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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/31/2014 21:08 (Entered as : 07/31/2014 21:08)
Reported: 8/2/2014 8:57:39 AM 08:57
Posted: 8/8/2014
Location: Skippack, PA
Shape: Light
Duration: 4-5 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Saw four orange lights in the sky.

About 9:05 pm on 7/31/14, I left my home & was traveling in a southeasterly direction to run an errand, when I saw two bright almost oval orange lights in the sky. These lights were not really high in the sky, nor directly over me, more like in the sky in front of me.

I stopped my vehicle to look more closely, thinking it may be a meteorite falling from the sky. However, the orange lights did not blink or fall from the sky. They were moving through the sky almost horizontally. They were fairly close together, like military planes in formation, but the lights were bright & much larger, similar to the little red blinking light on an airplane...maybe as much as 5-10x the size.

I opened my window on my vehicle, to ascertain whether I could hear any sound of an engine. I heard nothing but some traffic from a nearby intersection. Then I noticed a third identical light following the first two, though the distance between the last two was 3x the distance between the first two lights. I thought it was strange but after sitting in my vehicle looking up for ~1-2 minutes decided to continue to my destination a 1/4 mile away to see if I could still see them. I came to a red traffic light intersection where there were street lights. I stopped at the red light.

At this time, I thought "Oh shoot, I should try & take a photo with my cell phone". The lights were farther away at this point & didn't appear as large, but I did snap a photo anyway. However, I thought it probably didn't turn out due to the glare of traffic & street lights. In addition, the orange non-blinking lights were much farther away by this time, & appeared more the size of the! red blinking lights on an airplane flying high in the sky, though they were still not blinking.

I kept looking around to see if anyone in the other cars saw them & when a car coming the opposite way ran the red light, I believed they too might be pulling into the CVS parking lot to stop & look up at the sky. But they didn't.

I pulled into the parking lot & turned away from the store & got out of my car to try & take another photo. This time, I saw 4 lights, though the one that had been first in line was so far away, it no longer appeared orange & not as bright as the other & were going northeast.

I do not believe more than 4-5 minutes passed from the time I saw the first two orange lights until I took the 2nd & final photo.

I went into the store to pick up my items & when I came out about 5-8 min later, I saw nothing in sky but a sliver of a moon in the opposite direction. I returned home & at this point, I told my husband that I saw strange bright orange lights in the sky, but was really confused as to what they could have been. This was the first time I looked at the photos I took.

Surprisingly, the photos did not show the orange lights I saw with the naked eye but rather crescent shaped lights.