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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/10/2020 21:10 (Entered as : 3-10-2020 21:10)
Reported: 3/13/2020 3:45:30 PM 15:45
Posted: 5/7/2020
Location: West Helena, AR
Shape: Other
Duration: 40 minutes
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
UFO Chase with my Shar Pei ďNOVAĒ

On Tuesday 3-10-2020 at about 9:00 PM CST I went outside my house to walk my dog, which is something I do often at all hours of the day/night. Looking down to the end of my street, I observed a very bright pure white light just above the tree line at about 25-30 degrees on the horizon. I took about a dozen videos of this encounter and ended up chasing it in my truck with my dog. The video you see is just before I abandoned the chase. When it began at my house, It was very close to me. Iíd like the start off by saying that Iím an aircraft enthusiast and Iím also former military. I often sit out on my patio watching flightradar24 with my binoculars. I know all of the corridors and this was something which instantly appeared very out of place. When I first spotted this, my phone didnít have much battery charge, so I had to keep going back inside my house to charge my phone in order to capture it on video. The video was shot on an iPhone 6s+ so normal cell phone! limitations will apply, esp since this occurred at night. Throughout the encounter there wasnít any audible noise emitted from the object and the color which was a very pure white light, never changed.

Out on my street about 30ft from my front door is where this began. It moved very slow most of the time throughout this encounter. Iíd estimate 5 knots average. At times it would stop and also move a little faster. Viewing it through the binoculars back at my house before leaving in my truck, I could see a large structure on top and below the lights, but nothing to the sides of it. What I saw through the binoculars was (3) tall vertical very bright lights and they were not oscillating like they are in the video. I would also like to point out that the position of the object that you see in the video, is not visible from my house. It was very close to me for 20-30 mins, but once I began to approach it in my truck, it distanced itself from me and I had to eventually abandon the chase about 8 miles from my house. There are plenty of reasons that this wasnít a drone. The range of travel, size of the object, light intensity, length of flight time, lack of FAA beacons and I could ! go on, but it was not a drone. My son has a custom drone. There was one point out in front of my house that it looked like it was going to fly right over me because it was headed straight for me, but this never happened and it rather just changed course multiple times before eventually distancing itself from me. I wish I had of been able to get under this thing for a better view. It was something different.