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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/20/2015 22:30 (Entered as : 09/20/15 22:30)
Reported: 4/11/2021 7:52:30 AM 07:52
Posted: 4/23/2021
Location: Francestown, NH
Shape: Light
Duration: 1.5 hour
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object emitted other objects
Witnessed 2 lights, one for an extended period at ~150 ft distance.

Sept. 20, 2015 Sighting in Francestown, NH Although this report comes some 6 years after the observation, it quite accurately reflects what I observed, since detailed notes were written down the day following the observation (I am a research scientist, so observing and recording details of phenomena are in my ‘DNA’). I believe what I observed, described in detail below, must be evidence of an advanced technology from someone and somewhere other than humans on this planet.

I live on a little traveled dirt road and have neighbors only on two sides, east and west along the road, but not directly in view. This is a very rural location and no lights were in view from traffic or other houses that I could have mistaken for what I observed.

It was a totally clear evening on Sept. 20, 2015 around 10:30 PM, well past dusk, but enough faint light remained on the horizon (from sun having set in the west) to see things fairly clearly. As I let the dog out in the fenced yard to do her business I noticed at the base of our driveway (~ 120 ft away, going from the house east parallel to the road and then curving down southward to meet the road), a few vehicles moving back and forth periodically on the road. They had yellow flashing lights, so were not just regular vehicles on the road. I watched for a few minutes and then, after letting the dog in, decided to go down the driveway and talk to the drivers to find out what was happening. As I reached the driveway entrance close to the road I glanced to my right and saw something lit up in the sky (westerly direction) and looked at it more closely for a minute. It was not more than 300-400’ (guesstimate) away at most and not high up, maybe 100’; but this was hard to estimate since I did not know the object size I was looking at or have easy reference points in the distance. What I saw was two horizontal amber orange lights, like long neon tube lights might look, one above the other and they were parallel, but spaced by a distinct distance about the diameter of each light. One tube light appeared to have a short gap in its illumination . I could not tell the size or shape of what these lights were attached too. If pressed to estimate, I would say the object was at least the size of an automobile. Suddenly, this being a strange object that was slowly moving toward me, I felt a bit exposed and so decided not to try and talk to the occupants of the vehicles I had seen. They had already withdrawn a distance down the road to the east anyway.

I walked back up the driveway to my house and as I did noticed to my left (south) a bright white light maybe 30 ft off the ground but behind trees across the road in the river valley bottom. I could not see the light directly; it was always behind the trees, so I never could estimate the size of the light or the size and shape of what it was attached to. As I got up to my house, the light was now a bit lower and seemed to be above the small river (~ 20’ wide) that runs along the valley floor on the other side (south) of the road from my house. As I got to my house it stopped moving as far as I could tell and remained about 30-40’ above the river and always behind the tall trees about 150’ from my position beside my house, which is situated about 20’ above the river water level. At this time of year in Fall the leaves were still fully on the trees so I had no direct view of the object at any time. I also tried observing the object from the second story windows inside my house! , but got no better view of it.

This object made absolutely no sound whatsoever and all was still outside where I continued watching; there was no wind either making any noise.

I should mention now that I did not own a cellphone, and my camera was somewhere in the house and not convenient to attempt taking a picture of the obscured object. I decided to continually watch it since I thought it would disappear at any second. I commenced to watch it (to my surprise) for the next 45 minutes. Occasionally I would walk 20-30’ closer and move left or right to change views, but got no additional detail of what this object was. The object seemed to move some and may have moved a few feet in any direction, including up or down, during this entire time, but no substantial change occurred in its position. Again, I had to infer this from what I saw the light doing indirectly behind the illuminated trees and the limited ground area I could see that was brightly lit. As far as the light itself, it was white the entire time and it looked as if the directionality of illumination was not consistent, but changed continuously in terms of its illumination intensity of ! the ground areas and different trees surrounding it.

