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Date / Time City State Country Shape Duration Summary Posted Images
5/14/23 21:55Deer ParkALUSACircleAbout 30 minsFlashing circle/ fire colored/ torpedo5/19/23
5/14/23 20:40AthensALUSACircleAbout 2 secondsHuge yellow-white sphere 5 times the size of the moon5/19/23
5/13/23 21:30Pike RoadALUSACircleHoursTatyana Bakieva5/19/23
5/2/23 04:46FalkvilleALUSALightAbout 10 minutesLights that traveled across the sky faster than anything else I've ever seen5/19/23
5/1/23 03:32Grand BayALUSASphereFive to ten minutesWas looking at stars in the Northern sky and saw a white sphere moving slowly towards the west and suddenly it was gone.5/19/23
4/14/23 05:07MadisonALUSADiamond2 minutesFlashing blue red white light pattern of diamond. Hovering low. Very slow. No significant distance in 2 min observing. Vanished5/19/23
4/2/23 15:00Carbon HillALUSADiskSeen in photo after zoomI was taking a photo of the outside and I decided to zoom in on the photo just being curious and that’s when I spotted a disk.5/19/23Yes
3/27/23 19:00HuntsvilleALUSALightseveral minutesMultiple lights around the southern sky moving randomly.4/9/23
3/17/23 23:30BIRMINGHAMALUSAOther3 hoursI observed a bright blue light hovering over downtown Birmingham AL. This light could be seen on the Southside of Birmingham as well.4/9/23
3/14/23 20:30HuntsvilleALUSAOrb10-15 MINUTESLight moving erratically, accelerating rapidly and stopping on a dime.4/9/23
3/14/23 03:00TheodoreALUSAStar2 hours. 0300-daylightTwo clusters of UAP?, The first cluster started with 3 UAP? and eventually up to 6 and then finally 2 remain. About 20 to my 12oclock4/9/23Yes
3/9/23 19:37OpelikaALUSACigarIt was just there.we leftBright hovering long object4/9/23
2/27/23 19:00FlorenceALUSACircle1 minuteMy wife and I were walking our dog and noticed a very large balloon like object floating rapidly across the sky.3/6/23
2/21/23 19:58ClioALUSACircle5 minutesI was literally standing in my front yard and they came very low to the ground I got very scared and began to run and they vanished3/6/23
2/15/23 03:12ChunchulaALUSALight5-10 minsLike a scurrying mouse in the sky . Flash in and out3/6/23
2/13/23 22:15NorthportALUSACylinderRoughly 30 minutesWe get a lot of planes and helicopters that go by but this one was different. It was too fast and too quiet3/6/23Yes
2/12/23 18:35SectionALUSASphere3-5 mins12-20 lights looked like they were the middle of a saucer (disc)3/6/23
2/12/23 18:35SectionALUSADisk3-5 minutesLooked like a plane with a a trail behind it but it’s too dark and then it came closer and we saw about 15-20 lights in an even row3/6/23
2/9/23 03:45MontgomeryALUSASphereAbout an hourWe saw at least 10 bright starlight looking objects that flew fast and in various directions. Multiple other pilots on guard saw them3/6/23
1/20/23 17:14MontevalloALUSACircle1 minBright white light moving very slow3/6/23
1/18/23 13:15Fort PayneALUSAEggI'm capturing these objects on my security camera and they are leaving landing areas.3/6/23Yes
1/18/23 00:42ReptonALUSAUnknownTwo lights about 1mile apThere where two bright orbs that moved in sequence with each other they looked like they were about 1 mile apart and they turnt left5/19/23Yes
1/7/23 18:00WaverlyALUSACircle1 hourWe were getting in the car and we saw one chasing the other3/6/23
1/4/23 21:51Brook HighlandALUSAUnknown30 secondsTook a video of a craft shining many colors without having any aircraft type identifying lights. Object flew towards Lake Purdy3/6/23
1/1/23 22:00WoodvilleALUSAUnknown5 secondsBright light in the middle of nowhere. Did not move like a lot flying aircraft in that it moved laterally & straight up & down in sec.3/6/23
12/31/22 19:02ChelseaALUSACircle4 minutesHover then depart3/6/23
12/16/22 15:29RockfordALUSACircle~25 secondsUnidentifiable Glowing Object5/19/23
12/15/22 01:30MobileALUSACircleAbout 15-20 secsTraveled horizontally slowly. Stopped and sat for a few secs. Darted down left. Stopped. Then fast north.3/6/23
12/12/22 06:56CALERAALUSAOther15 secondsIt looked like a huge battle ship over a dozen long gun like wings it was transparent to the eye.3/6/23
12/7/22 17:48HooverALUSADiskUnknownWhile driving I saw a spinning disk of lights low to the ground with a red light blinking on top.12/22/22Yes
11/17/22 22:02Vestavia HillsALUSAFormation45 secondsStrange gray object that seemed like a formation of many objects that changed shape as it moved12/22/22Yes
11/8/22 20:06DanvilleALUSAUnknown55 secondsA hovering “airplane” flying unusually low and then jetting off when we got stationary12/22/22
11/8/22 17:00HamiltonALUSADiskWas pulling out of driveway and right in front of me it was in the sky hovering then shot straight up3/6/23
11/6/22 11:59FairhopeALUSAChanging1 to 2 hours or moreSee them daily. Coming close to me now. Saw alien creatures recently. Seen day and night.12/22/22Yes
10/28/22 03:00BirminghamALUSADisk3 minutesI saw it fly in and there was blue lights on it12/22/22
10/27/22 20:34AnnistonALUSAFormation20 secondsRed orbs that made a V12/22/22
10/26/22 06:55SemmesALUSALight10 to 20 secondsI was stopped in traffic and saw a bright white light in the sky. It made a circle and then a straight line and disappeared.12/22/22
10/25/22 20:11FairhopeALUSARectangle3 minutesLarge bright stationary object - then disappeared.12/22/22Yes
10/20/22 19:30jacksonALUSACigar1 minutecigar shaped large craft with twinkling lights moving slowly and making no sound12/22/22
10/19/22 19:00MulgaALUSAChangingAll week. 2-3 hours.I have seen several that have appeared many nights in a row.12/22/22
10/18/22 12:30GadsdenALUSAUnknownLess than 25 secondsA visual distortion of objects in night sky buy "cloaked" object12/22/22
10/6/22 19:00BrentALUSALight5 min plusWatched a bright white light pass overhead.10/8/22
10/1/22 18:40Gulf ShoresALUSAOval5 secondsObject spotted on slow motion video.12/22/22Yes
10/1/22 15:34HuntsvilleALUSACigar2 - 3 minutesCigar shaped with a bright circular light to the left of craft10/8/22Yes
9/24/22 21:15MorrisALUSARectangle2 minsLong rectangular craft with white uniform lights.10/8/22
9/21/22 23:28RobertsdaleALUSALight3 to 5 minutesWatched what appeared as a star move across the sky multiple directions10/8/22
9/21/22 22:45BirminghamALUSAUnknown7 minTwo very large, very bright round lights, flash on/off10/8/22
9/19/22 19:31DothanALUSACigar10 secondsIt's was cigar 5 bright lights. I walked outside after a misunderstanding with my girlfriend. As soon as I got outside I looked up and10/8/22
9/14/22 20:00Gulf ShoresALUSALightOver a span of 20 minuteslights splitting, dividing, and then disappearing.10/8/22
9/11/22 00:30HartselleALUSASphere1hr 30minTwo very bright bright white spheres one more so than the other. Both shape shifted. One to the west, and one adjacent to the moon10/8/22Yes
9/8/22 21:00FyffeALUSACircleStill in skySpinning circular with red n yellow flashing lights10/8/22
9/7/22 19:45MobileALUSALight10 minutesRed lights one after the other, quiet following same pattern in sky from north to east. Three at one time side by side then single fil10/8/22
9/5/22 05:13FoleyALUSARectangleTwo minutesNon-moving rectangular row of lights9/9/22Yes
8/31/22 21:02HooverALUSADiamondApproximately 25 secondsMy girlfriend and I saw a diamond shaped object which quickly ascended and traveled at extraordinary speeds9/9/22
8/27/22 22:00BirminghamALUSAChangingContinuousI see these “moving & blinking stars” everynight.10/8/22Yes
8/10/22 19:30Gulf ShoresALUSALight12 to 15 minutesIt seemed like a biggish drone except silent, faster than drones we know about, and the time in the air was way more than any drone.9/9/22
8/7/22 21:25MobileALUSATriangleLess than 45 secondsI was outside and looked up and saw a triangular shape flying few seconds later it disappeared with a flash of light.9/9/22
7/29/22 04:50MobileALUSAOrb45 minShape shifting white star like orb appears and splits into 2 orbs.9/9/22Yes
6/19/22 01:20CordovaALUSALight10 minBright object with light ring trailing it6/22/22Yes
6/14/22 20:35GuntersvilleALUSALightAbout 70 minutesA sphere/ball of light hovering above the water.6/22/22Yes
6/11/22 13:42MontgomeryALUSACylinderProbably 20-25 minsIn a telescope it looked like a purplish pink spec, to the eye was black almost spherical6/22/22Yes
6/10/22 08:28Orange BeachALUSACircleDid not see except on picI noticed the object in a picture I took on a fishing trip. Did not see in real time9/9/22Yes
6/6/22 21:30TRUSSVILLEALUSALight8-10 secondsThree lights moving across the sky6/22/22
6/5/22 02:00Cold Bluff, AlabamaALUSAChangingUnbleiveablaTerrifying6/22/22
6/4/22 15:45DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1956/22/22
6/4/22 03:38CullmanALUSAUnknownCurrently HappeningUFO was seemingly “bouncing” and “flashing” in mid-air.6/22/22
6/1/22 03:40OpelikaALUSAFormation2-3 secondsThree orbs rotating flying through the sky6/22/22
5/28/22 13:44DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1956/22/22
5/20/22 06:50DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1956/22/22
5/17/22 22:54DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1956/22/22
5/17/22 20:24Pine HillALUSADiskI was watching the stars and caught a light flashing it wasn’t anything I had ever seen bf9/9/22Yes
5/13/22 12:18DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1956/22/22
5/13/22 01:00DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1956/22/22
5/7/22 11:38DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1955/31/22
5/4/22 02:12DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1955/31/22
5/2/22 01:00HarvestALUSAUnknownI saw it for approx 5 minDriving on a country rd I looked above the tree line and saw 1 bright red floodlights. I asked my bf he sees it. He said what the heck.5/31/22
4/24/22 10:31DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1955/31/22
4/11/22 01:42MobileALUSAMADAR Node 635/31/22
3/24/22 02:44JemisonALUSA2 secoundsVery very bright object fell from the sky at 2:44 am looking north from 11 position to he 5 oclock position4/22/22
3/23/22 14:55MobileALUSAMADAR Node 634/22/22
3/23/22 05:32LoxleyALUSACircle31secondsThis sighting is real.4/22/22
3/22/22 10:46DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1954/22/22
3/19/22 20:30RogersvilleALUSAOvalApproximately 5-10 secondFirst Ever Sighting: Green Aura came out of nowhere and disappeared just as quickly. I’m now a true believer, no longer on fence!4/22/22
3/17/22 13:56DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1954/22/22
3/11/22 22:30ChickasawALUSACircle25 minutesI looked into the backyard and noticed a round flying disc in the night with different color lights that appeared to shine towards me4/22/22
3/1/22 17:00HuntsvilleALUSA30 min.They were silent, my friend made a video of them.5/31/22
3/1/22 00:00Fort PayneALUSACylinder20 secondsI'm capturing these "rods" on my infrared security camera usually between 12 a.m. and 4 a.m. each morning.4/22/22Yes
2/27/22 16:34DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1954/22/22
2/25/22 11:54DothanALUSAMADAR Node 1954/22/22
2/24/22 18:00MobileALUSAMADAR Node 634/22/22
2/13/22 00:38BirminghamALUSADiskone minuteA colorfully lit disk floating up into the night sky3/4/22
2/3/22 00:25MobileALUSAMADAR Node 633/4/22
2/2/22 15:45GardendaleALUSAChanging8-10 secondsWas looking north observing an airplane coming from east to west at approx 25,000-30,000ft, 75° above elevation, surrounded by objects3/4/22
1/29/22 19:00HuntsvilleALUSACircle~1hr also at 545AMAt a glance it looked like a star then I felt a burning sensation and zoomed video and noticed the pulsing or thrusting.3/4/22
1/28/22 13:52Fort PayneALUSACircle20 secondsWe were checking our security cameras again today and we caught this UAP.3/4/22
1/27/22 19:00Gulf ShoresALUSAOrb10 sec.Orange/red orbs over ocean3/4/22Yes
1/26/22 19:30CaleraALUSACircle10 secondsIt was circle and was the whitest light and bright. Even atsuch a distance it was the size of a beach ball and so bright.3/4/22
1/26/22 06:34MobileALUSAMADAR Node 633/4/22
1/19/22 00:00Fort PayneALUSACylinder6 hoursI saw these on my security camera that was facing my backyard.3/4/22
1/18/22 17:49Fort PayneALUSACylinder20 secondsI saw it on my security camera.3/4/22
1/11/22 13:15Between faster,AL and Tuscaloosa, ALALUSADisk10 sec and 5 secI was driving on 20 west, over the hwy Pretty first bright reflection cut my eye3/4/22
12/30/21 16:55Unsure exactlyALUSAUnknown10 minWhile driving the low angle of the sun in the evening was reflecting light off an odd shaped fairly stationary object in the sky.3/4/22Yes
12/29/21 06:57MobileALUSAMADAR Node 633/4/22
12/11/21 18:45HuntsvilleALUSAFormation5An unorganized cluster of amber colored lights moving East to West.12/19/21
12/3/21 18:30MobileALUSARectangleI saw a long row of lights with a slight haze around them that appeared to have no wings or tail and flying in a non-typical fashion.12/19/21
12/3/21 18:00After Asheville headed towards springvilleALUSAFormationLooked out window from highway and saw a line of lights12/19/21
11/22/21 04:26MobileALUSAMADAR Node 633/4/22
10/21/21 19:00Gulf ShoresALUSAOrb10 minutesRecorded video in Gulf Shores AL of strange light that multiplied into 5 lights or orbs.10/26/21
10/15/21 20:00Rainbow CityALUSAFireball4 minutesFireball/Orb in Rainbow City AL10/19/21
10/10/21 19:13GardendaleALUSACircle3 secondsIt was a clear night , I was searching to locate Venus with my sky master pro binoculars, I saw in my view a flying objet , it was11/15/21
10/8/21 22:00AlbertvilleALUSAFireball5 secondThe object was round and it looked like an orb or fireball , it had green color to it like a weld spark. I saw it for about 5 seconds w10/19/21
7/5/21 07:45TuscaloosaALUSALight45 sec.I have physical pictures of proof8/16/21
5/21/21 20:45HuntsvilleALUSAFireball25 minutesdrone launching pyrotechnics7/31/21
5/16/21 09:54VincentALUSALight35 minutesTwo objects were headed towards each other then they stopped abruptly. They headed east and 3 other objects came from the east and stop5/20/21
5/9/21 23:30MobileALUSACircle3 minOrange Light Over Mobile AL5/20/21
4/27/21 10:22Gulf ShoresALUSASphere10 minutesFlashing white light hovering near an airport before jetting away at well over 1000 miles an hour without sound.5/20/21
4/11/21 20:35AltoonaALUSAOther3 minutesOrbital object over N. Alabama that twice came to stop and made sudden course corrections4/23/21
3/18/21 22:00Huntsville AlabamaALUSACircle35 min- 3.30 hrs+I have some ok videos of what was seen. At first i had seen 1-2 over a single nite & video-still shots.thn i video 4 diff. Craft sam nt3/4/22Yes
3/5/21 23:00BessemerALUSATriangle8 minutesDEATH STAR came to mind ,electrical fire colored lights really white/blue3/31/21
2/20/21 10:15Fort PayneALUSACylinder1 minuteShiny UFO over Fort Payne3/2/21
2/13/21 19:53CitronelleALUSAOther7 minutesThe sky lights up along the horizon,light flashes numerous times. Tonight it happened for seven minutes. This is not the only time i3/2/21
2/9/21 19:30SilasALUSASphere15 minutesThree Orange round Shapes Appear in Silas Alabama three separate times. ((NUFORC Note: Launch of SLBM from a submarine?? PD))3/2/21
12/26/20 18:20DecaturALUSAOrb45 secondssingle white light rapidly blinking. Decatur Alabama 6:20 pm. clear night stars were out. total view time approximately 45 seconds. dir1/19/21
12/1/20 17:50BirminghamALUSALight10 secondsBright light moving sporadically up and down and across the sky12/23/20
11/30/20 00:40HuntsvilleALUSALight5-10 secondsSaw a teal light , thought it was lightening at first but the teal color was solid and stayed there for a few seconds and blinked a few12/23/20
11/7/20ColumbiaALUSADisk8 secondsat Farley Nuclear plant, I was walking outside and saw a slow moving object flying at a slow speed not too far in the sky. It startled12/23/20
10/16/20 21:35BillingsleyALUSACircle45 minutesSeveral round pulsating stationary crafts with red, green, yellow orange lights.12/23/20
10/13/20 20:30robertsdaleALUSAChanging10 minutesDIRECTLY over our house one appeared and was a visible UFO.12/23/20
10/8/20 05:20BaileytonALUSALight~1 minuteThere were three lights, 2 brilliant blue Lights on the sides and 1 green/blue large light in the middle. None of the lights flashed12/23/20
10/1/20 05:00MoundvilleALUSAChanging30 minutesIt wasn't the normal star. It was strobing and sparkling like a sparkler and it was lower than a star .All the years that I've lived h11/5/20
9/28/20 15:00AthensALUSAOther5 secondsA command module looking craft.12/23/20
9/26/20 00:34HuntsvilleALUSALight1 minuteA flying object was seen traveling SW slowly in a straight line. The object had one red and two green flashing lights. The object insta11/5/20
9/11/20 20:20HuntsvilleALUSALight30 secondsTwo white point sources of light (one and then another) rose straight up from NW horizon and slowly faded in brightness while veering o11/5/20
9/4/20 21:30Gulf ShoresALUSALight15 secondsLight seen moving erratically above cloud layer through NVGs. Gulf Shores AL11/5/20
8/19/20 22:00Fort MorganALUSACircle10 secondsStationary large orange red lights, one light moving out from another to become to separate lights9/4/20
8/19/20 16:15HuntsvilleALUSALight15-20 minutesSaw 1 bright light that dimmed out & got really bright in an erratic manner, the movement was unlike a plane or anything Ive ever seen8/27/20
8/18/20 22:00Gulf ShoresALUSACylinder1 hourLooking out at the stars son and I noticed red craft come on like a beacon go off about six times then it did this with several times c8/20/20
8/14/20 13:30MobileALUSARectangle15 secondsRectangle dark object hovering and disappearing8/20/20
8/8/20 13:00DaphneALUSASpherefew minutesVery reflective or pulsating white light seen above Daphne AL in broad daylight.8/20/20
8/2/20 01:45SatsumaALUSACircle40 secondsI was on my patio watching tv. I looked over and saw 2 round discs of lights that hovered and then both shot out of view. I recorded th8/6/20
8/1/20 22:50MadisonALUSALight~10 secondsBall of light in an upward arc trajectory.8/20/20
7/31/20 23:00Spanish FortALUSAChanging15 minutesTwo stars move, one transforms into a triangular object. It moves multiple times, then rockets off through the earth's atmosphere8/6/20
7/26/20 19:45BirminghamALUSALight20-30 minutesHigh flying slow moving object that seemed to be floating then was destroyed and disappeared7/31/20
7/21/20 08:45AxisALUSAOval2 minutesWhite craft move west to east at high speed f 16 cam from north east turned hard left chased craft, about a 1/4 mile from me about 20008/20/20
7/15/20 02:00FllorenceALUSAChevronFor a I half hour or soWas leaving friends home. Saw bright lite in sky. Took pictures4/9/23Yes
7/10/20 22:00DeatsvilleALUSACircle2 minutesA black circle in the night sky shoots beam of light out of its side.7/23/20
7/4/20 21:30AnnistonALUSACircle15 minutesWe saw a red object coming at a high speed of velocity from the southeast region of the sky. It grew larger as it came closer and stopp7/9/20
7/4/20 20:00HuntsvilleALUSACircle10-15 minutesI saw what looked like a ball of fire. It was moving faster than an airplane. As it got closer to the fireworks it went black. I watche7/9/20
7/2/20 21:30Fort PayneALUSACircle20 minutesIt was bright red and move before it disappeared.7/3/20
6/18/20 03:00OneontaALUSACircle10-15 seconds3 AM 6 bright lights rotating in perfect circle, made no noise7/3/20
6/11/20 12:00AltoonaALUSAOther6 minutesMe and my nephew were out talking. We saw two square objects with flashing red lights. One was following the other. In sync, came low.6/25/20
6/10/20 19:00EnterpriseALUSADisk25Green glowing aircraft6/25/20
5/25/20 21:00TrussvilleALUSATriangle2 minutesUFO hovered over my car.6/25/20
5/13/20 23:50Pike rdALUSACylinder1.5 secondsAs soon I as I started to get off of the exit I saw a huge cylinder object flash light lightning with bright blue light heading at down6/25/20
4/30/20 22:00LincolnALUSAOther10-15 minutesLights moving across the night sky. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/29/20 21:00BirminghamALUSACircleNightAbout 20 Craftsin the sky moving at a fast rate in a single filed line. ((Starlink satellites??))6/25/20
4/25/20 10:30AnnistonALUSACircle90 minOn the west side of Anniston, Al. As soon as I walked out I noticed a very bright light in the N. ((Venus?))6/25/20
4/20/20 11:15EnterpriseALUSASphere30My 9 year old son and I both saw a dark grey sphere shaped craft.6/25/20
4/15/20AkronALUSACigar2 minutesI observed a white or silvery cigar shaped craft moving through the sky. It made no sound or left no type of cloud disturbance behind i6/25/20
4/14/20 10:30TuscaloosaALUSAUnknown20 minutesI was sitting in my car playing poker on my phone when the reception went out. I got out of the car to move the phone around and a glow6/25/20
4/13/20 21:15Phenix CityALUSALight20 minutes or betterMy husband and I watched over 100 balls of light flight over our home from the northqest towards the south east for more than 20 minute6/25/20
4/12/20 12:00MontgomeryALUSASpheresecondsFast moving soundless white sphere6/25/20
4/11/20 21:05HancevilleALUSALight513 lights, straight trajectory, 30 sec apart, then disappeared. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/10/20 00:00BoazALUSAOther>30 minutesThese Orbs had Green lights and White blinking lights.They moved and hovered!They were at approx 30,000 feet high moving from East to W5/1/20
4/9/20 05:00PrattvilleALUSASphere5 minutesTwo friends and I were out riding a few dirt roads near my house and looked up to see what appeared to be a partial rainbow in the sky,6/25/20
4/7/20 18:00WarriorALUSAEgg10 minutesMiles away,i watched small,fast moving crafts,appear from nothing,some in pairs one flanking the other,move across the horizon.But spac6/25/20
3/29/20 11:00CitronelleALUSACircle35 minutesSaw a twinkling light that was moving when I thought it was plane but then it just stopped and just started hovering in the same spot.6/25/20
3/25/20 22:06OxfordALUSAUnknown10 minutesHusband and I saw a craft of unknown shape in the Northwest area of the sky. I filmed the object for over a minute, and it seemed to di4/9/20
