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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/22/2014 01:25 (Entered as : 07/22/14 1:25)
Reported: 8/2/2014 12:53:18 AM 00:53
Posted: 8/8/2014
Location: Olds (Canada), AB
Shape: Fireball
Duration: 20-25 seconds
Characteristics: The object left a trail, There was an aura or haze around the object, The object changed color
meteor-like, East of Calgary, Ab.

Hi ufocenter,

I drive a truck in Alberta and Saskatchewan. I was heading South on highway 2 between Edmonton and Calgary, near Olds, when I noticed a bright light out my drivers side window, East, very close to 1:25 AM.

It travelled North to South. It was the shape of a kidney bean or unshelled peanut. I thought it was a meteor or something hitting the outer atmosphere, but is was too big for that, too close.

It streaked across the sky for a short distance, maybe about a 1/5 of the total width of the sky. It then just stopped and disappeared in a kind of glow. My impression is that it skipped off the atmosphere and headed back out to space. It was too big, too close though.

When it streaked through the sky it did not leave a trail like a comet does. A very little bit of spark kind of stuff, mostly glow. It glowed green, blue, red, mostly brilliant orange. It only lasted about 25 seconds, at the most.

The company I work for has 4 trucks. One of the other drivers was at Olds at the same time, but he didnít see anything.

But talking to one of the other drivers, he did notice a flash in the sky, but did not see it. He was near Suffield, Ab., close to the Sk. Border, and attributed it to something from the military base at Suffield.

Shortly after that, our 4th driver texted him Ďdid you see that?í What he saw and where he was, I donít know yet. But I suspect he was between Calgary and Medicine Hat. That was the route for the night.

I think it was a meteorite or whatever its called. It is very curious though how big it seemed and so close. But it wasnít. The other driverís were quite East and saw it to the East also.

Thank you for your time and website for reporting.