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Date / TimeCityStateCountryShapeDurationSummaryPostedImages
9/26/22 20:14BentonLAUSALightJust over a minuteWatched craft fly silently several thousand feet up. Ball of light stopped then continued10/8/22
8/30/22 01:30HaughtonLAUSALight1 minuteGlowing in the sky witness by several employees9/9/22
8/15/22 08:25Church PointLAUSACylinderTen minutesI was going up a ladder to get a bird feeder and I saw a white long shape and I new it was not a air plane it was a Tic Tac UFO9/9/22
8/13/22 21:48MandevilleLAUSACylinder15 minutesSaw flying objects in the sky10/8/22Yes
8/13/22 21:13LacombeLAUSASphere10 minutesWe watched the sunset at fountainbleu and then we payed in top of our truck looking at the stars and we both noticed these ufo10/8/22Yes
8/12/22 02:07FranklintonLAUSALightOver 30 minutes5 lights in my neighbors field that blinked and spun.9/9/22
8/8/22 00:00GraysonLAUSAChanging2 hours multiple objectsMultiple objects for the 4th night in a row. 12am to 2am9/9/22
8/7/22 12:00GraysonLAUSAOver a 2 hour periodMultiple sightings for 2 hours straight for 3 consecutive nights.9/9/22
8/1/22 02:00OpelousasLAUSAChanging3:02At first like a pulsating star then began darting very fast left to right and pulsating the whole time from bright to dim.9/9/22
7/23/22 23:03folsomLAUSADelta2-4 minutesSaw an object disappear and instantly reappear further away multiple times, got closer and saw that it was a delta with 3 lights.9/9/22
7/23/22 05:35SlidellLAUSACircle45 seconds to one minuteI saw 2 round white orbs flying fast towards the rising sunlight to which they disappeared in the light about a minute long watching t9/9/22
7/22/22 23:00ManyLAUSACylinder30 to 40 secondsSeen a this figure in the sky not moving then slowly faded away.9/9/22Yes
7/4/22 03:00St. GabrielLAUSADeltaAbout 2 minutesDelta shaped Craft with four lights that hovered in the sky for 30 seconds and immediately flew away.9/9/22
6/29/22 21:30DusonLAUSACigar30. Seconds2 crafts traveling together10/8/22Yes
6/22/22 10:40CovingtonLAUSACigar10 secondsLake Pontchartrain causeway6/22/22
6/4/22 15:00LafayetteLAUSAStar30 minutesWalking my dog looked up and saw what I thought was a balloon floating by but as I watched it I noticed it zoomed back and forth.6/22/22Yes
5/15/22 23:07Lake CharlesLAUSAUnknownPic from I- PhoneUnexplainable6/22/22Yes
4/30/22 05:35LafayetteLAUSALight5:45amGlowing big starts/ ufos5/31/22Yes
4/21/22 20:32GretnaLAUSAStararound 5 minutes totalBright ball of light appeared twice. First time was under a minute. Second time for about 10 seconds.4/22/22
2/28/22 05:48ShreveportLAUSATriangleI have seen a bright light in the south east sky early in the mornings .3/4/22
1/23/22 20:41Ville PlatteLAUSATriangleAbout 10 minutesI was just looking at the Stars and I saw a large triangle passing over head going NE and there wasn't any sound3/4/22
1/23/22 05:58New OrleansLAUSAStar10 minutes and ongoingA giant star with a red light which disappeared and reappeared3/4/22
12/25/21 17:30Baton RougeLAUSACigar2 minutesDon’t know what it is3/4/22
12/24/21 17:45SlidellLAUSAOval5-10 secondsMultiple bright ovals flying North & South near Slidell, LA3/4/22
12/22/21 19:30NatchitochesLAUSAStarApproximately 50 secondsSaw a star like object moving from south to north (left to right) and then it disappeared.3/4/22
11/22/21 18:30BentonLAUSALightCraft moving and slightly wiggling left to right traveling in one direction12/19/21
10/20/21 16:15MandevilleLAUSARectangleJust a few seconds5 seconds total?3/4/22
10/12/21 19:00LabadievilleLAUSAOval2 minutesSaw oval or round object. 4 extended pods. Previously saw same object in late 1960's. Had orange lights under the pedestal legs.10/19/21
10/7/21 19:30SlidellLAUSALight>5 secondsI was looking up, in the direction of Sagittarius and suddenly, a stationary star started moving. It traveled SE and disappeared in ju10/19/21
9/21/21 00:00NatchitochesLAUSATriangleEvery nightEvery night I have these that stay above not house. Some hover and some actually fly around with red and green and blue lights flashing10/19/21
9/1/21 19:50MadisonLAUSA5 minutesWatching a lightning storm during Hurricane Ida. A “light being” just appeared in the storm and appeared to be playing/dancing in storm3/4/22Yes
8/12/21 22:05MetairieLAUSASphere4 secondsSpherical Light UFO traveling low, fast, and making quick turns.8/16/21
8/1/21 19:45St. MartinvilleLAUSARectangle2 minutesBright white/silver rectangular object, no visible wings, moving E/NE in south central Louisiana.8/16/21
7/7/21 01:00NatchitochesLAUSACircle4 hoursUfo sightings and Mufon is also investigating.8/16/21
7/2/21 21:40Shell BeachLAUSASphere1 min.Came up out of the water approximately 1000 yards in front of my boat and with two apparent burst appeared to go subsonic up and into t3/4/22
6/25/21 21:30BentonLAUSATriangle2 minutesTriangular shaped craft silently skating/ flying over house and neighborhood8/16/21
6/2/21 21:23RustonLAUSADisk1 hourIt was A clear night on June 2, 2021 approximately 9:23 PM I have a video of a spaceship in the sky and it beckons a round circular lig7/31/21
5/22/21 22:35ShreveportLAUSASphere45sec-1 minSpinning white Star-like orbs over Northwest Shreveport, LA7/31/21
5/22/21 22:08BossierLAUSACircleTen or so minutesUFO over Barksdale…7/31/21
4/5/21 12:05GeismarLAUSAUnknownImage + 17 second video.It's a bit blurry, but if you zoom in, it looks like an oddly shaped metor, but I swear that it had no movement.6/22/22Yes
4/4/21 21:30EuniceLAUSACigar6 secondsIt was seen coming out north north west heading south southwest and then turned and headed East southeast. The craft was bright blu4/23/21
3/27/21 22:00cynthianaLAUSACircle30 minutesmy best friend and i were sitting on the porch i was facing the roof toward the road, we were behind the house, and she was facing the3/31/21
2/12/21 20:00WestwegoLAUSALight1.5 hrsSeeing multiple lights in the distance that were too close for any known aircraft8/16/21
1/1/21 23:00AlexandriaLAUSACircle10 secondsCircle ball of light in middle layer of clouds then shot out of the sky after zooming left then right.6/22/22
12/9/20 19:24BentonLAUSASphere2 minutesTwo to three objects seemingly intelligently operated. Stopped then swelled in size with large flash and streak of light.12/23/20
12/7/20 19:00SlidellLAUSALight2 hoursHere are longitude and latitude 30 18'15" N 89 52'15" w 30 17'39" N 89 52'15"W 30 17'38"N 89 52'23"W12/23/20
12/1/20 20:00Baton RougeLAUSACircleall nightlights, orbs, spaceships, and drones all following me for months12/23/20
11/26/20 00:00PollockLAUSAChanging2 hoursBright orange orb stalking my farm. We have had 4 incidents. It changes shape and colors as well as comes all hours.12/23/20
11/26/20PollockLAUSAChanging2 hoursUpdate with proof and recordings and pics! I was @ 455-515am walking to my deer stand in my back pasture, not paying attention to the12/23/20
11/24/20 05:50GibsonLAUSACigar1 minuteThe object was approximately 1/8 of a mile long and had a line of non blinking lights. The object was filmed the entire duration of the12/23/20
11/24/20 04:45baton rougeLAUSAOther10 15minLong skinny no height crystal glass diamond pattern as long as aircraft carrier ufo floating nosound or lights12/23/20
11/21/20 23:00SeiperLAUSAFormation1 hour?Extremely vivid flashing lights. Seemed to chase us, they would flash in succession, some would be brighter but whatever it was could m12/23/20
11/19/20 21:00ShreveportLAUSAOval4 min1 low flying craft at slow speed. Disappeared around 250 yds from me. Orange orb. Grabbed binoculars and craft was covered in an oran12/23/20
11/18/20 21:30ShreveportLAUSAOval3 secsLooking at the moon, Saturn, and Jupiter with my binoculars a craft moving extremely fast zoomed past my line of sight amd disappeared12/23/20
11/18/20 17:54New OrleansLAUSARectangleUnknownNot focused on the UFO9/9/22Yes
11/17/20 12:00Camp MindenLAUSAUnknown8 minsI been debating should I talk about this topic for a very long time. I been thinking to myself I wonder what the people that saw what I5/20/21
11/12/20 08:10GibsonLAUSADisk5 secondsSilver reflective object that immediately disappears!12/23/20
10/29/20 07:15ThibodauxLAUSAUnknown5 minutesWhile unloading fuel I saw this object either giving of light or reflecting light moving slowly across the sky.12/23/20
10/14/20 20:36AlexandrisLAUSAFlash>1 secondFlash Racing Down Street12/23/20
10/14/20 07:13MetairieLAUSASphere1 minuteWhat seemed to be a morning star dimmed the light and disappeared12/23/20
10/10/20 18:38New OrleansLAUSAUnknownOrb materializingOrb like bubble floating in the sky during the day3/4/22
9/26/20 18:30Ville PlatteLAUSACigar1 minuteWhite cigar shape flying straight with no sound or light emitted.11/5/20
8/25/20 21:52River RidgeLAUSAOval<5 secondsWhile videoing lightning from my porch, I accidentally filmed a UFO/Orb flying over my house at an incredible speed.11/5/20
8/20/20 22:00CovingtonLAUSATriangle15 secondsTriangular metallic object with lights seen hovering over subdivision.8/27/20
8/19/20 23:45KennerLAUSATriangle5-7 minutesBright light in the sky was fall extremely fast and came to a dead stop. The UFO came towards the I-10 slowly and turned on “headlights5/31/22
8/10/20 21:00HaughtonLAUSACircle5 minutes 10 secondsI saw a white light had a red blinking light was moving then stopped then stayed there8/20/20
6/28/20 20:35WalkerLAUSATriangle2 minutesLarge Triangular UFO Spotted Moving Slowly Over Louisiana Town.7/3/20
6/15/20 22:00New OrleansLAUSATriangle10 minutesSmooth white triangle shaped object.6/25/20
6/8/20 03:30FranklintonLAUSATriangle2-3 minutesHovering approximately 100 to 150 foot over the Tchefuncte River on the Parish line a dark Triangle Shape Craft seem to be 1007/23/20
5/21/20 01:00CarencroLAUSAOvalV shaped craft with several flashing lights hovered over my house heading west it was silent moving straight over the trees6/25/20
5/16/20 20:30DutchtownLAUSALight5 minutesStationary red/green object then quick acceleration.6/25/20
4/30/20 00:00ThibodauxLAUSALight514 Objects in a row, one behind each other and watch one by one disappear. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/30/20 20:50Baton RougeLAUSAFormation5 minutesLine of light moving across the sky. ((Starlink satellites?))6/25/20
4/10/20 10:15DubachLAUSALight3 minutesI saw a string of lights in the sky with a bright light pulsing down the line fly from 100ft away to over horizon in seconds.6/25/20
4/6/20 16:30Will try to figure out exact areaLAUSAChanging30 sec from start to fini2 cross shaped objects turned into aerodynamic objects with incapable maneuverabilities. Dissapearance and sudden appearance6/22/22
3/12/20 16:43New IberiaLAUSAFormation2 secondsAlmost invisible, completely silent, and able to fly from one pole to the other at incredible speed.6/25/20
3/5/20 21:30New OrleansLAUSAUnknown3 minutesOrange Fire Like Orbs Flying Across Mississippi River.5/1/20
2/28/20 20:00BastropLAUSASphere20Me and my son first notice an odd light in the sky while coming home from the store. It literally followed us home about 3 miles then s9/7/21