2/19/20 15:50HooverALUSATriangle45Driving down highway 150 saw a bright triangle with lights in the points and one extra in the middle of the back. Sat still over the gr2/25/20
2/6/20 18:26MobileALUSAMADAR Node 632/25/20
2/3/20 23:16MobileALUSAMADAR Node 632/25/20
2/3/20 20:00EastabogaALUSAUnknownHoursWell this has been happening several nights for awhile now first we thought the lights were drones until we started to see 2 drones fly2/7/20
2/2/20 19:00ChelseaALUSAOval30 minutesComing in from work we could see a white light in the sky that wasn’t moving. 2 adults witnessed this with one of the adults being a fi2/7/20
2/2/20 15:30Ross BridgeALUSAFormation2 minutesWhite and red objects flying in loose formation during the day, then fade out5/15/20
2/2/20 07:30HueytownALUSAOtherGoing on 8 hoursVery seriously concerning what I'm seeing right now since February 2nd 2020 yesterday 7:30 p.m. I noticed something that didn't look r2/7/20
2/1/20 07:00SouthsideALUSALight25 minutesDistant unmoving bright light in sky west of our house fading out & brightening again over & over. After about 10 minutes it dropped2/7/20
1/26/20 04:13MobileALUSAMADAR Node 631/31/20
1/22/20 16:45HuntsvilleALUSAUnknown30 minutesspotted flying object with flashing bright white light,then stopped remained there and desend downward1/31/20
1/21/20 16:28MobileALUSAMADAR Node 631/31/20
1/15/20 22:00IrvingtonALUSASphere20-25 minutesMy name is Paul s I stay in pine springs.every night now I see the same craft(bright slow pulsating white light)its happens ruffely aro6/25/20
1/10/20 04:49MobileALUSAMADAR Node 631/31/20
1/8/20 18:00LittlevilleALUSALight40 secondsTwo lights floated above the police department for about 30 to 40 seconds. Noticed it after my 7 year old son started crying and pointe2/7/20
1/7/20 06:53ALUSACircle1 minuteReport was received from a pilot who was climbing to altitude. He reported seeing a string of approx. 12 white lights. ((satellites??))2/7/20
1/6/20 16:25Saraland/MobileALUSADisk15 secondsabout 3 weeks prior to this sighting, I was driving south on I-65 headed towards Mobile right at Mile Marker 16. I observed a shiny sa2/7/20
1/5/20 12:05TuscaloosaALUSATeardropI looked up to the southeast and saw a large object hovering a few hundred feet up in the sky.5/1/20
12/30/19 22:20MadisonALUSATriangle20 secondsI was driving northbound on County Line Rd. towards Hwy 72 heading home. At first I noticed the lights and thought it was from a water2/7/20
12/30/19 12:00BirminghamALUSADisk30-45 secondsI was driving down the red mountain expressway, and saw a large silver disc/circular shaped craft in the sky.2/7/20
12/29/19 18:26MobileALUSAMADAR Node 631/31/20
12/27/19 19:00ElkmontALUSAFireball3 secondsBright light trailed by a green glowing light attached.2/7/20
12/26/19 00:25MobileALUSAMADAR Node 631/31/20
12/25/19 17:40MadisonALUSATriangle2 minutesQuiet Triangular overall shape with 4 dark amber lights (possible windows)2/7/20
12/19/19 17:39HartselleALUSALight5min6 Bright lights over Hartselle Alabama12/22/19
12/18/19 18:20JacksonvilleALUSAUnknown25 minutes - ongoingIn the west southwest sky near capricornus, there is a large, bright light. The light is yellow-white and undulating. Off and on we can12/19/19
12/18/19 08:30Rock LedgeALUSADisk5 minutesCraft moving very slowly or not at all clear blue sky about 9 o'clock in Western sky in small air craft space then accelerated in unbel12/19/19
12/11/19 19:25CoosadaALUSACigar5 secondsit was silver and flew across the sky to the left and down (SW if on a compass)12/19/19
11/30/19 04:45WoodstockALUSAFireball2 secondsBright Green Fireball Bibb Co., AL.12/1/19
11/21/19 18:05DaphneALUSALight5 minutesRed/orange lights. First seen as a single long light. ((NUFORC Note: "Starlink" satellites? PD))12/1/19
11/19/19 19:30MobileALUSALight3 minutesSmall light hovering slowly about 200-300 ft off the ground.12/1/19
11/10/19 17:00SilverhilllALUSASphere15 minutesa round, illuminated object with a "counter-clockwise arrow" on the face moving slowly from overhead to east.12/1/19
11/10/19 16:26MobileALUSACircle30 minutesBright circular object floating across the Mobile, AL sky5/15/20
10/24/19 23:00GurleyALUSACircle5 minutesWe saw four connected bright lights.2/7/20
10/19/19 20:00MelbourneALUSALight20 minutesLight in the night sky moved and stood still and flew around for many minutes.12/1/19
10/11/19 20:00Phenix CityALUSACigar1 minuteTwo large disc shaped bright solid objects were observed by 5 adults. They moved slowly and disappeared over the tree line.12/1/19
10/10/19 17:00Fowl RiverALUSACircle5 minutesLarge Bright Light.12/1/19
10/7/19 04:00Morgan CityALUSACigarFew minsSaw bright white light cigar shape moving very fast.12/1/19
10/6/19 03:00FairhopeALUSATriangle10-15 minutesA shaped ufo’s spotted in Fairhope12/1/19
10/3/19 09:23MobileALUSAChevron30 min1 or possibly 2 UFOs just above treetops8/16/21
10/1/19 19:00ElbertaALUSAOrb30 minutesThe incident took place at 1900 hours on October 1st 2019 in Elberta, Alabama. He primary witness gazed up into the relatively dark sky10/4/19
9/29/19 20:00BrierfieldALUSAOther8 secondsLooking southward, at about a 45° angle when a golden yellow, almost orange star shaped object suddenly appeared. It wobbled slowly for10/4/19
9/28/19 09:30LincolnALUSAOther15 secondsI observed two boomerang shaped objects in the sky, they both had a orange neon glow and dissapeared in the sky after about 15 sec.10/4/19
9/25/19 08:45BrantleyALUSACylinder5 minutes5 Minutes Large white cylinder moving NNE10/4/19
9/24/19 21:30MobileALUSAFireball1 minuteOrange, slow-moving fireball seen near Bayou Sara River, Mobile, AL. (2 witnesses)10/4/19
9/18/19 18:40FlorenceALUSALight1 minute((NUFORC Note: No information provided here by witness, who elects to remain anonymous. PD))9/19/19
8/29/19 14:49MaplesvilleALUSAUnknownUnknownI have been hearing a low rumbling sound outside for the past 2-3 nighrs. I do not see any aircraft of any sort. ((anonymous report))9/6/19
8/16/19 08:00ClantonALUSACigar15Seen white plane, cigar shaped going across sky headed southwest.8/23/19
8/5/19 16:00BirminghamALUSACircle7 minutesIn the summer of August 2019 in Trussville/Birmingham, AL. my family and I witnessed what appeared to be a Balloon hovering stationary5/20/21
8/4/19 22:00SamsonALUSASphere3 minutesRapidly moving solid white light at high altitude. Not a normal aircraft light array.8/23/19
7/20/19 22:00BoazALUSALight3 secondsWalked outside going to garage was looking around at stars when I noticed a very bright light to my left unlike anything I've ever seen7/25/19
7/18/19 20:30ALUSALight15 minPlanes watching UFO's7/25/19
7/17/19 04:05CokerALUSAOther5 minutesA bell-shaped orange craft over neighbors home.7/25/19
7/8/19 22:24HuntsvilleALUSALight30 secondsTwo moving yellowish lights over Huntsville, AL at 10:30 pm on July 8, 2019.7/12/19
7/4/19 21:00GadsdenALUSATriangle20 minutesThe craft appeared shortly after the fireworks started and circled them until they finished. It was moving very fast then came to c7/5/19
7/4/19 21:00HomewoodALUSATriangle30Firework visitors.7/12/19
6/30/19 01:30ClayALUSAFireball1-2 minutesWent outside to take a smoke looked up saw about 5 or 6 fireballs circling it was me and my step brother they looked as if they were al2/7/20
6/15/19 21:11MadisonALUSARectangle~6 minutesRectangular very bright and big green object seen over Madison, Alabama6/27/19
6/13/19 20:45GadsdenALUSALight10minsBright light seen in western sky , appeared to be over area of Henry Neely lake. My husband and I watched it just stay in one spot in t6/20/19
6/8/19 23:30HuntsvilleALUSA3 secondsLarge ball of light!6/20/19
5/26/19 00:00GrantsALUSAFormation5 minutesFormation of lights grows larger and passes above car. ((NUFORC Note: Space Link satellites? PD))6/7/19
5/25/19 01:15CullmanALUSAFireballLong moving line with 4 trailing dots.. Moving NE fast. ((NUFORC Note: Space Link satellites. PD))((anonymous source))6/7/19
5/24/19 00:14Hazel greenALUSALight2 minutesseen a rip in the night looks like a bright star city and it was open like a zipper. ((NUFORC Note: SpaceLink satellites. PD))6/7/19
5/21/19 22:00DecaturALUSATriangle2 hoursWe saw 3 lights in a triangle shape. They were pulsing and at one point they seem to stack on top of each other. Changed color.6/7/19
5/20/19 23:00Gulf ShoresALUSATriangle4 minutesFalling red light turning into a triangle then shooting south towards the Gulf Of Mexico, then 3 more red balls streaking in same direc6/7/19
5/8/19 18:00ClantonALUSARectangle10 secondsLate in the day right before dark I was sitting in my firepit on the lake and I noticed this object come across the sky. I will submit6/7/19
5/6/19 01:00DeltaALUSATriangle2 hoursCamping at Cheaha Mountain S.P. to view a meteor shower & we noticed a cloud-like figure that looked pyramid shape.((anonymous report))5/9/19
4/26/19 22:00Orange BeachALUSAOrb30 minutesMy wife and I were standing on the balcony of our condo watching what appeared to be 2 red orbs disappear and reappear multiple times i5/9/19
4/21/19 21:15Dauphin IslandALUSAOther2-3 secondsSeveral shadows flying along the shore in Dauphin Island, AL.4/25/19
4/4/19 05:55HuntsvilleALUSACircle3 secondsPulsating ball of white light. ((anonymous report))5/9/19
3/30/19 23:00Gulf ShoresALUSASphere2-3 secondsA friend and myself were sitting on the deck of our rental house on the evening of March 30th, 2019. Skies were clear at time of incide4/8/19
3/24/19 16:00BirminghamALUSACigarLong Cigar Shape Objects3/29/19
3/22/19 20:05JacksonvilleALUSATriangle5 minutesStar formation moving across sky.4/18/19
3/20/19 23:30MobileALUSAOther4 mintuesTeardrop craft seen and viewed taking off, leaving bizarre noise in its wake.8/16/21
2/25/19 23:45McKenzieALUSATriangle1 minuteTriangular UFO sighting southbound I-10 (Butler County, AL)3/14/19
2/21/19 12:00RainbowALUSADisk((HOAX??)) Phone glitching, 3 ufos with bright lights. ((anonymous report))2/22/19
2/21/19 03:00Rainbow CityALUSAOvalphone glitching,flew away in a flash.3/14/19
2/18/19 21:15BirminghamALUSAUnknown30 minutes14 objects with bright red/orange lights. ((NUFORC Note: Husban is former FBI Special Agent. PD))2/27/19
1/15/19 01:20Orange BeachALUSAFireball7 secondsFlaming Fireball The Size of a Building Over Island3/2/21
1/2/19 10:00MobileALUSATriangleTrianglularHi,my name is Clint and was outside with a neighbor smoking some cigarettes sneezed a couple of times. ((anonymous report))1/11/19
11/18/18 18:00CullmanALUSARectangle10 minutesIt had no flashing lights One continual yellowish light like an airplane It moved side to side Fast moving when side to side Slower whe11/24/18
10/31/18 20:00SomervilleALUSAFireball1-3 seconds((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness, who elects to remain anonymous. PD))11/30/18
10/18/18 22:00MuscadineALUSATriangle~1 minuteBlack triangles. Green lights.11/9/18
10/18/18 21:00RanburneALUSALight2-3 minutesThere were two huge moving objects with spinning green circular lights on front. Flew very low and were loud. They shook the entire hou10/25/18
10/1/18 00:00DakevilleALUSAOtherPresentPeter, I now understand your frustrations with folks not giving a narrative. Weve spoken twice and your frustrations were evident. Tho12/23/20
9/30/18 23:30ElkmomtALUSALight30 secondsWhite Lights seen in Elkmont, Alabama10/6/18
9/24/18 08:30ToneyALUSATriangleHuge triangleI walked out of my garage. And there was one light above the Treeline. Then it lit up with lights all the way around the triangle.9/27/18
9/13/18 23:32HelenaALUSALight5-6 secondsBall lightning?9/27/18
8/14/18 23:00HartselleALUSAChanging20 minutesChanging lights in the sky. ((anonymous report))8/17/18
8/2/18 23:30AshvilleALUSALightMulticolored fog. Erratic flash of light that Change direction quickly12/19/21
7/29/18 17:15HuntsvilleALUSAChevron10 secondsThin, gray, wing-like object moving slowly south to north8/10/18
7/22/18 18:00BrookwoodALUSATriangle10 minutesI and my wife witnessed the largest unidentified aircraft we have ever seen!!!!!!8/10/18
7/20/18 21:00Owens Cross RoadsALUSALight15 minutesA massive bright, white light was observed over Owens Cross Roads, AL, by three adults.8/10/18
7/19/18 10:30FoleyALUSAOther2 minutesUnknown craft aerobatic and very fast.8/10/18
7/18/18 22:00TuscaloosaALUSAFireball2 hoursI noticed a ball of light out of my window right above the tree line. It was glowing orange.8/10/18
7/18/18 21:30VanceALUSALight2-3 minutesBright white light moving at speed headed south to north without flashing lights or sound.7/19/18
7/17/18 22:40VanceALUSAChevron>2 hoursStrange light above Vance/Mccalla. ((NUFORC Note: Probable sighting of Mars, we susptect. PD))7/19/18
7/16/18 23:00TrinityALUSALight~20 minutesThe lights were seen no more than three at a time. I had actually first seen them at the beginning of this year on my own.7/19/18
6/25/18 20:15Dauphin IslandALUSAChanging30 minutesSecond time seeing craft to the west of us.6/28/18
6/22/18 18:00FlorenceALUSACigar((HOAX??))My son and I both noticed a cigar-shaped object flying slow and not very high. ((anonymous report))6/28/18
6/21/18 04:30RanburneALUSAOrb30 seconds2 small bright orbs racing ahead and dancing about.7/19/18
6/6/18 22:30Union SpringsALUSAUnknown3 minutesA U.F.O. of two distant lights, or two U.F.O's that operated as one, that seemed to be in complete control of the environment.6/15/18
5/31/18 22:10Vestavia HillsALUSAOther3-4 secondsSlow moving crescent moon shaped object spotted from Vestavia Hills, Al.6/1/18
4/25/18 02:00Owens Cross RdsALUSASphereI believe them t still beFish like snake. Shpear and changing pool light from light blue dark blue to purple5/9/19
4/24/18 20:30TheodoreALUSALightSecondsDriving home, saw 4 orange lights in the sky. 3 small 1 big. Thought it was a trick of light until I saw it again further up the rd..4/26/18
4/11/18 17:40TuscaloosaALUSACircle4-5 minutesDisk hovered, no movement until it surrounded itself with a bright pink light.3/6/23
4/4/18 21:00Fort PayneALUSARectangle1-2 minutesUnidentified Black and Red, Rectangular Flying Object4/5/18
3/22/18 07:18PelhamALUSAEgg5-10 secondsObject seen during morning commute near Pelham, Alabama.4/13/18
3/4/18 20:45IrvingtonALUSACircle2 minutesDriving and seen a large moon shaped object with orange lights floating over a seemed to come closer to us Myself and my child3/8/18
2/21/18 21:37Pineywoods/Sipsey areaALUSALight09:48Bright multi-color flashing a lot brighter than a star or airplane2/22/18
2/13/18 19:00BirminghamALUSAUnknown1 minute+Abnormally bright off-white light traveling in sky, then, that light turned off as two equally bright off-white lights attached to the2/16/18
12/26/17 20:30HuntsvilleALUSALight4 secondsGreen Light/Orb in Northwestern Sky in Huntsville, Alabama. ((anonymous report))1/12/18
12/14/17 03:47BirminghamALUSALight1 minuteObject that is the size of a small star changed size, light intensity, and rapidly dropped to the ground after 40 seconds of observatio12/21/17
12/13/17 17:30HuntsvilleALUSAFireball1-2 minutesDuring meteor shower, bright amber object, no blinking or other colored lights, entered field of view due west travelling east north ea12/14/17
12/10/17 00:00Sylacauga (Canada)ALUSAFlashCurrentUnexplained light bursts in Stewartville, Sylacauga area.12/21/17
11/27/17 18:00DawsonALUSAOtherAround an hourCluster of approximately 6-8 lights. A rounded triangle shape, no sharp corners. Colors changed. ((anonymous report))12/4/17
11/27/17 11:20ChelseaALUSACigar5 minutes2 white cigar-shaped objects flying parallel to each other (not touching) until they disappeared into the sun. Not moving fast.12/4/17
11/26/17 17:35MadisonALUSAFireball20 secondsBright sphere (dot) slowly moving due east. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of ISS?? PD))12/4/17
11/14/17 21:00HuntsvilleALUSATriangle10 minutesCat and mouse with triangular ship on Hwy 36. Whoa! Really wierd.1/25/18
11/13/17 23:00TuscaloosaALUSAChevronOngoingThe ufo has been hovering over a field across the street from my house every evening for 3 nights. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))11/17/17
11/13/17 21:00MadisonALUSALight4 secondsI looked up in the sky and saw one bright light- then it turned into 3! At first I thought it was a firework ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/9/17 15:00AnnistonALUSALight2 secondsTwo seperate sightings by two individuals of same fast moving green lights within days of each other ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/6/17 17:05Hokes BluffALUSAUnknown5+ minutesUnseen vehicle leaving a trail with "Foo Fighters" (orbs) following it.9/6/19
10/30/17 19:00EnterpriseALUSAOrb10 minutesSaw 8-10 orange orbs approximately 5-7 miles west of Highway 27 near Dixie drive at approximately 2,000 feet.1/12/18
10/24/17 05:15HuntsvilleALUSAChevron5 secondsV-shaped Lights11/3/17
10/22/17 18:00AnnistonALUSAFireball10 minutesRed fireball object, (drone?), slowly drifted 75 feet above our heads, hovered above, turned white & at high speed disappeared11/3/17
10/20/17 18:30LanettALUSADisk30 minutesDisc shaped very bright shining object for 30 minutes in eastern sky.11/3/17
10/20/17 11:00AlabasterALUSAOval3 hoursBright oval light moving extremely slow for hours. ((anonymous report))11/3/17
10/18/17 19:16DoraALUSACircle2 hoursBright multi-colored lights coming from the East moving towards a larger light in the West…10/19/17
10/18/17 11:00Bay MinnetteALUSAOrb4 minutesClear baseball size orbs sighting. ((anonymous report))10/19/17
10/17/17 19:30DoraALUSACircle5 hoursAt about 7:30 PM, I saw approximately 50 circular objects with red, green, blue and white pulsating lights, moving very slowly.10/19/17
10/17/17DoraALUSACircleongoingNumerous multicolored flashing lights, circular in shape and very quite flying in random circles10/19/17
10/2/17 20:30GordoALUSASphereOngoingMy husband and witnessed a sphere shaped craft appear and lite up very bright and dimmed out numerous times. We seen a second craft beh10/5/17
9/15/17 19:00HelenaALUSACircle5 secondsI saw a single bright light in the sky for 5 seconds that I thought was a plane and then it just disappeared.9/21/17
9/10/17 20:00BirminghamALUSAOther2 secondsUnusual silent penney sized at arm's length object crossed sky rapidly unusual brownish pale orange band in shape.9/12/17
8/16/17 16:00VernonALUSAChanging2-3 minutesBlinding, white, cigar, shape-shifting craft, seen in Vernon, Alabama.8/24/17
8/15/17 17:00Cold Springs (Bugtussel)ALUSATriangle5 minutesI seen a looked triangle or teardrop craft it was about 5 to 8 miles away.8/24/17
8/8/17 21:15Gulf ShoresALUSADisk3 minutesDimly Lit Black Saucer chased out of Gulf Shores, AL.8/11/17
8/8/17 20:30HuntsvilleALUSADisk1 minuteDisc shape 3 green lights with odd movement.8/11/17
7/20/17 21:48Birmingham (outside Hueytown)ALUSAFormation2-3 minutesTwinkling amber lights in formation.8/17/17
7/11/17 14:00Birmingham (NE of)ALUSADisk20-30 secondsRound object viewed from airliner.7/14/17
6/30/17 21:45GardendaleALUSAUnknown2 minutesOrange/red ball heading from south to north over central Alabama7/7/17
6/24/17 21:00Hazel GreenALUSARectangle5 secondsBright hovering rectangle shaped object, with two dark lines in it. After 5 seconds, it quickly went straight up and disappeared.7/23/17
5/30/17 21:15AnnistonALUSATriangle30 secondsBoomerang shaped black as far as I can tell, no lights gliding over highway, slowing. ((anonymous report))6/2/17
5/16/17 09:50HamiltonALUSATriangle5 minutesA white. triangular shaped object being pursude by a military type aiplane.6/9/17
5/9/17 03:30AuburnALUSACircle10 minutesI was awaken by a light shining through my window. First thought it may be the moon. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD))5/11/17
5/7/17 20:00MontgomeryALUSAOrb10 minutes7 silent red orbs moving at a moderate rate of speed, high up in the sky, and then disappearing into the clouds. 10 minutes.5/11/17
5/7/17 19:30WarriorALUSACircle15 secondsWarrior, AL, May 7, 2017, white round object to the left of the moon.5/11/17
4/29/17 15:00AnnistonALUSACylinder1 minutesLike a big oil drum, white on the sides and silver in the center, hovering over downtown Anniston. ((anonymous report))5/6/17
4/23/17 19:00BirminghamALUSAOval8 secondsI saw a black oval shaped large ufo go straight up through trees into the clouds. Seemed 1 mile away. ((anonymous report))4/28/17
4/19/17 23:55NewtonALUSATriangle5 secondsSilent triangle UFO.4/20/17
4/19/17 23:50NewtonALUSATriangle5-6 minutesMy friend and I stepped outside hoping to catch a glimpse of the asteroid that was passing over. Neither of seen anything at that time.4/20/17
4/17/17 03:58JasperALUSAFlash2-3 secondsLarge blue-green flash of light that turned white then sped up and flew across the sky and disappeared4/20/17
4/15/17 22:10EastabogaALUSALight20 minutesThree lights equal distance apart and level were flying west. Within 10 minutes no fewer than four jets with lights flashing rapidly ap4/20/17
4/15/17 20:00DothanALUSALight45 secondsBright light near Dothan, Alabama sighted moving southward at extreme speed.4/20/17
4/14/17 22:00GrantALUSALight2 minutesSolid pair of lights moving very fast with up and down motion across the night sky. ((anonymous report))4/20/17
4/5/17 20:00LapineALUSARectangle2 secondsI videotaped a square object floating within the tailing end of a storm cloud.5/6/17
3/21/17 21:00AltoonaALUSATriangle2 hoursMy son and I witnessed 4 low-flying objects we heard the first and it had no strobes completely black low rumble then another w/ green.3/23/17
3/15/17 23:25Sand RockALUSACircleFew secondsI have had nearly the same experience twice, 3 to 4 days apart. The first time, I saw a bright white light in the sky exactly opposite3/17/17
3/15/17 09:51HuntsvilleALUSADisk~6 minutesAbove the skies in Huntsville.3/17/17
3/12/17 18:20BoazALUSAUnknown10 minutesBright light in sky.3/17/17
3/9/17 03:12VestaviaALUSAOval1 hour +1 hour Vestavia Al UFO sighting shape shifting reddish color3/10/17
3/8/17 19:45Gulf ShoresALUSAUnknown30-40 secondsLights appear over Gulf coast.4/7/17
3/3/17 17:30WetumpkaALUSASphere5 secondsObject in daytime sky reflected light twice then disappeared.3/10/17
2/27/17 01:30TuscaloosaALUSAUnknown~30 minutesLight seen circling above Tuscaloosa's University of Alabama Quad3/10/17
