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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/8/2012 20:35 (Entered as : 04/08/2012 20:35)
Reported: 4/9/2012 9:00:56 AM 09:00
Posted: 4/18/2012
Location: Marysville, CA
Shape: Light
Duration: 45 seconds
4 hovering lights at very low altitude South of Marysville

My husband and I, along with our 3 children, were traveling South on Hwy 70. It was approximately 8:35 P.M. and we were about 2 miles south of Marysville.

Suddenly we saw 4 lights in the sky right in view of our windshield. They appeared to be between 150 and 200 feet above ground. They were in a straight line formation laterally, 4 across. There were absolutely no blinking lights and there were no discernable shapes that we could see surrounding the lights.

As we moved South, the objects were moving North/East and they were passing us on our left side. My husband pulled over and I got out of the truck to better observe them. He remained in the truck and rolled down his window.

As I got out and stood beside our truck I observed the 4 objects hovering on the other side of the highway. There was absolutely no noise coming from them. Even out of the truck I could not hear anything coming from the objects. They remained at the same altitude of about 150 to 200 feet above ground, although now they were a little further away (North East of where we were). At that point they broke formation, so that they were no longer in a straight lateral line. Some were higher and others were lower. Then 1 by 1 they blinked out of existence. They were gone.

It all happened rather quickly, but 45 seconds was long enough to make those observations. It was very fascinating and at no point felt threatened or scared.

In no way am I an expert in aircraft, but I have seen plenty of aircraft in my lifetime. My father was in the Airforce. I have been on military bases, I have been to numerous air shows. I am well aware of the appearance and behaviors of planes and helicopters. I also crew for a hot air balloon pilot. I often observe the skies. My husband was in the Navy and lived on an aircraft carrier. We can tell you that whatever we saw was not something that we could identify.