2/22/20 20:00West MonroeLAUSAOval2-3 minutesWitness 10-12 lights in stairstep fashion hovering over west Monroe (good Hope area). After a few minutes the lights faded, but you cou4/9/20
2/16/20 18:00KinderLAUSAOval25 minutesShiny non moving object2/25/20
2/13/20 14:00Alexandria (near)LAUSADisk10 secondsCovered Disk shaped Object on Flatbed with US Army Soldiers Following Closely ((NUFORC Note: Military craft?? PD))2/25/20
2/13/20 02:20HomerLAUSAFireball~2 minutesI was driving to work and notice a light moving in an unusual manner; very fast, and moving in every direction. ((anonymous report))2/25/20
1/28/20 18:35NatchitochesLAUSALight5 minutesOrange/white light in the sky.1/31/20
1/21/20 16:54Baton RougeLAUSACircle10 minutesLarge black “balloon” spotted over Baton Rouge, LA, USA1/31/20
1/7/20 05:50CrowleyLAUSALight10 minutesA dozen bright strars appeared in a straight line over Crowley, La. this morning. (("Starlink" satellites??))2/7/20
1/5/20 18:17ShreveportLAUSAFlash10 minutes7 flashing lights going from the East to the west flashing one after another in a nice formation i was standing on Yuri Drive2/7/20
1/5/20 18:07ShreveportLAUSAFormation30 minutesOn video chat with husband. There were many trucks in the lot, so it is possible it was more than just he and I who saw the lights.2/7/20
1/1/20 02:00Ada TaylorLAUSALightNightly 6 hoursI see lights nightly begining about 6:30 pm. Lights move slow then stop for 10 mins then slowly move west. I loose sight of it around 72/7/20
12/30/19 08:00KellyLAUSAChanging80 secondsI don’t have a fancy story to tell or lots of details. I set my ISS app to record while I did the dishes, like I normally do. I later w2/7/20
12/29/19 00:06MarksvilleLAUSADisk7 secondsMe and my fiance seen 2 grayish saucers high up in the sky flying parallel and in sync with each other. They didn't have any lights or2/7/20
12/25/19 01:40MandevilleLAUSALight30 minutesBright light at 0140 a.m. bobbing in the sky, then darting extreme left, right, then back to neutral - constantly moving.2/7/20
12/19/19 06:00HammondLAUSADisk10 minutes2 spinning ufo's with flashing lights teleporting around and moving southbound12/22/19
12/12/19 05:36RayvilleLAUSALight10-15 mins.50 to 60 white lights streaming from the Nortwestern to Southeastern sky in almost perfect formation. There was a few that was slightly12/19/19
12/11/19 19:00DoylineLAUSARectangle10 minI look across the street and about as high up a a cell tower I saw a group of lights stationary in the was there for about 10 mi12/19/19
12/11/19 18:30KaplanLAUSATriangleapproximately 2 minutesI saw strange blinking lights in the sky and when I got underneath it was a triangle.12/19/19
11/28/19 18:00MetairieLAUSACircle10-15 secondsvery large 3 bright circles, 3 different colors, low in the sky12/19/19
11/24/19 18:00DoylineLAUSADisk2 minHuge disc with a flashing light hovering as far up as a cell tower.12/19/19
11/24/19 02:00WalkerLAUSAOther2 minutesAstrophotographer sees 5 dim orangish lights travel across the sky ((NUFORC Note: "Starlink" satellites? PD))12/1/19
11/16/19 04:38LafayetteLAUSA0.3sI work at an airport, during my morning inspection, I was traveling east , at 290' direction I saw a green / fluorescent light shooting12/1/19
11/12/19 18:32ShreveportLAUSALight1 minute20-25 bright white lights streamed in perfect formation across the sky, ((NUFORC Note: Cluster of "Starlink" satellites. PD))12/1/19
11/12/19 13:55MonroeLAUSAOther5 minutesDark gray silent craft observed traveling at low altitude at slow speed over north Monroe LA at 2:PM 11/12/19.12/1/19
11/9/19 20:00ShreveportLAUSACircle5 minutes3 bright lights circular..was watching something else when 3 citcular bright shapes caught my attention. Thought it was stars..then the12/1/19
10/21/19 19:45WalkerLAUSACircle30 minutesLooking west from porch, ball of flashing lights, stationary long enough to call friends who also saw from 20 miles away from my locati12/1/19
10/12/19 16:00BentonLAUSAOtherdont knowok. How are you or youll. 1st off this really isnt my thing. i myself am very up in the air about what the ufo's may or may not be. thi12/1/19
10/7/19 22:00CamptiLAUSACircle3 minutesBright orange glow what appeared to be a fire ball at first glance but it was hovering for a minute or so then it just got fainter then12/1/19
10/3/19 03:49DeQuincyLAUSAFireball4 secondsI saw a large fireball streak across the sky from west to east north of the Lake Charles area. It streaked quickly giving off a bright10/4/19
10/2/19 22:45Denham SpringsLAUSATriangle4-5 secondsWing shaped grouping of white dots/lights10/4/19
10/2/19 19:15Morgan CityLAUSALight2 minutesthere was a stationary orange light in the eastern sky(stayed there for at least 5 minutes, then it started moving in a westward direct10/4/19
9/29/19 01:00Baton RougeLAUSACigarContinue as of 1:41Green, red and white flashing lights. Visible in the eastern sky. Extremely slow moving upward Almost stationary. No other air10/4/19
9/17/19 06:40GeismarLAUSASphere3 hoursSaw a big white round sphere looking blimp, close to the moon. stood stationary for a couple hrs. ((anonymous report))9/19/19
9/16/19 20:13Baton RougeLAUSAOval2 secondsMy girlfriend and I both witnessed an oval object flash three times and fly extremely rapidly into darkness above the EBR library.9/19/19
9/12/19 20:14WestwegoLAUSALightMultiple lights moving exVideo take multiple heading toward the batonrudge direction. The hole thing lasted about 5 minutes. ((anonymous report))9/19/19
7/31/19 21:00ShreveportLAUSATriangle1 hourWhite / Orange Orbs In Triangle Formation Shreveport, La8/23/19
7/21/19 20:00ReevesLAUSAUnknown2 hoursMy girlfriend and I saw a giant red aura in the sky that we watched for over two hours.10/4/19
7/19/19 23:35LafayetteLAUSAUnknown12 minutes4 crafts/objects in night sky. Each one occupying a particular, navigable direction. Moved in manner that defied physics. Phenomenal.7/25/19
7/19/19 03:23Denham SpringsLAUSAUnknown10 seconds +Object with two lights moving up and down in back yard. ((NUFORC Note: Report retracted by witness. PD))8/23/19
5/31/19 19:00KennerLAUSATriangle20 secondsA triangle object with 2 white lights close together and a red and blue light on each side , near the airport.6/7/19
5/30/19 20:46Gulf of Mexico (Desoto Canyon)LAUSAOther20 secondsLights above the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana Coast6/7/19
5/17/19 19:35PonchatoulaLAUSAOther5 minutesObject looked similar to a large plane,but it looked as though it had two cigar shaped bodies the length of the object. it moved at6/7/19
5/15/19 20:30Mt. HermonLAUSADisk40 minutesMy husband and I left mt hermon headed to amite Louisiana. It was around 830pm. As soon as we got out onto hwy 38 we noticed about 4 di6/7/19
5/13/19 22:11New OrleansLAUSAOther8-9 secondsPoint of light, like a satellite, transiting the sky east to west, made abrupt directional changes that seemed to defy physics.6/7/19
5/12/19 16:00Lake CharlesLAUSAOther10 minutesWas at air show and was in a pic I took of a F-225/14/19
5/12/19 10:37Baton RougeLAUSATriangleThere were lights on the object and the object changed colors. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
5/10/19 10:30Morgan CityLAUSACigar3 minutesIt was Cigar shaped, Fluorescent Orange & Brighter at Both Ends, Positioned Horizontally & Slowly Moving East. It was around lunch t6/7/19
5/8/19 00:00LawtellLAUSAUnknown10Someone just told me a UFO was seen in this area and supposedly on the news. I have no other information. ((anonymous report))5/14/19
4/20/19 03:21CovingtonLAUSACigar10 minsI saw s rectangular object rounded on the ends hovering above the trees3/4/22
4/17/19 22:20GonzalezLAUSATriangle1 minuteThree lights in the shape of a triangle with one red light in the center.4/18/19
3/18/19 19:00KennerLAUSAUnknown15 minutesI saw a craft(s) with a hugh bright light in front and the light wrapped around craft like a semi circle.4/8/19
3/11/19 16:10CovingtonLAUSACigar10 minsI saw s rectangular object rounded on the ends hovering above the trees3/4/22
3/10/19 22:00HarahanLAUSACircle5 minutesGreen fireball ufo gliding across the sky without a trail.3/14/19
2/20/19 22:00LafayetteLAUSADisk35 secondsData Surveillance, Data Manipulation, Gravity Effects3/21/19
2/13/19 05:00SlidellLAUSACircle30 minutesI saw a bright white light at first moving and then just staying in the same spot and moving slightly like it was just hovering there f2/14/19
1/11/19 18:20CovingtonLAUSARectangleI saw a light and what appeared to be a door or opening in the trees.3/4/22
1/1/19 20:00Baton RougeLAUSATriangle5 minThree red stationary orbs. Couldn’t tell if connected to craft. I’d for several minutes until two airplanes and two helicopters came to1/24/19
12/10/18 14:30SulphurLAUSAOval10 secondsOval, shiny object very high in clear sky moving SE to NW. ((anonymous report))12/14/18
11/22/18 21:45Lake CharlesLAUSATriangle10-15 secondsSaw a triangular aircraft that hovered approx. 25 yds above trees with a orb of white light, then the white light went green and left.12/1/19
10/21/18 15:15OpelousasLAUSACylinder20 secondsOblong shape suspended in southern sky to the south and west of Opelousas, Louisiana.10/25/18
10/15/18 20:30AmiteLAUSADisk5 minutesObject seen hovering over a field behind a large church. It was stationary at first. We watched from a stop sign in our car as it hover2/14/19
10/1/18 21:30Taensa ParishLAUSAOther10 minutesI noticed on the horizon Facing E what appeared to be 1 to 3 flashing lights in the sky.10/6/18
9/8/18 00:30New OrleansLAUSACross2 minutesSpooky cross-like object tumbling and moving along very high in the air. perhaps 5000 ft or so and not losing altitude. 5mph winds.9/13/18
7/14/18 21:20LaPlaceLAUSAChevron1 minutePentagonal lights/very large black craft.7/19/18
7/5/18 18:45Baton RougeLAUSADisk5 minutesOutside got dark, I went out to roll up windows when I saw up in the clouds a round silver shinny saucer with a tall dome in the clouds9/13/18
6/8/18 22:12LafayetteLAUSALight20 secondsFirst the space station, then another distinct light crossed it, hesitated and zigzagged opposite it until disappearing.6/15/18
5/26/18 23:00CrowvilleLAUSAOther6 secondsRotating tic-tac shaped object rotating end over end.7/5/18
5/15/18 21:45NorcoLAUSAOther30 secondsSaw large commercial jet not moving, just floating in mid-air.5/31/18
5/5/18 19:45KennerLAUSATriangle4hoursMultiple flying objects Emanating MULTIPLE COLOR LIGHTS (red white green blue) GOLD!4/22/22
4/12/18 05:45Baton RougeLAUSACigar15 secondsHovering, long object with bright green lights quickly shot off into another direction at a high speed. ((anonymous report))4/13/18
4/1/18 09:00MonroeLAUSALight1 minuteI was at Saint Francis hospital in Monroe Louisiana, and was in the parking lot, right the overpass, which several feet away from the h6/7/19
3/26/18 00:15Breaux BridgeLAUSAOther10 secondsBright flashes and something in the sky that quickly dissolved.3/29/18
3/22/18 21:15Baton RougeLAUSAFormation10 minutesWhite lights flying in a string very fast and very high due North. ((anonymous report))3/23/18