2/26/17 23:00TuscaloosaALUSALight1 minutesI was driving down university blv when out of nowhere i see a light bit light in the sky that no plane could have make it went straigh3/10/17
2/22/17 21:50AuburnALUSAUnknown3 minutesGiant space craft traveling at a speed 10x faster than an airplane plane. Flew N, then back S; disappeared. ((anonymous report))3/10/17
2/22/17 19:19DothanALUSACircle7 minutesVery bright flashes near Big Dipper. Like nothing ever seen by us before.3/10/17
2/16/17 07:18MaycombALUSADisk1 minute((HOAX??)) Looked like a saucer from a movie and had colorful lights of green and red.2/17/17
2/11/17 17:20SummerdaleALUSALight30 seconds to 1 minuteI work in a facility that doesn't allow photography or cellphones. I and my superviser stepped outside (cloudy day) and to the north o3/10/17
2/2/17 18:30MobileALUSAFireball1 hourOrange fireballs for 3 days at the same time of day each day, with some weird stuff happening after.((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD))2/3/17
1/29/17 18:00ClioALUSALight1 minuteMe and a friend witnessed a ball of light moving intelligently before suddenly vanishing.2/3/17
1/26/17 19:00Phenix CityALUSAUnknown3-5 secondsLarge Bright Light - Alabama2/3/17
1/9/17 03:12BirminghamALUSAUnknown3-4 minutesI heard a low humming sound.5/6/17
1/9/17 03:02BirminghamALUSAChanging5 minutesHeard low rumbling sound, saw a big ?? In the sky before it disappeared.1/12/17
12/30/16 14:42HuntsvilleALUSAFormation15 minutesTwo sets of tiny white objects flying in formation in bright blue sky1/6/17
12/29/16 22:00HartselleALUSATriangle2 hoursTwo triangular shaped crafts that blinked out. ((anonymous report))12/30/16
12/22/16 21:30New BrocktonALUSALight~2 secondsGlowing green light, darted across the sky, silent. ((anonymous report))12/30/16
12/15/16 05:37OzarkALUSAUnknown20 secondsIt looked like a plane moving slowly in the sky, until the light began the get smaller and smaller then it was completely gone!12/21/16
12/1/16 17:30MontgomeryALUSACircle1 minute2 extremely bright lights moving slowly and disappearing in night sky.12/5/16
11/11/16 23:00AlabasterALUSALight27 secondsLight anomaly that didnt blink spotted sitting still than moving slow. ((anonymous report))12/5/16
11/2/16 23:00HuntsvilleALUSACigar1 hourMe and my friend saw to very bright space crafts pass by my house while we watching the stars.11/4/16
11/1/16 18:30Phil CampbellALUSAOrb3 minutesLight in sky.11/4/16
10/30/16 02:00DothanALUSACircle2:00-4:00White light mostly,blue and red lights strobing around craft. Craft was itself cloaked. ((NUFORC Note: "Twinkling" star? PD))11/4/16
10/21/16 23:30CullmanALUSAFormation4 secondsThey moved west to east and covered the entire skyline in 4 seconds. They appeared to be at a high altitude and were only not emitting10/27/16
10/21/16 19:30MadisonALUSATriangle3:00Saw a triangular shaped craft in the Madison, Alabama area.12/22/22
10/12/16 06:50OdenvilleALUSALight10 secondsIt was a very bright white light moving very fast across the sky from the south to the north in the western sky at a downward angel it10/13/16
10/8/16 22:00BirminghamALUSATriangleSaturday me my sister mom and dad went to coyote drive in movies in Leeds Alabama at first as we were watching the movie i seen what h10/11/16
10/7/16 00:00FoleyALUSAUnknown15 secondsTwo different craft seen moments apart.10/13/16
10/5/16 20:00FlorenceALUSADiamond20 minutesMy wife and I witnessed a ufo in the west sky. A lady stopped her car and said she saw it The night before. We watched for 20 minute10/11/16
9/29/16 22:10Phenix CityALUSAEgg45 minutesI was on my break for work. I noticed that the sky looked like it drop to the earth because the stars were so close.10/11/16
9/25/16 20:30WetumpkaALUSALight1.5 hoursFlickering light high in the sky with smooth drone-like movements.9/30/16
9/17/16 00:00AthensALUSAOval30 secondsWoke up, the power was out, steeped outside to second floor balcony. to see if the power was out just in my apartment, or power was9/22/16
9/3/16 06:00HancevilleALUSALight10+ secondsI think I witnessed a UFO this morning in Hanceville, Al. I'm not from this area but I'm here working. I travel SR-31 south every morni9/9/16
8/24/16 03:45MobileALUSACigarMobileI was leaving work on I-65 S, @ around government blv exit and saw this in the air for a few minutes.8/29/16
8/3/16 23:45ToneyALUSALight02:303 people outside there home witnessed 2 different types of unknown number of objects over Toney, AL.8/16/16
8/2/16 05:15AshvilleALUSALight10 minutesOdd, intermittent and slow strobing light. Strobing was random and bright white.8/16/16
7/25/16 20:30Phenix CityALUSATriangle1-2 minutesV-shaped objects in the shape of a W hovering over wal mart.8/2/16
7/23/16 03:00AtmoreALUSARectangle5-7 minutesI was driving through atmore alabama on thier hwy and there was suddenly a huge metal rectangular object coming directly towards my car8/2/16
7/22/16 10:00MobileALUSAOther3 minutesFollow up of the rumble heard in Daphne, Al. Reported on 7/22/16, WKRG news 5 reported that thousands of people heard the rumble.8/2/16
7/21/16 22:45DaphneALUSA8-15 minutesThere was a strange low, slow traveling rumbling noise over Daphne, Alabama last night.7/22/16
7/21/16 22:10Spanish FortALUSATriangle3 minutesLoud and very deep noise, coming from a very dark object with three lights in the sky.7/22/16
7/21/16 21:00MobileALUSA2-3 minVery low deep rumbling noise from the sky,but no airplanes in sight.8/2/16
7/19/16 23:30ChunchulaALUSACircleOver my houseWhite round in the air for 30s; no noise or nothing it was about 200 ft off the ground, flying over my house and cow pasture.7/22/16
7/7/16 22:03OxfordALUSAOther16 minutesOur dog began frantically barking, and we walked outside to see three giant glowing dots that changed formation and left a trail.7/8/16
7/4/16 20:45DothanALUSACircle5Orange round object.7/8/16
7/3/16 20:58TannerALUSAScared for our lives7/8/16
7/2/16 20:38LismanALUSACircle10 minutesBright red circle hovering very high above in the Western sky towards Yantley, AL. Looked as if it was a planet such as Mars, but spark7/8/16
7/1/16 20:00VestaviaALUSARectangle3 minutesI saw a very eerie, flying rectangle, moving smoothly and silently.7/8/16
7/1/16 07:33AuburnALUSALight10 secondsBall of light stands still and then takes off in a matter of seconds. ((anonymous report))7/8/16
6/23/16 22:45DothanALUSACircle15 minutesVery bright flashes near big dipper. Like nothing ever seen by us before.3/10/17
6/11/16 21:30DothanALUSAFormation5 minutesApproximately 21:30pm, 06/11/16, unidentified light formation seen moving slowly in night sky over Dothan, Alabama.6/16/16
6/3/16HooverALUSACircle21:30When me and my were walking out my house, we saw a bright light and we thought it was airplane then we thought it was helicopter.7/15/16
5/15/16 10:45DecaturALUSACylinder1-2 minutesComing from Huntsville and saw like a white cylinder hovering in the sky. Thought it may have been plane but it didn't move. Thought it5/20/16
3/16/16 20:30AnnistonALUSAFlash2 minutes3 illuminating green streaks of light in same 3/4 mile.3/18/16
3/15/16 22:15AuburnALUSAOrb00:01Close sighting of possible alien orbs.9/9/16
3/6/16 22:57PelhamALUSASphere2 secondsWhite spherical craft travelling at speed I've never seen before over Oak Mountain State Park @ 22:57 p.m. in Pelham, Alabama.3/11/16
2/25/16 04:15ClementsALUSACircle5 secondsWhite sphere.2/26/16
2/19/16 21:55FlorenceALUSALight2 minutes6 lights in line formation moving northeast from Oneil bridge area over Florence, AL.2/26/16
2/13/16 21:30West MobileALUSAFireball2 minutes((HOAX??)) 5 "sequinized" fireballs in the sky.2/19/16
2/3/16 22:00MobileALUSAOval1 secondOval thing flying ahead with bright lights.2/4/16
1/24/16 18:43MontevalloALUSALight45 secondsWe were heading towards W, when I look into the sky and saw at first one light that seemed between yellow & orange.1/29/16
1/8/16 02:30BirminghamALUSAOther1 minuteWhat is this type of object without lights?1/14/16
1/7/16 20:30ClantonALUSACylinder20 minutesCylinder or Cigar Shaped Object (Vertical) with 3 Orange Lights.1/14/16
1/6/16 05:55Phenix cityALUSACone1 minutesI was heading to work around 05:50 when I spotted a different looking object in the sky. It looked nothing like an aircraft carrier. I1/8/16
1/5/16 20:15OxfordALUSATriangle8-10 secondsTriangular shaped UFO spotted on HW 21 heading into Oxford, Alabama, tonight.1/8/16
12/31/15 20:00GadsdenALUSAFireball5 minutesTwo fireballs traveling same path a minute or 2 apart.1/5/16
12/30/15 20:00HarpersvilleALUSAOval5 minutes6 oval white lights in the sky. Followed us darted back and forth.1/5/16
12/29/15 18:17CullmanALUSALightidkFour lights going in a circle and rotating in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights? PD))1/5/16
12/14/15 21:15Dothan (general area)ALUSAFireball40 secondsSeemed close, perhaps over Florida, por the ocean near there/would appreciate a picture that someone else saw,12/17/15
12/8/15 21:00AthensALUSADiamond3 minutesDiamond-shaped craft points up and down multiple colored lights Red being most outstanding and brightest others where clear to yellow.12/10/15
12/8/15 18:20VanceALUSALight2 minutesSingle light disapearing and re apearing in a direct line path then shot out to the side faintly.12/10/15
12/4/15 17:00MobileALUSALightBright orange light hovering.12/17/15
11/28/15 20:00DothanALUSATriangle3 minutesI see this craft a few times a week while outside smoking. Triangle shaped, low flying and no noise at all.12/3/15
11/23/15 03:00HollywoodALUSALight10 minutesVery bright star or light, it was stationary, it would go out and then reappear.11/26/15
11/22/15 03:00Red HillALUSAFormation3 hoursSaw large orb in night sky..started to watch and could see it moving in a triangle formation. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star? PD))11/26/15
11/17/15 18:00EastabobaALUSA1 minute((HOAX??)) We seen big black triangle craft.11/19/15
11/16/15 19:30Fort PayneALUSALight20 minutesRed light seen moving slowly left,right and rapidly vertically up and down.11/19/15
11/12/15 20:00VandiverALUSAOrb15 minutesI observed one very bright round shaped orb that seemed to hover over the treeline. It was fairly low in the sky and after hovering for11/19/15
11/11/15 18:00HamiltonALUSACircle4 secondsGoing up a steep hill, I saw a green light that divided, just as it went out of sight11/19/15
11/11/15 17:39FlorenceALUSAUnknown10Too big, too fast; may land and crashed, or continued passing.11/12/15
11/11/15 17:20RogersvilleALUSALight20 secondsWhite ball light about the size of basket ball saw just before it went below the tree line. my location was 5 miles east of Rogersville11/19/15
11/11/15 17:00CentreALUSAFireball4 minutesWatched for 4 minutes from 68 bypass to the old Big-E parking lot. ((NUFORC Note: No information provided. PD))11/19/15
11/11/15 15:00FlorenceALUSASphere3 minutesBlue circle stopped approximately two minutes and moved rapidly.11/19/15
11/4/15 22:15FlorenceALUSAOrb>30 minutesBright multi-color flashing orb saw in the sky making slow and fast maneuvers from left-right horizontal too vertical maneuvers easily.11/19/15
11/2/15 16:00WicksburgALUSALight>2 minutesWhile on the interstate, I saw a bright light that resembled a planet.11/6/15
10/29/15 04:15StapletonALUSALight20+Two bright lights, resembling stars, flickering and moving in a slow scatter like motion. ((NUFORC Note: Venus and Jupiter?? PD))10/29/15
10/22/15 03:51Crane HillALUSAFireball15 secondsAs I filled the dogs water bowl this morning I saw a bright violet flash in the the northern sky. The light was constant from sky…10/29/15
10/21/15 22:38ValleyALUSATriangle1 minuteTwo white clear rear lights and one single red on bottom farward section (it looked to be round.) Low rumble heard, and saw flying.10/29/15
10/19/15 19:45WaverlyALUSAOrb2 minutesglowing orb trailed by jet in waverly10/29/15
10/11/15 04:30MobileALUSAOther4 secondsV-shaped flying object.10/29/15
10/10/15 20:40ThorsbyALUSALight10 minutesFive silent bright red non blinking lights moved as a group slowly across the sky before disappearing.10/16/15
10/10/15 18:00FlorenceALUSAOrb1 minuteSaw 3 seperate light orbs brighten up above us in the air,hovered & then travel southward10/16/15
9/18/15 20:00LismanALUSALight30 minutesMe and wife where returning home on why 10 and noticed 3 very bright lights almost like flares first one came on and with in seconds it9/25/15
9/18/15 19:20JonesALUSAOval20 minutesRed orb appearing, disappearing, and reappearing in the night sky.9/25/15
9/16/15 20:20LittlevilleALUSALight10 secondsThere was a big burst of light we seen threw the trees. It was bright enough to light the sky up and it kept getting brighter. I took o9/25/15
9/15/15 20:20TuscumbiaALUSALight1-2 minutesFlying stars?9/17/15
9/15/15 19:00NanafaliaALUSALight2-4 minutesI went outside a moment ago to feed my dogs and cat, when I saw something very strange. I was facing south watching Sadie Bell run aro9/25/15
9/15/15 18:15DothanALUSALight8 minutesThe lights looked like flying stars in a circular pattern, moving at a high rate of speed. Hard to estimate, but there appeared to be a9/29/15
9/14/15 20:45TuscumbiaALUSAOrbThe blinking lights in the sky. It caught my attention in 2013 but there were only a few. 2014 there were dozens of them. Now it's 9/149/17/15
9/12/15 19:45TuscumbiaALUSALight1-2 secondsBig green light going toward the ground.9/17/15
9/4/15 00:00WoodlandALUSALightStill going onThere was a light in north eastern sky that would get brighter then change to red,it would jump around a little bit then just kind of h9/11/15
9/1/15 01:00KentuckyALUSADisk6 hours((NUFORC Note: Source of report provides only minimal information; elects to remain anonymous. PD))9/21/17
8/26/15 23:00Spanish FortALUSAFireball3 secondsFacing southwest a silent green fireball rapidly fell from the sky.8/27/15
8/12/15 00:00Gulf shoresALUSAFireball10-15 minutesMy husband and I were sitting on the beach enjoying our getaway when he tells me in a calm yet strange way to look to my right (west)..10/16/15
8/10/15 19:13HartfordALUSATriangle25 minutes3 Triangular shaped, white or silver metallic, flying objects with NO wings/propellers/noise and or markings.8/13/15
8/10/15 03:00HomewoodALUSALight1 hour +Bright light flickering & moving--stationary for a while then would move a little from time to time. NOT a star.8/13/15
7/20/15 22:15HuntsvilleALUSAChevron2 minutesDark, quiet, large, slow moving, low flying object (about 2,000 ft. from the ground) seen N. bound into Huntsville, AL7/23/15
7/16/15 22:00FairhopeALUSAFireball1-2 minutesFireball moving across the sky for a good 2 minutes.7/17/15
7/11/15 21:15MontgomeryALUSAFireball9:25Fireball in the sky.7/17/15
7/4/15 21:00MontgomeryALUSALight5 minutesUFO-Montgomery, Alabama.7/10/15
7/3/15 21:00ElbertaALUSAFireball1-2 minutesTwo bright orange fireballs moving from north to south at a high rate of speed.7/6/15
6/29/15 00:30Huntsville (Owens Cross Roads)ALUSAOther1 minuteObject burning as it flew in a trajectory parallel to the ground, with flaming pieces. ((NUFORC Note: Satellite re-entry. PD))7/3/15
6/15/15 22:45HooverALUSALight20 minutesNear Ross Bridge Resort, at around 22:45 a group of 8 twinkling red and white lights flew a grid pattern over Ross Bridge parkway.6/19/15
6/14/15 18:00BirminghamALUSALight5 minutes(UFO) over I-20 bright light.6/15/15
6/4/15 20:00Gulf ShoresALUSALight5 secondsA ball of white light moved at speeds and directions unlike familiar air crafts above the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama.6/5/15
5/10/15 13:00ElkmontALUSAChanging10 minutesLow level, cloaked, morphed, silent, incredible.3/4/22
5/9/15 20:45SalemALUSAUnknown5 minutesSighting on Lake Harding in East Alabama.5/13/15
4/19/15 19:30EnterpriseALUSAUnknown10 minutesObject observed traveling west with a small cloud behind it. ((NUFORC Note: Report is from aviation mechanic. PD))4/23/15
4/11/15 22:15HarvestALUSAOrb15-20 secondsWhile star gazing near a camp fire, 2 white/light blue orbs were spotted at high altitude 'dancing' around one another. I stood up and4/17/15
2/14/15 23:38Orange BeachALUSATriangleThe front of the aircraft ship face of an Alien on front, 3 orangy/yellowish flashing light Triangler form 2 symbols on ship.3/6/15
1/28/15 20:00FloralaALUSALight10 minutes3 objects. first object was miles apart from the other two. it just flew from the south east to the north west until no longer visible.1/30/15
1/28/15 20:00SemmesALUSACircle2 minutesSix red lights evenly spaced, moving slowly across the sky....1/30/15
1/18/15 18:35MobileALUSALight20 minutesMultiple craft with twinkling red lights. Appear to fly in a grid.1/26/15
1/18/15 17:50FlorenceALUSAOrb2 minutesSilent Bright pulsating light orb that sails slow & low across the sky just above tree tops1/26/15
1/17/15 21:00TrussvilleALUSAUnknown9 minutesLighted object over Trussville, AL, spotted by two adults driving southbound on Chalkville Rd.. It flipped, then we lost it.1/26/15
1/17/15 20:25MobileALUSALight6-7 secondsA very, very bright round light appeared in the sky, way above the tree line, and it rapidly starting descending, rapidly, so fast, fas1/26/15
1/17/15 18:35RanburneALUSALight10 minutesSaw 3 bright orange lights in the night sky.1/26/15
1/9/15 18:45Shelby (Lay Lake)ALUSALight10 secondsWhite star looking object that grew very large, and disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: "Flare" from Iridium satellite? PD))1/16/15
1/5/15 20:00BirminghamALUSALight2 minutesDisappearing star.1/9/15
12/26/14 20:45ChelseaALUSATriangle5 minutes8 stationary objects with red lights hovering in a semi-circle shape for approx 5 mins in Chelsea, AL1/7/15
12/14/14 00:30MobileALUSAOther1 hourmany shooting stars before a strange object appeared.12/18/14
12/11/14 16:40BirminghamALUSAFireball20 minutesUFOs moving fast like fireballs or individual rockets.12/12/14
12/11/14 16:20HooverALUSALight15 minutes4 white floating streaks of light, that moved in no particular order in Hoover area12/18/14
12/8/14 04:20AuburnALUSAOvalAfternoonWhile driving, I looked out the window and there was an object, and it looked odd. Then I took a picture of the unusual object.12/12/14
12/4/14 19:00AttallaALUSALight2.5-3 hoursLights in circular motion going in to one another. Stood in same spot for along time before moving about 60 ft. When they left. They l12/12/14
11/21/14 20:00RockfordALUSACigar3 hoursBright multi-colored image in the eastern part of sky moving erratically with flashing lights. Then after about an hour one image turn11/26/14
11/20/14 20:00FlorenceALUSALight3 secondsMy daughter and I were sitting at the traffic light at Cox Creek Pkwy and Florence Blvd. facing S.W.? A large white light streaked.11/26/14
11/19/14 00:00MobileALUSAChanging20 minutesLarge shape-changing fiery object.11/21/14
11/18/14 18:00AlbertvilleALUSALight15Came about 6:00 pm saw to my north a some clouds but something was going round and round and then it went a bit further out, it seemed.11/26/14
11/17/14 22:30TrussvilleALUSACross15 secondsVery large low flying aircraft covered ten or more bright, non-blinking white lights.11/21/14
11/13/14 17:00ColumbiaALUSAFormation3-5 minutesI noticed 4-5 orb-like anomalies moving in formation across the evening sky.11/21/14
11/8/14 00:00MadisonALUSAUnknown5 secondsFriend says wow 2 shooting stars, i did not see but i know it wasnt stars11/14/14
11/6/14 19:00GreendaleALUSASphere5 secondsTwo objects flew across the sky from south to north close together they were jade in color my wife saw them while driving.11/14/14
11/6/14 18:00Phenix CityALUSAOther30 secondsAt around 18:00 or 18:30 hrs. on November 6, 2014, my friend and I witnessed a disc like oval craft traveling SE over Phenix City.11/14/14
11/2/14 23:00RobertsdaleALUSALight30 minutesI could not explain it, and wondering if anyone else saw it.11/6/14
10/30/14 20:00MuscadineALUSAUnknown2 minutes4 bright oval flashes.11/6/14
10/22/14 19:45Phenix cityALUSALight1 hourPlease listen, I see an average of 5 to 20 moving star like objects every night for a year, different types!!11/6/14
10/22/14 05:45AndalusiaALUSAUnknown10 minutesFour bright stars form smiley face then quickly move away and disappear.11/6/14
10/20/14 19:55HuntsvilleALUSAChanging3-4 secondsFlaming object I saw a bright blue and red flaming object in the sky over Huntsville , Al. It was going from East to West at about 2,0011/6/14
10/18/14 11:30SomervilleALUSAFormation4 hoursUFO birds suddenly increase in numbers from 15 to 74. ((NUFORC Note: Photos from witness indicate flocks of birds. PD))9/25/15
10/16/14 21:30Panama CityALUSAFireball3-5 minutesFireball moving from west to east near Panama City. Seen by 3 people.11/6/14
10/14/14 20:30Phenix CityALUSALight15 minutesLarge armada of white lights moving slow and silent across the sky.11/6/14
10/6/14 19:48ValleyALUSALight7 minutesHuge white light!!!!!!10/10/14
9/25/14 20:45HomewoodALUSAFormation<10 secondsSeveral lights like craft appear from the West in Alabama, hover and disappear to the west I a V formation.11/3/17
9/24/14 18:25HooverALUSACircle4 minutesIt appeared to a possible intercepting event with those contrail aircraft and then turned south on highway.9/25/14
9/20/14 21:30JacksonvilleALUSALight5 minute2 red lights disappear behind mountain. 5 jets follow behind.9/25/14
9/19/14 21:00ValleyALUSA5 minutesMore bright moving dots in the sky.9/25/14
9/17/14 21:33ValleyALUSALight5 minutesMore flying "dots" stars, this one noticably large and bright.9/18/14
9/17/14 20:35ValleyALUSALight3 minutesFlying stars, not shooting stars, I know the diff...9/18/14
9/17/14 20:00WarriorALUSALight1 minuteLarge non-blinking light over Warrior, Alabama.9/25/14
9/16/14 19:30MillryALUSALight20 seconds2 bright lights in south Alabama.9/18/14
9/14/14 22:15HooverALUSAEgg3-5 secondsGreen glowing object moving past me overhead.9/18/14
9/12/14 21:30GrantALUSAFormation60 secondsBright orange lights outlined two objects one in the shape of a bell and one a rectangle moving relatively slow.12/1/19
9/5/14 19:30HuntsvilleALUSACigar5 secondsWhat WAS that?9/10/14
