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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/8/2016 13:00 (Entered as : 02/08/16 13:00)
Reported: 2/9/2016 6:45:00 AM 06:45
Posted: 2/11/2016
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Shape: Other
Duration: 2-3 minutes
Was approximately 13:00 give or take a few min. I was standing outside. The sky was very clear except for some downward looking wisps about 5 of them separated equally with the same size of separation as their actual size and they were positioned North North West of my location as well as being the actual was as I was looking at this particular formation I noticed 2 high flying birds possibly hawks in the same area. It was then that I saw something just silently hauling ass in a near perfect westward direction. At first I thought it must be a third bird but I also noticed it was lighter in color and seemed to be moving incredibly fast and like I mentioned in a perfect line westward. I spent a few seconds trying to focus on better on the object I couldn't tell if it was small or larger and further away or at a much much higher altitude than a normal passenger aircraft. I've been in the military and it did not resemble any fighter jet mannerisms! at all. Upon continuing to focus in i could see the shape almost disc saucer like but more like a streamed down shape of an egg laying in its side almost like a sleek teardrop on its side fat end would be the rear end and point would be the front. There was no chemtrail or exhaust if you will. This had to all of it take less than a minute of actual viewing of the craft. Like I stated it was hauling ass and so perfectly straight. That stood out to me a lot for some reason. The craft also was a light grey/silver in color it seemed and I also recall that it had that metallic sheen to it somewhat reflecting the sun light to some small degree and it was doing so correctly in relation to the sun's current position in the sky. It actually took longer for the facts of what I saw to finally click than the event itself lasted lol. It was incredible plain sight clear day.. I only wish I had grabbed my phone camera but it was so so fast the moment would have been lost trying to fumble! with the phone and zooming in etc. It's memory was so vivid and intense that I just had to find out if anyone else saw it and I've never thought of reporting one let alone seeing one. But I am compelled to make this report. My first one ever..