3/9/18 17:30GilliamLAUSACigar10-15 minutesLarge object hovering for 15 min before disappearing in daylight have a cellphone video off it3/23/18
2/27/18 03:00KennerLAUSAChanging1 hourI am a star gazer. And every time after dark I'm outside looking up, the stars are directly over my house..been here for 23 years...I k3/2/18
2/17/18 19:55LacombeLAUSAFireball5 minutesAmorphous flaming object flying across the sky2/22/18
1/24/18 05:00ThibodauxLAUSAOther1 hourI spotted two unidentifiable objects hovering stationary in the sky. I estimated them to be around 4-5' k. ((anonymous report))1/25/18
1/23/18 22:40MetairieLAUSAOther~15 minutes2 Orange Rocket like plumes in sky silent & still for 15 minutes.1/25/18
1/23/18 22:00New OrleansLAUSAOther15-20 minutesStrange Beams of Light over New Orleans1/25/18
1/23/18 12:00WestwegoLAUSAOther15 minutesWas observing a weird rainbow color near the sun. Took a few pictures. In two pictures show a black shape in the sky. Others show the r2/16/18
1/23/18 01:45Belle ChasseLAUSACone30 minutes2 flame like streaks stationary in the sky. They look like 2 fire streaks in the sky. One is a little higher than the other.1/25/18
1/15/18 00:00MetairieLAUSAUnknown<5 minutesLoud aircraft heard incredibly close above home.1/15/18
1/10/18 06:45Gulf of MexicoLAUSAUnknown30 minutesMoved left, then right.. then finally up till the sun scued it. Next day (1/11/19) now there are 2 same spot.1/11/19
11/27/17 22:39SlidellLAUSAFireball1.5 hoursBright flashing object, multicolored flames. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))12/4/17
11/23/17 22:00MandevilleLAUSALight15 secondsOrb of light, looked like star but then shot NE like a large shooting star but looked like they hit "light speed" after a sho12/4/17
11/20/17 21:00HoumaLAUSALightAll nightOrange glow and beam. ((anonymous report))11/22/17
11/9/17 22:45Baton RougeLAUSAOther3-5 seconds((HOAX??)) From my left to my right moved a very fast, silent, actual spaceship. ((anonymous report))11/17/17
11/7/17 23:00Baton RougeLAUSARectangle3-5 secondsOmg Star Trek.11/17/17
10/18/17 19:45MetairieLAUSADiskSecondsWhite luminous oblong disk speeding across Old Metairie, LA, sky from West to East, midway horizon.10/19/17
10/17/17 02:00gonzalesLAUSATriangle4 secondslights at each corner were striped following the triangle contour.10/19/17
9/26/17 20:00HackberryLAUSALight14 minutesWe saw a streak of light across a small section in the sky but it didn't dissipate. At the end of the streak we noticed a blinking ligh10/5/17
9/6/17 22:30MauriceLAUSALight2 minutesRed light, moving very fast. ((anonymous reports))9/8/17
7/16/17 16:45KennerLAUSAUnknown1 minuteBelieve I saw the same object again as reported on July 4th. This time it was travelling East to West directly over Lake Pontchartrain7/23/17
7/12/17 19:45LabadievilleLAUSAOval10 minutesOval flying object traveling north to south, seen around three times in the past two years.7/14/17
7/4/17 20:30KennerLAUSAOther1 minutesIt was just after sunset and I was looking at the moon in the SE Sky when I was startled to witness a dark black object with what appea7/7/17
6/12/17 21:10Port BarreLAUSAOval5 minutesTwo bright reddish orange objects hovering over tree line.8/11/17
5/2/17 00:13HoumaLAUSADisk5 minutesOrange steady light.5/6/17
5/1/17 00:15SeminaryLAUSAOval5 minutesVery bright oval light yellowish in color on a very windy, very cloudy night. ((anonymous report))5/6/17
4/23/17 22:20IotaLAUSALight20 minutesIt was a very bright object, about 30 degrees above the horizon, flashing red, white, green, and I'm not sure, but I thought blue.4/28/17
4/20/17 21:00ThibodauxLAUSAOval30-45 minutesFlashing lights of different colors. Appeared to hover, moving up and down. Hard to get pic or film w/ cellphone. ((anonymous report))4/28/17
4/17/17 22:30SlidellLAUSACircle>10 minutesBright twinkling lights in the sky over Slidell, LA.4/20/17
4/11/17 20:24New OrleansLAUSAFlash10 secondsIt was flahing moving fast. At first I thought it was a airplane. But then it was moving fast n then it would slow down. It had to many4/13/17
4/7/17 11:50HammondLAUSADisk15 secondsLooked to be a thin light colored object with a dome shape on top. It appeared to be stationary. ((anonymous report))4/13/17
4/7/17 05:50New IberiaLAUSASphere1 hourLarge glowing orb like craft over New Iberia. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a sighting of Venus. PD))6/9/17
3/21/17 19:00New Orleans (80 mi. SE of; Gulf of Mexico)LAUSAOval40 secondsUFO Gulf Of Mexico 80 miles southeast of New Orleans. ((NUFORC Note: Report from ship's officer. PD))3/23/17
3/19/17 20:30MetairieLAUSALight30 secondsApparent star changes color and moves then winks out.3/23/17
3/18/17 21:45WashingtonLAUSATeardrop20 minutes((HOAX??))Headed due N then returned headed E about 2 mi and headed N then disappeared. No audible engine noise. ((anonymous report))3/23/17
3/17/17 21:30MandevilleLAUSASphere6 secondsTwo orange orb/spheres witnessed separately, an hour apart, by two family members.3/23/17
3/15/17 20:00Grand IsleLAUSALight1 minuteRed circular lights in the sky over the Gulf of Mexico.4/7/17
3/6/17 18:45WalkerLAUSATriangle2-3 minutesMy daughter and I were coming home from my son's baseball game and as we crossed the overpass heading into town we noticed 3 lights in3/10/17
2/11/17 19:09AmiteLAUSACircle25 min.Twenty one orange red objects observed over a period of 20 minutes traveling due north.3/10/17
2/3/17 21:30WalkerLAUSAOtherstill presentRed and green light craft over Walker, Louisiana for several days now. ((NUFORC Note: Venus? PD))2/10/17
1/27/17 22:00RagleyLAUSACrossSeveral secondsCross Shaped object. ((anonymous report))2/3/17
1/26/17 18:00KennerLAUSALightnight skyBright light in the sky with green and red lights next to it. rotating clockwise in one spot. ((anonymous report))1/26/17
1/19/17 21:25FranklintonLAUSATriangle5 minutes2 red lights with lights projected upward to make a triangular shape. Was positioned in the sky at top of trees. ((anonymous report))1/26/17
1/14/17 19:00Lake CharlesLAUSAFormation3 minutes3 orange lights in the Lake Charles, LA, sky.1/19/17
12/29/16 20:00PattersonLAUSACircle10 minutesIt was 8:00 looked up at sky seen bright white circle with green light hovering their for a few minute. ((anonymous report))12/30/16
12/21/16 07:15HarrisonburgLAUSACircle7:40My friend was sitting outside and yelled to everyone to come outside and hurry all five of us got up to see what was going on when we l12/30/16
12/11/16 16:00IndependenceLAUSALight1 hourLight over sky in Louisiana and blinked red 3 times on top when a plane flew near12/15/16
12/6/16 18:00NairnLAUSAFormation5-10 minutesOrange orbs.12/15/16
11/27/16 03:20Lake CharlesLAUSALight1 secondsWas at bridge and green oval orb shot pass me above then disappeared.12/5/16
11/5/16 23:20PattersonLAUSATriangle3 minutesI went outside to smoke a cigarette about 11:20 PM. I looked up towards the western sky and saw what at first appeared to be a airplane12/5/16
10/29/16 19:40Lake CharlesLAUSADisk20 minutesBright White light in sky semi sphere changed shape to vertical and seemed to rotate. ((anonymous report))11/11/16
10/24/16 22:00ChalmetteLAUSATriangle3 minutesTriangular shaped orange light in the sky that glided through the air sometimes stopping then disappeared within secs. ((anon. rept.))10/27/16
10/15/16 20:15AnacocoLAUSAFireball3 minutesThree fiery orbs observed10/21/16
10/8/16 12:54SlidellLAUSARectangle2 minutesInvisible ufo and could see the outline of it10/11/16
10/1/16 22:00CentralLAUSAFireball30 minutesFlying fireball10/11/16
10/1/16 22:00KennerLAUSACircle3 minutesGroup of shape forming lighted objects in sky10/11/16
10/1/16 05:30KennerLAUSACircle4 minutesI saw 9 objects flying in the sky,they were changing shapes and then they disappear in the sky. ((anonymous report))10/13/16
9/29/16 00:00Lake CharlesLAUSAOval3 hoursWe saw flashing objects in the sky having an oval shape and also one with other flashing lights forming a triangle.9/30/16
9/26/16 20:00NapoleonvilleLAUSATriangle15 minutesLarge triangular object with blue/white, green and orange lights9/30/16
9/3/16 23:25MadisonvilleLAUSA3 minutesJust saw fiery orange shape go slowly across the sky in my back yard. @~11:25 in Madisonville, LA. ((anonymous report))9/9/16
8/17/16 22:50OpelousasLAUSACircle20 minutesMulti-colored flashing lights over Louisiana.8/19/16
8/3/16 21:00AmiteLAUSALight2 minutesI felt very nauseated and anxious after the sighting with my witness. ((anonymous report))8/4/16
7/30/16 21:45New OrleansLAUSALight4 minutesSaw approximately 15 orange lights in a line, spaced out 10,15 seconds apart fly up from across the Mississippi river. Too slow to be p8/2/16
7/24/16 22:00FranklintonLAUSAUnknown20 minutesI was watching the RNC on tv when I heard a loud humming noise. I listened as it got louder and louder. It got so loud that I couldn't8/2/16
7/23/16 18:05Lake CharlesLAUSASphere20 minutesFast moving planet or other celestial object? Read and personally view yourself at earlier times8/2/16
7/11/16 21:11LafayetteLAUSASphere1 minuteMe and three other people saw what looked to be circular balls of light flying in sequence one after another. They were a fire-like ora7/15/16
7/7/16 21:30ZacharyLAUSACircle5 to 7 minsAs my husband prepared for work and was leaving he called my name with a since of urgency! I rushed outside and was amazed at what I s7/15/16
7/4/16 21:30Lake CharlesLAUSASphere1 minuteorange-red dim orb that flies fast.7/8/16
6/17/16 21:30New OrleansLAUSACircle5 secondsOrange globe shot out the top of the cloud.6/24/16
6/11/16 19:08LafayetteLAUSACigar2 minutesA cigar-shaped craft w/ a highly reflective surface heading south then southeast.6/16/16
6/8/16 04:15IndependenceLAUSALight20 minutesBright light in NW night sky that changed color and locations ( and in number) rapidly before zooming away…6/10/16
5/9/16 19:25SlidellLAUSA25-30 minutesSonic boom followed by unseen high altitude jet planes circling New Orleans and Gulf of Mexico.5/10/16
5/8/16 21:00KennerLAUSAUnknown1 minuteLarge white light changing shapes.5/10/16
5/8/16 01:00New OrleansLAUSALight15 minutes7 lights flying in formation, changing positions, and angles of flight.5/10/16
5/7/16 14:00ShreveportLAUSAChanging1 minuteMultiple, moving lights, changing from super bright to shiny silver5/20/16
5/7/16 05:00ShreveportLAUSARectangleRectangle object vertical with white lights and red on ends5/10/16
4/26/16 23:11New OrleansLAUSATriangle20-30 seconds3 Flashing White Lights and 1 Flashing Red Light in Triangular Formation - West Riverside ((anonymous))4/29/16
4/26/16 23:11New OrleansLAUSATriangle20-30 seconds*Addendum to West Riverside 3 White flashing Lights and 1 Red Flashing Light Triangle Pattern. ((anonymous))4/29/16
4/9/16 21:20Krotz SpringsLAUSALight2-4 minutesStationary White light changing from steady burn to strobe(rapid multiple) flashing to normal (single slow) flashing behind clouds.4/15/16
3/22/16 00:00PlachevilleLAUSARectangle2 hours +Last night from around 11 pm till 2 am was walking dog outside in my yard.heard a buzzing,vibrating noise. looked up to the west and3/24/16