8/26/14 20:30DeatsvilleALUSALight15 secondsStar like object traveling at super extreme speed covering most of the night sky, with a 2 second spotlight burst halfway in flight.8/29/14
8/23/14 23:20Old AL Hwy. 35 (between MM 8-10)ALUSASphere30 secondsWhile on my way home to Georgia traveling on old Alabama 35 a few miles before mile marker 13 I saw a dark blue ball of light twenty to8/29/14
8/23/14 23:00CherokeeALUSALight3 secondsTriangle light formation flew away after a bright flash.8/29/14
8/11/14 21:00CordovaALUSAFlash10 secondsFlash the disappear. ((NUFORC Note: Possible tumbling booster shell or satellite? Iridium satellite? PD))8/15/14
8/2/14 22:00Madison/east LimestoneALUSALight1 minuteBright light quickly disappears. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor, we wonder. PD))8/8/14
7/19/14 02:00TheodoreALUSAFireball5-6 minutesSlow moving, soundless, smokeless fireball in the early am sky.8/22/14
7/16/14 23:00BrundidgeALUSALight<3 minutesSix flashing lights raced across the sky, clustered at the horizon, and went out of view.7/20/14
7/16/14 22:30Phenix CityALUSALight3-4 minutesMoving lights in the sky form a line, flash brightly, and chase planes.7/20/14
7/16/14 21:50LuverneALUSAFlash3 minutesFlashing lights moving with no sound in unison.7/20/14
7/16/14 20:47RogersvilleALUSARectangle10-20 seconds((HOAX??)) Me and my friend were sitting on lawn chairs looking at stars when we seen a "ufo" type object fly over. It had 4 lights.3/18/16
7/14/14 19:40HelenaALUSALight15 minutesSingle light appearing before dusk appears to be multiple objects before disappearing.7/20/14
7/12/14 23:00CropwellALUSAUnknown4 minutesFlame in sky flying in a controlled and fast manner.7/20/14
7/12/14 23:00CropwellALUSAUnknown4 minutesAround 10:40 to 11:00 pm this evening Mike, Christian and myself were at the lake swimming. As I was looking up toward the sky I saw w7/20/14
7/10/14 21:15AndalusiaALUSAFireball1.5 minutesBright orange orb zero sound half the sky in a minute seemed to reach orbit and dissapear.7/11/14
7/6/14 20:45CaleraALUSAFireball2 minutesOrange glowing fireball over central Alabama.7/11/14
7/5/14 22:00LanettALUSAFireball3 minutesRed light not blinking at altitude moving fast then dissappearing all at once sfter passing over.7/11/14
7/4/14 23:00MobileALUSASphere2 minutesRed glowing sphere in night sky of our backyard.7/11/14
7/4/14 22:05BirminghamALUSAFireball2 minutes2 fireballs floated from opposite side of lake 50 meters over head. Crossed over our heads and disappeared 30 meters passed us. Objects7/5/14
7/4/14 21:45MadisonALUSAOrb1 minutesRed orb in night sky quickly disappeared.7/5/14
7/4/14 21:15East LimestoneALUSACircle10 minutesOrange lights over North Alabama.7/5/14
7/4/14 21:00DaphneALUSACircle1 hourDuring the Daphne fireworks show there was a circular drone with an orange light that hovered above the entire firework display then as7/5/14
7/4/14 09:00AshvilleALUSASphere2 minutesWife & I were on lake watching fireworks, when a red light with an orange outline came fast with no sound moving in pulsing motion.7/20/14
7/3/14 20:00GlencoeALUSAChevron90 secondsBright light traveling quickly, quasi-chevron shaped, bright orange, no sound.7/4/14
6/30/14 21:50MadisonALUSAFormation2 minutesOrange, large, three-object linear formation moving south to north approx. 60 degrees above horizon.7/4/14
6/28/14 18:00GadsdenALUSAUnknown6 Large Jet aircraft in formation.7/4/14
6/27/14 23:00GeraldineALUSADisk30-40 minutesStrange blue lights rotating in a circular formation behind my house over my pasture.7/4/14
6/27/14 21:00JacksonvilleALUSACircle2 hoursWhite circle shapes moving counter clockwise north west. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights? PD))7/4/14
6/26/14 23:00GlencoeALUSALight30+ minutesWhite lights that fluttered like wings at least 6, maybe more, circling above me very dark otherwise.6/27/14
6/19/14 20:50Rainbow CityALUSAFireball2 minutes4 objects, appeared to be flame of some type, in formation. Changed course and disappear.6/20/14
6/17/14 21:15Fort MorganALUSAFormation<5 minutesAmber colored round shaped lights visible that appeared to be stationary appeared in a sequence and evenly spaced.6/20/14
6/5/14 22:00TuscaloosaALUSAUnknown2 minutesDevice without a sound, flying completely in a perpendicular move to the sky.6/6/14
6/3/14 18:25TuscaloosaALUSAOther20 secondsObserved a flying dart.6/4/14
5/30/14 21:30ScottsboroALUSALight30 secondsOrange/red light moving west over Scottsboro, Al then turned south and faded.6/4/14
5/30/14 21:30MadisonALUSAFormation1 minutesLooking west from Madison Al (Limestone County)toward Decatur al. Approximately 21:30 central time. Cluster of 20 to 30 spheres.6/4/14
5/27/14 21:00JasperALUSA30 minutesTwo professional truck drivers, traveling 78 west just outside of jasper AL. Lighting and thunderstorm was present, traveling at approx6/6/14
5/25/14 23:00HackleburgALUSASpheresunset til sunsriseI saw a sperical object swerving right above road that had antennas coming out of it and right as I got up to it, it shot straight up.6/4/14
5/25/14 22:30FairhopeALUSALight15-20 minutesStrange lights seen over Fairhope, Alabama.6/4/14
5/22/14BirminghamALUSAEgg3 minutesRed glowing object in the sky.6/4/14
5/17/14 05:04GardendaleALUSAOrb7 minutesBright glowing orbs over Gardendale, Al.6/4/14
5/15/14 14:00OneontaALUSACigar2 minutesIt was silver in colour and streaked across the sky with lots of smoke and crashed. Before it crashed it stopped mid-air and then went6/27/19
5/10/14 20:00mobileALUSASphere3 minutesLarge red orange sphere seen in sky on way to work.6/4/14
5/8/14 21:00Dauphin IslandALUSALight30 secondsLight near DAuphin IslandBridge6/4/14
5/8/14 21:00Dauphin IslandALUSAFormation~1 minute8 very bright lights in formation of 4 and 4. Lights moved overhead with no noise and then disappeared with glow overhead.6/4/14
5/7/14 21:00TheodoreALUSACircleFew minutesDriving home and entered my neighborhood and saw 2 blinking lights in sky , to close to be airplanes. Then later was outside with 2 oth5/8/14
5/7/14 03:30CaleraALUSACircle3-4 minutesOrange/red sphere with blue or green outline or ring. Moved very slowly to the west, then disappeared.5/8/14
5/6/14 20:35GadsdenALUSACylinder10 minutesStrange cylinder shaped object appeared huge in size and illuminating white lights over hwy 278 in Gadsden; disappeared in thin air.5/8/14
5/6/14 20:08Grand BayALUSACircle15-30 secondsBright red object over a pasture in South Alabama5/8/14
5/2/14 20:38BelgreenALUSAFormation30 minutesUFO over Belgreen Alabama on May 2, 2014.5/8/14
5/1/14 21:15FyffeALUSAUnknown5 minutesHuge object close, major lights blinking in sequence, dogs crazy, never seen anything like it.5/8/14
5/1/14 20:48BoazALUSAOther10 minutesBlinking lights in straight line as long as a football field.5/2/14
5/1/14 20:30HuntsvilleALUSAOther10 minutesMy husband and I had just returned from a memorial service for our pastor's father.we got home around 8:30 and my husband had taken our5/8/14
5/1/14 20:00CullmanALUSA~5 minutesLong row of flashing lights at a downward angle moving down5/2/14
5/1/14 17:00Orange BeachALUSAFormation3 minutes1 light was in the sky, and then several more came on in an almost straight line.12/14/18
4/26/14 22:30CottonwoodALUSACircle15Lights came down from mountains silently searching.5/2/14
4/25/14 22:30TheodoreALUSAFireball5 minutesSaw orange glowing balls of fire above Theodore.5/2/14
4/25/14 22:09HooverALUSAUnknown2 minutesStrange light in Birmingham disappears instantly 2 witnesses.5/2/14
4/25/14 20:00GrandbayALUSAFormationFew minutesOne orange light whould show then one beside it and then a third and they would disappear.5/2/14
4/24/14 21:00Orange BeachALUSAFormation2 minutesFormation or orange lights over gulf seen from gulf front balcony in orange beach. One large light appeared and then lights formed off5/2/14
4/24/14 20:30Dauphin Island (off the coast of)ALUSAOrb1 minute5 lights in a up and down line going on one at a time then off one at a time.5/2/14
4/23/14 22:15Dauphin IslandALUSAFormation10 secondsLight formation that extinguished one by one from west to east over the Gulf of Mexico at Dauphin Island, AL5/2/14
4/23/14 20:08Dauphin IslandALUSALight10 minutesOrange balls in pattern over gulf/Mobile Bay.4/24/14
4/16/14 17:00MobileALUSAOther<1 minuteMy husband and I both seen a metallic object hovering in the daytime, then it suddenly disappeared.4/18/14
4/16/14 14:10HuntsvilleALUSACross30 minutesDrone or VTOL. ((NUFORC Note: Possible quad-copter?? PD))4/18/14
4/13/14 21:00HuntsvilleALUSAOrb2 minutesOrange orb seen.4/18/14
4/11/14 18:15HeadlandALUSAFlashSecondsLoud explosion bang and flash of light at two different locations.4/18/14
4/5/14 20:30Hazel GreenALUSALight15 minutes20-25 orange lighted objects over Hazel Green/Huntsville, AL, area.4/11/14
4/3/14 14:00Muscle ShoalsALUSACylinder2 minutesDual metallic cylinder craft with no sound.4/11/14
3/27/14 20:32WellingtonALUSALightcontinuousLights moving in pattern in clouds.4/4/14
3/20/14 20:15BrentALUSAUnknown10 minutesOrange lights outside of Brent, AL.3/21/14
3/16/14 20:10BirminghamALUSALight8-10 minutes20-30 bright orange spheres flying in two's or three's, travelling from southwest to northeast without sound3/18/14
3/10/14 14:35RussellvilleALUSACigar4-5 minutesWhite Cylindriacal Cigar type object moves sluggishly in the northern sky.3/18/14
3/10/14 00:30MontevalloALUSAFlash30 secondsGreen fireball object shooting downward from the sky.3/18/14
3/7/14 15:47Mountain BrookALUSALight12 minutesPale blue star light object in daylight.3/18/14
3/5/14 20:07Lacy SpringsALUSATriangle15 minutesLarge, triangular UFO seen outside Huntsville doing incredible maneuvers close to the ground.3/18/14
2/28/14 16:00HuntsvilleALUSA3-4 minutesSmall egg shaped with what looked like fire at the base.3/18/14
2/27/14 21:00Montgomery/MillbrookALUSATriangle10 minutesTriangle shaped ufo with white lights.3/18/14
2/27/14 18:00DecaturALUSADiamondhoursStrange orangish lights in sky, Alabama…3/18/14
2/22/14 19:00DothanALUSAFireball2 minutesHovering fireball in Dothan, AL.2/27/14
2/18/14 08:15ToneyALUSADisk25 minutes((HOAX??)) I was a ufo house size ship that was on the tree line in my neighborhood when it was flashing this beam of light.2/21/14
2/18/14 08:15ToneyALUSAOval25 minutesUFO sighting in hazel green, Toney, Alabama.2/21/14
2/17/14 19:00DecaturALUSAUnknownmonthsHas been happening almost every night for several months, multiple orange glowing and or flashing orb like lights, few-ground: most-sky2/21/14
2/17/14 00:14Cusseta & FairfaxALUSALight15 minutesStrange lights in the country.3/18/14
2/8/14 20:00FairhopeALUSACrossfew hoursHaving small fire with husband seen ufo in shape of cross with white and green lights hover back and forth doing patterns in sky.2/14/14
2/5/14 19:00MobileALUSAHoursI was at my house outside and saw seven stars moving headed over my house. I have seen many things. One night the star came down and s2/7/14
1/30/14 22:30TalladegaALUSATriangle1VERY loud, VERY close, sounded like right over tree-line; sounded like airplane but extremely loud and too close.2/7/14
1/26/14 00:00WetumpkaALUSASphereHoursSaw at first one pulsating sphere. Then a secound. Both moving very aratctly.1/30/14
1/23/14 02:00HuntsvilleALUSATriangle2 minutesLarge Aircraft int he shape of a triangle, with each end having 1 red light. Flying very low, and very fast. Extremely loud.1/24/14
1/20/14 19:30MadisonALUSATriangle1 minute3 bright orange lights along side a bright white light.1/24/14
1/16/14 18:27BirminghamALUSAFormation40 secondsRotating lights moving rapidly across the sky.1/16/14
1/15/14 19:30BirminghamALUSAFormation~1 minutesRed and white lights appearing to be connected. Large string of lights.1/16/14
1/15/14 17:45Mountain BrookALUSALight1-2 minutesPulsing light hovering, stationary and moving slowly over busy rush hour traffic - NOT a helicopter.1/16/14
1/12/14 13:35HuntsvilleALUSADisk8 minutesDaylight-Saucer with cloud and two other lights.1/16/14
1/4/14 23:56TuscaloosaALUSAOrbFew secondsBlack orb spotted over Interstate 20/59.1/10/14
1/1/14 00:20Hokes BluffALUSACircle10 minutesI saw a bright red object on 1/1/2014 approximately 12:20 I recorded part of it before it just blinked and went out.1/10/14
1/1/14 00:00TrussvilleALUSALight5 minutesThese were not planes I know this for a fact.1/16/14
12/31/13 23:00HuntsvilleALUSAChanging<4 minutesOrange lights then triangle.1/10/14
12/26/13 22:30FoleyALUSADiamond5 minutesLights flying east in formation non recognized light displayed, flashing red greens with one steady burn white light leading, nostrobs1/10/14
12/20/13 17:00AlabasterALUSAFireball10 seconds3 balls of fire like lights rotating counter clockwise 20-30 feet in diameter, elevation 200-300 feet in alabaster,al.1/10/14
12/19/13 00:00DaphneALUSAUnknown1 hourMultiple objects, none were visible but revealed on photographs.4/18/14
12/16/13 22:15AlabasterALUSAOther>9 minutes3 orange orbs, moving like one solid object. Visible for many minutes. No noise at all.3/2/18
12/16/13 06:30CornerALUSACircleUnknown object that is unexplained12/23/13
12/14/13 00:00HurtsboroALUSATriangle3-4 minutesTriangle shape in the woods.9/18/14
12/9/13 23:15MobileALUSAOther2 minutesObject appeared under the moon and proceeded towards the bay at a brisk pace high over the tree tops,it looked like two bright or12/12/13
12/1/13 14:30MobileALUSASphereUNKMysterious small white dot discovered in photo taken in Mobile, AL. ((NUFORC Note: Refraction of sunlight. PD))12/2/13
11/27/13 22:40GuntersvilleALUSAFormation10 minutesOrange orbs going south.12/2/13
11/18/13 11:30PelhamALUSALight10 minutesSmall pulsing light. Moved across entire sky.11/20/13
11/7/13 18:30MobileALUSALight~1 minuteBright and silent LED-light like object drifting through evening sky, lights fade and object eventually disappears.11/11/13
11/6/13 19:30DothanALUSACircle10 secondsUnidentified flying object seen.11/11/13
11/6/13 19:30WadleyALUSASphere2 minutesFour large orange lights that made no sound float directly over the local High School, one blinked out and one made a 90 degree turn.11/11/13
11/5/13SilverhillALUSACylinder10 minutesOdd vertical light hovers up and down, repeat sighting.11/11/13
11/3/13 19:00HuntsvilleALUSALight2 minutesReddish orang light.11/11/13
10/23/13 02:00Parrish AlabamaALUSALight1-3 minutesStar like light moves across the sky for 1-3mins11/11/13
10/23/13 00:15HooverALUSAOther5 minutes4 T shaped amber objects3/4/22
10/15/13Holly PondALUSAOn 15 October 2013 I was leaving my driveway when I noticed a bright light that at first I mistook for the moon. When I noticed the mo10/23/13
10/8/13 18:30MobileALUSAOval45 minutesPersistant, stationary white roundish object. Remained in sky for approx 45 min before graying out and disappeared.11/11/13
10/6/13 23:11OpelikaALUSAFlash2 secondsA large bright flash, then moments later a 'V' shaped light int he sky10/14/13
10/5/13 21:15DaphneALUSALight23 secondsFormation of 10-15 bright white lights moving east to northwest over Daphne, Alabama.10/14/13
10/4/13 21:55MadisonALUSACircle5 minutesAttached video. Yes Not quality but it shows what was seen. Don't laugh.10/14/13
10/4/13 21:55MadisonALUSACylinder5 minutesUFO sighting, Madison, AL Friday 4 October 201310/14/13
9/28/13 21:45FlorenceALUSAOrb1 MinuteA red, yet transparent object with two orbiting lights moving very low to the ground without making a sound.9/30/13
9/28/13 18:47ChelseaALUSAFireball5-8 secondsVery bright white and blue light crossing over the Sky and then dissapeared9/30/13
9/27/13 19:35HooverALUSADisk20 minutesBright blue saucer with blue lights beaming from the bottom of the object spanning outwards. Cat missing.9/30/13
9/18/13 11:00HamiltonALUSAFireball5 minutesTwo fireball traveling northwest on a level plain with a slight zig zag motion!9/30/13
9/14/13 19:45GardendaleALUSASphere4 hoursUp to 9 Objects flying erratically and taking interest in several commercial planes. Birmingham, AL area9/30/13
9/9/13 20:20TuscaloosaALUSAFireball1:00White/green object much larger than "shooting star" NW to SE on 9/9/13@8:20 CST.9/30/13
9/7/13 21:00PeidmontALUSALight1 hourmoving in a quick v shape movement to return back to where I first saw it.9/9/13
9/5/13 21:00HaydenALUSAUnknown5 minutesApprox. 21:00 hrs seen two lights very close together with lights(white&red) blinking left to right in odd sequence unknown shape.9/9/13
8/15/13 17:30FairhopeALUSADisk10 seconds2 different objects on the same day at 2 different times.4/18/14
8/4/13 20:10GurleyALUSACircle2 secondsBright green sphere with red tip behind it coming down at a 45 degree angle from north going south visible for only a few seconds.8/30/13
8/4/13 20:10HarvestALUSAFireball4 secondsBright green multi-point fireball falling out of sky.8/30/13
8/2/13 21:00Gulf ShoresALUSAOrb5 minutesReddish-orange orbs - believe they were Chinese lanterns launched from the beach8/30/13
8/1/13 03:00McCallaALUSAOther10 minutesHuge dome like circles going around car with family in it! So freaked out!8/30/13
7/29/13 18:35MadisonALUSAEgg8-10 secondsUFO sighting in Huntsville/Madison, AL Just after finishing dinner on 7-29-2013, I walked out onto the front porch. It was approximate8/30/13
7/29/13 18:35MadisonALUSAEgg8-10 secondsUFO sighting in Huntsville/Madison, AL8/30/13
7/27/13 22:30HuntsvilleALUSAFireball3-5 minutesOrange fireball in South Huntsville in the eastern sky for about five minutes, no sound.8/30/13
7/27/13 22:00RemlapALUSALightSplit SecondRotating beam of light8/30/13
7/13/13 00:00Eufaula (close to)ALUSALight3 seconds((NUFORC Note: No information provided by witness. PD))7/14/13
7/12/13 23:30AttallaALUSALightGreen Blue Light Falling From Sky7/14/13
7/12/13 21:08Gulf ShoresALUSACircle5 minutesSilent Red/Orange ball of light traversing west to east over Gulf of Mexico.7/14/13
7/12/13 20:00JacksonvilleALUSACircle3 minutesCircle Appears from cloud cover and moves west. Photos available8/30/13
7/11/13 20:50Fort MorganALUSALight5 minutesThe object appeared from the ground and started to rise straight into the air at a slow rate. I thought it was a helicopter at first un7/14/13
7/7/13 20:30ElkmontALUSAFormation2 minutes5 bright lights in pentagon formation AL/TN line.7/14/13
7/6/13 21:10HooverALUSACircle12 minutesMy father and I saw two flying red objects darting across the night sky last night. There were other neighbors who witnessed this as w7/14/13
7/5/13 20:36BirminghamALUSAFireball1:00Bright orange fireball seen for a about a full minute.7/14/13
7/2/13 01:38BlountsvilleALUSATriangle1 minuteThree bright lights in a triangle shape passing over us no sound.7/3/13
7/1/13 20:00HeflinALUSACircle30 secondsUFO Sighting - Summer of 2013 – Heflin, Alabama11/4/16
6/30/13 14:00HuntsvilleALUSAOrb30 secondsFloating orbs that split into multiple orbs.4/11/14
6/30/13 02:30SheffieldALUSATriangle10 minutesMultiple triangle shaped spacecraft seen buzzing from cloud to cloud on a full moon above the Tennessee River at the Shoals.7/3/20
6/11/13 21:30HuntsvilleALUSAOrb30 secondsThree orange orbs, not moving, in Huntsville, AL7/3/13
6/4/13 17:35HelenaALUSAFormation12 secondsAppear to see two white drones while a radar "blob" phenomenon occurs near Redstone7/3/13
6/4/13 10:00WoodvilleALUSALight1 mth at nightStrange light seen flying in the sky for nearly a month in Woodville, AL7/3/13
6/3/13 09:30HuntsvilleALUSALight3:00Bright Light moved at a steady pace in a northeast direction. No sound. No blinking lights. Altitude appeared to be around 20,000 ft.7/3/13
5/30/13 21:30FoleyALUSAOrb30 minutes3 Bright orange orbs in Foley, AL.6/2/13
5/26/13 22:00WedoweeALUSAFireball2-3 minutesLooked like a spot of fire traveling across the sky! then it disappeared into the darkness.6/2/13
5/26/13 22:00WedoweeALUSAFireball2-3 minutesMost of my family were celebrating Memorial Day weekend at Lake Wedowee, located in Alabama when Sunday night (5-26-13) one family memb6/2/13
5/24/13 18:30Luverne (near)ALUSAOther1 minuteBlimp shaped object saw by 2 appearing to be hovering over trees.7/3/13
5/20/13 21:45AthensALUSAFlash5 minutesThree quickly flashing lights one after the other repeating in order and moving together6/2/13
5/10/13 22:00HuntsvilleALUSALight2 minutesThree Orange lights appeared and than vanished.5/15/13
5/7/13 18:00Pell CityALUSAOval5 minutesBright silver object that just vanished in the sky.5/15/13
4/27/13 16:00BrookwoodALUSAOtherseveral hoursFloating rock like object, seen by two security officers the size of a mini-van.8/27/15
4/26/13 23:13PrattvilleALUSAUnknown2 minutesA strand of 15+ slow moving objects stretched from high in the sky to the horizon.5/15/13
4/26/13 23:00PrattvilleALUSAOrb10 minutesBright reddish-orange orbs travel NW in triangle formation, followed by other orbs.5/15/13
4/26/13 20:20BirminghamALUSALight~5 minutesBright light object floating in night sky, disappears when another craft comes up.5/15/13
4/25/13 10:43Foley/ElbertaALUSAFlash1/8 of 1 second10:43 p.m. est. 3 people witnessed an intense cold blue/bright white light flash inside & outside house. No sound assoc.5/15/13
4/8/13 19:07NorthportALUSALight10 or lessSeven flashing lights in a V patteren flying over Northport Alabama.5/15/13
3/29/13 10:35KellytonALUSACylinder4 minutesTwo bright white clyinders flying in formation, faded away.4/12/13
3/27/13 21:00Gulf ShoresALUSASphereseveral hoursStationary sphere with flashing lights hung for hours5/15/13
3/17/13 11:44Gulf ShoresALUSATriangle5 minutesI dont know what the object is besides the shape in the report. ((e-address deleted))5/15/13
3/15/13 20:19AlabasterALUSAFireball3 minutesLarge group of glowing orbs over my house!!8/30/13
3/15/13 04:00HuntsvilleALUSATriangle30 secondsThree yellow lights surrounding a central red light were seen on a black, presumably triangular shape flying low and silently.7/11/14
3/11/13 18:00TuscaloosaALUSAFireball2 minutesI have seen an orange, slow-moving, smokeless fireball moving through the sky above the University of Alabama.5/15/13
3/9/13 21:00CullmanALUSADiamond3 minutes9 colorful UFO witness slow moving over Cullman, Alabama.5/15/13
3/7/13 19:30BrooksideALUSACigar2 minutesCigar shaped object with 2 white lights & 1 flashing red light in the center.5/15/13