I should mention that it would have been very difficult to get close enough to see what this light was, since the river bottom had thick swampy brush to get through (40-50’ of it beyond and below the road level) to be sufficiently under the trees in front of the object to observe it directly. In addition, not knowing what danger might be involved in being too close to the strange object (poisonous gases, radiation), I decided I would go no further than being outside next to or close to my house in case I needed to take shelter. I was excited and somewhat apprehensive, never scared, during this entire time.

As to the white light’s relation to the horizontal amber lights originally sighted, I am not sure. They could have been part of the same object or belonged to different objects. I never saw the amber lights again although I looked in that westerly direction again a number of times from my position outside of my house.

Another really strange feature was that the white light object appeared to periodically (every few seconds) drop small bits of whitish light or what looked like burning embers that seemed to almost touch the ground but these did not stay illuminated upon reaching the ground; they just disappeared. These I could see clearly as they dropped below the level of the lowest leafy branches. They appeared to be no larger than about a tennis ball size, perhaps smaller. There was no hint of anything catching fire on the ground either, in those portions of the ground that I could see clearly below the lowest branches of the trees in front of and in proximity to the object.

During watching the lighted area across the road for about 40 min the vehicles on the road would periodically come into view at the base of my driveway and then back up, as if observing cautiously what was going on with the object. It was light enough out for me to notice that one of the vehicles was a firetruck, but with no emergency or vehicle lights on. I never saw a police vehicle that I could identify. I could only guess that it was the appearance of this object in town that they were there for and maintaining a watchful eye over. After about 40 min these vehicles stopped appearing in view and may have left for good as far as I knew.

As all of this happened my wife was asleep in bed, so I decided to wake her to be a witness to these strange events. I did wake her and we both watched the object for the next 30-45 min. without anything significant changing. It now being close to midnight and being tired, we both decided to go to bed. After it seemed a short while in bed (10 min?) there was a crash that I heard (tree limb) and the power went out. This may have happened after longer than 10 min and I may have dozed off before it happened. Very soon (?) after hearing the crash I heard a chainsaw and knew the power company or some road crew was busy dealing with the situation. That is all I remember that evening having fallen asleep again. This limb damage/ power outage event may have been a complete coincidence to the strange light incident I observed; I simply don’t know.

When I woke up the next morning the power was restored. When I went out to the road, the object was gone and there was evidence that a limb from a dead tree had indeed come down, probably hit the power line and had been cut up (I could see the cut sections and a blackened branch section a few feet off the road that must have touched the wires and caused the outage?). I do not know if the white object had anything to do with the limb coming down since the fallen limb was from a tree 50’ closer to the house (adjacent to the road) than the object had been as long as I watched it. I decided to make my way across the swampy bottom land to where the light had been above the river. When I got there I could observe no evidence of the object having been there. There were no ground disturbances, no tree limbs or vegetation broken and no scorched areas of vegetation or trees observed at any height. As far as I can tell, in the intervening 6 years, there have been no long term effects o! n trees and vegetation at the site below where this object was levitated.

I decided to ask my local fire department a few weeks later if they had responded to any strange occurrences that evening. The person I spoke to said no. Somehow I don’t believe I got the whole story.

During this strange incident, I should mention that there were no electrical disturbances I was aware of in the house while I observed the object and no missing time or other anomalies. Other than the power going out as mentioned after going to bed, although there was a plausible explanation for that as I described.

I have never had any other strange occurrences at this property before or since in my 30+ years of living here. I did report a previous brief UFO sighting (5-6 seconds long at most) some 6 years earlier at the edge of town (~ 5 miles from my house) while driving home at dusk one evening. It was completely unlike the present object reported and I did submit a report about that in 2009. This 2015 observation occurred before the widespread use of drones (they’re not silent). My closest neighbors to the west did not observe this event, but they may not have been home or awake at that time since I did not talk to them about it until weeks after this incident. I believe I witnessed something extraordinary that is well beyond the current technology of mankind on this planet.