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National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/23/2021 07:18 (Entered as : 09/23/21 7:18)
Reported: 10/6/2021 10:53:02 PM 22:53
Posted: 10/19/2021
Location: Rutherford County, TN
Shape: Cigar
Duration: 1-2 minutes
Observed a bright object next to the moon against a clear blue morning sky. Not a single cloud, jet trail, plane, nothing in the sky. Noticed object looking NNW while driving. Thought it may be Venus (as it was bright and near the moon) when first noticed. Glanced back to the sky and saw that it was an actual object. Assumed it was a plane as it appeared white, but wings and tail were not visible. Assumed the sun must have been shining just so on the aircraft to skew the visibility of the wings and tail. Found this interesting and kept inspecting between glances at the road while driving. Seem rounder and short in length than a commercial jet. Appearance resembled a white blimp, but seemed too far away to be a visible blimp. After another glance at the road, looked back up and object was gone. No jet trails, no debris in the sky, nothing. The entire sky was clear with zero evidence of the craft. Satellite tracking shows zero visible satellites (or stars or planets!) in that area on that day at that time. No weather balloons in the area. No commercial blimps. I have searched everywhere for an explanation. Nothing. Iím wondering if I saw a tic tac?