3/19/16 21:00LafayetteLAUSAOval1 hourAs stated above. No movement just all that I saw. Perhaps someone else saw this.3/24/16
3/12/16 18:45Lake CharlesLAUSACircle5 minutesDark round object seen in western sky over airport.3/18/16
2/19/16 09:00MadisonvilleLAUSALight10 minutesWas on Tchefuncte River and three orange lights with one red blinking in formation but got over town you can see the silhouette of one2/26/16
2/19/16 05:04Forest HillLAUSALight~15 minutesMy husband and I finally had a night to ourselves while the kids were at their grandparent's house.12/5/16
2/13/16 20:30ThibodauxLAUSALight10 minutes10 red lighted craft moving at low altitude across the sky above Thibodaux, LA2/19/16
2/9/16 22:00AlexandriaLAUSAFireball3 secondsBurning ball of fire.2/11/16
1/29/16 23:00LafayetteLAUSAChevron1 minuteLarge grey, chevron-like, rows of lights underneath. Jan. 29, 2016, Lafayette, LA2/4/16
1/29/16 14:24New OrleansLAUSACircle02 minutesObject in the clear blue sky2/11/16
1/13/16 18:27MetairieLAUSALight3-5 secondsI was walking on Meadowdale St. by St. Ann's church when I saw a bright white light move in an arc across the sky w/ a dimmer white.1/14/16
1/12/16 22:30Lafayette (14 mi. E of)LAUSAOther~1 minuteHalf V-formation lights with plan not far behind.1/14/16
1/11/16 18:30NatchitochesLAUSALight15-20 minutesTraveling north on interstate 49 in Louisiana between Nacogdoches Louisiana and Shreveport I witnessed to bluish green objects lights1/14/16
12/27/15 18:20Baton RougeLAUSAFormation3 minutesIt was around 6:20 PM in the evening. I was outside with my parents and we were loading a washing machine for a family member.1/5/16
12/17/15 19:50Baton RougeLAUSACircle1 minute4 disks with red glow seen over LSU going due west on 12/17 at 7:3012/21/15
12/16/15PinevilleLAUSACircle((HOAX??)) I saw a circular object that had white and red lights in my backyard over the trees it was so scary I ran.12/17/15
11/21/15 21:30HaughtonLAUSAOvalAround the woodsOval shaped with bright lights drop from sky stops about tree height goes up a little then dissapereres11/26/15
11/14/15 10:23New OrleansLAUSAOther1 photoLarge dark gray dolphin-shaped object in the air found in a photograph, but was not seen or heard. ((NUFORC Note: Pigeon. PD))2/11/16
11/14/15 01:30PlaquemineLAUSATriangle1.5 hoursOrange ball flew across the sky.. Thought it was a shooting star. Kept looking then two more came from another direction. They were a11/19/15
11/9/15 03:00AlexandriaLAUSAFormation40 secondsI was standing outside looking at the stars because all of the lights were out all over the city...As I was looking up I noticed a line11/19/15
11/8/15 23:00Abita SpringsLAUSALight10 secondsThis is the second time I have seen floating blue lights in my neighborhood at night and can't figure out what they are.11/19/15
10/16/15 18:00Pierre PartLAUSACircle1 hourCircular red and green and white flashing lights.10/29/15
10/11/15 23:15HammondLAUSAFireball2 secondsComing from the south east moving toward the east I saw a bright flash of a green light almost arcing in the sky then cut out. By the10/16/15
10/3/15 02:00Baton RougeLAUSAChanging1 hourStationary but too low for a star and changed shape continually. ((NUFORC Note: Probably Venus. PD))10/9/15
10/2/15 20:37LogansportLAUSAOther1030 star like objects across clear night sky, incredible, once in a lifetime!10/9/15
9/19/15 20:00LafayetteLAUSAUnknown4 minutesStanding in the shopping mall at the intersection of Johnston St. and Ambassador Caffrey at 8 PM, saw pulsing or blinking lights high a9/25/15
9/19/15 20:00ShreveportLAUSAUnknown10 secondsCraft with 2 large colorful light like orbs. changing from array of different colors as it flew by at an incredibly fast speed9/25/15
9/13/15 17:45ShreveportLAUSATeardrop20 secondsGrey teardrop shaped craft spotted above I-49.9/17/15
9/9/15 21:50MandevilleLAUSACircle4-5 minutesRound object producing multicolored lights all around.9/17/15
9/8/15 22:00PonchatoulaLAUSACircle2 secondsLarge fireball traveling to the ESE at 22:00 on September 8 in Southeast Louisiana9/11/15
8/28/15 22:40Baton RougeLAUSAFireball2 minutesNeon-orange orb light, slowly floating across the sky, until disappearing.9/2/15
8/19/15 21:19MetairieLAUSALight1 minuteWatched high-altitude plane follow a bright ball of light SE across the sky.8/27/15
8/15/15 21:30ShreveportLAUSAOval10 minutesI was walking across the street and looked up and saw a solid red and green disc shaped object approx.1 mile high slightly east of my p8/27/15
8/8/15 10:00New OrleansLAUSACircle20 minutesDaytime contact with an UFO.12/10/15
8/7/15 22:35MetairieLAUSAUnknown20 minutesI do not know how to use cut and paste so I hope this gets through anyway because it is the only way I can do it. I left a brief messag8/27/15
8/2/15 22:00New OrleansLAUSACircle10 minutesTwo circular lights shoot across the might sky.8/6/15
8/1/15 22:10GonzalesLAUSALight40 secondsWalking after dinner and looking to big moon in clear sky, all of sudden a very fast white light appeared in sky.8/6/15
7/24/15 14:00ManyLAUSACigar5 minutesWhite cigar shaped object with one pointed end seen in the early afternoon.7/31/15
7/22/15 22:00Lake CharlesLAUSATriangle3 minutesWhile traveling on I-10, we saw three lights, two white and one red, hovering about the highway.7/23/15
7/17/15 22:54ThibodauxLAUSALight5 secondsI was outside in a very remote area and a bright light about as bright as Venus or the International Space Station caught my eye. I wat7/23/15
7/11/15 23:30GaryvilleLAUSAFormation3 minutesI witness a swarm of orange flickering orbs rising fron the ground into the sky doing some type of dance.7/17/15
7/11/15 22:00WinnfieldLAUSAUnknown8 minutesMy 6-year old son and I walked outside to the car, and he says, "Mom, look at that, it doesn't look like a plane."7/17/15
7/2/15 23:43WalkerLAUSADisk2+ minutesDriving south on hwy 447 bright orange saucer type object right above springfield subdivision, no sound ,hoovered 2 minutes at about 307/6/15
7/1/15 19:00CalhounLAUSAFormationI took a picture of sunset while driving. Was looking at picture and noticed a round light. ((NUFORC Note: Lens flare. PD))7/3/15
7/1/15 04:50KennerLAUSALight20 minutesNoticed bright light with what looked like several pulsating red lights. Stayed stationary for a long time then drifted across sky.7/3/15
6/29/15 01:00PattersonLAUSARectangle2-3 minutesSaw a rectangle obj. with fire on each end and smoking moving from SE to NW...appeared to about the size of a bed on a pickup truck.7/3/15
6/18/15 04:30Baton RougeLAUSAUnknown30-45 minutesWhite lights.6/19/15
6/12/15 03:45New OrleansLAUSALight2 secondsCobalt blue light.6/15/15
6/11/15 21:15Lake CharlesLAUSALight15 secondsI thought at first was a meteor, then realized it had no tail and was not burning.6/15/15
6/6/15 19:30MetairieLAUSALight2 minutesMy two year old and I were swimming in the pool. It was partly cloudy. We were floating and looking straight up in the sky. I saw what6/15/15
6/1/15 18:00PinevilleLAUSASphere5 secondsSilver sphere shimmers into focus for about five seconds before disappearing.11/12/15
5/27/15 22:15ShreveportLAUSATriangle00:05Flying Triangle craft observed over Shreveport, Louisiana, on night of 27 May 2015.5/29/15
5/26/15 21:00Denham SpringsLAUSALight1 minuteUnlike anything I've seen in the night sky before.5/29/15
5/9/15 18:30MetairieLAUSAFlash2 minutesWe were driving across the Causeway and saw bright white oval flashes in the sky to the L of the sun no thunder/lighting, blue skies.5/13/15
5/1/15 23:23ShreveportLAUSAFireball1 secondFireball sighting approximately NNW from gator drive and youree drive.5/8/15
4/23/15 08:30LafayetteLAUSAUnknown10 minutesOne night around 8:30 I stepped out on balcony for a quick smoke. After lighting my cigarette I looked and approximately less than a qu5/20/21
4/16/15 21:30GlenmoraLAUSATriangle15-20 minutesMultiple unidentified aircrafts sighted in small town.4/17/15
4/16/15 20:11GlenmoraLAUSAUnknown~20 minutesLast night, we saw in increments of 2 a vehicles that had one plane that was escorting another.4/17/15
4/2/15 20:00KennerLAUSACircle65 secondsLooking SOUTHEAST towards the moon, I noticed a few stars in the sky. A bright circular object, similar to a star, was stationary in t4/3/15
3/31/15 20:10CovingtonLAUSADisk1 minuteDisc shaped object with a red light in the middle and a green flashing light on each side. It was about 300 ft above tree line. It was4/3/15
3/31/15 19:15RustonLAUSACigar1 minuteCigar shaped chiseled front and satellite-looking UFO.4/3/15
3/23/15 20:20Lake CharlesLAUSAFormation3-5 minutesMarch 23, 2015 I was looking out my back door about 8:20PM and I saw about 10 orange lights in the west southwest sky approximately 33/26/15
3/6/15 02:21New OrleansLAUSALight30 secondsBlue/green streak over NOLA.3/6/15
3/4/15 17:15PinevilleLAUSALight2-3 minutesBright white light traveling beside a military transport.3/6/15
2/24/15 17:40Baton RougeLAUSATriangle4 minutesI was driving home from work and saw something in the sky at first I thought it was a plane and when I got closer the red lights were i3/6/15
2/11/15 19:15WalkerLAUSATriangle10 minutesBlack triangular craft, Walker, Louisiana.2/20/15
2/6/15 19:15New OrleansLAUSAFireball5 minutesBright, red UFO drops a white object which is intercepted by another small, white UFO.2/12/15
1/30/15 20:00WalkerLAUSATriangle30 minutesTriangle shaped craft with bright white lights along the edges and blue and red lights at corners dark black in center , was stationar2/6/15
1/17/15 21:00Baton RougeLAUSALight2 nights (16th)Multiple orange lights on 17th, one blue/purple on 16th, Baton Rouge, Highland/Jefferson.1/26/15
1/17/15 16:45Baton RougeLAUSAOther10 minutesStanding out side with son when I noted a square ish object going across sky line just above trees dun was hitting one side and reflect1/26/15
1/16/15 19:30LafayetteLAUSAUnknown5 minutesRed, green and white lights flew in, hovered, reversed course to depart. Not airplane or helicopter1/26/15
1/16/15 18:00MetairieLAUSALight3-5 secondsWhite star-like pinpoint of light was there and then suddenly vanished. The light did not move. It is a clear night and I am certain it1/20/16
1/1/15 00:12MandevilleLAUSASphere20 secondsSpherical shape object flying silently at approximately 400 knots over Mandeville, LA, at an approximate altitude of 15,000 ft agl.1/7/15
12/24/14 20:17LafayetteLAUSAFireball2 minutesTwelve orange/red orbs glided across the sky of Lafayette, LA on Christmas Eve1/7/15
12/13/14 19:00South AbbevilleLAUSALight1 minuteSeen a large ball off light zig zagging Like it was crashing then shot westward.12/18/14
12/11/14 23:25KennerLAUSAChevron~1 minuteStrange, chevron-shaped, ufo moving east to west over Kenner.12/12/14
12/9/14 18:20SulphurLAUSACircle8 minutesIt look like it was try to say or do.something but it wanted my attention.12/12/14
11/27/14 05:45Denham SpringsLAUSACone30 secondsThree bright red objects moving across the evening sky.12/5/14
11/26/14 08:00JenningsLAUSAOther10 secondsI saw would be a hole in the sky that closed in on itself and disappeared.7/12/19
