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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/11/2000 23:30 (Entered as : 10/11/2000 23:30)
Reported: 11/9/2011 5:02:40 PM 17:02
Posted: 12/12/2011
Location: Whittier, CA
Shape: Light
Duration: 20-25 mins
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object, There were electrical or magnetic effects

I declare the below incident is true and accurate.

I refuse any future use of the accounts of the below listed incident without expressed written approval/consent by me. Any person(s), or company(s) reproducing or re-enacting the below listed events without my permission will be held to answer in a court of law. The use of my name or any identifying information about me or my family is not allowed unless written permission is issued by me. Thank You.

We had moved into our new California home in July of 2000. Our residence sits close to the top of a hillside community three blocks from a fenced off mountainous area to the north of our residence. The incident I’m sharing took place three months after we moved in approx around October 11th, 2000. Also I feel I should note that somewhere to the north east of our residence inside the above mentioned wild uninhabited area is an old oil drilling facility that at the time of the incident had been dormant for many years according to local neighbors. Presently there is a local political and social debate taking place regarding the reopening of the drilling facility. I was told that at this time tests and surveys are being conducted up in that previously abandon drilling area. There is activity taking place in the form of helicopters flying in and out of the area at all times of the day and night. I know the oil drilling has not been approved yet so I assume the activity is due to! environmental study or site preparation in the case of a yes vote on its reopening. But in October of 2000 there was no activity in the mountain area.

I arrived home late from work on the night in question at approx. 2315 hrs to find my two young children asleep in their respective bedrooms and my wife asleep in our room which is at the very rear of the house. I checked on them and without changing out of my shirt and tie. I went to the living room and began to watch TV. The living room was dark, except for the light of the television. The only lights that were on in the entire house were that of the kitchen located, based on my sitting position in the living room, directly at my one o’clock as well as the laundry room light that is next to the kitchen. The local news was towards the end of its broadcast as the weather and sports reports is what I was able to view. It was then the incident began.

I heard a distinct rustling taking place in the kitchen, like the noise made when one is opening a potato chip bag that had been rolled shut and clipped for a while. The noise caught me off guard because I was the only person awake in the house. From my chair I could look down the hallway to the bedrooms and would have seen if anyone had gotten out of bed and walked to the kitchen. Besides the kids at this age never woke up after falling asleep and if they had stirred awake I would have heard them get out of their beds and they surely would have called out for me or my wife. My view of said hallway was unimpeded and from my sitting position in the living room was directly at my eleven o’clock. My heart raced as I knew none of my family members were actually in the kitchen. I became more alarmed as the rustling lasted a very long five to six seconds. I was in total belief that someone was in our kitchen. The noise was clear, slow and deliberate and there was no doubt that it ! was coming from inside our home and specifically from our kitchen. I was frozen.

I blurted out “Who’s up?” for some reason, but there was no answer. The rustling immediately stopped I assume as a reaction to my verbalization. I was certain someone was in our home as my senses went wild. My hair on the back of my neck and arms stood up and I felt a burning sensation down my spine. In very stern and aggressive voice I blurted out again, “Who’s up?” I was frozen in my chair, I prepared for a physical confrontation. I prepared to defend my family. I thought of securing a weapon and quietly as I sat in my chair took off my belt to use the belt buckle as a striking tool. I slowly began to stand and it was then the electricity to my home turned off. The TV and both lights in the kitchen and laundry room abruptly turned off. The house was completely dark and without power. My first thought was that the intruder(s) cut the electricity to aid there activity. I was in full red alert as I was certain I had a home invasion situation on my hands.

I stood and quickly walked to the kitchen belt buckle in hand prepared for a life or death struggle. I planned on grabbing a knife the first chance I had. The soft moonlight that spilled in from the kitchen window illuminated the kitchen slightly. As I turned the corner from the living room into the kitchen I saw nothing, no one. I did not hear footsteps of someone retreating away from me or out the laundry room door or to the rear of the house. I quickly confirmed the laundry room door was shut and locked. I realized I needed to clear the house room by room. Could have the intruder fled down the hallway as I rounded the corner from the living room to the kitchen? Possibly, but not very likely as I would have heard such activity. I armed myself with a knife and a flashlight and went down the hall to clear the rooms. My son’s room was first. He was dead asleep. I looked under his bed and in the closet while keeping an ear out for any noise in the hallway behind me or any othe! r areas of the house I had not yet cleared. I moved onto the next child’s room and found him dead asleep as well. I cleared the room as well with no signs of anything out of the ordinary.

