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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/21/2020 06:37 (Entered as : 03/21/2020 06:37)
Reported: 3/21/2020 6:41:06 PM 18:41
Posted: 5/15/2020
Location: Tooele, UT
Shape: Light
Duration: Morning
Characteristics: There was an aura or haze around the object
On the morning of March Twenty One 2020 I had woken up at 6:35 in the morning I had walked outside and look in the sky and I seen what look like the space station like moving from north to south as I watched the light I thought it was the space station the light was traveling a lot more faster than I normally seen the space station travel I watched it move across the sky towards the South I look to the right and saw another light moving across the sky as the Frist one I was immediately suspicious then when I seen the second light so I watch them both move across the sky towards the South I looked towards the right and seen another one so now I'm watching three lights move towards the cell I live in Tooele so they were moving from the West I'm looking to the West thing and then I look over to the right and I see a fourth of fifth of six I watched a total of 32 of them what was bizarre it was that the last two that I seen were extremely close to each other tra! veling from north to south I watched him for approximately 10 minutes Watch32 lights travel across the sky this morning it was absolutely mind-boggling and I know that they we're not the space station and it wasn't just a satellite it was something else when I seen the eighth one I ran into the house and woke my wife up to have her come witness what I was seeing so we both watched it it was unbelievable