2/3/13 20:00SylacaugaALUSATriangle~5 minutesOrbs arranged in a triangular formation fly across the night sky.2/28/13
2/3/13 20:00Fort PayneALUSAOtherall nightStrange light in east near fort payne, al. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius, we suspect. PD))2/18/13
1/31/13 23:00BrewtonALUSAFlash45 minutes off and onFireballs flashing like fireworks on the Florida/Alabama state line 1/31/13.2/4/13
1/31/13 05:30NixburgALUSASphere3-5+- minutesI saw 1 very white/bright sphere slowly moving from the NW to SE making no sounds.2/4/13
1/22/13 09:00BoldoALUSACircle((HOAX??)) Huge ball of light over boldo, alabama.2/4/13
1/21/13 16:50New HopeALUSAChanging10 minutesLarge and small objects change shapes and colors over New Hope, Alabama.2/4/13
1/20/13 21:00FlomatonALUSACircle10 minutes3 orange lights in Alabama sky.4/12/13
1/10/13 22:00MadisonALUSATriangleI was laying in my bed, when I looked up at my window and all of a sudden I saw a huge craft flying very fast and very low to the groun2/4/13
1/6/13 20:30MoundvilleALUSATriangle10 minutes3 adults witnessed 7 lighted flying objects moving in a straight line the last one falling.2/4/13
12/31/12 19:15SelmaALUSAChanging2 hoursSphere shaped object flashing multiple colors and changing shape. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius. PD))2/4/13
12/27/12 19:00FoleyALUSALight3-4 minutesTwo sets of orange lights seen over Foley, Alabama.2/4/13
12/23/12 15:00OppALUSALight5 secondsBrief star like light to the left of sun2/4/13
12/21/12 11:00MoundvilleALUSASphere15 minutesHovering and bouncing object seen in alabama sky2/4/13
12/20/12 21:30GreenvilleALUSATriangle20 secondsTriangle shaped object - 2 witnesses2/4/13
12/18/12 15:35AttallaALUSALight30 secondsLight in daytime sky that faded away.12/20/12
12/13/12 19:15HomewoodALUSALight3 secondsUnexplained single bright light passes overhead in Alabama suburban neighborhood.12/20/12
12/9/12 09:55GardendaleALUSALight1 min 30 secondsMy wife and oldest son were out on our porch,approx. 9:55pm. NorthWestern sky a light,odd shaped,like an egg. moving in a erratic pa12/20/12
12/3/12 05:25BirminghamALUSAOrb2-3 minutesLuminated orb.12/20/12
12/2/12 18:00GordoALUSAFireball30 secondsTwo bright round objects in Gordo, AL.12/20/12
11/24/12 20:25MontgomeryALUSAOrb5 minutesFour glowing orbs present in the night sky, traveling not spontaneously, and making no noise.12/20/12
11/24/12 04:00AnnistonALUSALighthoursOld fort in Anniston alabama bright light.12/20/12
11/21/12 21:30JasperALUSAFireball~15 secondsWhile driving home last night on Highway 69, my girlfriend and I saw a fireball streak across the sky.12/20/12
11/19/12 19:00IrondaleALUSALight30 secondsVery distant, silent, faint and quick moving light eased across the southern sky.12/20/12
11/18/12 06:40BirminghamALUSAUnknown30 secondsFast Light Moving.11/19/12
11/13/12 22:00Muscle ShoalsALUSACircleHourRound, flashing lights hovering in the same spot 2 nights in a row. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius. PD))11/19/12
11/13/12 05:37BirminghamALUSAEgg2-3 minutesMetallic object rolling across morning sky11/19/12
11/1/12 21:00OneontaALUSATriangle2 minutesImmediate u- turn. no noise.11/4/12
10/30/12 15:00CullmanALUSACircleunknownWhite circle, looked like it may have something on the bottom maybe an "X", can't tell from pictures11/4/12
10/21/12 02:00DecaturALUSALightNowRed, White, and Blue object, moving and gliding with sudun stops, below Orion's Belt. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))10/30/12
10/17/12 03:20BirminghamALUSALight15 minutesBlue and red light, other object(s)10/30/12
10/15/12 21:00SomervilleALUSAChanging30 minutesWhite orb with multi-colored lights.8/17/17
10/13/12 06:30Cedar BluffALUSACircle3-4 minutesBright star like ufo.10/30/12
10/10/12 20:00MoundvilleALUSAChanging4 minutesOrange fiery lighting objects changing locations.10/30/12
10/7/12 19:30TroyALUSAOrbThree lights in the sky no joke will send pics10/30/12
9/29/12 17:00AthensALUSAFireball30 minutesFire lights over hwy 72 near Athens, Alabama.10/30/12
9/22/12 22:30HooverALUSAFlash3 secondsOrange and blue lights9/24/12
9/20/12 20:07BirminghamALUSALightover an hourUnknown object over Birmingham metro flashing rapidly, changing directions for over an hour. ((NUFORC Note: Possible star? PD))9/24/12
9/15/12 05:20HuntsvilleALUSALight10 minutesAmber light with circumference of light around it also. It moved fast,stopped, then bobbed before moving north.9/24/12
9/1/12 03:00IrvingtonALUSAUnknown30 minutesI saw an alien that didnt seem intelligent go to a ship and then fly away.12/1/19
8/29/12 23:00Orange BeachALUSASphereOrange ball, sphere10/30/12
8/22/12 19:00HooverALUSAOrb8 minutesWhite light that appeared as comet but changed shape and slowed down.9/24/12
8/22/12 13:10MadisonALUSALight2-3 minutesTriangular light drifting high over Madison, AL in full daylight.9/24/12
8/15/12 19:00AlabasterALUSACylinder10 secondsNot Crazy... And I don't stare at the sky looking for stuff either. Wish I knew what it was... not man made!11/6/14
8/7/12 22:00CoffevilleALUSALight3 minutesVery weird things going on tonight8/19/12
8/5/12 19:40AlabasterALUSACigar5 secondsAugust 5 2012 Alabama chemtrails, punch hole clouds, and ufos.8/19/12
7/26/12 03:30Grand BayALUSALightover an hourMy wife and I have been Watching this star like object moving in all directions for a lil over an hour now.has a reddish amber glow tha8/5/12
7/20/12 21:30RobertsdaleALUSALight15-20 secondsSmall point of light crossing the heavens changed speed twice and "wobbled" before finally vanishing.8/5/12
7/18/12 14:00HartselleALUSAFireball2 minutesOrange fireball seen in the middle of the afernoon in Morgan County, Alabama.8/5/12
7/4/12 23:23BirminghamALUSAOval7-9 minutesRed-Orange ovals flying across hwy 2808/5/12
6/26/12 21:39TrussvilleALUSAOvalAbout 4 minutesVery fast very large very bright ufo spotted over chalkville mtn rd trussville alabama 352357/4/12
6/25/12 22:30FoleyALUSADiamond5 minutesUFO spotted in Foley.4/29/16
6/24/12 15:00GordoALUSALight2 minutesObject I saw was very high altitude and silent and it was a constant light going across the sky.7/4/12
6/15/12 03:30Phenix CityALUSAOvalnightIt was and oval like object with a red, blue and white light on it with no sound6/20/12
6/13/12 21:30Mobile BayALUSAFireball2 hours +Orange lights over Mobile Bay, Al. Some flashing, some solid but moving6/14/12
6/13/12 20:00Dauphin IslandALUSAOrb40 minutesMultiple glowing orange orbs over the gulf coast near dauphin island6/14/12
5/29/12 21:15OhatcheeALUSA20 secondsBright white light falling straight down, stopping and changing direction by 90 degrees due north6/5/12
5/28/12 08:15TheodoreALUSALightabout 1 hourMy boyfriend and I were sitting out by my pool tonight in Theodore,Al gazing at the stars like usual. All of a sudden, we see a light m5/29/12
5/22/12 22:30FlorenceALUSALight5 secondsMy wife and I were standing outside talking to our neighbor, staring into the sky from time to time looking due north east. Suddenly,5/29/12
5/19/12 16:40MontgomeryALUSAFlash10 minutesObject that was clearly at a stand still for 10 minutes and began to slowly move away , montgomery alabama5/29/12
5/12/12 22:00Bay MinetteALUSACircle5-7 minFive orange lights in baldwin county no sound that i could hear5/13/12
5/4/12 15:00CentreALUSACylinder15 minutsThree large UFO's fly over Centre, Alabama5/13/12
5/3/12 21:00OxfordALUSAFireball2 minutesFireballs in Oxford, AL5/13/12
4/29/12 21:00BirminghamALUSACross20 - 30 minStrange white light in the sky with red lights that circled around it5/13/12
4/18/12 09:00Grand BayALUSACircle3 minutesRed orange round objects, appearing briefly and fading before appearing again in different locations.5/13/12
4/10/12 20:10Spanish FortALUSADiamond2 minRed diamond object in alabama5/13/12
4/10/12 20:00Spanish FortALUSADiamondabout 2 minRed diamond shaped craft, yellow light in the middle.5/13/12
4/7/12 23:00CitronelleALUSATriangle2 minsTriangle at night over Citronelle, AL4/18/12
3/26/12 10:40Phenix CityALUSARectanglenightRectangle shape one bright light with no sound at all6/20/12
3/25/12 16:00OneontaALUSACircle5 secondsPure white circular light went one direction slightly then shot off in other direction very fast.5/13/12
3/21/12 20:45HuntsvilleALUSASphere5 secondsI saw an orange sphere move 30 miles in 5 seconds.4/18/12
2/12/12 05:00ShelbyALUSARectangle20 secondsThere were no other objects nearby, only large perfect rectangle.1/12/18
2/9/12 20:00MadisonALUSALight3 minutesSeveral bright white & one red lights moving quickly over the Madison/Huntsville/Owens Cross Road area 1 light not a plane.2/10/12
2/7/12 20:55AdamsvilleALUSASphere3 minutesHovering bright sphere with red lights over Adamsville, AL2/10/12
1/18/12 18:00Valley GrandeALUSATriangle15Triangle shape with green light outline and red/orange light on the top1/24/12
1/11/12 18:35MobileALUSALight1Strange lights moving effortlessly through the sky1/24/12
1/3/12 00:19EufaulaALUSALight7 minutesBlinking light in the southern sky1/12/12
12/31/11 21:00BirminghamALUSACircle10-15 secondsRed circular object travelling at high rate of speed1/12/12
11/20/11 22:00MillbrookALUSAEgg10 seconds2 night sky Camoflaged "things!"12/23/13
11/16/11 20:00IrvingtonALUSACircle5-10 minsReddish orange lights fading and reappearing in different spots of the sky.12/12/11
11/16/11 08:00IrvingtonALUSACircleLight in the skyThree sets of light fading, and showing back up in different spots.12/12/11
11/6/11 06:30DothanALUSAOrb10 minShort sighting in front of clouds dull natural colored light12/12/11
10/27/11 17:00TuscaloosaALUSACircle1 minuteblock dot12/12/11
10/26/11 20:15HamiltonALUSALight2-3minsSingle bright orange light, slow moving, solid flight path, no loss of altitude noticeable, no sound12/12/11
10/26/11 20:10HamiltonALUSADiamond5 MinutesOrange Diamond shaped object12/12/11
10/21/11 19:30ArdmoreALUSALight15 minutesSaw a light that appeared to be a star, but was moving very erraticaly before shooting off directly north.10/25/11
10/21/11 19:00Pelham (Valleydale exit getting onto I-65 N)ALUSACircle10-12 MinutesObjects of light, with a tail falling from the sky, then stopping mid-fall and moving independently around the area unlike an aircraft.10/25/11
10/20/11 21:15Orange BeachALUSACircle3-4 mins.Set of three lights floating over the Gulf of Mexico10/25/11
10/15/11 19:00ToneyALUSAOrbless than 30 mins.Several orb like thing 5 white 1 red1/12/12
10/14/11 20:35EufaulaALUSALight25 secsA large extremely bright silent white light moved on straight track from due south horizon to north and changed to a red dot then disap10/25/11
10/13/11 20:38GurleyALUSADiamond6 to 8 minsSuper bright star shaped light, desending straight down in slow desent as seen from Gurley, Al10/19/11
10/12/11 01:00MobileALUSADisk6 secondsRecorded by a security camera .12/22/22Yes
9/21/11 07:00ArleyALUSAFireball8 secondsLight falling from sky with whooshing noise heard.12/17/11
9/17/11 21:30ChelseaALUSAOvalapprox. 10 minutesThese were all a oval dark orange colored shapes that seem to be flowing in some sequence. They appeared coming up from a mountain for10/10/11
9/9/11 10:20Double SpringsALUSASphere1 OR MORE HOURSStrange bright spheres in the sky that sometimes changes colors and moves very fast and in strage directions. ((Stars?? PD))10/10/11
9/9/11 08:30ArleyALUSASphere10-15 secondsGlinting metallic object moving at a rapid speed12/17/11
9/1/11 21:00JacksonvilleALUSALight2 minwhite light ascends vertically10/10/11
8/23/11 05:00Athens (Hwy 72 W)ALUSALightapprox. 10 min.Huge, motionless, multicolored ball of light in tree lines.10/10/11
8/16/11 05:50AlbertvilleALUSACircle25Round mirror like ball slowly passing not to high in the sky11/14/14
7/29/11 17:20HooverALUSAOther2 minutesGiant Mettalic/Silver almost transparent craft seen over Caldwell Mill Road and ValleyDale Rd10/10/11
7/17/11 21:50Muscle ShoalsALUSASphereUnknown3 glowing red lights in a line.8/7/11
7/4/11 22:00HuntsvilleALUSACircle1hr 15minRed moving dot above Alabama on July 4th8/7/11
7/4/11 21:30MadisonALUSALight1 Hour +Object darted across the sky and would stop on a dime and dart in another direction8/7/11
7/2/11 21:32MayleneALUSAFireball3 minsBright light from north to south and vanished7/4/11
7/2/11 03:00Baldwin CountyALUSALightA few minutesOne moving white light with a smaller white light on top7/4/11
6/15/11 23:00Perdue HillALUSAOval20 minutesTwo ovals of light appear above family farm, behave erratically, then disappear.6/2/17
6/9/11 22:00MonroviaALUSAUnknown2 minutesLat night around 10:00 cst. Me and a friend were outside and I looked up and saw a very bright red and white light. I told my friend to6/12/11
5/21/11 19:50LincolnALUSAUnknown10 secondsTwo planes flying very close together , one with a contrail , the other had no contrail and just dissipated in a few seconds .5/29/11
5/20/11 22:34MobileALUSATriangle5 minutesI was on my way home from work (overtime) and i was on this long road with trees on both sides of the highway. The road was practically5/29/11
5/20/11 21:40Muscle ShoalsALUSAUnknown4 secondsgreen brilliant light over colbert county alabama5/29/11
5/17/11 22:30AnnistonALUSAFireball5 minutesThis fireball object appeared like a plane flying over at first then hovered over us and some other people walking for about 5 minutes5/29/12
5/6/11 22:10HuntsvilleALUSATriangle4-5 sec."very aggressive''5/12/11
4/13/11 22:30Fort PayneALUSAOval20 minutesFlashing white, blue ,red and green lights over Fort Payne AL. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))5/2/11
4/6/11 20:22Athens-East LimestoneALUSAOther3 secondsFast moving light streak with impossible movement5/2/11
2/11/11 18:40BoilgeeALUSALight3 minsVery bright light and then disappeared3/13/12
1/28/11 21:35HarvestALUSAUnknown3 minutesUnidentified lights hovering above empty field in Harvest, Alabama1/31/11
1/12/11 23:00MobileALUSAFlash5 minutesufos playing in the night sky near the southern cross star cluster1/31/11
1/2/11 05:30SeminoleALUSATeardrop2 daysWhy come in such large numbers for any other reason than attack?3/13/12
12/27/10 17:00AlabasterALUSACircle30 minutes2 ufo's seen over mall in Alabaster, Alabama1/5/11
12/13/10 23:45EufaulaALUSALight10 minutesObserved a stationary blinking light for 10 minutes in the constellation Orion on the night of Dec. 13, 2010.1/5/11
12/5/10 21:00HuntsvileALUSAFormation20-30 MIN5 blue lights seen, later chased by fighter jets.1/5/11
12/1/10 08:20HuntsvilleALUSAOther15 secondsMy sister and I saw a 747 hovering in the air not moving forward or backward, just sitting still in the air about 1 mile away from the1/5/11
11/17/10 04:30GadsdenALUSASphereabout 15 minWhite sphere witnessed by my nieces and orange ball witnessed by all of us on same day.7/4/11
10/29/10 17:30BessemerALUSATeardropTwenty MinutesFour guys see five teardrop/candle light objects spreading a mist, turn into cones, becomes long slivers, and split in the sky.11/21/10
10/16/10 15:00CullmanALUSASphere10 minutesSilver spheres that were above us, then disappeared and several minutes later a military jet was flying over the same space.11/21/10
10/14/10 18:30FoleyALUSACylinderabout 30 secondsTriangular/Cyinder object with 2 headlights like a car in the sky sitting completely still and had no sound11/21/10
10/12/10 19:13DaphneALUSAChevron45 secChevron shape lights moving slowly, Daphne AL11/21/10
10/4/10 00:30BirminghamALUSATriangle4 minutesBlack triangle materialized overhead and proceeded southbound11/21/10
8/12/10 22:30MontgomeryALUSAUnknownOne minuteHigh, fast, zig-zag/wobbly flight pattern ...8/24/10
7/25/10 20:40Troy to MontgomeryALUSACircle1:20 minBright White Light that followed us!7/28/10
7/21/10 10:46BrantleyALUSATriangle2 minutesLarge triangle shaped craft chased by a helicopter7/28/10
7/15/10 22:30CitronelleALUSAUnknown15 minLight similar to star, disappeared, changed direction in matter of seconds, no sound, no blinking lights, and moved at atleast Mach 37/28/10
7/14/10 01:00KillenALUSACylinderongoingOne or two balls or cylinders of light drifting slowly west to east with intermittent quick movement up and down and back to the west7/19/10
7/11/10 13:00FrankfortALUSAChevron15 secondschromed object in sky7/19/10
7/10/10 22:45GadsdenALUSALight4 secondsI and friend over the past week have seen 7 sighting of a bright light that apears in the western sky... ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))7/19/10
7/4/10 20:50HuntsvilleALUSAOther2 hoursLarge orbs moving at a steady altitude and velocity7/10/10
7/1/10 20:35ArdmoreALUSAUnknown1-3 minutesTwo red lights and a blue light over highway 53 near Ardmore, AL.7/6/10
6/20/10 16:40AnnistonALUSAOval10 minthe smoothest moveing object ever memorizing sliver off white color once i set my eyes focous on it i couldnt do anything but look then3/23/11
6/15/10 21:30SaralandALUSALight1-2 minutes3 lights of different color playing chase over south Alabama4/11/14
5/17/10 22:20GrantALUSATeardrop10-15 mins2 Teardrop shaped crafts sighted, one followed us down the mountain6/3/10
3/12/10 20:30McKenzieALUSATriangle10 minutesLarge amber lights in upside down triangle formation in Mckenzie Alabama moving due south at unknown speed.4/13/10
1/2/10 21:10MadisonALUSATriangle2 minutesTriangle shaped craft with orange-yellow lights that hovered very low near Redstone Arsenal in Madison, Al1/5/11
12/29/09 20:15Pine LevelALUSAfew minutesFive lights, moving as one, slowly at low altitude from west to east across US-231, with no normal aviation lighting.2/14/10
12/7/09 23:00Smiths StationALUSADiamond5 minsparyt,saw ship,freaked out,didnt say a word.4/13/10
11/12/09 05:08DeatsvilleALUSALight1 hourBright light over Prattville, AL flashing and moving over tree line12/12/09
11/10/09 01:00BirminghamALUSATriangle2 min.I saw a triangular shaped air craft that had three bright white lights and a dime one in the center of it.12/12/09
10/20/09 13:00DanvilleALUSARectanglerectangler object green flying slowly over a mountian close to danville,Al4/13/10
10/15/09 23:00DothanALUSAFlash20 minutesblinking lights2/14/10
10/15/09 18:00OzarkALUSAOther30 secondsA large "chef's hat" shaped object in sky over US231 South.11/21/10
9/30/09 01:14HuntsvilleALUSALightUNKNOWENThree Lights In A Vertical Formation Blinking To Another Light On Other Side Of The Sky With A White Light Blinking Red12/12/09
9/16/09 21:54DothanALUSADiamond4 minutesDiamond shaped silent object floating over Dothan, AL12/12/09
9/15/09 21:30Phenix CityALUSAUnknown2 secondsExtremely fast light in low sky.12/12/09
9/14/09 19:40WarriorALUSASphere15 secondsbright lime green sphere explodes and falls in Blount co. Alabama12/12/09
9/9/09 17:05BirminghamALUSAOther15 minutesThree Silver Boomerang shaped objects spotted in broad daylight2/14/10
9/9/09 08:17Franklin CountyALUSAChevron2 minutesDark Chevron/Boomerang shaped object manouvering12/12/09
8/31/09 05:00TuscaloosaALUSALight30 minsAt least 7 high speed lights seen over Tuscaloosa/Hillcrest, AL12/12/09
8/23/09 01:00Spanish FortALUSALight1 hourFour balls of light spotted over Spanish Fort area.8/27/09
8/11/09 22:00Phenix cityALUSATriangle56 minutesbright object hovering in sky during lightning storm Phenix city, Al8/27/09
8/4/09 23:00McCallaALUSAChanging1 hourAugust 4, 2009, I spotted in the night sky what first thought was a star. ((NUFORC Note: I suspect a "twinkling" star. PD))8/5/09
7/25/09 21:40SemmesALUSALightApprox. 10 min.I saw a star-sized light emerge over a tree-line approximately 30 ft from me (trees about 30-50 feet tall). ((NUFORC Note: ISS. PD))8/5/09
7/23/09 07:00HuntsvilleALUSA2 large ash circles on the ground8/5/09
7/20/09 09:30AuburnALUSALight1 minuteTwo bright, non-moving lights in the sky, brighter than the stars.8/5/09
7/10/09 23:00Bear CreekALUSACircle4 secondsIt was moving very fast. It was a little bigger than a dime compared the stars. It was circle and bright. It swerved and disappeared.2/10/12
7/7/09 15:28SatsumaALUSACigar<1 minuteLong cigar-shaped object that is 2/3's dark & 1/3 bright, seen in eastern sky traveling WNW.4/13/10
6/23/09 03:15AnnistonALUSAUnknownalmost 2 hoursUFO Spotted Over Atlanta8/5/09
5/17/09 11:00JasperALUSACigar10 minutes approx.Cigar shaped, iridescent craft. Soundless...seen over Jasper,AL6/9/09
3/24/09 20:26MontevalloALUSATriangle2 minutesslow moving triangle with red and white lights4/14/09
3/20/09 03:30AndalusiaALUSADisk5 minutesSmall saucer shape with bottom primary light source and rotation located outside of Andalusia, AL.8/15/14
2/25/09 20:00TuscaloosaALUSASphere30 secondsbright blue sphere hovering for over 20 seconds before bolting3/19/09
2/16/09 18:50DothanALUSATriangle15 secondsthree white lights in v formation until they blended in with the rest of the stars.3/19/09
2/12/09 23:30RehobethALUSATriangle2minTriangle Shaped UFO spotted by six in rural Alabama3/19/09
2/5/09 17:15MadisonALUSAOther5 minutesPlane hoovering over Heritage Elementary School on County Line Rd.3/19/09
2/4/09 07:00North Mobile CountyALUSACigar10 secondsjust at sun up at or near 7a.m. clear blue sky no clouds and a truly cigar shaped object that looked white to me like a belly of a fuel3/19/09
1/25/09 01:00SylvaniaALUSACircle8 secondsI saw two white circular objects flying in formantion overhead with excessive speed.5/8/15
1/15/09 18:15BirminghamALUSALight40 minutesStrange light(s) in the sky over Birmingham, Alabama for 2 consecutive days3/19/09
1/9/09 09:00HuntsvilleALUSAOther4 minutesA "parked" 737 in the sky accompanied by an orb1/10/09
12/21/08 19:30CitronelleALUSASphere30 secondsChrome Sphere and mind control?1/10/09
12/14/08 02:00AnnistonALUSALight20 min1 bright light was seen North North west of location near 431/Bynum Leatherwood road. The light was motionless for about 18 min and the1/10/09
12/5/08 21:40AshvilleALUSAUnknownstill ongoing @ 22:24Srange lights/unknown craft observed in E/ESE sky of NorthEastern St.Clair Co. on night of 12/05/2008. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius?? PD))1/10/09
11/24/08 19:00Phenix City & Columbus,GaALUSALight5 minutesMany slow moving lights moving in the same direction crossing two cities.1/10/09