The children’s bathroom is what I cleared next, nothing out of place. Onto the master bathroom witch is connected of course to the master bedroom. The master bath room was clear. As I began to exit the master bathroom I was moving slowly and listening for any noises in the house. I was at the threshold of the master bathroom entering the master bedroom. At the threshold I was approximately 9-10 feet away from the foot of our king size bed that sits directly in the middle of our bedroom. Once again I was 9-10 feet away from the foot of our bed. I was startled by what I saw next. My wife who had been asleep during the entire incident to this point was oddly sitting upright on her side of the bed. I did not notice if she had been sitting up as I entered the master bath seconds prior. Nevertheless she was sitting erect and this caused me to stop my gait immediately. I was now one foot past the master bath threshold standing in my bedroom, once again approximately 9 feet away fro! m the foot of the bed. She then whispered in a perturbed tone “Why were you standing over me?” remaining still I responded, “I just walked in the room, I wasn’t standing over you.” She replied whispering and even more upset, “Someone was standing at the foot of our bed looking down on me, it woke me up, I know what I saw!” My heart raced again as I placed my index finger of my right hand to my lips urging her to be quite. I cleared our bedroom as my wife sat in the bed with the blankets up to her nose. The master bedroom was now clear. The only place the intruder could be is in the last room of the house, the office! I shushed my wife again not having time to share all that had transpired and deliberately set out to clear the office.

I cleared the office in a few seconds finding nothing. I came back to the master bedroom and advised my wife to get up out of bed and to follow me. She tried to turn on a lamp and I advised her that the power was out. She hurriedly followed me as we stopped in to check on each child as we made our way back to the living room. I also cleared all the rooms again as we moved forward through the house. Once in the living room I asked her to describe what she saw at the foot of our bed and she could only convey that it was a tall dark figure and that she thought it was me. I reiterated that I was at no point at the foot of the bed and that I had just then walked into the master bathroom and began to exit said bathroom when I noticed her sitting upright. It was then I was able to describe to her all that had happened to me the past 10 minutes in short but concise detail. She asked several rational questions about the incident and I reconfirmed the points she had inquired about. Sh! e lit a few candles and decided to call the power company to see what was wrong with the power.

I peered through our large living room window and did not notice anything out of the order. The one street lamp that sits on the opposite side of our street, three to four houses east, was on as was the power to the residents across the street as I could see a few porch lights on. I opened the front door and walked out onto our porch. I had a strange heavy feeling on my chest and felt uneasy. I found this to be odd as I had calmed down completely from the earlier night events. As soon as exited our front door I felt anxious and edgy for some reason. I noticed that the power was out on all the residences on our side of the street, the north side as it were. There were no porch lights on our side of the street and that was not the norm.

I came back in the house and told my wife that I was going to take a walk up the street to see if the power to the residences north of us was out. She went ballistic. She told me under no uncertain terms that she did not want me to leave her and the kids alone in the house especially after the events I had told her that transpired minutes earlier. She grabbed my right arm and begged me to stay in the house with her. I would not be denied. It was as if I was compelled to go outside and take a look around. I felt like I was being drawn to investigate the night’s activities further. What happened next was unbelievable.

I walked down my residence walk way and stood in the street for a second or two. There are no sidewalks in our neighborhood so I walked w/b on the street under the cover of the huge 50 year old fichus trees that line the street. I reached the corner which is two houses west of my home. I looked north bound and saw that several porch lights were on telling me that the power was not out in all the residences to our north. I walked north on California street about half a block and a strange eerie feeling came over me again, I felt scared for some reason. I turned around and walked south bound back to my street. I turned left and headed back east bound towards my house. The fichus trees on the block drop theses dark burgundy berry type pods and they were all over the street. If you step on the freshly dropped berries you will inevitably bring them into the home as they stick to the bottom of ones shoes. The berries will stain the carpet as we had found out on a prior occasion. I! was looking down, to avoid stepping on said berries, as I walked back to the house using the faint moon beams that were shining through the fichus trees monstrous branches. My gait could be likened to a person hoping stones as they cross a shallow creek attempting not to get wet. I began to feel slightly more relaxed as I got closer and closer to my house. I glanced up and noted the moon light that was creeping and dancing through the branches and was thankful it was lighting my path on the street. I looked back down careful not to step on the previously described berries when suddenly the entire street was lit up in an extremely bright white light.

