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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/4/2015 12:20 (Entered as : 08/04/15 12:20)
Reported: 8/4/2015 3:30:34 AM 03:30
Posted: 8/6/2015
Location: Wasilla, AK
Shape: Light
Duration: 45 minutes +
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
White and some orange orbs in mountain valley and sky, Wasilla Alaska

I was on the back porch of the Grand View Hotel in Wasilla, Alaska, that overlooks into the mountains and a valley. I noticed that there was a light off in the valley, it looked as if it could have been a big bonfire but I am still not sure exactly what it was, as there were some orb like lights seen there too (perhaps headlights).

As I was looking I saw a big white orb light appear from nowhere, above the trees, in the valley. It was white and slowly floated and flickered out. I saw no lights that indicated drones of any sort that I know of.

I went inside and asked the front desk clerk what was out that way, and she told me it was a residential type area she believed, but it is mostly surrounded by wilderness.

I decided to be curious and sit and watch for awhile, went up to my room and got my long lens dslr camera just in case. I sat out on the porch of the hotel for a good 30 minutes, or so, and got some great footage of these lights swirling about in the trees. They would slowly become bright, and take a path, then die out a bit. When they are in two's, they would fly at each other.

They are not lanterns as they seem to form in the sky. Mostly they were white, and would come one at at a time, but I also caught an instance of a white orb and an orange orb together. Some orbs seemed to form together. They would blink, but they do not seem to be the type of blink that you see on military or drone craft.

Also it being so late and actually dark, I would figure a drone light would stay on, rather than just flicker in and out. The ones I caught on camera were closer in the valley, while the first one i saw was certainly in the sky.

My footage is taken at night, but it would be easy to cross check it with daylight footage to pinpoint where the lights were. I would love to figure out what they are. To me they seem like mountain lights such as the Brown Mountain lights in North Carolina, where I come from.