11/23/14 16:00SpringfieldLAUSACigar2 minutesSaw weird cigar-like shape in sky in daylight.11/26/14
11/20/14 21:30Baton RougeLAUSALight10 minutesAt least 20 bright orange/gold lights moving across the sky in Baton Rouge.11/26/14
11/19/14 17:00Baton RougeLAUSACircle10-20 secondsOrange light in sky over Baton Rouge.11/21/14
11/11/14 22:30FranklinLAUSAOther3 minutesObject with about 6 green circular lights with a centered red light above.11/14/14
11/8/14 20:00RustonLAUSALight5 minutesFifteen bright yellow to orange lights in the sky not moving and when I took a picture they diappeared to the South.11/14/14
11/6/14 19:00SulphurLAUSASphere5 secondsA friend and I were returning from Lake Charles, Louisiana, to Sulphur when I spotted a green sphere falling from the sky doubted mys11/14/14
11/5/14 02:45ZacharyLAUSATriangle10 minutes5 perfectly Sequential Yellowish Flashing Lights in a Large Triangle with Loud Rumbling Sound Moving in Unison to Northwest in Baton Ro11/6/14
11/4/14 00:20GonzalasLAUSATriangle20 minutesBlack triangular with white light in center seen hovering above trees while driving home11/6/14
10/25/14 18:30New OrleansLAUSATeardrop10-15 minutesTrail of fire in the sky extinguishes itself to reveal tear shaped craft hovering before rapid acceleration11/6/14
10/24/14 20:30LeesvilleLAUSAFlash6 secondsFlash bright white light at low flying distance pass in middle of a solitary road.11/6/14
10/24/14 20:00BurasLAUSAUnknown2 minutesCreepy lights.11/6/14
10/24/14 01:18Baton RougeLAUSACigar1+ hourA stationary, upright cigar shaped object with multiple lights flashing in quick succession.11/6/14
10/19/14 22:30franklintonLAUSASphere5 minutesIt was a brite red orib it move quickly south11/6/14
10/16/14 22:53WestlakeLAUSACircle10 secondsCircular looking craft with bright blue light that changed to white as it looked like it was landing behind the trees.11/6/14
10/16/14 20:00FranklinLAUSAFormation5 minutesLights of large object over Franklin, Louisiana.11/6/14
10/16/14 19:34Cut OffLAUSAOther3 minutesI saw two red dots going in a slant direction.11/6/14
10/8/14 04:45HammondLAUSAFireball3 secondsSighting during the blood moon.11/6/14
10/3/14 10:30Mount HermonLAUSASphere1 minuteThis is not the first "ufo" seen lately they appear then disappear. It was silver then red and shot off to fast for a plane.11/6/14
10/3/14 01:00YoungsvilleLAUSADisk30 secondsThey moved back and forth up and down right and left then landed behind the trees10/10/14
9/24/14 19:25SlidellLAUSATriangle2 minutesVivid white triangle cluster of lights in sky.9/25/14
9/23/14 23:30LafayetteLAUSALight30-40 secondsTwo pale red lights one sitting right next to the other, appeared, hovered and moved across the sky.9/25/14
9/22/14 23:00HoumaLAUSACircle:45Orange sphere looking object over Houma.9/25/14
9/22/14 17:00FlorienLAUSATeardrop1 minuteMetallic teardrop shaped.9/25/14
9/21/14 04:00Pearl RiverLAUSAChanging2 hoursStrange bright blue object moving erratically through night sky!!9/25/14
9/20/14 19:30Plain DealingLAUSACigar1 minuteNothing that I have ever seen the like of or can explain. I have given the best description I could.9/25/14
9/17/14 20:40MarksvilleLAUSAUnknown15 minutesFleet of 30+ ufo's!!!!!!9/18/14
9/17/14 20:00St. FrancisvilleLAUSAOther1 hour4 aircraft machines with 5 large, round, blue lights flying just above the trees.9/18/14
9/13/14 20:30HoumaLAUSAFormation15 minutesNumerous red lights in sky over Houma.9/18/14
9/7/14 22:20PrairievilleLAUSATriangle30 secondsHovering triangular UFO, appeared glowing white with two beams of light9/10/14
8/30/14 17:00HoumaLAUSACircle5 minutesThese 2 objects were flying together, one had a light of white, the other yellow. Going in and out of the funnel clouds.8/31/14
8/29/14 21:30Breaux BridgeLAUSALight2 secondsVery fast and bright,fighter jet flying high speed close by.8/31/14
8/29/14 17:40MetairieLAUSACircle5 minutesSilver saucer with red light on top and green light on bottom.11/6/14
8/29/14 05:00Louisiana (unspecified location)LAUSALight15-20 minutesLight shine through the windowed door; everything went off in the house, twice.9/5/14
8/19/14 23:15Bossier CityLAUSAUnknown30 secondsSaw a craft traveling from SSW-ENE, traveling at least Mach 1, no sound, had a bluish glow around it with a few white lights on rear. V8/22/14
8/19/14 21:20Baton RougeLAUSALight10 secondsBright light over Amite River @ Bayou Manchac.8/22/14
8/16/14 19:40HoumaLAUSAFireballReddish orange lights in sky; 18 of them change to white and disappear.8/22/14
8/15/14 20:45New OrleansLAUSAFireball2 minutesThree orange lights seen over Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans, La.8/22/14
8/15/14 05:50CovingtonLAUSATriangle5 minutesBlack triangle with white lite at each point with a red light in the center. Slow moving just above tree line then morphing.1/26/15
8/12/14 23:00PattersonLAUSAFireball5 secondsFireball seen flying towards earth.11/6/14
8/9/14 02:00Breaux BridgeLAUSALight~3 hoursTwo red and white blinking lights that stayed still in the night sky.8/15/14
8/9/14 00:30MetairieLAUSAOther15 minutesMy childhood friend and I witnessed a strange aircraft flying low above Metairie not in accordance with airspace regulation.8/15/14
8/7/14 21:45Shreveport (Arcadia)LAUSALight2+ hoursI observed an aircraft looking object moving from W to E. It has bright lights that move in a zig zag, up and down, and around.8/8/14
8/3/14 21:15GallianoLAUSALight15 minutesAt 9:15pm on August 3rd,2014 my fiancé' and I witnessed 3 large red circular lights in approx. 5 minute intervals pass over Galliano.8/8/14
8/2/14 23:00SlidellLAUSADisk5 secondsOn 8-2-2014, I was bringing my girlfriend home as I usually do at around 22:30 or 23:00. As we made out way down her street, we witness8/8/14
7/28/14 22:00New OrleansLAUSAUnknown1 minuteViolet light seen zig-zagging quickly across night sky.8/1/14
7/27/14 20:56New OrleansLAUSALightApproximately 30 lights over the city of New Orleans for a brief moment and then, in an instance, all of them shot north into the sky l8/1/14
7/22/14 21:20Baton RougeLAUSADisk20-30 secondsTwo large disk followed by Apache helicopter with no markings7/26/14
7/22/14 19:10Saint AmantLAUSASphere10 secondsExtremely bright/reflective object very high in the evening sky, stationary.8/1/14
7/20/14 20:00Pleasant HillLAUSALight~15 minutes3 White lights looked like star moving 3-5 mins apart in sky over Pleasant Hill, LA7/26/14
7/14/14 13:00ShreveportLAUSADiskSeveral secondsA saucer shaped craft was spotted in the sky in broad daylight, moving slowly horizontally, then quickly shooing up and disappearing.7/20/14
7/14/14ShreveportLAUSACircle6 minutesQuick moving circle of light in downtown Shreveport. Moved in a zig-zag motion.7/20/14
7/12/14 22:00New OrleansLAUSALight3-5 secondsExtremely fast object across New Orleans sky7/20/14
7/12/14 21:30Lake CharlesLAUSACircle1 minuteBlue and Yellow Lights.7/20/14
7/12/14 21:25New OrleansLAUSAUnknown2 secondsA bright bluish white object shot downward over New Orleans.7/20/14
7/12/14 21:18Port BerreLAUSATriangle8 secondsCame out of nowhere like a shooting star but traveled accross the sky super fast with a neon white trail behind it about 30 times.7/20/14
7/12/14 21:10Bossier CityLAUSADisk3 secondsMach + silent object, bluish glow surrounding an object with two steady white lights.7/20/14
7/12/14 21:00BentonLAUSAUnknownSecondsA light streaked across the sky fast from east to west.8/22/14
7/12/14 21:00CameronLAUSAFireball1 minuteUfo?7/20/14
7/12/14 20:20LafayetteLAUSALight3 secondsBrightest fastest thing I have ever seen in the sky, around Lafayette, LA, area.7/26/14
7/11/14 22:00Baton RougeLAUSALight20 secondsI was sitting outside in the yard and i spotted a bright light in the sky, and the light appeared to be very low to the ground. It was7/20/14
7/6/14 12:50LafayetteLAUSACircle1 minuteSmall dark object moving slowly flashing bright blue light every few seconds.7/11/14
7/4/14 21:00Denham SpringsLAUSAUnknown3 minutesObject with three red lights, lights turned off as it ascended to treeline.7/11/14
7/2/14 19:30Lake CharlesLAUSAOther1 minuteMetal, hot air balloon shape with red light at bottom.7/4/14
6/29/14 02:00New OrleansLAUSAUnknown20+ minutesLarge pulsating (5sec) white light in sky above New Orleans for 20+ min.7/4/14
6/27/14 21:00ShreveportLAUSACircle6:00Objects with red blinking lights n no sound n dog goes crazy.7/4/14
6/24/14 21:00Lake CharlesLAUSAFormation90 secondsDriving over the 210 bridge, witnessed lights over Prien Lake in flying orderly from the park across the lake hanging lights of7/26/14
6/18/14 22:00NarianLAUSALightOrange lights moving close and moving apart from each other.6/20/14
6/13/14 15:00LafayetteLAUSAOval7 secondsFalling red ufo over Lafayette, Louisiana.6/20/14
5/30/14 21:00LafayetteLAUSA2 hoursBlue, green red pulsating light in the NE sky above lafayette airport for 2 hours, then disappeared. ((NUFORC Note: Star? PD))6/4/14
5/24/14 00:43Plain DealingLAUSATriangle5 minutesWatching meteor shower; light cloud cover obstructed view; then behind me and above clouds three circular white lights in triangle.6/4/14
5/23/14 19:37YoungsvilleLAUSATriangle4-5 minutesViewed 3 reds lights in perfect and even spaced triangular formation in northern sky; no noise!6/4/14
5/21/14 04:00West Monroe/CadevilleLAUSADiamond7 minutes8 crafts in diamond form descending then shoot away in opposite direction.6/4/14
5/18/14 02:00HoldenLAUSALightStanding outsideA round ball of green yellow light appeared about a football field in length above the tree line and shot stright down into the trees a6/4/14
5/17/14 09:15PattersonLAUSALightTwo orange lights.6/4/14
5/10/14 23:25CovingtonLAUSASphere3 minutesOrange balls in the sky over Louisiana6/4/14
5/6/14 22:15ShreveportLAUSAOther10 secondsBoomerang object spotted5/8/14
5/2/14 11:00ShreveportLAUSAOther3 foreign objects hovering over downtown Shreveport.6/4/14
4/27/14 00:00RacelandLAUSATriangle15 minutesBlack triangular figure.6/4/14
4/27/14 22:00Moss BluffLAUSALight5 secondsRed blinking light then short beam scanning surroundings.5/2/14
4/27/14 01:50SlidellLAUSAOther2 hoursStrange objects in night sky which appear to be distant stars.6/4/14
4/20/14 22:00KennerLAUSALight7 blinking lights spotted.4/24/14
4/20/14 00:00ShreveportLAUSADiskOngoingMy family witnessed three craft shaped like a saucer with a bright light on the top and bottom that glowed bright white.4/24/14
4/18/14 21:00MonroeLAUSASphere15 minutesTwo oranges spheres traveling in a single path. There was no noise. The spheres remained the exact distance apart while traveling on4/24/14
4/6/14 23:00Marreo/LafitteLAUSAOval~1 minuteAlot of activity has been happening around here.4/11/14
3/31/14 01:00AbbevilleLAUSACigar3 secondsComing home late last night into my apartment complex and my cousin and i saw a cigar shaped light flying fown wards and there was brig4/4/14
3/20/14 23:00ThibodauxLAUSA2 minutesBright orange light slowly fades then turns into 3 red lights forming corners of a triangle flying fast overhead from south to north.3/21/14