Initially I stopped walking and was dumbfounded as to where this light was coming from. I looked to my left and right simply taking in the scene that had changed in a second. I then looked up into the trees and observed intense white beams of light piercing through the branches of the trees every chance they could. The light was intense and occasionally I would need to squint because of the brightness. I was frozen as my mind was unable to explain the sudden appearance of the light seemingly out of nowhere. As I continued to peer up at the tree and the light, I could tell that the light source was of course above the trees and was slowly moving in a southerly direction from the mountainside. The light was so bright I couldn’t accurately tell what the height of the light source was or what object or vessel was emitting the light. All I could tell was that it was moving slowly southbound and it was directly over my house now. If I had to estimate the light sources height I wou! ld have to say less than 250- 300 feet. Less than a football field would be my most educated guess.

The light continued to move slowly southbound at what appeared to be approximately 5-7 mph at best. The light was now directly over the middle of the street and the light beams continued to shine through the trees branches down onto the street. I remember looking down at the street again to marvel at the brightness of said light. I took several steps forward keeping the light source in my vision at all times. I found myself not under the protection of the trees any longer. I was now in open space in the middle of my street almost directly in front of my house. The residence directly across the street does not have a fichus tree in the front yard and this allows an unimpaired view of the sky looking southbound. The light source was now more or less over the house directly across the street from my residence.

There was no sound emitting from the slow moving light source. No chopping of blades such as you would hear from a helicopter. There was no jet engine or propulsion noise present. There was no green or red aviation flight lights present as well. The light source was too low to the ground to be any craft I have ever seen. Suddenly the light accelerated forward and parallel to a speed I can only describe 10-15 times faster than that of a meteor racing downward and across the sky heading entering our atmosphere.

The light source travelled an immense length air space in less than one second. If I had to estimate the distance it travelled I would have to say approximately 30-40 miles in the previously described one second of time. At the time of its parallel acceleration not a sound was emitted from the light source, It remained absolutely silent in its forward motion and the light became smaller in size almost instantly. The light source size was that of a grape from the position I continued to observe it from.

Then the light source took a vertical trajectory, comparable to a child sliding “up” not down a slide. The light source during this upward trajectory increased speed and was traveling even faster than it had during its initial parallel acceleration. The size of the light source at its last visible observation as it turned upward was now that of a small pea. Suddenly it was gone, simply disappearing out of sight and, what I believe to be, out of our atmosphere.

I was unable to move, I was frozen staring at the area of the sky where the light source once was. My heart was beating fast and loud. I felt sick to my stomach. I had no idea what I had just witnessed but I knew in my heart that there was no way that source of that light was from anything on this earth. The speed was greater than anything we as a civilization can possibly have at our disposal.

I walked up to the front door of my house and my wife opened the door. She had the portable phone to her ear and was on hold with the power company. She slowly removed the phone from her ear dropping it down to her side. She was looking at me with a facial expression of concern. She said “What’s wrong with you, you look like you seen a ghost?” I stared at her without saying a word. She said “Your pale, get in the house, what’s wrong?” My response was “I just saw a UFO. I can’t explain what I just saw.” I asked her if she had seen the light over the house and she advised that she had not and that she had been in the den on hold with the power company. It was then that the power company employee came on the line and advised my wife that there was a small pocket of outage in our area. My wife asked her if she knew why and the operator advised that she wasn’t sure why. My wife asked how long before the power would be back on and the employee stated “We need to find something wro! ng before we can fix it and right now we don’t show any blown transformers or downed power lines.” My wife hung up the phone and not 5-10 seconds later the power came back on causing us to jump. I explained to her what I had observed outside our home and reiterated that when I got to the door on my way back that I looked shaken.

The events depicted above are absolutely true and accurate. I have told a few friends and family members of the facts surrounding the events described above but have neglected to officially report said incident. I am reporting the incident now so that the occurrence can be documented for possible future reference.