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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/18/2012 21:15 (Entered as : 081812 22:00)
Reported: 8/20/2012 12:23:23 PM 12:23
Posted: 9/24/2012
Location: Milford, CT
Shape: Light
Duration: 20 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, There was an aura or haze around the object
Sequential sighting of a pair of reddish-yellow lens-like silent aerial lights.

((NUFORC Note: One of six sightings from same source, submitted over the course of two months. PD))

(Full disclosure: Was MUFON member 1988-1992, involved in investigation of 08/89 local overflight of multiple objects. Report subsequently posted online. Also, participant in 2009 UFO Hunters segment. Have been utilizing NUFORC for several years as reference in attempt to identify local areas of repeat sightings.) Interested in the 06/06/12 Milford sightings posted to NUFORC, and being very familiar with the area, I decided to proactively scout that shoreline area, judging from numerous NUFORC entries that frequent sightings of the "orange orbs" were currently taking place in that vicinity.

On June 16, or 23, at 9:15PM I arrived near Gulf Beach, Milford, not expecting much. Almost immediately I observed a low flying aerial light of unusual color which was traveling from the west to the east, approximate altitude 700 feet, no sound. This light passed over the water, between the shore and Charles Island, which is about a mile south, therefore it could not have been more than half a mile away. Within a minute of my noticing it, the light veered south , along the eastern edge of Charles Island, and headed towards Long Island. Within less than a minute I lost sight of it as it departed, maintaining the same altitude.

Considering this sighting to be a mere coincidence, or simply a case of my own lack of proper observation (which I have learned from much hard experience to be cautious about), I shrugged it off. Much too coincidental to be possible. Also, I must mention that this light had originally appeared moving from the direction of the local Stratford/Sikorsky airport, which is situated only a few miles west of this beach area, near the Sound. On the other hand, I should mention that after several years of “plane spotting” around LI Sound, I have never seen aircraft lights of that particular color – my initial reaction was piqued curiosity. The light was a very warm yellow, with a reddish fringe around its circumference. It was steady, and there were no other blinking or strobing or steady identifying or anti-collision lights near it.

Within a matter of a couple of minutes another identical light appeared, following the exact same flight-path as the first, executing the exact same manuver to the south, fading from view in the exact same way. This time I was much more diligent , using a small 10x25 monoscope to try and make out any fuselage. None seen, no sound heard. Still, this combined event did not overly impress me. Nonetheless, over time, and further review of more recent NUFORC reports, I decided to follow up on that evening’s event. Over the past two months, equipped with 8x40 binoculars, every opportunity I could get resulted in nothing.

However, on Saturday, August 18, I stationed myself at Gulf Beach, Milford. From 8:30PM to about 10PM, nothing. Preparing to leave, I noticed a bright reddish light approaching over the treeline from the north. The noise of waves, marsh frogs, some traffic, and some teenagers made listening difficult but I heard no sound from what I at first assumed was a shuttle helicopter. At something like 750 ft altitude (uncertain because no way to judge the size), this light moved silently overhead until it simply faded away. The appearance of the light was something like a lens, a red rimmed lens through which a very bright yellowish light was being projected, though not in a beam but rather in a way that scintillated, giving the oval object a somewhat firey appearance.

Impressed, I decided to wait, operating under the assumption that these things appeared in tandem or in some sort of sequence. And, as if on schedule, another identical light emerged from the north, following what seemed to be the exact same flight path. This time there was enough quiet that, even with my ears cupped, I could not hear any sound from the object whatsoever. On approach, this light seemed to waver very slightly, as if it might suddenly change direction. However, it continued to silently and steadily pass overhead, moving south while ascending somewhat until, as it passed above, almost on cue as I expected , the light simply expired within the Summer Triangle. Ordinarily, even when aircraft bank, or their lights are no longer visible as they were while approaching, one can still see some aspect of it as it departs. In this case, as diligently as I looked for it I could not see any trace of the UFO.