but upon looking the trail of light I realize that it was not a firework. Instead for a brief instant (as when someone tries to make sense of something that quite cannot explain) I thought that the trail of white lights must have been white lights installed in the antenna (only one of them) as a warning to aircrafts because they would light up like in a like sequence from the main red light on top to the bottom of what it seem at first as to be a mast. Upon looking closely to the white lights although they seem to be coming down from a cable from the main red light they were more likely now to what it can be describe as white pulses of light coming down in a straight fashion. At a rate of three at a time but later I realize that there was not really a predictable sequence. I realize that I was not looking at antennas either but it was something else. At first I thought that they could be planes playing war games and throwing flares but the li! ghts where static and not moving while these white lights puls! es were coming down and descending rapidly from the main red light on the right. They may come in three at the time or one or two then three again but not in any order. I could not deduct a pattern they seem unpredictable. The pulses were rapid and I could tell they were no flares since flares would have been more bright and will descend more slowly. Some of these light pulses coming down now seem to reach the ground but I am not sure if they did. They almost look like charges of white electricity coming down of the main red object and they somewhat did resemble warning lights. As I say for a moment also seem to be descending from a cable at first but that was until other lights from the sides started coming down at an angle and they also came down from the main red light but going from the sides at an angle of 45 degrees aprox. I notice that the red lights could not have been planes or helicopters I should have been able to hear if they were either planes or helicopters they wer! e close enough that I knew for a fact that they were noiseless and static on the sky for almost 30- 40 seconds until the entire white light pulses stop. These white lights were coming from the red object on the right and somewhat below the other object. While the white pulses were coming down the object on the left move higher and almost on top of the other object from where the light pulses descended. After the white light pulses stop I could perceive now that the red lights started to move higher and toward the north east very, very, slowly almost imperceptible I realized that definitely that was not helicopter or plane. Having lived in an airbase and worked for a helicopter’s company I know that that was not possible. Planes could not have flight as slow as these were moving and helicopters unless that they invented some kind of completely silent propeller they were just too close and they did not make any vibrations or noise. If they would have been flares the color w! ould not have been the pure white light of these pulses and th! ey would have descended slowly as they generally have parachutes and they also would have been much brighter since I have experience flares in the sky illuminating a training field while I trained in combat with the marines. Chaffing also is more chaotic and disorderly if thrown from a plane what I mean is that the white pulse neither resembled chaffing. At that moment my skepticism dropped although I was still looking for a logic to this I realize that whatever I was looking at was not “normal” or familiar, I called my brother while still the lights were moving almost imperceptibly slow toward the northeast and while talking to him the red lights they seem to stop and move backwards and for a moment and them came to a complete halt again in the sky. They lights were not blinking at all but were continuous solid bright. They could not be more than a mile away now. I put the size of the red light as the brightness of 10 Jupiter’s or like the brightness of a 60 watt light bulb abou! t 300 feet away. While talking to my brother one of the lights simply vanished while the other remain there but within a minute or so the other red light vanished as well. I am still looking to an explanation to what I saw and what those white pulsating lights were. Why they were coming down straight from the flying craft in a pulse like manner. I think that I saw two UFO’s tonight and I hate that there was none else in the street to observe what I saw. I wonder if someone else in Lehi saw what I just experienced. I wished I could have a camera at the time or someone else to corroborate my testimony. I know that I saw these two red lights and I know there is not known aircraft in the military that can fly the way these two UFOs flew. I still wonder what the white pulses of light were and if there is some type of mark on the ground or evidence of these light reaching the ground or some type of material or trail left behind that can be found. I wish I would have the way! to get into that complex and investigate. Regardless this is! my test imony. I know that what I saw is not normal.

I now believe that UFO’s are real. I apologized to those that I ridiculed in the past. If you ridicule me I would not blame you I was one of you before tonight.