3/20/14 19:00PattersonLAUSAOther3 minutesA single craft of unique shape moving very fast, no sound or vapor trail, very high, towards open waters of the Gulf of Mexico.4/4/14
3/16/14 07:00ShreveportLAUSAFlash<5 secondsSome type of craft of light speed.3/18/14
3/7/14 18:50HoumaLAUSASphere3 minutesI saw an flickering orange-red sphere in the sky moving in different directions.3/18/14
3/2/14 17:00Golden MeadowLAUSAOval40-50 secondsTraveling From Fourchon north on LA1 Bridge. Bright Silver/Chrome object flying through sky vanishes.3/18/14
2/21/14 22:20New OrleansLAUSATriangle5 secondsVery clear night. On back porch looking at stars which is rare for New Orleans.2/27/14
2/9/14 20:15MandevilleLAUSALight2 minutesStrange moving light over Mandeville.2/14/14
2/7/14 19:00HoumaLAUSACircle20 secondsMy mom, brother and I walked outside to sit on the porch. looking up in the sky we saw a light shaped like a circle. As i pulled my pho2/21/14
2/5/14 12:52SlidellLAUSACircle45 secondsGreyish silver object over Slidell,LA2/7/14
1/31/14 22:30Denham SpringsLAUSALight3-4 secondsGlowing green light appeared for a few seconds over interstate 12 glided downward and disappeared.2/7/14
1/19/14 18:20HarveyLAUSAFireball5 minutesRed fireball observed above Harvey, La. moving from North to South direction.1/24/14
1/18/14 20:00JacksonLAUSASphere15 minutes18 orange lights following same path making no noise and fading out after passing overhead.1/24/14
1/17/14 05:00Sweet LakeLAUSASphere5 minutesBright "Star-Shaped" object, possibly out of the Atmosphere, that could move up, down and sideways, and Fade in and Out on B3/18/14
1/15/14 14:30SpearsvilleLAUSATriangle45 minutes12-15 lights, rounded corner triangle shape, hovered & tilted fluidly, disappeared after 45 min, complete silence.1/24/14
1/12/14 18:00New OrleansLAUSALightNotice a straight line in sky like a jet would make. But we could not find a jet in the sky. Then seconds later we notice a object wth1/16/14
1/9/14 16:07MetairieLAUSATriangle10 secondsHigh flying jet that has no contrails.1/10/14
1/4/14 18:00MarreroLAUSALight30-45 minutesTwo Blue Lights/ Unidentified Flying Objects seen in the sky over Marrero, LA.1/10/14
1/1/14 22:00River RidgeLAUSASphere3 minutesThree sphere shaped red, yellow, and orange objects flew equidistant along the Miss. River without making a sound6/4/14
1/1/14 00:00LafayetteLAUSAUnknown2 sightings 1-4 minutes iMultiple Sightings,Multiple Witnesses, Same Night. #1- December 31 2013 10-11pm/ #2- January 1st 2014 12-12:30 AM.1/10/14
12/31/13 23:45BushLAUSALight4-8 minutesNew Year's Eve UFO.1/16/14
12/31/13 20:51Bossier CityLAUSACircle~5 minutesBright white light traveling fast.1/10/14
12/27/13 20:39New OrleansLAUSALight816-18 reddish/bronze lights cross southern sky over ten minutes.1/10/14
12/24/13 23:20SlidellLAUSALight25 minutesConfirmed 9 orange separate lights.1/10/14
12/24/13 22:30CovingtonLAUSACircle10 minutesLow flying bright orange circular appearing objects in the sky.1/10/14
12/24/13 22:15New OrleansLAUSASphere3 minutesThree dull orange spheres flying silently in succession.1/10/14
12/16/13 19:00MarksvilleLAUSADisk<2 minutesI saw this disk and I know it was a ufo.1/10/14
12/10/13 22:20MetairieLAUSALight5 minutesI saw 2 Bright Orange Lights which seemed to stay in one place.12/12/13
12/10/13 18:00AbbevilleLAUSALight20-30 minutesBRIGHT LIGHTS IN SKY.12/12/13
11/28/13 23:00HammondLAUSAOther2 minutesBOOMERANG SHAPED CRAFT OVER THE TREES.1/16/14
11/28/13 19:30LafayetteLAUSAFormation7 minutesSingle file bright lights appear then disappear.12/2/13
11/16/13 22:30GonzalesLAUSASphere11 secondsBright, Orange lights in the sky.11/20/13
11/15/13 19:00AlexandriaLAUSAFireball5 minutesRed orange in color, fireballs appearing to be drifting from east to west across the Southern sky. About 10-15 of them. Visible for a11/20/13
11/13/13 20:00HoumaLAUSAFormation3 secondsHuge ball or circle-going to fast to know . Light was bright bright , lit up the clouds , very white white light . Traveling super11/20/13
11/11/13 22:00Baton RougeLAUSAFireball105 fireball objects in formation. Disappeared then came back going a different direction. Some would dim then fade out. Lights were soli11/20/13
11/10/13 17:00MetairieLAUSACircle15 minutesSingle object hovering over Lake Ponchartrain Louisiana.11/11/13
11/5/13 17:00SpringfieldLAUSACircle15 secondsUfo over springfield La.11/11/13
10/18/13 21:30SlidellLAUSAOther30 secondsI was in my backyard talking on the phone with my girlfriend I was sit on a mower looking at the moon and there wasn't not cloud.1/5/16
10/14/13 19:30RustonLAUSASphere15 minutesReddish/orange balls of light over Ruston.10/23/13
10/10/13 19:20KennerLAUSACircle10 minutes2 circle lights moving erratically over Kenner, La.10/14/13
10/1/13 19:15ThibodauxLAUSAUnknown5 minutesVery bright white lights 4 all together moving from southeast to west flying low no noise.10/3/13
9/28/13 21:40LafayetteLAUSATriangle2 minutesFire-orange glowing craft moved forward quickly, stopped, hovered, changed directions quickly, stopped, then disappeared into thin air.9/30/13
9/26/13 03:00Baton RougeLAUSALight30 minutesVery low and slow moving bright, blurry light spotted during a very close encounter9/30/13
9/15/13 21:00ManchacLAUSAUnknown25 minutesBlinding hovering light on the manchac bridge, and it wasn't a helicopter.1/16/14
9/14/13 20:53IowaLAUSAFireball~7 minutesAbout 20 fireballs going south to north . Filmed about 3 minutes on iphone9/30/13
9/7/13 22:30New OrleansLAUSALight20 secondsAppeard from out of nowhere.9/9/13
9/1/13 21:00St. AmantLAUSAChanging>1 hourTriangle shape ufo changes shape to a regular airplane.6/24/14
8/10/13 01:00BunkieLAUSALight10 minutesBlue Light UFO.8/30/13
8/5/13 23:00FarmervilleLAUSAFlash2 minutesA bright circular flash of light appeared. The sky was clear. It was much like a light bulb that blows out when you turn on the switch.8/30/13
8/5/13 02:00FarmervilleLAUSALight2 hoursA bright round light appeared from nowhere, swept and slowly moved on a short distance then stopped. the light dimmed and after a short8/30/13
8/1/13 22:15GraysonLAUSACircle35 secondsFirst two were solid black with no lights the last one orangish gold.8/30/13
7/14/13 21:20Bossier CityLAUSALight15 minutesOrange orbs spotted7/22/13
7/14/13 01:43New OrleansLAUSAOther2-3 hours((HOAX??)) Organized objects some jets some idk over NOLA.7/22/13
7/13/13 19:30Oak GroveLAUSAOther45 secondsBlinding shiny arrow shaped super fast aircraft.7/14/13
7/6/13 21:00Denham SpringsLAUSA~10 minutesRed glowing balls in formation seen in Louisiana sky.7/14/13
6/23/13 21:00Bossier CityLAUSALight10 minutesAerial orange/red light.7/3/13
6/17/13 21:28Cut OffLAUSAFireball1-2 minutesMy husband and I were otside checking out his FLIR when he noticed the fireball. He then points it out to me and all i can see is his o7/3/13
5/26/13 22:50New OrleansLAUSACircle35 minutes15 orange glowing objects, triangle inside a circle, silently moving over New Orleans.6/2/13
5/25/13 21:03CovingtonLAUSAFireball6 minutes5 red/orange color-pulsing balls of light seen over Covington, LA6/2/13
5/5/13 19:20LafayetteLAUSACircle10 minutesOrange/red slow moving orb over Lafayette, LA.5/15/13
4/22/13 23:50Pearl RiverLAUSADiamond1-2 minutesPearl River, La fast moving, SILENT, imperfect circular object, 1 bright light in front surrounded by green/yellow soaring low in sky.5/15/13
4/21/13 20:00MandevilleLAUSAChanging2 minutesRed fire lights over covington/mandeville5/15/13
4/6/13 23:00SlidellLAUSAFireball30 minutesMass amount of re objects caught on video in Slidell La.8/30/13
3/20/13 19:00New OrleansLAUSAFireball5 minutesIt was so strange. I was outside waiting for my boyfriend to come outside. I was looking up at the sky and all of a sudden I saw a seri5/15/13
3/13/13 01:00FlorienLAUSATriangle25 minutesLarge triangle object about an acre to acre and half in size hovering above trees ..stationary5/15/13
3/9/13ThibodauxLAUSAFireball04:00Orb over Thibodaux la5/15/13
3/4/13 19:30KennerLAUSALight10 secondsTwo bright flashes and some sort of movement in the same area.4/12/13
2/18/13 16:00Cut OffLAUSAOval~1/2 an hourThree small, white, round UFOs spotted in southern Louisiana.2/28/13
2/5/13 18:45VeniceLAUSALight45 minutesOrange/Red lights 1-5 at a time appear and dissapear2/18/13
2/3/13 17:00HoumaLAUSAOther<1 minuteVery flat vehicle with flashing, white lights on the side.2/18/13
1/15/13 20:30Baton RougeLAUSACircle30 secondsRound white orbs seen over LSU.2/12/15
12/31/12 23:00MandevilleLAUSASphere45 minutesRedish/Orange orbs/sphere shaped objects floating by home in sets of two7/3/13
12/29/12 20:45DeridderLAUSAFireball3-4 secondsNever before seen.2/4/13
12/14/12 03:58New OrleansLAUSAFlash4 secondsWith a couple of hours in the New East Area i saw two different flaring objects in the sky moving at a extremly fast speed then vanish.12/20/12
11/12/12 20:00FolsomLAUSACircleGold/yellowish light stops by what might be ufo then I see a circular object fly by with green and red lights11/19/12
11/10/12 20:32Cut OffLAUSAChanging3-4 minutesLow-flying, shape-changing aircraft seen in a small Southern Louisiana town.11/19/12
11/8/12 23:21BogalusaLAUSADisk45 secondsCraft emits no light or sound flys over just able to see reflection and blacked out stars as it passed11/19/12
10/21/12 03:33LafayetteLAUSAFormation5-7 minutesI am looking for an explanation to why would something so big not built by human intelligence
10/15/12 19:00CastorLAUSAOther4 secondsRounded in the front, had steady speed, looked flat in shape. Had blue haze around it. Made no noise, but not going fast enough or flyi10/30/12
10/13/12 21:21Baton RougeLAUSATriangle1 minuteThere were two triangles, each formed by three balls of fire/light. The balls appeared, dissapeared, reappeared and so on as the two tr10/30/12
10/9/12 20:45Center PointLAUSATriangle1 minuteI found it odd that there were no anti-collision lights nor position lights, and made no sound at all.10/30/12
10/8/12 23:20Denham SpringsLAUSAFormation7-8 secondsWe were in hot tub as usuallywhen tiny lights formation but it appeared transparent overhead several circular on each wing. quiet s10/30/12
9/14/12 11:00New OrleansLAUSATriangle2 minutesTwo very high altitude craft bright white color, glowing or reflecting sunlight.9/24/12
9/11/12 00:30Ruston (on Interstate 20)LAUSALight4 secondsTelephoned Report: An experienced truck driver, who had extensive military experience, witnessed a very bright, almost blinding, white9/24/12
9/10/12 16:00GretnaLAUSASphere5 secondsSilver sphere.9/24/12
8/21/12 14:30naLAUSAOval1 minuteLooking out the plane window & watched a group fly by9/24/12
8/16/12 23:50MandevilleLAUSALight7 secondsWhite round light becoming bright/slightly larger, stopping, turning bluish/white and fading out.8/19/12
8/4/12 02:00MathewsLAUSALight10 minutesSLOWLY HOVERING WHITE AND ORANGE ORBS -Somethings going on8/19/12
7/26/12 02:45SlidellLAUSACircle5-6 secondsShot across the sky fast a glowing light8/5/12
7/25/12 22:30MarionLAUSACigar3 minutesSeveral pulsating lights from a single craft flew at low altidude, traveling from the east horizon to west horizion at high velocity.8/5/12
