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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/2/2020 00:00 (Entered as : 01/02/2020 0:00)
Reported: 4/18/2021 9:15:40 PM 21:15
Posted: 4/23/2021
Location: Atlanta, GA
Shape: Changing
Duration: 1.5 hours in total
Characteristics: There were lights on the object, The object emitted beams, The object changed color, This is a possible UFO abduction case, Entities were seen, Missing time was experienced, Animals reacted to the event
An entity that mimicked the star Sirius, transformed shape, then followed/stalked us

I have had an incredibly scary experience with what I believe was the “rainbow star” or Sirius. I am not incredibly familiar with astronomy, however, I have been witnessing this same “star” in the same place every night and it flashes rainbow colors, is extra bright (compared to other stars), and appears way closer than other stars. I literally wanted to send this story of my experience to you for a while now, but it’s hard to even explain and I’m sure hard to believe.

Here it goes as it happened...

(Sorry for the extra details. I know this will be long, but please stick with it if you can) Background: I was in a transitional period (moving, finances, etc) and I had to stay temporarily at a friend’s condo from November to early January. Anyway, my friend only has 2 assigned parking spots. My friend parks in the closest to their unit (3rd floor) and I have to use the other assigned space on the rooftop floor (floor 6).

For the weeks that we were staying there (myself and my 16 year old son), we took note of the “rainbow star” (which we have seen before, however, it is always in the exact same location in direct view from where we park on the rooftop of this condo building). Several times we’ve noted it and talked about how crazy it is that you can see it strobing so many colors. Well, time after time, we keep witnessing it (on clear nights only - seldom in Atlanta with the spraying, but still plenty of nights). So, beings that we didn’t feel comfortable where we were staying (roommate type situation), we would often come home, park, and have personal conversations in the car where we park. After plenty of times doing this, we started to notice that this “star” has a pattern to it. We would notice it there, stationary, then after about 20 some minutes it would move to the left (our left, its right) and then completely vanish only to reappear in the exact same spot approximately 20 minutes l! ater. Other times it would completely dim out (not move at all) and then reappear 20 minutes later. So nonetheless, that completely tripped us out once we saw the pattern and started timing it. Now, fast forward to the last day we spent there....

It was January 1st, 2020 (technically, it was New Years Eve but I had picked my son up and took him home right before midnight). I was upset with him for parent-type stuff (lol) and we drove up to our assigned spot, parked the car, and I was giving him a lecture. We were probably up there for about an hour and a half when he suddenly interrupted and pointed out the “rainbow star”. It was moving again but this time it was slightly moving up and down, left to right, vise-versa, etc. Almost completely unnoticeable unless you were really watching it. So, I stopped what I was saying and looked. We were both sitting there staring at it and it started moving again, but this time, it was moving to the left again fairly far. We were expecting it to do the same thing as the other times and disappear at the same point it normally did. But this time, it didn’t. It just kept moving. At this point we were both kind of like wtf. What we had witnessed before was crazy enough but this time i! t wasn’t doing what it was previously doing so predictably.

So, this is where it gets very weird so, please, bare with me… As it was moving to the left, it moved seemingly just under a plane/aircraft (from our prospective - not sure how close they were in reality). The plane was an obvious plane because it had the typical blinking lights on the wing tips, etc. Well, as soon as it was parallel with this plane, it literally imitated the plane. It was blinking lights in the same pattern and everything (lights that clearly weren’t ever apart of it - red lights). At that moment we both kind of freaked out and got out of our car in order to look up and follow it. It passed the plane and then changed into 3 orbs (I hate using that word because it sounds so UFO/alien but that’s the best way to describe it). Then as it flew along, it went to 2 orbs, and then back to one solid light orb. The direction it was moving became parallel to the rooftop so we were losing track of it but it was very low and close now - definitely not “star distance”. We both ran to the other side of the parking deck where there’s ! stairs that go up a flight to an open-air tennis court so we could be higher. We still had it insight and it was now curving unnaturally and circling toward us. I feel like my description isn’t giving it much justice because it was incredibly scary and it’s hard to even describe in detail. So, we’re both standing there in the freezing cold watching this thing and saying nothing because we were both fascinated and spooked at the same time, but it was like you couldn’t not watch it. When suddenly, it does a sharp turn toward us and is literally in front/above us but incredibly close, and a bright light comes on facing us and it just hovers -completely non-moving. The light was incredibly bright - almost like the spotlight that police will put on at night facing your car when they pull you over. That’s the best way I can describe it. I literally grabbed my son’s jacket and told him to run but he didn’t move at first. Then I got angry and literally told him to effing run and he! snapped out of it and we ran back down to the car as fast as ! we could I’ve never been so scared in my life. The thing was intimidating. This is going to sound crazy, but it felt like it knew we were watching it and it watched us back.

