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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/30/2021 19:38 (Entered as : 01/30/2021 19:38)
Reported: 2/9/2021 9:01:14 AM 09:01
Posted: 3/2/2021
Location: Muscat (Oman),
Shape: Rectangle
Duration: Seconds
Characteristics: There were lights on the object
Possible UFO sighting in Oman (Arabian Gulf)

after doing some search on the internet about what I've captured on my iPhone in Oman ( Arabian Gulf), i discovered that thereís something strange that is appearing in the photo i captured during the rising of the moon in the evening of 30 January 2021 at 19:38 and I thought to share it with you for your valuable comments to reach for explanation.

I tried to challenge myself that it could be anything of what usually ufologists first think, like nature effects or some reflections, drone etc ...

I found it well shaped and doesnít look like falling or crashing. It clearly looks as if itís under full control, no conventional engines or propellers, nicely shaped in angles with what looks like hexagonal cabins with some shadows inside!! No sound no lights.

I searched the shapes of UFOs and nothing looked like this one however thereíre some few rectangular shaped I havenít seen anything!! I just discovered the object when reviewing the photos.