11/19/08 22:10TuscaloosaALUSACigar2 secondslarge blue bullet shaped object crossing sky of tuscaloosa alabama1/10/09
11/18/08 07:40PrattvilleALUSADisk8-10 secondsI saw a bright reflection fairly low in the sky. The reflection was in the shape of a disc. It hovered for a few seconds and then dis1/10/09
11/3/08 21:00FairviewALUSASphere4-5 secondsGiant green light appears ,drops and disappears.1/10/09
11/2/08 23:00DaphneALUSAUnknown30 minutes or moreBlue/Red/Green flashing object above Mobile, Al. ((NUFORC Note: Sirius? PD))1/10/09
10/31/08 16:27Mountain BrookALUSAOvalSix U.F.O's heading to the same spot blasted by over our heads.1/10/09
10/30/08 06:05MontgomeryALUSAUnknown4 minutesLights move from NE to SW above Montgomery AL1/10/09
10/18/08 01:00GardendaleALUSASpheremore than 20 minutesThe object was sphere shaped and changed colors. ((NUFORC Note: Possible "twinkling" star. PD))10/31/08
10/9/08 12:24AuburnALUSACircle10-12 secondstwo circuler crafts hovered for about 10 seconds then dissapeared.10/31/08
10/1/08 21:00WellingtonALUSALightminutesa light over the mountain10/31/08
10/1/08 11:00Pell CityALUSACigar5 Min.Very high, cigar shaped UFO moving at incredible speeds.12/12/09
9/26/08 19:30Bay MinetteALUSALight1 to 1.5 minutesBright light, appeard to be falling star in Southern Sky, fell then stopped, ocillated, changed direction and accelerated out of sight.10/31/08
9/4/08 06:15EldridgeALUSADiamond0.5 seconds09/04/08 eldridge,al diamond object 0.5 seconds10/31/08
8/28/08 22:30LeightonALUSAFireball2 SECONDSround ball of light10/31/08
8/27/08 01:26AnnistonALUSACircle5 secondsIt was circular and was in a cylindrical tube of blue light.10/31/08
8/19/08 05:10SylacaugaALUSAUnknownaround 10 seconds3 sets of burnt orange "headlights" moving as though in convoy10/31/08
8/17/08 00:00GadsdenALUSATeardropdarkme and my dad were sitting on our deck talking and then these two bright orange and green lights appeared first we thought we were seei10/31/08
8/11/08 02:15PetersvilleALUSATriangle45 minA three lighted object seems to be surveying north Alabama.8/12/08
7/15/08 21:00ScottsboroALUSAOrb5-6 MINUTESIt appeared to be a white orb surrounded by red and blue orbiting lights, traveling northwest at 9.00 p. m. July 14, 2008.8/12/08
7/7/08 00:15ChelseaALUSATriangle30 minutesSmall triangular object flying in large circles above our area with lights in each corner making a very strange resonating sound.8/12/08
7/6/08 01:45SylacaugaALUSARectangle2 Hours 25 MinutesJuly 6 2008 on or about 1:45 AM and ended at 4:10 AM Location Sylacauga Alabama, 35151, The object was Rectangle in shape, and addition8/12/08
7/5/08 20:00SheffieldALUSALight2 minutesThis was not a star. If it was it was the first ever stationary star that I have ever seen move.8/15/14
6/27/08 08:00GardendaleALUSADisk30 secondsUFO seen above Gardendale Alabama while driving on the interstate into work at 8:00 am.7/5/08
6/9/08 20:36AdamsvilleALUSASphere2 minutesEvening sighting, one spherical object, two witnesses.6/12/08
6/4/08 00:00BirminghamALUSAUnknown4 minutesI was camping with my friends in a restricted area. I went off 20 yards by my self to use the restroom and smoke a cigarette since my10/31/08
6/1/08 17:00DothanALUSAOther10 min.Multiple white horizontal UFOs stationary NE of Dothan, AL10/31/08
5/29/08 00:24GuntersvilleALUSAUnknown((HOAX??)) UFO'S In my woods!!!8/12/08
5/23/08 02:15AthensALUSALight10 secondsBright light appearing over Athens, Alabama and then winked out6/12/08
5/10/08 22:00ScottsboroALUSAOval30 minsDark, very big long, flat oblong flying object with one maybe 2 rows of very bright lights along the bottom.6/12/08
4/25/08 16:40MadisonALUSASphere1 PHOTOobject in back groung.7/5/08
4/23/08 01:30AddisonALUSADiskLess than 5 min.Large, colorful disk shaped ufo over Addison.6/12/08
4/22/08 22:30SaralandALUSAEggabout 3min.We saw a bright egg shaped craft after work.6/12/08
4/20/08 18:45DothanALUSADiamond5 minutesPossible UFO in the South6/12/08
4/20/08 04:00Gulf ShoresALUSACircle1 hourMy friend and I were sitting on the beach enjoying the full moon and stars. All of sudden the clouds began clustering together and we c6/12/08
4/11/08 22:30Bessemer (near)ALUSALight5 minutesIf this was man made, we have some great technology that is incredible.6/12/08
4/3/08 07:15BirminghamALUSACigar5-6 minutesWeird thing over high school6/12/08
4/1/08 03:30TuscaloosaALUSAOther2-3 minsTrapezoid shaped hovering craft with dark red flashing lights moved side to side directly above me.10/31/08
3/22/08 21:00LanettALUSACircle30 min((HOAX??)) Flying, pulsating object hovering above cow pasture.3/31/08
3/21/08 05:45Borden SpringsALUSACigar2 minutesGlowing cigar-shaped craft slides across predawn skies in Alabama.3/31/08
3/16/08 23:16BirminghamALUSATriangle10-20 secondsLight blue triangle over Southern Pines subdivision3/31/08
3/14/08 04:00TuscaloosaALUSAOther25 minsEgg shaped flashing silent craft flew in front of the moon and 5 more over my house.10/31/08
2/23/08 21:00DuttonALUSAChanging10minlights changed position when i flashed my car lights at it3/4/08
1/28/08 15:30LivingstonALUSACigar2 minutesshiny cigar object in sky in daylight, with airplane keeping pace2/14/08
1/24/08 23:30FlorenceALUSATeardrop10 secondsA free-fallin teardrop shaped neon green object vanished right before crashing into the ground.2/14/08
1/24/08 19:00ValleyALUSAFireball00:08It appeared to be a meteorite and it fizzled out before it landed.2/14/08
1/24/08 18:00AuburnALUSAOtherShortDid anyone see relatively slow moving big ball of fire go across night sky @ apprx. 6:30 pm Central on 1/24/08 - very obvious - possibl2/14/08
1/20/08 22:09HaleyvilleALUSATriangle10 - 12 minutesTriangle seen in silhoutte against lunar disk. ((NUFORC Note: Exceptionally good report; object seen on edge of full Moon. PD))2/14/08
1/3/08 20:30Flat RockALUSADiamondOdd shifting light that changes colors and has never been seen in the sky around my house since I have lived there possible UFO?????1/21/08
12/12/07 21:00BirminghamALUSACylinder20 secondsA cylinder of blue pulsing light and some sort of craft concealed in a thick low hanging cloud3/4/08
12/11/07 21:00MadisonALUSADisk5 mintuesDisc with 4 blue lights.3/4/08
12/11/07 21:00MadisonALUSACircle9 minutesSmall , violet-blue, quiet u.f.o. moves and hovers around grocery store parking lot in Madison, Alabama.3/4/08
12/10/07 18:10DothanALUSALightOne minuteA comet type object in night sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD))3/4/08
12/10/07 18:03DoraALUSAChangingstill going at 6:22Comet-like cloud with faint flashing light appeared in clear starry sky. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD))1/21/08
12/10/07 18:00GardendaleALUSAOther2 hoursStrange object over Alabama, cloudy and spherical in shape. ((NUFORC Note: Missile venting fuel in space. PD))3/4/08
12/10/07 17:30ShelbyALUSACircle80 minutesLarge round object with long and wide tail was seen moving slow in a northeast direction in evening sky.1/21/08
11/19/07 04:00HuntsvilleALUSALight2 hrslarge white object at tree top level, slowly moves higher in sky as the sun comes up. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus. PD))11/28/07
11/8/07 23:15MobileALUSAFireball5 secondsGreen Fireball11/28/07
10/21/07 03:00DaphneALUSADiskall nightDisk above Daphne AL, accompanied by a light.11/28/07
10/11/07 20:30Gulf ShoresALUSADisk30 min.Brightly lighted Object appeared total of 6-8 times in different locations in night sky over ocean for few seconds and disappeared11/28/07
10/1/07 04:00GadsdenALUSAUnknownStill happeningThe bright white light from last night made a return appearance tonight. ((NUFORC Note: Star?? PD))10/8/07
9/30/07 04:15GadsdenALUSAChangingStill happeningA hovering light in the sky that was too big and bright to be a star or planet. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of Venus in eastern sky?? PD))10/8/07
9/14/07 23:23JacksonALUSATriangleApp. 30 secondsTriangular light-formation over forest near Jackson, AL around midnight.6/3/10
9/10/07 02:00RobertsdaleALUSACylinder1 minuteSpinning cylindrical object that lit up my yard with light.6/4/14
8/19/07 20:30BirminghamALUSADisk1 minuteUFO Sighting over townhome community in Birmingham Alabama. ((NUFORC Note: We cannot certify that this is a serious report. PD))10/8/07
8/8/07 23:00MontgomeryALUSACircleunknown((HOAX)) A space ship about half the size of a golf green ,child sized aliens, and burned grass of area that the space ship landed8/14/07
7/27/07 06:00MillbrookALUSAOvalFew secondsUFO moving West on Cobbs Ford Road toward Prattville, AL - Oval shape and glowing.10/31/08
7/25/07 21:27BirminghamALUSAUnknown5-7 minutesTwo pinpoints of light over DoubleOak Mtn.8/7/07
7/25/07 21:00Fort MorganALUSAOrb10 minutesOrange Glowing Unidentified objects over the Gulf seen by 4 different people at once8/7/07
7/22/07 06:30BirminghamALUSAChevron5 secondssouthwestern skies of Birmingham, black object dart and zig zag then flee without trace8/7/07
7/14/07 20:23DothanALUSADisk15 secondsFlashing disk4/22/22
7/6/07 16:00Alabama (above; in flight)ALUSAOther45 secsSpeared shaped object spotted over Alabama while on a flight to Florida8/7/07
7/4/07 03:00HuntsvilleALUSADiskA picture of a UFO in the sky in a picture a disk shape8/7/07
7/3/07 21:30SouthsideALUSATriangle4-6 minutesAt approximately 9:30 PM (21:30) I was on my deck smoking a cigarette and as I do nightly, looked into the sky to see the clarity of th8/7/07
6/30/07 22:00Orange BeachALUSACircle20 secondsStar shaped shot across sky, stopped briefly and then shot back in the same direction as it came very fast.1/12/18
6/26/07 21:00Gulf ShoresALUSALight15 minRed lighting object over gulf8/7/07
6/25/07 02:20PrattvilleALUSATriangle10 secsDark triangular craft. Was flying slow, as well as low. No lights. Strange, loud, pulsating, humming sound.8/7/07
6/23/07 21:10Grand BayALUSAFireball5 secondsDecending Green fire ball traveling east to west over south Mobile county , Alabama8/7/07
6/21/07 23:15MobileALUSAFireball2 secondsLeft my brothers home at 1115 pm on thursday night. Got in car and backed out of drive way. Saw bright green flash of light in southern8/7/07
6/7/07 00:00Florala (??)ALUSAAlso a few months ago I had a very vivid dream in which I was on board a craft, and was able to see the road, ground, telephone poles,10/8/07
6/6/07 22:00Fort MorganALUSALight10 minutesAnomalous lights witnessed near Gulf Shore, AL8/7/07
6/6/07 22:00Gulf ShoresALUSAChanging34 minutesOrange Glowing Unidentified objects over the Gulf seen by 4 different people at once.6/12/07
6/4/07 21:35ValleyALUSASphere20 SecondsVery bright sphere of light that managed to defy the laws of physics in rural Alabama.6/12/07
6/3/07 21:00Orange BeachALUSALight5 minutesstar like object flys in night sky6/12/07
5/10/07 21:00AnnistonALUSALightabout 2 hoursi did manage to get a picture of the cresent light on my camera phone...6/12/07
5/1/07 00:20BirminghamALUSAOtherseveral secondsTwo objects possibly one moving quickly across the sky.6/12/07
4/27/07 22:00MadisonALUSAOrb3 hoursThis is my second report , I'm still watching this bright star like ufo.6/12/07
4/23/07 08:00ElmoreALUSATriangle10 minutesA seemingly cloaked or disguised craft4/27/07
4/17/07 21:00AuburnALUSAOther10 minutesBright White Light in distant sky, stationary, but gone one hour later. Other object red and green and dim.4/27/07
4/12/07 21:00MadisonALUSALight2 hoursStar like ufo decends down slowly from high in the sky until it gets about tree top level. ((NUFORC Note: Venus sighting. PD))4/27/07
4/6/07 20:45JacksonvilleALUSADiamond45 sec.Silent Light passes from Southern to Northern Horizon4/27/07
4/5/07 19:00HuntsvilleALUSATriangle7 minuteslarge triangular object near UAH in Huntsville, Al moving very slowly with no sound8/7/07
3/17/07 08:00OzarkALUSAUnknown5 minutes3 objects,that left 3 hugh flashes4/27/07
2/28/07 20:00MadisonALUSATriangle12 minutesTwo Triangular Craft over Madison Alabama3/8/07
2/28/07 18:00AthensALUSATriangle2 min2 Triangular aircraft in Athens, AL8/7/07
2/28/07 09:00EastabogaALUSAOther30 secLarge white UFO spotted over Eastaboga, Alabama3/8/07
2/28/07 06:00SpringvilleALUSAUnknown20 MIN.3 bright yellowish white lights,side by side appeared around 6 AM, in the dense woods across the road from our house.3/8/07
2/25/07 21:30AuburnALUSALight~ 5 secondsIntense bright, spherical white light over Auburn University campus ~9:30pm 2/25/073/8/07
1/23/07 21:00HooverALUSATriangle2 min.Triangle shaped, white lights on the side, red light in middle. hovered over trees for a couple min.10/8/07
1/16/07 18:00WoodvilleALUSALight30 minutesMy husband and I have been seeing a light on the western horizon right at about 6pm every night for a while now. We traveled west on Hw2/24/07
1/5/07 20:59HuntsvilleALUSALight2 secRapidly moving object looks like it might impact ground2/1/07
1/1/07 23:30BirminghamALUSADisk3 days, 2-3 minutes each ufo seen over 3-day period2/1/07
12/17/06 19:58OppALUSACircleover2 hoursa nearly stationary bright illuminating object moving to different locations and becoming stationary again2/1/07
12/2/06 12:15SatsumaALUSAOval2 minutesDaytime object caught on video12/14/06
11/29/06 07:00CullmanALUSAJust wanted everyone to know that we passed three military Hummers full of men on the way to school the morning after the meteor/spacej12/14/06
11/28/06 18:00MadisonALUSAUnknownabout 5 secondsGreen light in the sky around Madison, AL area Nov. 28th 20063/4/08
11/28/06 17:30BirminghamALUSACircle10 secondsWe saw a greenish-blue ball of light in Clay Alabama, on Tuesday, November 28.12/7/06
11/28/06 17:30HuntsvilleALUSALight15 secondsBright green light(s) traveling east over Chapman Mountain.12/7/06
11/28/06 17:30BirminghamALUSASphere45 sec.I noticed a light streaking across the sky and thought it was a large meteorite, but it was too slow and was unmistakably green. The t12/7/06
11/28/06 17:30BirminghamALUSALight8-12 secondsBluish-Green Light over Alabama3/4/08
11/28/06 17:30BremenALUSAFireball10 to 15 secondsGlowing green ball of light falling from the sky over Northern Alabama12/7/06
11/28/06 17:30BirminghamALUSAFireball30 secondsA large green glowing round object was seen flying above the Birmingham, Alabama area at 5:30 pm on November 28, 2006.12/7/06
11/28/06 17:25BirminghamALUSACircleONE MINUTEmeteor passing tangent to earth atmosphere12/7/06
11/28/06 17:25PinsonALUSAFireballaround 2 minswhite then turned green fire ball falling from sky12/7/06
11/28/06 05:30BirminghamALUSALight15 secondsBrilliant green light across the Birmingham Sky...Definitely not a plan.12/7/06
11/27/06 22:06HuntsvilleALUSAFireball2 secBlue-green, round, hazy light moving rapidly from north to south12/7/06
11/22/06 21:00AthensALUSATriangleapprox 2 minutesTriangle shape object moving silently passed directly over my head.4/27/07
11/15/06 01:00BirminghamALUSAFireball10-15 Secondsbright white-greenish object appears, hovers in place, quickly travels zig zag pattern and vanishes11/28/07
11/10/06 05:00HuntsvilleALUSAUnknown45 secondsTwo bright lights which appeared to be stars. They slowly faded out of sight.12/7/06
11/6/06 16:00BirminghamALUSATeardropfew hoursHanging object in Southeastern sky US 11-06-0612/7/06
10/20/06 11:30BirminghamALUSASphere2 minutes((HOAX??)) metallic sphere tailing fighter jet12/14/06
9/1/06 17:00HooverALUSAFireball4 minutesNeon green fireball with neon purple and blue tail.1/29/16
8/27/06 21:00MadisonALUSAFormation1 hourA formation of four to five lights that for at least an hour would circle around each other, then dash off in different directions.10/30/06
8/22/06 20:00ToneyALUSATriangle10 minutes2 triangular ships over my sons football game10/30/06
8/13/06 21:00HuntsvilleALUSAOval1 minuteLarge bright blue object moving in a box like pattern at an incredible rate of speed until it vanished my moving vertically.10/30/06
8/8/06 08:30BoazALUSAOval5 minbright light oval shape crusing speed, then turned angle, then sped out of sight into space10/30/06
8/6/06 23:00FoleyALUSAUnknown30 minutesMy children were swimming in our pool at 11 PM. They came in because they saw 3 different flashes of light & it scared them. I (the Mot10/30/06
7/19/06 03:30MontgomeryALUSADisk2 HoursMassive UFO event in Montgomery, Alabama10/30/06
7/5/06 21:30FlorenceALUSALight3 minutesIntense Bright Object that flew over our house & field.10/30/06
6/8/06 22:00AtmoreALUSAOther20 min. (??)late at night / horseshoe shaped craft / 17 lights off and on / 20 mins then vanishes / sees crafts often /6/12/07
5/23/06 22:30MoultonALUSALightabout 3 minA light proceeded across the sky from south to north i did not observe any thing to set it apart from an airplane7/16/06
5/18/06 21:00Gulf ShoresALUSAUnknown5 minutesWe saw a triangled shaped object in the sky in Gulf Shores ALA, approx one mile up not moving.4/27/07
4/16/06 09:54HooverALUSAOther4 min2 different ships 2 different days5/15/06
3/30/06 19:15LawleyALUSAEgg16 minutesUnknown lights filmed descending into wooded area10/30/06
2/13/06 04:35MontgomeryALUSAUnknown30min-1hourUnknown flying object in Alabama5/15/06
2/10/06 20:00CussetaALUSALight10-15 minutes4 lights going in circle pass through each other. ((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD))2/14/06
2/1/06 22:00WagarvilleALUSAFireballWhat I thought as a falling star coming towards us at a rapid speed from the northwest automatically stopped. It hovered for a few minu5/15/06
1/28/06 18:15HeflinALUSATrianglea few secondsLow flying angular object seen near Hollis Crossroads. Heflin, Alabama. Jan. 28 20062/14/06
1/3/06 18:50Aliceville/Carrolton/LivingstonALUSASphere1 hourGreenish-Blue Sphere Shape Object Seen Over Alabama's Skies. People In Multiple Sites Witness Same Thing.2/14/06
12/21/05 17:00HooverALUSAOther15 minslow moving Fireball in the sky. ((NUFORC Note: Possible contrail, we suspect. PD))2/14/06
12/19/05 11:00FoelyALUSAOval11:22it was oval and was silver with a bright light on the side.2/14/06
12/2/05 00:00MontgomeryALUSARectangle10 secondsMontgomery AL Rectangle Object with no sound flew West to East 10 Seconds12/16/05
11/29/05 07:44Grove HillALUSATriangle5 secondsLarge triangle craft near commerical aircraft6/12/08
11/19/05 18:30GurleyALUSACircle2 hoursFlurry of small bright flashing lights going east to west in random formation as if they were bees that were disturbed.12/16/05
11/8/05 05:11EnterpriseALUSALight10 secondsSilent Moving Bright Light makes "impossible" 90 degree turn to the west12/16/05
10/21/05 20:00HeflinALUSASphere30 minutesHuge ball of light seen on the ground in Talladega National Forest / Sweetwater Lake12/16/05
10/13/05 20:00MillbrookALUSAChanging2hrs((NUFORC Note: Probable twinkling star? PD)) Sky was clear with stars.10/20/05
10/11/05 19:45MobileALUSALight30 minutes?((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Mars. PD)) Massive brilliant white light that just hung in the Southern sky.10/20/05
10/4/05 19:00AuburnALUSAOval1 hourBlue Star object seen hovering above auburn then dissapears.10/11/05
10/4/05 19:00HuntsvilleALUSACircle5 minutesUp close flying low tonight and 2 others within a month!10/11/05
10/2/05 00:30HeflinALUSACirclefive minObject with bright red light hovered above my car siletly, and followed me for about five minutes then disappeared.8/7/07
8/30/05 00:00MobileALUSAFlash5 secondsA bright flash that left a spot of light in my eye10/11/05
8/19/05 21:00HueytownALUSASphere30 MINround light that had a unsual flight pattern, flew around 40' off the ground only 1-2 miles from us. we watched it for 30 mins.10/11/05
8/17/05 12:00Fort PayneALUSATriangle30 min.Silver, triangular craft seen. Around 100 ft. long and 50-75 ft. wide. ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))2/24/07
8/15/05 21:45Mount OliveALUSADisk30 minCircular object with flashing lights, whirring sounds, and flashes of multicolored lights9/15/05
8/10/05 22:10Hazel GreenALUSALight1 hourMystery Light over Northern Alabama9/2/05
7/25/05 03:45HuntsvilleALUSAOval1-2 secondsIntensely illuminated, sphereoid object moving far too quickly at a 70-75 degree angle into the sky.9/2/05
7/8/05 22:45TuscaloosaALUSACircleABOUT 10 SEC.It was round,silent,illuminated pale white,and it moved,from where it wasn't suppose to be.10/30/06
6/20/05 21:50Gulf ShoresALUSALight30 MINUTESUnexplained lights seen after aircraft passes over beach.7/5/05
6/14/05 04:00HuntsvilleALUSATriangle15 SecondsThree brilliantly colored purple lights streaked beyond the eastern horizon at a fantastic rate of speed.10/8/07
6/6/05 23:30SaralandALUSATriangle5-10 minutesDidn't think much of this until now...12/22/22Yes
5/25/05 02:45MontgomeryALUSATriangle30 secondsTriangular objects of incredible speed and movement5/28/05
5/23/05 12:00Orange BeachALUSALight1 hourBright and huge star-like object in the sky during mid-day hours10/11/05
5/21/05 13:00DadevilleALUSACircle30 secondsround object ,greyish whiteish in color5/24/05
5/19/05 22:00Montgomery (50 miles west of; inflight)ALUSAUnknown7 secondsPilots see unknown5/24/05
4/19/05 01:00MontgomeryALUSAChanging10 MINUTESA light in sky that changed shapes.5/11/05
3/15/05 20:00HancevilleALUSATriangle10 secondsPink trianglular shaped UFO/lights off of I-65 in Alabama. The object(s) were in a field on the west side.5/28/05
3/14/05 13:00GuntersvilleALUSADiskunkownsuacer ufo. i have a picture. others around it.5/11/05
3/11/05 20:00HeadlandALUSALight1 to 2 HoursWe were observing a light in the Constellation of Lepus just south of Orion. Light was the size of a star and flashed intermittently.5/11/05
2/23/05 19:30Hoover (Bluff Park)ALUSATrianglesecondstriangle in the air in front of Bluff Park School flew towards the valley and vanished ((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))4/16/05
2/18/05 16:30CullmanALUSAFireball3 MinutesMe and 3 of my close friends witnessed a strange event. We saw a large green fireball streak across the night sky and it traveled from2/22/05
1/15/05 23:50BirminghamALUSATriangle2 minutesCraft puzzled by pilot...2/24/05
1/12/05 03:00SmithsALUSAUnknown3 minutesWitness hears strange object pass overhead.5/11/05
1/5/05 14:15CullmanALUSATriangle9 Min.Me and a few friends were outside working on my fathers truck when we looked up and saw all saw a black triangular craft hover over us.2/8/05