I’ll try to make this part a summary as much as possible...

We ran to the car and immediately drove down the parking deck as fast as we could (both of us freaking out the entire way down and confirming with each other what we both witnessed). We had no place to go and there was no way we were going back there so we were trying to figure out where to drive to and what we were going to do. I was taking care of this family’s dog at the time while they were out of the country and the only place I could think to go was to stay at their house. So we headed in that direction (approximately 3 miles down the road). We’re almost there and as soon as we turn right onto the main street before their subdivision, a low flying object was hovering right above the trees (tree-top level) and it was the shape of a triangle with lights but with no base to the triangle (if that makes sense). What’s really weird about this is that I heard nothing but my son claimed he heard a helicopter-like sound. I have no clue how we both were there and heard different! things. And again, this sounds like some alien/UFO B.S. and I don’t believe in that so I don’t know what to make of any of this! It was again, hovering (not moving) like it was anticipating us turning on that street and that’s when I completely freaked out and literally was in tears out of fear. We sped under it and kept driving and I don’t even know what we were both yelling to each other but we were freaking out. I just kept driving and literally felt like something bad was about to happen to us. It felt like we were being stalked/not wanted/threatened etc. We got back to where there were streetlights on a main road and I told my son that we will just sleep in our car and find a hotel parking lot (it was the only thing I could think of - if I was even thinking straight). I ended up recalling a hotel that was up ahead off the street we were on and I told him we’d go there (probably 2-ish miles from this recent instance). Again, please believe me because this is going to s! ound so insane. I wish I could take a lie detector test becaus! e I unfo rtunately wouldn’t believe this either. But we pulled right into the parking lot and after you take that right, it’s a sharp left facing this hotel. We both saw it at the same time and I stopped my car. There was this figure in the window of the hotel staring straight out and just standing there right in front of us on the 5th floor. It didn’t move. It wasn’t in a room either, it was in the hallway of the hotel that has glass to the outside. There is nothing to look at (the building isn’t in the city and it’s facing just a parking lot and trees and this was 1 in the morning. We stopped there for about 30 seconds stunned and had that awful feeling where you feel like your blood is draining from your face. We zoom out of the parking lot and the thing turns to its left and is facing the wall (so now it’s a silhouette of a side view and is still standing in place. We take a left back onto the main road and go to the closest gas station when that same aircraft passes over us agai! n. We pull into the gas station panicked and I called my sister but she didn’t answer (only family/friend I have in Georgia) then I called my mom and dad on the west coast (which was super late their time for them on a work night) and told them everything that was happening (I actually thought that something was going to happen to us and if so, I wanted to tell someone what was going on). My parents suggested going to a 24 hour diner so I looked one up that was closest to us and we headed straight there – never been to this diner before, it’s called Landmark Diner in Buckhead. After we arrived, we were handed menus and at the top of the menu they have a big tagline that says, “Where The Stars Meet At Night” – so this was extra creepy as hell! Then when my son went to use the restroom he came out and asked me to come into the men’s bathroom to see the light. There were several recessed light fixtures in the ceiling and they were all white except one that was flashing every c! olor of the rainbow. I went and asked the manager why they had! one lig ht in the bathroom that flashes different colors and he asked me to show him. I did, and he said he never noticed that before and that maybe it needed to be replaced and was about to die. Our evening was an incredibly eerie experience. That’s basically the end. We wound up sleeping in our car in a 24 hr McDonalds parking lot for the following 2 nights because we didn’t want to go back to where we first witnessed this thing.

I don’t know what to think but there is something to this rainbow star that is much more than what I think anyone has experienced or covered. There’s something very wrong. Also, we do have a picture of the man/thing in the window at the hotel, the diner menu with the tagline, and a video of the light in the men’s restroom.

Since this occurrence, we have had several odd experiences - most notably - street lights that turn off and/or start blinking when we pass, but only during certain times. When we are together and when we are in a certain state of awareness - hard to explain. It's like an energy and the lights are like a reminder. It's also happened at home when we discuss it to the point that our dog starts barking and shaking uncontrollably and climbs to the top of the sofa and won't come down.

We also have missing moments of time in our experience that my son and I cannot reconcile. That's a longer story, but incredibly scary.