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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/26/2012 20:13 (Entered as : 03/26/2012 20:13)
Reported: 3/26/2012 1:33:36 PM 13:33
Posted: 5/13/2012
Location: Trumbull, CT
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 12 min
Strange Triangle Craft

Jrod (the nickname of my partner) and I were coming out of the local Home Depot, after purchasing some dry core sub flooring for his basement. We decided to grab a slice of pie and a soda pop at the food stand stationed outside in the parking lot. After grabbing our little mid evening snack, we proceeded to walk back to the truck to head back to the job site. As we were walking towards my truck, Jrod noticed a strange craft in the sky northwest of us.

At first, I was convinced that the craft was a chopper, but soon realized that its movements were too "smooth" and that it was the shape of a triangle. At this point, Jrod became a bit frightened and wanted to go. I, on the other hand, was completely fascinated and took a few more moments to study the strange craft. It was NOT moving at a high velocity and was moving in a very "smooth" motion. There was no noticeable sound and it seemed to act as though it was searching for something. The only other relevant in! formation I can provided is that Sikorsky Aircraft is only located 10 miles away. Maybe this craft was one of there toys........I just don't know since I have no education in the subject of Ufology.

Whatever this craft was, it definitely made a mark on me. Jrod will not talk about what we saw so I have nowhere else to go to speak about this incident. I don't want to tell other people in my life for fear of being labeled, excuse my french, a "wack ass". I think that this is also why Jrod would rather just forget about the whole incident.