1/5/05 00:30OhatcheeALUSACone5 minutesI and my 13 year old son were awakened by my dog's howling outside my window. When we looked outside we saw an ice cream-shaped craft h9/7/21
1/2/05 23:00HelenaALUSAUnknown2 mins.craft traveling VERY VERY FAST. Red flashing lights. Tried to track with telescope,craft much to fast to do so.1/11/05
12/16/04 22:40GaylesvilleALUSARectangle5 secondsEnormous oval object with three lights flew just above tree tops and over my car.1/11/05
12/15/04 20:30HeadlandALUSAUnknown15 minutesExtremely bright light and no noise.7/16/06
11/27/04 19:35ClantonALUSALight5 minsTwo very bright solid orange lights fly overhead with no sound.12/3/04
11/12/04 20:00DothanALUSALight30 secondsSaw a big light in sky moving a bit and then it left VERY quickly.12/3/04
11/3/04 20:15Chalybeate SpringsALUSAUnknown5 mingoing down a dark road between chalybeate springs and moluton me and my were goning down the road when i saw about 6 lights which at fi12/3/04
10/4/04 05:30MontgomeryALUSALight5 minutesBright moving light spotted east of Montgomery, AL in early a.m. ~2 hours before sunrise10/27/04
10/2/04 19:30Orange BeachALUSALight15 minObserved light at high altitude chane directions in an impossible way.10/27/04
9/12/04 21:00Attalla/GadsdenALUSATriangle20 minutesIt was so quiet the cattle in the field didn't even run from it.7/16/06
8/19/04 22:15Orange BeachALUSACircle~30 secondsOrange Lights over Gulf of Mexico (Orange Beach, Ala.) ((NUFORC Note: Flares?? PD))9/29/04
8/16/04 19:00Gulf ShoresALUSATriangle5 minutesObject looked to be a mile high ,at least half mile wide with five lights three feet across on bottom.3/19/09
8/10/04 21:23Hoover/Bluff ParkALUSATriangleseveral secondstriangle of white and red lights8/11/04
8/6/04 22:15HuntsvilleALUSALight15 secondsBright light moving and fading to dark, like high altitude rocket thruster, seen briefly near Cassiopea.8/11/04
7/25/04 14:50HuntsvilleALUSATrianglebout 20 minsObject flys slowly over Huntsville Alabama8/11/04
7/10/04 20:00PiedmontALUSACircleone hourSeveral objects in sky - seemed to be twirling and flashing red - green - blue and white lights and would hover then very quickly move5/24/05
6/8/04 00:40BirminghamALUSAOrb45 secondsWas at the rail yard, out-skirts of town, at given time, on report. Saw what appeared to be neither "space debris" but a round object6/18/04
5/25/04 01:00DothanALUSAUnknown1+ hoursA Light again6/4/04
5/23/04 23:00HancevilleALUSAOval10 minIt was a green light that just sat there for a second. It had a slight pulse to it. It flew away to the east at a high rate of speed t6/4/04
5/3/04 21:26HelenaALUSAChevron20 secondsTwo adults witness boomerang-shaped object during a strange sequence of events5/10/04
4/30/04 21:00GadsdenALUSACigar12 minutesIt seemed to hover above the water as opposed to gliding through it.2/8/05
4/16/04 12:00Orange BeachALUSASphere30 minutes plusObject traveling back-and-fourth for unknown reason and unidentifible possibly because of the distant when the object was sighted.4/27/04
4/15/04 01:30TuscaloosaALUSAOther5-10 minsSpring 2004 My husband and I are both night owls and enjoy walking our German Shepard around the block late at night when its nice and9/2/05
4/5/04 23:30LeedsALUSALight6 sec4 person, 6 sec sighting of a slow streaking flare/meteorite type object that disappeared and reappeared before passing nearby horizon.4/9/04
3/6/04 15:30FoleyALUSASphere2 minutesSphere flying in formation with 4 jet aircrafts3/17/04
2/22/04 21:05HartselleALUSAFireball5-10 secIt was just like the footage of the shuttle explosion!3/2/04
2/20/04 02:00Silverhill (SE of)ALUSALight5min&10minlights in the middle of the night in South Alabama5/4/04
2/1/04 02:00BirminghamALUSAChevron15 secLarge dark chevron, silently passing overhead in early AM hours, only seen because against star fields.11/28/07
1/10/04 19:30Rock CreekALUSADiamond1 hourComing home from the store my husband and I noticed two bright lights in the sky. We went into the house, got our binoculars (our two d1/17/04
12/23/03 05:11HaynevilleALUSALight18minblue,red , green lights flickering from the object. i observed this while walking to my hunting spot 5:11 in the a.m.1/17/04
11/22/03 09:20FlorenceALUSATriangle3 or 4 secondsA fast triangular-shape without any noise which disapeared seconds after sighting.11/26/03
11/19/03 22:30BirminghamALUSALight40 minutesstationery pulsating white starlike object with blue and red flashes appeared to be spinning.11/26/03
11/16/03 23:32EnterpriseALUSALightabout 4 min.Three to four different oblects together being attacked by jets.11/26/03
11/15/03 22:00AthensALUSATriangle15 secondsTriangular shaped craft with three dimmly lit lights on the bottom of it and It was following something on the interstate going south.3/23/04
11/11/03 18:00HueytownALUSAOther2:00min.Y shaped11/26/03
11/10/03 23:50TuscaloosaALUSACone15 minutesBulky Conical object abducts human11/26/03
11/7/03 16:00OxfordALUSACylinderabout 1 minuteCrystalline Object appears briefly near Mount Cheaha in the Talladega National Forest.11/26/03
11/3/03 15:20Holly PondALUSAOval7 - 9 secondsOn my way home from class this afternoon, I saw a very shiny object in the sky. It looked like a shiny egg lying on its side.11/8/03
11/3/03 11:45MobileALUSATriangleabout 1 min.a triangular bright white object seen out of store window in Mobile, AL with eratict motion..11/8/03
11/3/03 00:00MorrisALUSADiamond1-2 hoursI saw what i thought was a star going super nova.11/8/03
11/1/03 20:11Wind Creek State ParkALUSALight30 minbright lights in the sky11/26/03
10/24/03 23:45MobileALUSATriangle1 minuteFirst sighting of triangular bright white object moving over Mobile, AL. at night from the south11/8/03
10/18/03 19:00Tuscumbia/Cherokee (between)ALUSAOtherabout 10 minutesI saw an red glowing arrowhead shaped object hovering in the sky.10/31/03
10/17/03 20:45OppALUSATriangle15 minsTriangle Shaped craft between Opp and Andalusia10/31/03
10/17/03 00:30OppALUSASphereseveral hoursStrange stationary lights in the sky.10/31/03
10/16/03 02:00OppALUSAFormationtwo nights straightMostly stationary blinking lights(one set in a formation), seperate witnesses. ((NUFORC Note: Suspected "twinkling" stars. PD))10/17/03
10/8/03 18:00Banks (outside of)ALUSADiskfew secondsLarge disk shape moving across the sky,then dissappers10/15/03
10/2/03 19:30MobileALUSAChevron15 secfast moving Chevron/ V formation of lights10/7/03
9/25/03 20:30DothanALUSALight15 minutesI witnessed a color-shiftin object in the sky of Alabama when I was star-gazing.12/9/03
9/16/03 20:15ElbaALUSALight1 hour +light in sky changing course moving at rapid rate of speed, no sound. Four witnesses9/17/03
7/30/03 19:00BirminghamALUSARectangle1 minuteRectangle shape, like a flat non-reflective white 2-by-4, and seemed suspended in air - - no movement.8/28/03
7/16/03 16:00CrossvilleALUSATriangle5 minutesBlack, triangular object observed over pond in Crossville, Al10/11/05
7/7/03 17:30JasperALUSAFireball1- 2 minutesWhite/Orange color sphere seen in Alabama6/4/04
7/5/03 19:40AthensALUSACylinder<2 minutesCylinder shaped object travelling at high rate of speed. No contrail, no sound.7/16/03
6/30/03 14:00BirminghamALUSACylinder1 hourIt flew from one end of runway to the other shoot straight up turn back shine bright light shoot straight down do it again 100 mph4/3/15
6/15/03 04:30Alabama (rural)ALUSASphere3 minutesA colourless sphere shaped craft7/16/03
6/13/03 00:18BirminghamALUSADisk7 minutesMe and a friend were walking on the quad at Samford University when we noticed a saucer-like object hovering aprox. 1/4 of a mile above6/18/03
6/4/03 22:53HuntsvilleALUSADisk15 minutesThe object has been seen by both my husband and me two times, at night. The object is a glowing crescent, the color of the sodium (Na)6/10/03
6/1/03 23:15JasperALUSAOval2 minThis object was very large appeared to have a yellow glow to it with a red amber light at the top and one at the bottom6/10/03
6/1/03 22:30CullmanALUSAOval5 minutesUFO Sighting?6/3/03
6/1/03 22:30CullmanALUSAOval5 min.UFO Sighted6/3/03
6/1/03 22:30CullmanALUSAOval5 min.UFO Sighting6/3/03
6/1/03 22:00ArdmoreALUSAOval5 minWas this a UFO?6/10/03
2/13/03 14:00HillsboroALUSAOther10 minutesFloating bell shaped object with pure white lights tinged with silver angel or ufo?3/21/03
2/2/03 20:08AuburnALUSAEgg4-5 secondslarge elongated oval of light which appeared moon-like. It did not light sky adjacent to it. Roughly the size of 3 moons side-by-side3/21/03
1/26/03 19:00ChickasawALUSAOtherapprox 5 minV shaped object witnessed in Chickasaw,Alabama ,4 very bright lights,very large in size,moving at different speeds and even standing st3/21/03
1/21/03 03:00HuntsvilleALUSADiskunknownConnection between my vivid dream and reported sighting of crescent-shaped ufo over Huntsville, AL?7/16/03
1/18/03 02:30 MoundvilleALUSAChanging45 minthis is the third time i have seen these objects in less than a month in this area after the first time i was so scared that i wasn't s3/21/03
1/16/03 00:30BoazALUSACircle5 minround object appeared in the sky opend parichuted out thn turned into a small plane then vanished3/21/03
1/10/03 22:00CullmanALUSADiamond10 minutesorange fireball in cull. al.3/21/03
1/6/03 04:00MoundvilleALUSAEgg3 1/2 hrstwp egg shaped objects with lights moving in z pattern...batteries and lights on our vehicles stooped when object approched us.3/21/03
12/15/02 00:00MayleneALUSAOrb10-15 secondsLight, orb sighting in middle Alabama, 20029/24/12
12/14/02 15:45IrvingtonALUSALight5 minutesHigh speed rotating lights flas across the sky.12/23/02
11/26/02 22:10MadisonALUSALight5 secondsLight over the horizon dropping suddenly to no where12/23/02
11/8/02 20:10MobileALUSAChevronaprx. 5 MinutesAlabama Delta Winged Craft with no sound2/14/06
11/7/02 18:30EnterpriseALUSAChevron3sec2Chevron shapes in formation moving at great speed glowing red/orange at very high altitude.11/9/02
10/23/02 19:00Orange BeachALUSAOthercrash of air craftI was listening to a recording on a tape I had recorded a while back you were talking about a air craft that had crashed.6/28/18
9/7/02 23:15GuntersvilleALUSAOtherLess than 5 minutesTwo comet-like objects passed in front of us, but each in two different directions (horizontally & ascending) within seconds apart.9/13/02
8/2/02 22:15Hazel GreenALUSATriangle5minTriangular shap goes through the eye of a storm8/16/02
7/19/02 21:00BessemerALUSADiskone minuteEncounter of the first kind with video and photographs to back up account.9/13/02
7/18/02 21:30HooverALUSALight5 minutesA point of light starting moving very fast then vanished. I saw the same thing a few minutes later.7/26/02
7/17/02 02:33MobileALUSAChangingstrangeone turned into 3 and went diffrent directions.7/26/02
7/17/02 02:30JacksonvilleALUSACircle15secondsbright light hoovering over trees and then shot down to ground behind trees.7/26/02
7/8/02 21:00SylacaugaALUSACirclecurrentwalked outside and noticed extreme white light in distance..not overhead. Called neighbor and he took binoculars which my grandson had 7/26/02
6/6/02 21:34ElbertaALUSALight5 secondsA stationary light no different in appearance then a star started to move in a straight line south at a high rate of speed and then dis6/12/02
5/6/02 20:40Union GroveALUSACircle15 secondsAt 8:40 pm a ball of light appeared for about 8 seconds over the trees in the pasture and then took off at a high speed into the sky.5/14/02
4/25/02 22:15StocktonALUSATriangle1 minuteA triangular craft 200ft high and 500 foot from my position..hovering5/14/02
4/3/02 21:36BirminghamALUSADiskA disk was hovering then disappeared then re-appeared then there was a flash and it disappeared again.4/8/02
2/24/02 16:00Marion CountyALUSAOther1 minBatton shaped object observed in Marion Co. Alabama changing direction in flight.3/19/02
2/19/02 17:00MobileALUSATriangle30sec.dark triangular object at 200 ft. moving up creek bed to police HQ in Mobile AL.3/19/02
12/12/01 21:45HelenaALUSACircleAt 9:45pm my wife and i was watching tv then our grandmothers phones us and asked us if we had seen the star in the sky when we went ou1/11/02
11/18/01 04:30FoleyALUSAOther15-20 secondsslow, star like image that slowly faded away12/5/01
10/27/01 23:59SkippervilleALUSAFormationas long as we watched3 oddly moving stars11/20/01
10/18/01 17:51Fort PayneALUSACircleHunter with video camera captures round object he's seen before.11/20/01
9/5/01 20:45GuntersvilleALUSALight15min((HOAX??)) I saw a large bright white light toward the ENE from my front yard.4/17/08
8/1/01 21:10WetumpkaALUSALight10 secondsA very bright emerald green light sped from east to west, stopped and went straight up.8/20/01
6/23/01 20:47HelenaALUSAFireball10 secondsEight adults witness fast-moving bright object fly across the sky8/5/01
5/29/01 21:30FyffeALUSAOval1/2 hr?Two UFO's were in front of our house toward the East. The one on the right was higher in the air. It looked to us as though they were c8/5/01
5/18/01 21:20HooverALUSATriangle20secpage not available8/5/01
5/10/01 00:00Bear CreekALUSAFireball10 minIt was intelligent9/2/05
4/26/01 20:50MadisonALUSAFlash5+ minutesPurple and green blinking stationary object.4/28/01
4/19/01 20:30HamiltonALUSAOther5 minutesCraft downed-emitting powerful-magnificent & intelligent lights in color. Affected witnesses.11/6/14
3/1/01 23:00MadisonALUSACircle15-20 sec.the moon apeard far to north of its usely path and moved so fast that it could not be moon as I know it.2/8/05
2/18/01 18:25IrvingtonALUSALight5 secblue light mobile alabama fast moving2/24/01
12/18/00 18:45EnterpriseALUSAOvalBlue Oval Object Sited.1/3/01
11/21/00 18:00CordovaALUSAUnknown5 min.The bright star like object in the constellation of Orion.12/2/00
11/21/00 05:07WarriorALUSALight2 minObject was like the picture on the home page "During July" except the color was bright white.12/2/00
10/31/00 20:00SipseyALUSADisk1 minuteRound, flat UFO with lights all around, over Hwy 78 Walker Co Alabama.2/1/07
10/15/00 03:00AlabamaALUSASphereAproxx. 5 secsWe pulled into the drive way and saw a full moon shaped object over the field behind the house.3/21/03
10/9/00 09:00KimberlyALUSAUnknown5minutesEGG SHAPED WITH A T IN FRONT AND UNUSAL LIGHTS12/2/00
10/5/00 21:05DaphneALUSACircle2 minutesDaphne, AL ( 50 mi. west of Gulf Breeze.) I play bass in a classic rock band, and had just left our studio when I saw what I thought wa6/4/04
9/18/00 19:00CullmanALUSALight1 hourvery quick moving object9/21/00
9/15/00 21:00OzarkALUSALight15 secondsETV's (Extra Terrestrial Vehicle) sighting9/12/03
9/14/00 21:00HomewoodALUSAEgg5-8 or egg shaped silver ufo floated over mountain crest in alabama.6/18/03
7/18/00 11:35HuntsvilleALUSACircle4 minutesI watched the object from my front yard as it changed size, shape, direction, speed and finally disapeared.8/5/00
5/30/00 21:00Fort MorganALUSAOval5 secondsBright, Neon Green Oval shaped craft seen on the Alabama coast right after sunset.6/6/00
5/13/00 20:00TalladegaALUSAOtherI was looking in a telescope when I saw a object in front of a star.I looked away thinking it was a star then I forced myself to look b7/23/00
4/22/00 22:00BirminghamALUSAChanging30 minA bright objeck was seen in the Southwestern sky, about 22:00 hrs. I had just gone onto my back porch when I saw the object. I Thought 4/26/00
4/19/00 19:10AlabasterALUSAEgg1 minuteOne at a time appeared each in a different direction, a total of 3. Then all 3 disappeared instantly, and reappeared all at once in dif5/3/00
3/28/00 21:15Fort. DepositALUSATriangle4 minutesOne large triangular craft with one dim light on each end and a smaller craft which looked like a helicopter. Both of which made no no4/1/00
3/22/00 21:40TuscaloosaALUSAFormation8-10 seconds3 almost transparent, almost circular (amoeba shaped), phosphorous neon-green entities flying in a triangular formation. all 3 witness4/1/00
3/11/00 12:30MobileALUSATriangle1 minutea triangular shame with white lights marking the corners no lines conecting the dots but flying in syncronized form. to far in the sky4/26/00
2/24/00 01:15HuntsvilleALUSADiskone secondI saw a green-yellow light flash across the sky. It was too fast to be a plane and it wasn't a searchlight or anything. It flashed acro2/27/00
2/1/00 02:30LynnALUSATriangle15 minutesIn February of 2000, I was on routine patrol at approx. 0230 hrs CST. As I drove behind the local High School, I observed three lights12/12/11
1/7/00 23:00MontgomeryALUSATriangle4to5minlow slow bright light, no sound1/22/00
12/31/99 01:00BoazALUSACigar1 minWhen I was 19 I went to go see a friend late one night, we were outside her house in my car talking and suddenly my stereo started work5/15/20
12/5/99 04:30ToneyALUSAFireballthree secondsThere was a bright fireball in the southern sky that was so intense that it not only illuminated the ground but also hurt your eyes to 12/16/99
12/5/99 04:25Sterrett (15 miles south of Birmingham)ALUSADisk1.5 hours4:30 AM Sunday morning December 5, 1999. I witnessed a light that lit up my entire back yard and then an explosion sound followed. I a12/16/99
12/5/99 04:20ColombianaALUSARectangle5 sec15-20 people witnessed an unexplainable event on dec. 5th 1999 which lit the sky as if daylight10/30/06
12/5/99 04:20WeogufkaALUSAFireball7 sec((Witness reports fireball over Alabama. Many other reports.))12/16/99
11/3/99 21:00Leighton (La Grange Mountain)ALUSATriangle5 minutesThree orange\red lights in triangular shape pulsating down from the stars but not moving,stayed stationary,then disappeared.11/23/99
10/29/99 17:45TuscaloosaALUSACircle15 minutesWe saw a strange contrail and craft.11/9/99
10/11/99 00:15MontgomeryALUSALight3 minutesBright light coming from back yard and a surreal sensation of forboding.3/21/03
9/10/99 14:05GardendaleALUSAOther05 minutes (appr.)I was sitting at my computer, sitting close to my window when out the window when all of a sudden I heard a huge black helicopter came 9/12/99
8/15/99 21:00GaylesvilleALUSAUnknown10 minutesThree bright green lights pointing towards the sky near Bell's Crossroads in Gaylesville, Alabama.11/28/07
7/26/99 21:00Leeds (outside Birmingham)ALUSASphere5 secondslooked like a ball of white light (pulsating light to dark) in the northern sky moving from East to West, probably about 1.5 miles dis8/10/99
7/16/99 00:00BirminghamALUSASphere10 minsThe object was seen over my house it was silverish gray and seem to just hover in place for 10 mins.9/4/03
7/4/99 21:30NorthportALUSALight:45object observed in rural setting; one very bright rounded light with sharp crisp rays (one observer did not see rays); through binnocul7/14/99
7/2/99 11:30TroyALUSACigar5 seconds2 White Cigar Shaped craft flew over Hwy 2316/12/02
7/1/99 19:00BirminghamALUSAFlash4 secondsI looked in the sky and saw a flash, but I only saw a glance of it. It was dark. But it didn't go down like a meteor,it went up and dis2/23/00
6/25/99 22:23HuntsvilleALUSAOval30 SECONDSA oval shaped object that changed shapes and vanished in thin air.7/5/99
6/15/99 23:30JasperALUSAOrb20 secondsLarge blue orb sighted Saragossa, AL.5/1/20
6/5/99 23:45HuntsvilleALUSAFlash1:30Around midnight I heard this noise and I looked outside and there were like 5 or 6 blinking lights up in the sky....they were in a row 6/23/99
5/11/99 23:40Tarrant (Robinwood)ALUSATriangle5minutesI was coming home from a friend's house, then saw a triangle.5/24/99
5/8/99 23:40Tarrant (Robinwood)ALUSATriangle5minutesI was coming home from a friend's house, then saw a triangle.6/23/99
4/15/99 19:00FyffeALUSARectangle2-3 minutesHuge craft, silent , intelligent, aware of us observing it12/12/09
4/5/99 21:40Valhermoso SpringsALUSAOtherI was on my back porch,talking to my girlfreind,looking at the stars.All of a sudden,a circular red light appeared high up in the sky.I4/26/99
4/5/99 15:00HuntsvilleALUSACigar15 minwife an I were driving that afternoon ,when we first saw it it was standing on its end.lost site of it while we made a curve an went pa6/18/03
3/7/99 22:00ArabALUSALight45 minutesObject in the night sky moving in an irregular pattern.4/2/99
2/10/99 20:15HuntsvilleALUSALightapprox: 30 secondsHBCCUFO CANADIAN REPORT: Object buzzes aircraft.3/17/04
1/25/99 17:40AlabasterALUSAFireball10-15 minat about sun set to the west,they look like jets at first but after five min.,there was no movement,this is the second time we have see8/5/01
1/15/99 13:00MontgomeryALUSASphere20 minutesBright Metallic Object, stationary at first, then moving very slowly towards the NW then towards NE. It dissapeared behind a large clo8/10/99
1/1/99 21:00Cheaha MountainALUSATriangle40 min.I saw it hovering in the air and it chased me down a field, eye level to my driver side window.The field was right next to the road.12/16/99
12/17/98 07:10DecaturALUSAChanging10 min.Driving east just before dawn the sky was cloudless. Suddenly a cloud appeared very dence about the size of a football field. it was at1/28/99
12/15/98 09:25ArabALUSASphere45 minutesBright orange sphere in southwest quadrant of sky which appeared to be at an altitude of approximately 40,000 feet close to Atlanta/Bir2/16/99
11/25/98 21:24Gulf ShoresALUSAFlash3 minutesObserving stars and saw a shooting star and a moment latter I saw a fast blinking light that zig-zagged going N NW faster than aircraft1/28/99
10/25/98Pell City (33.56' 52"N - 86.15' 00" W)ALUSASphere3 secondsCommmercial pilot driving East on I-20, notice object out left window, object is small, bright pulsing white, headed toward ground at a11/1/98
10/20/98 22:00HuntsvilleALUSATriangle10 minutesUnknown Triangular craft near Huntsville8/5/01
10/15/98 22:30AdamsvilleALUSACircle5 minutesTwin spheres of light Porter Road near Shady Grove, Adamsville, AL. ((anonymous report))3/29/18
10/15/98 21:00EnterpriseALUSATriangle15 minutesLarge black triangular ship seen near Enterprise, Alabama.2/1/07
8/28/98 05:45MobileALUSALightapprox. 1 minuteA string of what appeared to be about a dozen streetlights, but obviously were NOT. (Mobile, AL)2/1/07
8/18/98 21:15SilverhillALUSADisk3 minutesdisk shaped craft with sequential lights at approx, 100' altitude crossing fields then hiway I was traveling.7/23/00