7/19/12 06:30New OrleansLAUSATriangle30 secondsLarge Triangle UFO Over French Quarter New Orleans Hovers, Then Vanishes Into Sky With Picture8/5/12
7/15/12 01:00MarksvilleLAUSALight15-25 minutesGolden object moving across the night sky.11/19/12
7/14/12 21:55KennerLAUSALighta few minutesFive motionless red lights in a roughly triangular formation sighted in north Kenner, Louisiana.8/5/12
7/6/12 21:00West MonroeLAUSALight2 minutesBright red orange fireball on July 6th at 9 pm8/5/12
7/6/12West Monroe/Woodlawn/CadevilleLAUSAFireball<1 minuteI was driving with a nine-year-old over Cheniere Lake just outside of West Monroe, LA. I saw a large round object that seemed to have a12/1/19
6/29/12 23:05LafayetteLAUSALight2-3 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))7/4/12
6/28/12 22:39JonesboroLAUSAFireball5 secondsBlue flaming object heading westward over Caney Lake, la then low power boom. Then smaller booms. 10:39 pm. ((Meteor??))7/4/12
6/25/12 20:40WatsonLAUSAFireball1.30Traveling east on 1019 two orange fireball shapes went slow across road , going upward Then 3rd one traveling same direction beginning7/4/12
6/18/12 21:30RustonLAUSAChanging5 minutesLarge group of flashing lights moving very slow6/20/12
6/16/12 22:00LouisianaLAUSALightSmall light moving in sky, fading away. ((NUFORC Note: Possible satellite, we suspect, which flew into the Earth's shadow. PD))6/20/12
6/16/12 04:20Lake CharlesLAUSACircle2 to 4 secondsObject shrunk in size, and flew away at an amazing speed.6/20/12
5/28/12 11:50SulphurLAUSACircleone minRound reddish orange in color5/29/12
5/23/12 22:15WatsonLAUSACigar30 sec.Cigar shaped,simi-transparent object,faint white light on either end,silently moving over Watson,La.5/29/12
5/7/12 21:00ShreveportLAUSALightLight object,5/13/12
5/5/12 19:30EuniceLAUSAOval5 minutesWhite oval craft appears out of strange black cloud.5/13/12
4/17/12 21:30Des AllemandsLAUSACircle5 minutesCircular moving object over des allemands, la4/18/12
4/13/12 20:26St. AmantLAUSATriangle2 minutesUpside down orange triangle5/13/12
4/11/12 11:10HaughtonLAUSALight25 minutesLights over Haughton/Bossiers Southwest and Northwest skys.5/13/12
3/29/12 06:25KaplanLAUSALightBefore SchoolKids witness a UFO before school5/13/12
3/27/12 23:00DestrahanLAUSATriangle5 minutesMultiple flashing lights randomly flashing, in an upside down triangle formation. As high as commercial airplains. Before i stoped watc5/13/12
3/22/12 08:30New IberiaLAUSAFireball45 secondsBig red fire ball.5/13/12
3/17/12 20:45GonzalesLAUSALight7 mins12-15 red lights were flying high in the sky following the same path and then vanished .5/13/12
3/16/12 20:00PonchatoulaLAUSATriangle15 secDriving on hwy 22 towards ponchatoula from madisonville, when approximately 7-9 lights began sporadically flashing almost in the shape4/18/12
3/16/12 12:35ThibodauxLAUSATriangleUpside down triangle 9 lights 1 very bright light in the middle I heard kind of a moaning sound that made it grab my attention3/16/12
1/24/12 03:10SimsboroLAUSAUnknown1 hourMulticolored lights seen in Eastern sky in North Louisiana. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius, we would guess. PD))1/24/12
1/11/12 21:45Gulf of MexicoLAUSAFormation20 minutesOrange balls of light in strange formations appear then diappear several times over The Gulf of Mexico.1/12/12
1/4/12 06:12ShreveportLAUSAOval11 minutes1st at 6:13 a.m., Shreveport, LA. 2nd 6:15 a.m., 3rd sighting, 6:19 a.m. Slow moving, no noise, oval, we think, red & white lights1/12/12
1/1/12 00:00Saint AmantLAUSASphereOrange sphere seen by three people in South Louisiana.1/12/12
1/1/12BogalusaLAUSAUnknown15 minObserved a flying light with on sound1/24/12
12/31/11 22:00BruslyLAUSATeardrop2 minutesOrange, out of the ordinary shape object in the sky, lasting a few minutes and looks like nothing I have ever seen before!1/24/12
12/30/11 18:18ZacharyLAUSAOther6 minutes4 low hovering changing lights in the sky1/12/12
12/29/11 18:03Arabi/ChalmetteLAUSATriangle10 minTriangle shaped aircraft with a light at each point, different colors, hovering about 100-200 feet above the ground.1/12/12
12/24/11 20:30Pumpkin CenterLAUSALight10 MinutesRed-Orange Silent Bright Light near Hammond La1/12/12
12/1/11 02:00NatchitochesLAUSATriangle5 secondsTriangular aircraft with 3 lights slowly moving over Old Hwy 6 (now Hwy 3132) close to Interstate 49 Natchitoches LA,71457 in a wooded8/30/13
11/29/11 18:00KeithvilleLAUSATriangle10 minutesLow flying, very slow, very quite, triangular shaped aircraft with two large white lights & one small white light12/12/11
11/16/11 21:00HaughtonLAUSASphere1.5-2 minutesOrange sphere trailing high flying jet12/12/11
11/1/11 20:48Denham SpringsLAUSACircle10 hoursperfectly round orange craft hovering a few moved quickly across the sky no sound traveled passed other craft closer than cars on the r12/12/11
10/16/11 20:45SlidellLAUSAOval1 minuteRed lighted solid object.10/19/11
9/20/11 02:00BastropLAUSASphere14 green spheres over a lake12/12/11
9/3/11 21:00Church PointLAUSACylinder10 minutesNon reflecting Cyclinder shaped craft with no light or movement or noise.10/10/11
9/2/11AlexandriaLAUSATriangleblue/white glowing triangle over Alexandria, Louisiana10/10/11
8/30/11 11:20BastropLAUSALight11:45White/Orange Light Ball in sky at night over louisiana10/10/11
8/12/11 23:27MandevilleLAUSASphere1 minuteSilent orange/red illuminated jagged spherical object moved across the sky and disappeared8/21/11
8/1/11 23:00WinnsboroLAUSAUnknownover 2 hrsWe couldnt make out the shape but we saw red and blue flashing lights hovering for over 2 hrs.. ((NUFORC Note: Twinkling star? PD))8/7/11
8/1/11 22:00VioletLAUSATriangle1-2 hours2 triangle crafts, bright blue beams8/7/11
7/15/11 21:20LafayetteLAUSAFormation5 to 7 minutesRed lights over Lafayette, Louisiana.7/17/11
7/15/11 14:30LaroseLAUSASphere15/ minfour white ball shape objects moveing slitely12/12/11
7/13/11 15:30Gulf of MexicoLAUSACylinder30 secCylinder -shaped object 75 miles offshore the Gulf of Mexico between Texas and Louisiana border7/17/11
6/29/11 23:25RayneLAUSALight5-6 secondsIt was around 11:25 July 29, 2011. I was walking home from my girlfriends. As I was walking up to my driveway I noticed a growing ball8/7/11
6/23/11 01:00LafayetteLAUSALightApprox. 3-4 minutesBright colors, changed speeds of colors changing.6/27/11
6/18/11 23:15MoreauvilleLAUSALight8-10 secondsPossible UFO in Moreauville, LA. ((NUFORC Note: Report from police office, who also is amateur astronomer. PD))6/20/11
6/17/11 10:50Baton RougeLAUSACircle45 secondsUnknown round object followed by two jets over Baton Rouge flying northwest at approx 11:00 AM6/20/11
6/15/11 20:50ChalmetteLAUSALight50 minutes9 small star like objects moving at different times across night sky.6/20/11
3/27/11 08:39Moss BluffLAUSAFireball2-3minutesWe thought they were hot air balloons at first, but then we realized there were no landing spots for any. And why would they be flying4/3/11
3/12/11 20:30KennerLAUSALight4 secssaw one dim light moving from north to south at a high rate of speed3/23/11
3/1/11 09:31YoungsvilleLAUSAUnknownlong timeflashing lights red,blue,yellow3/10/11
2/26/11 19:15GonzalesLAUSATeardrop45 secondsBright orange fiery upside down teardrop floating slowly under clouds in a straight line in Gonzales, LA.3/10/11
2/17/11 10:15HoumaLAUSAFireball4 secondsFireball racing to earth.3/10/11
2/8/11 13:25Baton RougeLAUSARectangleMinutesLow altitude square cloud with vapor trail photo’d in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.7/10/15
1/20/11 00:02New OrleansLAUSALight1 secondWeird light shoots horizontally across sky around interstate I-10 headed east five minutes past Michoud exit before Irish bayou1/31/11
1/15/11 20:00WatsonLAUSATriangle2-3 minutesTriangle craft in Watson, la. Traveling over a field and then crossed the hwy. and vanished. On January 15th at 8:00 pm I was he2/8/11
1/15/11 04:45PlaquemineLAUSACircle4:45 to 7:30A bright white light that floats in the air with no aviation lights1/31/11
12/24/10 22:00Baton RougeLAUSAOval2-3 minsRed orb spotted over Shenendoah Subdivision - Baton Rouge2/8/11
12/19/10 05:50VeniceLAUSALight5 MinutesTwo bright objects suddenly appear in the Pre-dawn sky and then rapidly accelerate out of sight.1/5/11
12/15/10 22:00OpelousasLAUSAChevron30 secondsCompletely silent enormous V shaped craft1/5/11
12/10/10 23:00MandevilleLAUSACigar1-2 minutes
11/26/10 21:30TallulahLAUSAFormation12-15 secondsNight time sighting. Two reddish/brown discs passed directly overhead at amazingly low altitude.6/4/14
10/30/10 07:00RustonLAUSATeardrop1.5 hoursPossible solid object surrounded by teardrop-shaped streak seen in morning sky.11/21/10
10/26/10 18:30Morgan CityLAUSAFireball2 minOrange object in sky over Patterson or Morgan City area11/21/10
9/28/10 05:00Breaux BridgeLAUSACircle3 hrsi saw around lighted object in the sky only seen at night.11/21/10
9/17/10 22:30Lake CharlesLAUSALight15 minutesThe following description was provided to me from a work associate. He describes that he was awakened one night, around 10:30 pm by hi11/21/10
9/14/10 19:35Denham SpringsLAUSALightabout 2 min.Unusual bright lights moving high in the night sky11/21/10
9/12/10 12:32AlgiersLAUSAOther5 minutesBronzed color , boomerang shape craft with an invisibility mode11/21/10
8/29/10 21:00Denham SpringsLAUSADisk3-4 min.Fireball becomes a saucer right in front of my eyes!!!11/21/10
8/24/10 20:40LivingstonLAUSATriangle5 minstriangle shaped UFO viewed over Livingston Loisiana heading due North8/30/10
7/21/10 23:00Hammond (near; on hwy.)LAUSAFireball5 secWhitish/ blue fire ball in sky ver, very close to earth. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor? PD))7/28/10
7/4/10 23:35Grand IsleLAUSACircle6 secondsThe objects had a life of their own like they were in scihcronised7/19/10
7/4/10 22:58AbbevilleLAUSATriangle1mthe flying apparatus had 30 to 40 lights n it and it was flying very slow heading north towards Lafayette Louisiana.7/10/10
4/22/10 08:00EuniceLAUSACirclean hour and 1/2Well my family went out shopping and when they came back they ran inside saying there is a ufo! I went outside to look it wasen't there5/12/10
4/8/10 22:00ShreveportLAUSAOtherten minutesMandolin shaped soundless craft, with colored lights on belly, and red sequence lights on side, two white light on front.4/13/10
4/8/10West MonroeLAUSALight1 hourbright orbs of light in the sky4/13/10
4/2/10 21:30MandevilleLAUSALight10-12 seconds3 lights, pale green in color, traveling from southwest sky +30 deg, heading north in straight line formation.4/13/10
3/13/10 21:10MetairieLAUSAFireball3 mins7 to 9 objects glowing bright red yellow fading towards an an easterly direction away from Metairie la. we were looking south when we n4/13/10
2/28/10 17:46Church PointLAUSACylinder2 minutesNo Sound, Movement, or reflection from sunlight, no changes around ship as far as visual disturbances4/13/10
