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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/10/2013 21:40 (Entered as : 5-10-2013 21:40)
Reported: 5/12/2013 1:37:45 AM 01:37
Posted: 5/15/2013
Location: St. George (NW of), UT
Shape: Disk
Duration: <1 minute
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object changed color
Colorfully lit UFO followed my vehicle close to the ground for who knows how long east of Area 51 in Southern Utah late 5-13-2013

Well, First things First, This is not my First encounter. I am writing this because just as I thought I had figured which of the space craft were real and which of them were sensationalized on television I came across yet another. My closer and First experience was in 1994. Those three were very different than this one. I had a very different feeling come over myself as did my girlfriend that witnessed them with me in 1994.

Last night while wondering for hours, Northwest of Southern Utah's city of St George to the east of Gunlock Reservoir I was driving looking for a Father and Son's camp out with my First Grade son. He had been frightened of the somewhat steep angled grade and being out in the middle of nowhere following the somewhat groomed dirt roads. I offered him a pillow from the back seat and he fell asleep. I stopped the vehicle upon seeing a sign facing the other direction. I was worried I was going to forget the several small forks in the road that! I had passed and get more lost without bearing of how to get back to the St George area. I was determined to find where there camp was despite the late hour and the directions being rough at best. My son was extremely sad that we had not yet found it before falling asleep which of course made me ever more devoted to using the necessary gas that I had earlier felt prompted to fill up with while back in town. When I stopped the vehicle to get out and look at the sign on my left view-able from the opposite direction In the corner of my eye I saw bright lights shining in what seemed to be almost a kaleidoscope of colors. Quickly it devoured my complete attention. It slowly moved out from behind the ridge I had recently driven and appeared to be following the same single lane dirt road I had been traveling for quite some time. At very first in the corner of my eye I saw definite blue and red colors thinking of police but was amazed to see the craft shining a wide range of color! s as it sat hovering there in mid air. It dawned on me it seem! ed to ha ve been following me. I watched it for a short while not sure as to what my best move would be and thinking back on the Three much closer crafts I had seen within rock throwing distance on the beach in Northern Oregon in 1994 at Battery Russell. That was an even more incredible experience that took place with my High School sweetheart. In defense mode I went and grabbed my 40 cal that was loaded with Pest Shot and switched the magazine to hollow points self defense rounds. I quickly closed the back door and walking around to the drivers side again looking back over to where it was and wondering if I dare to keep going to what seemed like a small dead end camp site in the middle of no man's land.

Realizing I had no cell phone reception, my son to protect, and no one likely within miles, I jumped into the truck and used the backward fork in the road to turn the truck around. I was nearly to Menganese springs as the distance I had traveled had been extensive and took quite some! time. I believe it was close to Cole Springs as well. When I hurried around to the Drivers side of the Vehicle I wondered how long it had been following me. Though it made no noise and stayed at about a 1/3 to 1/2 mile distance just hovering I started to run different possibilities and potential outcomes through my mind. I would rather confront or make known my acknowledgement of it's presence than to be surprised in the middle of the night in a tent put up by headlights of my vehicle. I could not find a flashlight before heading out and was pretty committed to making our own camp site at Manganese Springs.

As if things had not been startling enough on my somewhat quick drive back to the ledge where the road veered around an outcropping somewhat high formation of rocks I drew closer to the spot where I had seen it and shut off my lights as I got closer to the location. Even with my lights off I could see enough to stay on the road with some amber light from the 2013 New Ve! hicle I was driving and was astonished when I saw two glowing ! dots and what appeared to be a bipedal in the middle of the road.

I quickly turned my headlights on only to find a large black cow starring me down like deer in headlights. Part of the reason I think I was driving for hours was the fact that I had to drive through an Indian Reservation to get to the general area where the camp out was supposed to be held. Convinced the craft was gone I thought to myself I could not venture out to satisfy my curiosity with my son with me. The curiosity from my first experience had never left me and I was once again amazed to find this single craft to be very different in appearance than my first sightings of three glowing white saucers from the beach where I failed to notice the closed at dusk sign while driving onto the beach for a small fire to make smores. That location was not far from the Peter Iredale Wreckage at Fort Steven's State Park on the Oregon coast. I drove for what felt to be hours trying to get out of the abyss of the "moonlight! -void" desert finding more cows in the middle of the road that I strategically dodged on my drive back to civilization. I haven't slept well of course and it happened just Friday night now being Saturday night. I stayed up late with my wife and earlier in the day she had described to me what she and her family had seen about 13 or 14 years back in Southern California. Strangely enough I believe the craft that she saw in broad daylight sounded to be very similar to the one that I saw last night. I am writing this because I can't get over the different feelings I had that quickly followed the two different sightings I experienced. Crazy to think most people might go there entire lives and never see anything like this. Interestingly enough I was recently talking to a new friend of mine about his experience recovering an unauthorized plane that was forced to the ground by fighter jets in area 51. After pulling into my neighborhood I received a call from an unauthorized nu! mber only to find out it was the sheriff and they were getting! ready t o send out search and rescue as my phone had died before I could finish the conversation with my wife around the Indian Reservation on my trip out there. After taking some flack from my loving wife I jumped on the internet after making it home. I was a bit surprised to see that I was just east of what my friend called the HUGE airport in the middle of nowhere. I'm not sure what if anything is gained by this information but I would be curious as to with whom and where it is shared. I could never deny even the first experience let alone last nights amazing adventure and if anything feel more aware by it's occurrence. After inviting an old friend over to a party I held a few years back that hypnotized my wife and her friend in front of about 12 other friends, I have been curious as to what else if anything may have taken place. Part of me would rather leave it alone but I am not one to give up the search for answers. Just for the record, I have NEVER drunken alcohol or used dru! gs in my life. I was not raised in Utah but do like the sober God Fearing people where I now live. Feel Free to share this with whom ever it may help. I took video on the dark dirt road in hopes to catch anything I pulled up on. Looking back I feel a bit ridiculous for chasing after it. I would love to see and learn more about them. Only time will tell. I don't know if time lapsed I just know the it took several hours on my search for the camp out only to find scary cows and and a colorful UFO.