8/13/98 01:00Tuskegee National Forest @ HWY 85ALUSADiskunknownLarge white glowing disk. Transparent. Smaller craft coming from it1/28/99
7/22/98 17:43AthensALUSADisk10 secondsUFO sighting in Athens, Alabama7/26/02
7/12/98 20:00DecaturALUSAOther2 min or so i ran in scar8 Tentcle type things made of beams attached to a circular craft.8/11/04
7/4/98 23:00HuntsvilleALUSALight5-10 MIN.I was at work when I noticed what appeared to be a tower which was southeast from my location.It had a red flashing light on the top an6/23/99
7/3/98 21:30HuntsvilleALUSALight15 minutesred ball of light hovering and moving without sound, shot sparks which produced three white lights that formed a vertical formation und11/21/98
6/1/98 18:00HunstvilleALUSAChanging15-20 secondsBlacker than black, shape changing floating object.10/30/12
5/10/98 02:00BessemerALUSAUnknownHouseI was asleep,i heard a mutant like growl.I remember flashes,and the same growls.I finally awoke,breathing hard.1/22/00
2/18/98 21:30MobileALUSACircleTwo connecting crafts brighten and shoot off!5/24/05
2/12/98 12:35Shelby County airport (@231 mile marker)ALUSACigar3:micstraveling north bound I59 at or about 12:35hrs, I was looking for bears in the air when I saw this u.f.o. in the sky doing what air cra2/24/01
8/15/97 01:00Grand BayALUSATriangle5-10 secondsBlack triangle noiseless and stationary, then high velocity movement, 200 ft away.1/5/16
7/14/97 14:30Gulf ShoresALUSACircle1 hourLarge, circular craft encased in cluds and eventually "joined" with a smaller circle. Hovered for approx 1 hour near the Gulf Shore. D1/28/99
6/27/97 21:00Gulf ShoresALUSATriangle15 secondsTriangular craft hovers over State Park pier6/25/20
5/10/97 21:00Southside (Gadsden)ALUSAOther@2-3 minutesTwo bright objects hovering one moment then taking off at high speeds, beyond aircraft speeds. These two objects seemed to stop and go1/28/99
4/23/97 18:00GuntersvilleALUSAOval2MINnew glass like craft seen2/14/08
4/5/97 14:00FairhopeALUSACircle1 minuteMan walking dog sees tire-shaped object w/windows. No sound, no animal reaction.9/26/98
4/5/97 14:00FairhopeALUSAOther30 SECONDSWitness observes tire-shaped object w/windows.1/28/99
3/29/97 20:00Phoenix CityALUSA3.45 HRS.CLOSE ENCOUNTER/CAUGHT ON VIDEO on march 29 1997 I lost over 3 hrs.while filming hale bop,(CAPTURED CRAFT,BEINGS ON VIDEO.)I THOUGHT I 1/28/99
3/20/97 01:00DemopolisALUSADisk2 minutesme and a coworker were outside. We say this large disk shaped craft. It hovered about 2 minutes.lights were lighting up from outside to6/25/20
3/15/97 01:30Pell CityALUSAUnknown10 minutesA fishing trip ends with a loud roar and a bright light waking me up in the night.3/10/17
2/26/97 20:00MobileALUSAOval10 minutesAn oval, dark blue, light blue exaust.1/28/99
12/11/96 17:15BirminghamALUSA105 sec.Pastor repts. seeing a "bright ball of fire w/ speed of a falling star" streak W to E. Slows, stops, turns 180 deg., shoots to NW.11/2/99
9/15/96 21:00WoodvilleALUSATriangle3 MinutesObject had 4 white lights shining their beams behind it. They swept around to the front and it took off north.5/28/05
9/1/96 17:00TuscaloosaALUSADisk<1 min.Saucer skirts clouds, disappears5/12/10
6/18/96 17:30Alabama (location unspecified)ALUSAFireball3minhovering ball of fire5/15/06
4/22/96 17:00GunteersvilleALUSACircle2minnew type of ufos almost un seeable to the eye1/17/04
4/2/96 13:00Muscle ShoalsALUSAOther4 secondsMan, lying on back looking up, sees tiny bright white speck streak across blue sky from W to E. Obj. zigzagged twice, disappeared11/2/99
1/31/96 02:00Heflin (Talladega National Forest at Oak Level)ALUSALight2-3 hrsParked at hunting spot appx 2 a.m. with vehicle facing west. saw bright light moving north to south at speeds not humanly possible the4/26/99
1/15/96 22:00Birmingham (Huffman/Centerpoint)ALUSATeardrop10 MinutesI was working security at a local hospital and was sitting in security truck, which had a monitor for the Birmingham Police Dept instal6/12/07
12/24/95 22:00Centreville/Selma (area on state road 219 between)ALUSAFireball+/- 5 secondsFireball over rural Alabama8/5/01
12/23/95 17:30MobileALUSAOther~30 minutesMy father had came to pick me up n go hunting at a buddy of ours place . ((anonymous report))3/14/19
11/13/95 00:15BirminghamALUSA2 sec.Man standing outside sees what looks like "shooting star." Obj. split into 3 lights, "like isosceles triangle," shot across sky to SE11/2/99
11/1/95 22:30DaphneALUSATriangle30 secondsTriangular shaped object with 3 lights, passes over house at low altitude and made no sound.1/21/08
10/22/95 02:30BessemerALUSA15 min.Man, wife, 2 children, driving down long hill, see bizarre cluster of lights, "like Christmas tree in the sky." Multiple witnesses.11/2/99
8/25/95 01:00MorrisALUSAOther40 secondsThere was a roundish object with glowing, shifting lights lining the edges of the craft as it hovered silently above the trees.11/20/01
7/19/95 00:30BirminghamALUSA2 min.Woman & son encounter 3 "double sets of headlights" hovering in sky. Moved to left of car; silhouette visible. Shot beam of light.11/2/99
7/1/95 19:00WedoweeALUSAOrbAppx. 30 minutesMUFON/ISUR (GEORGIA) REPORT: Investigation-Glowing Orb Chases Church Van4/9/04
6/24/95 21:52FlorenceALUSA2 sec.Man & son witness "round, green object, like circle inside circle" streak across sky, disappear. Very clear view. Good rept..11/2/99
5/27/95 17:30SouthsideALUSACircle20 secondsIt traveled so turning a light switch on to off.8/5/01
3/29/95 14:36RainsvilleALUSAMan repts. seeing 2 glowing orange globes, "size of VW," in distance over highway. Later sees wedge-shape craft near truck.11/2/99
3/19/95 19:30MobileALUSADisk13:10Woman w/ children & neighbor see dark obj. fly overhead, go through roof of townhouse, Flashing lights in house next day F-16's.11/24/18
3/19/95 19:30MobileALUSA45 sec.Woman w/ children & neighbor see dark obj. fly overhead, land on lawn. Flashing lights in house next day. F-16's.11/2/99
11/12/94 12:00St. FlorianALUSADisk5 minAlien Agricultural Expedition10/12/01
10/15/94 20:00BirminghamALUSATriangle15 minutesI was outside playing (14 yrs old) it had just gotten dark. Out of no where I saw a triangle shaped object with lights. It had blue, or11/5/20
8/4/94 22:00OppALUSACircle5 secondsWitnessed a Dark Circle moving North to South - with what may have been a Light shining Upwards.1/28/99
6/15/94 22:00MontgomeryALUSATriangle10 minutesA huge, very low, black triangle traveling at a very low speed and making a low hissing sound traveled directly over my home.7/3/13
6/1/94 22:00MontgomeryALUSATriangle2 minutesI was coming back to my college dorm at Auburn University at Montgomery -AUM (after grocery shopping one night) and I saw "something" h7/5/99
6/1/94 21:00MontgomeryALUSATriangle2-3 hrstriangular object with 3 bright lights moved east to west across east montgomery over the v.a. hospital.10/31/03
6/1/94 17:00MontgomeryALUSARectangle5 minStrange object over Montgomery Alabama8/7/07
3/15/94 14:00Columbus CityALUSACylinder3 secondsLarge Black Cylinder Flies Above Mountain Lakes Near Guntersville, Alabama10/30/06
6/15/93 22:00TrussvilleALUSALightabout a minuteUFO, resembling a star, flying across Trussville, AL in approximately 1993.2/1/07
6/15/93 21:00SalemALUSATriangle1 hourTriangular craft whit no lights or exhaust flying way too slow at less than 100 feet off the ground2/22/05
1/20/93 21:00New HopeALUSATriangle5 minOn that night it was very cold. I had carried the trash out and notice a bright light at the horizon. Being fascinated by all things in4/1/01
9/23/92 02:34WetumpkaALUSATriangleabout 2 minutesMY DAD had a deck beside the House, where i occasionaly sit & watch the stars at Night I sometimes go out to look at the stars once or5/24/05
9/1/92 20:00MoodyALUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle UFO in early 90's chased by helicopters. In early 90's couple of friends and me were playing outside at night in moody ala7/31/21
8/18/92 17:00WagarvilleALUSAFireball1 minuteA single yellow "fireball" appeared just over the tree line off highway 43 in Wagarville, Alabama. Moments after spotting the object, 53/16/00
6/6/92 20:00LeesburgALUSALight2 minutesA light on the horizon moving in quick and unusual manner before disappearing.3/21/03
3/15/92 15:00HancevilleALUSADisk2-3 secondsMetallic disc on a beautiful sunny afternoon moving at astounding speed2/7/20
3/14/92 10:32SelmaALUSADiskIt was like it was watching me.12/22/22
3/5/92 06:45FlorenceALUSAOvalUnknownI dont know if this is a dream or not9/2/05
5/7/89 11:50Talladega (Super Speedway)ALUSARectangle1 minuteRectangular object with rounded edges approx 20-30,000 ft alt seen above superspeedway5/24/99
7/1/88 21:00MadisonALUSAChevron10 secondsLong oblong, hovering over ground, bright headlight on each end very close.5/19/23
2/15/88 21:00HuntsvilleALUSAOther45 minutesBell or thimble shaped object rises out of Guntersville Lake and follows pair into Huntsville.4/27/07
2/15/88 02:30Indian SpringsALUSAOval1 hour or soHuge craft hovering over a residential area...6/20/11
12/12/87 23:00AlicevilleALUSAFormation10 minutesLooked up in the dark sky and beyond the stars a window beyond the stars opened up from right to left and a very black background was 38/20/20
7/15/87 22:30CollinsvilleALUSATriangle10 minutesHuge Triangular Craft4/27/07
2/20/87 01:30BessemerALUSAUnknownaprox. 2 1/2 hrs10/26/2011 To whom it may concern On or about Feb. 20th 1987 at about 1:30 am I had something happen I do not understand completely.12/12/11
1/13/87Montgomery (near)ALUSACigarUnknownStar Trek Actor Sees UFO In Alabama.11/3/05
10/15/86 14:00PinsonALUSACircleAbt. 10 SecondsRedish orange , traveling slowly and quietly!10/31/03
12/15/85 17:30AuburnALUSAUnknown5 min. +Bright lighted object 30 feet above me, rose, sped away, emitted shower of sparks in distance5/11/05
8/16/85 19:00ColumbiaALUSAOther1.5"I don't know what the hell that is"7/13/05
5/1/85 20:30LanettALUSALight10 secondsIt came, it saw , it left but where did it go or come from?8/24/10
12/1/84 18:00MontgomeryALUSAFireballSecondsSoutheast toward Northwest, low, large, lighting up sky,red, with a tail which split off behind. May have entered Florida, crossed 3/7/00
10/31/84 22:00VincentALUSACircle2 minutesA circular object with smaller circular lights underneath it, with the ability to hover and travel at an unbelievable speed.8/23/19
7/1/84 16:00MontevalloALUSAOrb10 secondsThe Four glowing orbs that seemed to dance together.12/23/20
6/1/84 17:15MobileALUSASphere5 minutesA single round object traveling due west stopped and another similar object emerged and flew southwest. First object continued west.8/11/04
6/1/84HuntsvilleALUSASphereUnidentified Sphere10/28/02
6/1/84HuntsvilleALUSASphereFollow up on sphere found near Huntsvill, AL10/28/02
6/30/81 00:00HuntsvilleALUSACircleduring sleepwoman figure in red bodysiut with large head4/13/10
10/15/80 03:00GuntersvilleALUSATriangle10 secondsThe date and time is not exact. I was the shift supervisor at a chemical plant located on the banks of the Tennessee River. Mountains8/27/09
10/1/80 20:00MountainboroALUSAFireball20 secondsBall of Fire that changed into a cone shape.7/4/12
6/30/80 21:00MontgomeryALUSADisk15 secondsI SAW A SAUCER, FLYING LOW WITH LIGHTS OVER THE PASTURE LAND HEADED SOUTH. ((anonymous report))1/12/18
6/1/80 21:00BirminghamALUSATriangle3 minutesthree lights that formed a triangle in the night sky10/27/04
6/1/80 16:00MontgomeryALUSADisk30 secondsIt looked like the comic book flying sausers when i was young._ silver , had lights , i was 100 ft away daylight.1/16/14
9/17/79 18:15MobileALUSARectangle4 to 5 minutesRectangular object motionless in the sky over the Gulf of Mexico for 4 to 5 mintues which shot off straight up and was gone in less tha1/22/00
6/14/79 20:00WagarvilleALUSACigar5 second intervalsWalked outside during lightening storm and a bright green light, the size of a large cigar appeared and disappeared several times.9/12/19
10/18/78 23:30BirminghamALUSAOval1 hourIs there a 4 way stop sign in space for UFO.9/2/05
8/15/78 19:30Carbon HillALUSATriangle3-4 minutesA large triangle shaped craft, close to the ground, with no sound, at all.9/30/13
8/15/78 15:30GadsdenALUSASphere10 Min.3 ft. dia tan colored spherical object manuveing at 120+ knts.5/15/06
7/20/78 00:00TuskegeeALUSAOrb30 secondsIn '78 Yellow Orb moved silently along with my car/50 mph, moved to the front of my car, then zoomed into the stars and became a star.7/25/19
7/7/78 13:00Ardmore (near)ALUSASphere15 minutesSilver Sphere Hovering above treeline on Interstate 65 N.3/7/00
8/15/77 23:00Interstate 65 (Alabama/Tennessee)ALUSALight30 minwas I dreaming or what5/24/05
7/1/77 12:00Anniston (Ft. McClellan U.S. Army base)ALUSADisk5 seconds(?)Approx. six glowing silent objects flying over head at high rate of speed in broad daylight at ft. mcclellan, Alabama july 19776/2/98
6/16/77 22:00Interstate 65 (between AL and TN)ALUSALight30Bright Light hovered and followed me.11/21/10
7/1/76 22:00GadsdenALUSADisk30 secondsFlashing lights and scrambled jets7/23/00
6/15/76 21:00ElbaALUSACigar8 hoursWe stopped at Dairy Queen had supper. Going to my aunt an uncle three hours away It was dusty dark came to three trundle Bridges shoul4/8/19
5/1/76 17:30BirminghamALUSATriangle20 minutesMe and my 6 siblings, my parents and 2 neighbors saw the lights in the sky. It was triangle and or circular but stationary. For a long6/7/19
10/20/75 22:00EnterpriseALUSAOthertwo minutesVery low, very slow flying, silent, black trapezoid viewed by 4 family members for about two minutes4/16/05
10/15/75 23:00CollinsvilleALUSATriangle15 minutesIt was like something out of star wars7/16/03
10/15/75 18:30AnnistonALUSACircle15 minutesBlue and round.1/16/15
9/4/75 02:00Union GroveALUSACigar20 minutesTwo brothers observe cigar-shaped UFO late at night after work.2/14/10
4/15/75HuntsvilleALUSALightcouple of hoursLight flying over the area in a scallopped pattern, I walked into the woods for a few minutes that turned out to be a couple of hours.7/15/05
11/25/74 22:00VerbenaALUSASphere5 minutesBig Bobbing red light4/16/05
10/22/74 20:00OneontaALUSACircle10 secBig, round , with lights, but no sound, moving slow,10/30/06
9/1/74 20:00Auburn/Montgomery (between)ALUSARectangle30 minutesA flattened "thread spool" shaped object with alternating white and red lights passing approximately 500 feet above us. 1/2 hour durati10/31/03
6/15/74 22:30Calera (outskirts of)ALUSADisk10-15 minutesGroup of youth on hike see the"un-explained."3/21/03
4/2/74 23:30Birmingham (Wisteria Dr., .5 mi down)ALUSADisk3:00 minsI vehemently did not believe the sightings of 1974 Spring in Birmingham, seems they appeared purposely so that I would believe, 3 craft11/30/99
11/15/73 18:00Colbert HeightsALUSADisk5 minutesHovering object with circulating yellow and green lights slowly began to move before attaining hyper speed from virtual dead stop11/3/05
10/17/73 23:30MontgomeryALUSALight15 minutesLights appear out of the woods and chase vehicle.2/14/08
10/12/73 19:00Birmingham (just south of)ALUSADisk10-15 minutesGlowing Green UFO seen by myself (mom) and my 4 children very low over our car on a Friday night in Alabama in 1973.4/2/99
7/1/73 22:00Alabama (rural)ALUSAUnknown1 hourExtremely bright light in sky near power plant5/15/06
6/15/73 22:30Calera (out-skirts)ALUSADisk10-15 mins.Group to see the "un-explained"in the night sky.3/21/03
6/15/73 21:00DecaturALUSACircle15 minmid 1970's UFO over Decatur,Alabama8/16/02
6/15/73 15:30BridgeportALUSADisk30 secondsTwo objects, saucer and cigar shaped, at 3,500 ft. moving north toward Chattanooga, Tenn.12/20/12
5/21/73 20:00HuntsvilleALUSACylinder45I and two other friends in May of 73 when we were in the military watched two C134'S and a jet aircraft force a saucer shaped vehicle t3/21/03
5/19/73 20:10Huntsville (Redstone Arsenal)ALUSADisk45 minutesWe were in the U.S. Army at the time and 18 years old.The night before we watched the Skylab as was reported on the radio to do a flyby6/18/04
5/14/73 20:00MadisonALUSADisk1 hourThis is a definate government cover-up5/12/09
4/15/73Fort PayneALUSAOval~5-8 minutesIt was round with colored lights all around it 50-75 yards in leanth 1972 in Fort Payne, AL. I was very close about 150 yds..9/8/17
2/10/73 02:00MoundvilleALUSACigar90 secondsCigar-shaped low flying after heavy snow storm.1/5/16
2/3/73 16:00Fort RuckerALUSALight10 secondsRed Light Appears to Go Right Through Cockpit2/1/07
1/8/73 21:00Muscle ShoalsALUSAOval20 secondsGlowing orange detailess object with outline shape of a car moving slowly across sky until disappearing behind clouds.3/11/06
11/1/72 00:00?ALUSALight30 minsufo over mountians,two men went missing4/28/01
10/29/72 15:30MonroevilleALUSACylinder15 secondsFighter jet chasing object in the sky over south Alabama2/14/08
8/25/72 08:30ColdwaterALUSATriangle6 minseen in 1972 and seen later too8/24/10
8/12/72 10:00AuburnALUSACircle5 minutesBright globe appeared suddenly, animals terrified until globe appeared and vanished suddenly in night sky.7/5/19
6/15/72 20:30Union GroveALUSAFormation2 hoursUFOs observed by WWII veteran and multiple Army and National Guard members.2/14/10
1/1/72 20:00HuntsvilleALUSAUnknown2 minutes3 lights, light speed, no sound, 90 degree turn4/16/05
8/1/71 21:00FredoniaALUSAUnknown2 minutesmy wife and I were travling east of fredonia 'when my wife noticed strange lights crossing alarge pasture. i stopped the car and got o8/5/01
5/1/71 19:00CherokeeALUSALight20 minsi was 13 when this event (i am 43 now ). we were returning home from visting friends when i was looking out at the sky. i saw a bright8/5/01
4/5/71 19:00TalladegaALUSADisk5 minutesirridescent disc spinning silently below treetop level at approx. 100yds distance. nothing between us and the object to hamper vision.4/26/99
3/30/70 21:00SlocombALUSACircle2 minutescraft just above the trees moving slowly, silent,circular solid white light. witnessed by 5 of us1/17/04
1/1/70 13:00TelfordALUSAOval50 yearsThey are desperate fighting another factor12/23/20
12/25/69 21:38RogersvilleALUSA90-120 secsingle laser-like red light traced numerous straight-line and angular 'waypoints' in Christmas night sky6/20/11
7/15/69 22:00North Atlantic OceanALUSALight3 minutesRapid zig-zag movementsabd departed in a flash4/9/20
7/1/69 22:15Chambers County (area of Al-Ga line)ALUSACircle05 minutesMUFON/GEORGIA FOLLOW-UP REPORT: Two hovering circles of light(s)/objects4/26/00
11/30/68 21:30Locust ForkALUSALight3 minutesSmaller UFO comes from behind mountain and enters larger one.12/3/04
7/6/68 01:00Thomasville (USAF long range radar facility)ALUSA1 hourAir intercept between UFO and BOMARC missle test firing from Elgin field in Florida. intercept occured over gulf of mexico in 1968 (cla11/19/98
6/30/68 12:00GardendaleALUSADisk5-6 secondsdaylight sighting of flying disk in late 1960s in North Central Alabama7/16/06
6/30/68 09:00HueytownALUSAOval10 minAlmond colored disc four witnesses saw beings in vehicle.3/13/12
6/1/68 19:00GadsdenALUSAOther1 minuteIt was like nothing I had ever seen before.7/29/00
10/15/67 18:00BirminghamALUSAOvalfive minutesdescription of a spaceship spotted over Birmingham Alabama in 1967.7/5/08
6/30/67 22:00New MarketALUSATriangle1 minuteDiscs in V-formation flying over Northern Alabama in the summer of 19678/5/09
6/4/67 20:30DecaturALUSALight2-3 minutesStrange light shivered across sky, stopped overhead, tried to land, stopped, and then took off out of sight in 2 seconds.4/18/12
6/1/67 18:00CordovaALUSADisk20 minvery large craft, siting dead still in mid air ,very low and in broad daylight, could see the seams in the metal6/18/03
10/10/66 20:00Pell CityALUSADisk3 minutesStrobe Lighted disk shape object observed close, at low speeds, and low altitude in Oct 1966 in Pell City Alabama3/19/09
5/15/66 22:00MentoneALUSAEgg10 secondsBoth objects skirted the top of the ridge, keeping equi-distant with each other; traveling very fast.7/25/04
6/30/65 03:00MontgomeryALUSADisktime laspe((HOAX??)3 a.m. 1960's? montgomery ala. disc shape several hours field on fire AFB there --small like child top of tall burning tree11/21/10
5/15/65 14:00GadsdenALUSASphere45 sec. aprox.Blue ball drifted down to within reach, backed away as I reached then shot away after I reached again.1/21/08
8/22/64 18:40FlorenceALUSADisk1 minuteTypical "saucer shaped craft" followed a valley leading to a major hydroelectric plant on the Tennessee River.3/21/03
6/30/62 15:00MontgomeryALUSAOtherTime lapseAlien craft downed by Air Force in field alien in top of burning tree one exiting the craft.12/1/19
6/15/61 12:00HuntsvilleALUSATriangleabout 3-4 minutesThe craft just sat over us, no sound, no lights.6/18/04
6/15/58Florala ?ALUSADisk?Object sighted near Alabama - Florida border12/23/02
8/1/56 23:30BradfordALUSASphere20 secondsmoving sparkling white/ yellowish/orange/flat black sphere paused 20 feet over my head10/10/11
6/5/56ElmoreALUSASphere1 hourMe and my cousins where playing near morter creek, near elmore ,out in woods. A disk shaped sphere came out of sky and it was hover10/7/03
6/25/53 20:00VicksburgALUSAFireball1 secondLooked like a large meteorite ablaze4/9/20
6/15/52 20:00VicksburgALUSALight15 minutesThe object moved in an erratic motion.4/9/20
6/30/51 19:00BirminghamALUSAUnknown3 secondsI was suddenly aware of most of the sky being filled with a white light. No sound. It moved away quickly (one to three seconds) with no10/30/06
8/15/49 22:00Tarrant CityALUSACircleten+ minutesGlowing large orange ball in Alabama sky August, 1949.6/12/08
7/1/49 16:00MarionALUSAFormationUnder 1 minuteGEORGIA UFO GROUP Report/Tom Sheets: Witness Debriefing-Alabama Orbs, 19498/24/04
6/1/39 20:00WaterlooALUSAFireball5 minutes4 high school students see bright, ground-level, slow moving fireball in the late 1930's2/21/14
22:00Town CreekALUSAOther2 secondsVoids in space - energy beam8/27/20
0627/2021 04:47SelmaALUSACircle10 minutesWhite star like dot moving across sky before day light.8/16/21
00:04AlabamaALUSADiamond60 secondsI saw multiple diamond shaped objects whilst on the interstate through Alabama. Was driving alone and the dashcam mysteriously turned o1/31/20