2/17/10 18:30CovingtonLAUSATriangle1 minuteSlow moving triangular object with bright light and no sound at relatively low altitude spotted at dusk.4/13/10
2/2/10 20:05YoungsvilleLAUSAFireball4 minutesOn February 2, 2010, at approximately 8:05pm, I was driving south on Louisiana State Highway 89 at Glaser Drive, just south of LA Hwy 12/14/10
2/2/10 05:25PounchatolaLAUSATriangleabout 2 mina triangle with 3 lights on each tip2/14/10
1/10/10 19:00EuniceLAUSAOval15:00 minsTwo objects meet then leave each other one to the east and one to the west2/14/10
12/31/09 23:30LivingstonLAUSAUnknownnew yearsThe 12 UFO we seen brite yellow like a street light2/14/10
12/31/09 21:45MandevilleLAUSADisk45 minutes1 orange colored craft moved around sky,then blinked out.Then saw about 8 orange craft streak across outer atmosphere in a staggered li2/14/10
12/31/09 21:00MandevilleLAUSALight1 minute3 orange lights New Year's Eve2/14/10
12/31/09 21:00SlidellLAUSASphere3 mins.Two lighted translucent spherical craft traveling slowly on a parallel course towards New Orleans, LA8/24/10
12/31/09 21:00SlidellLAUSASphere3 minutesTwo clearly visible, internally lighted spheres, flying in formation toward New Orleans8/30/10
12/23/09 19:47Baton RougeLAUSALight5 minuteswhite lights moving in staggered formation2/14/10
12/11/09 20:00ShreveportLAUSAUnknown7 minsSmall orange-white flickering light.1/5/11
12/11/09 18:20Baton RougeLAUSALight6 minutesStranges Lights Around Baton Rouge River Center 12/11/0912/12/09
12/10/09 19:27Des AllemandsLAUSASphere18 minutesfour round balls in the shape of a square moving speratically12/12/09
12/2/09 02:00IotaLAUSALight2-5 minutesI saw four shimmering objects that slowly dimmed away.12/12/09
11/28/09 05:30MandevilleLAUSATriangle10 minutesSaw a trianguler shaped craft while driving home.12/12/09
11/25/09 21:10CovingtonLAUSACircleSecondsFast moving white light12/12/09
11/5/09 23:59PonchatoulaLAUSAFireball30 minutesorange light appeared in the Eastern sky of Louisiana, it was dancing12/12/09
10/22/09 06:10FranklinLAUSAOval3minclear orb with white lights encircling it, the lights were stationary and were not flashing12/12/09
9/2/09 21:30ZacharyLAUSAOther30 - 45 secondsThe object appeared to be a large wing shape and white, and had sort of a faint glow as if light was reflecting off of it.12/12/09
8/8/09 21:15Baton RougeLAUSAFireball3 to4 minFire In Sky-- Baton Rouge, LA8/27/09
8/1/09 03:00SlidellLAUSAUnknown2.5 minsObject with 2 red lights & 4 smaller strobing white lights heading west on I-128/5/09
7/27/09 15:00ShongalooLAUSADisk5 minutesThere was a saucer shaped object in the sky in Shongaloo, Louisiana.8/5/09
7/14/09 23:00St. FrancisvilleLAUSACircle20 secondsBlack circular object illuminates orange light, and then flies away without sound.8/25/16
7/1/09 21:43MetarieLAUSAFireball4-5 secondsI was taking out the trash when I noticed a flashing light on the lid of the can. I looked up to try and find the source and I saw a la8/5/09
6/30/09 03:00BlanchardLAUSATriangle5 minutesThree lights in a triangular formation12/23/13
6/24/09 00:15MindenLAUSAUnknownwatched for 20 min.lights seen in eastern sky in Minden, La., at conference centre at Caney Lake!!!!!8/5/09
6/13/09 23:30SulphurLAUSALight30 minI thought satilites move in one direction only. When the lights stopped looked like a star.8/5/09
6/11/09 21:30AlexandriaLAUSAFlash52 minsRecurrent orange and white lights over Alexandria, LA8/5/09
6/10/09 20:30LacassineLAUSASphere2 minutesOrb or spear above the an area where airplane had left chemtrails8/5/09
6/9/09 20:00AlexandriaLAUSA65 minsWhite and Orange lights over Alexandria, LA8/5/09
6/8/09 21:30PinevilleLAUSALight2-3 minutesSeries of white lights in the southwestern sky.6/9/09
6/5/09 21:00WestlakeLAUSASphere50 secondsMoving ball of Light8/5/09
6/4/09 21:30LacassineLAUSACircleabout 15 minutesJune 4,at 9:30pm I am outside looking up and I seen a fleet of lights coming from the Gulf shore heading directly over me. They made no8/5/09
6/3/09 22:30LacassineLAUSACircle5 minutesbright white light flashing coming from the east, above tree level but below cloud level.8/5/09
5/31/09 20:30LacassineLAUSASphere4 to 5 minutesbig bright light flashing at tree level about 1 mile in front of me8/5/09
5/26/09 22:00VeniceLAUSAChanging15-20 minutesFive yelowish lights apeared in the sky, four where aligned in a row then the fifth seemed to fly up into the four then they dimmed out6/9/09
5/10/09 21:00ThibodauxLAUSALight1 minuteLight that moved quickly across the sky and then vanished out of sight5/12/09
4/23/09 21:05Lake CharlesLAUSATriangle1-2 minutesMy family and I saw a UFO last night at our house.5/12/09
4/19/09 05:22New OrleansLAUSARectangle1/3200Four objects over MSY Airport New Orleans, LA. ((NUFORC Note: Object may be clouds or birds, we believe. PD))5/12/09
4/17/09 00:45Bossier CityLAUSATriangle10 mintriangular craft seen over city5/12/09
4/10/09 13:00Lake CharlesLAUSALightabout 10 secondssingle white light high above Louisiana swamps12/12/09
2/25/09 20:00Morgan CityLAUSALight1 hourLouisiana -Thibedeaux-Morgan City, Big, moving light. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius?? PD))3/19/09
2/22/09 19:30Denham SpringsLAUSALight30 minutesBright light hovering in the sky3/19/09
2/20/09 23:50EganLAUSADiamond30 secDiamond Light Near Egan, LA.3/19/09
2/17/09New OrleansLAUSATeardrop20:27Photographing a party on the rooftop of a hotel in New Orleans and captured these objects in seven of my photos.4/3/11
2/16/09 14:14HammondLAUSASphere5 minutesDuring a baseball practice, trainer had "out of body experience". Entire team witnessed small craft hovering over center field. 503/19/09
2/5/09 21:23SpearsvilleLAUSATriangleAbout 6 minutes3 slowly moving objects in a triangle form.3/19/09
2/4/09 21:00StartLAUSAUnknown5 minutesWe seen 3 ships in a triangle pattern that hovered over us very close to the ground.3/19/09
2/1/09 03:00BoutteLAUSAUnknown10 minutesA slow moving object with rotating lights in the early morning sky, 10 miles southwest of New Orleans.3/19/09
1/31/09 21:00HackberryLAUSAOther3 to 4 minsObservatory in the Sky8/5/09
1/31/09 13:00West MonroeLAUSASphere2-3 minWhil on the way home My daughter and I saw something3/19/09
1/30/09 23:00BakerLAUSALight10minThere was a very bright Crescent shape light as wide as a house that faded into a smaller red/orange light.3/19/09
1/23/09 23:30KennerLAUSALight15-20 minThree lights travelling in a clockwise pattern behind my home.3/19/09
1/23/09 19:00SlidellLAUSASphere2 hoursBright red, green , white and blue sphere shaped object. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect Sirius or Venus. PD))3/19/09
1/23/09 08:55LafayetteLAUSAFormation10 minutesI saw a triangle formation in the sky of eight bright red lights.3/19/09
1/13/09 16:15MetairieLAUSAOval4-5 secondsVery large, shiny object hovering near the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway near New Orleans3/19/09
1/12/09 21:05MonroeLAUSATriangle5 minutesUnusually fast and triangular shaped craft with red and green flickering lights underneath3/19/09
1/10/09 17:30FolsomLAUSALight5 secondsBluish white light over Folsom LA.3/19/09
1/6/09 21:30KinderLAUSATeardrop10 min.Sighting in rural Louisiana, teardroped object rising and falling about 100 yards in the sky.1/10/09
1/1/09 00:15GonzalesLAUSAUnknownone minuteThree seperate groups of bright red objects moving in a westerly direction1/10/09
12/31/08 23:30LaplaceLAUSAChevron10 minutes“Phoenix lights” over Louisiana, New Years night.12/10/17
12/31/08StarksLAUSAFireball2 secondsslow looking meteor with a tail1/10/09
12/11/08 18:40AlexandriaLAUSACircle3-4 minutestrail of golden lights in a straight line, lasted for 3-4 minutes in the louisiana sky1/10/09
11/20/08 05:30NapoleonvilleLAUSAFlash5 secondsa green ball that desentagrated in the sky1/10/09
11/17/08 18:24Denham SpringsLAUSAChevron5 secondsThis is a real sighting. Been wanting to always see camera on hand.1/10/09
11/9/08 20:40BentonLAUSALight3 SecondsBliding Bluish Light...1/10/09
11/9/08 17:22WestlakeLAUSASphere1 minuteIt was not a STAR!!!1/10/09
11/1/08 14:00LafayetteLAUSAUnknown1-2 secondsTranslucent orb and high speed objects captured on video during air show1/10/09
10/29/08 11:53ShreveportLAUSADiskThis was a close encounter of a UFO. This was around 11:53 PM and I was 12 and I was helping putting stuff in our U-Haul in our drivewa8/30/13
10/20/08 07:30West MonroeLAUSALight2 minThe first time i saw this object was 3 years ago. i was standing outside and looked up and saw what i thought was a star. then it start1/10/09
10/20/08 01:00MonroeLAUSAFormation1 hour5 lights seen by 45 ppl in a feild in monroe.10/31/08
10/19/08 18:00BastropLAUSAUnknown1 minuteUFO flipping very close to a jet10/31/08
10/8/08 20:50Baton RougeLAUSAFormation< 1 minuteSolid lighted aircraft flying in a V formation.10/31/08
9/6/08 22:00Baton RougeLAUSATriangle1 minA V shaped object with 5-6 "lights" running on either side and a solid mass in the middle flying over Baton Rouge on September 6, 2008.10/31/08
8/23/08 17:50WestlakeLAUSALight2 minutesFollow up on first sighting with second daylight sighting of large bright starlike obj. the next day. ((NUFORC Note: Not ISS. PD)10/31/08
8/22/08 19:15WestlakeLAUSAOther40 minutesDisappearing daytime star-like object appeared and disappeared seven times during daylight hours. ((NUFORC Note: Jupiter?? PD))10/31/08
8/22/08 19:15WestlakeLAUSAUnknown40 minutesDaylight sighting of very large and bright starlike object moves then disappears after 40 min. observation10/31/08
8/15/08 22:30Lake CharlesLAUSACircle10 secondswhite cirlce of light suudently appears10/31/08
8/15/08 11:45New OrleansLAUSALight7 min5-6 floating lights over new orleans11/21/10
8/9/08 22:00Baton RougeLAUSAFireball3 MinutesFire in the sky8/12/08
8/8/08 23:00Baton RougeLAUSAFireball10 minutesFire Ball object with comet like tail changing directions and dropping flares over Baton Rouge8/12/08
8/2/08 02:30MonroeLAUSAUnknownUncertainI saw a extraterrestrial woman that was a illuminating light blue color in my bedroom and became paralyzed for a unknown amount of time9/7/21
7/22/08 23:00Lake CharlesLAUSACircle8 minutesBright object high alt. travels from A to B in 10sec. from B to C in 10sec. Total travel time 3-5 min. read report for details.8/12/08
7/4/08 23:30PrairievilleLAUSALight20 minutesBright orange object flying in sky on July 4, 2008 just south of Baton Rouge.8/12/08
6/30/08 19:00Barksdale Air Force BaseLAUSALightabout 2-3 minutesOdd light witnessed over air force base unlike any known aircraft or aircraft light10/25/11
6/28/08 01:00Denham SpringsLAUSALightstill ongoingBright, white, circular light hovering in all directions in the east7/5/08
5/30/08 00:00DeRidderLAUSALight1 MinuteThere was no sound.6/12/08
4/30/08 22:15RayneLAUSALight15 sec.BRIGHT OVAL LIGHT MOVING NORTH6/12/08
4/29/08 03:30MetairieLAUSALight5-10 secondsBright Orange light flys incredibly quickly across New Orleans sky.6/12/08
4/26/08 21:00SulphurLAUSAUnknown4 secondsThere were two green lights on one object that moved across the sky, rotated, then disappeared.6/12/08
4/25/08 04:50Morgan CityLAUSAOther1Hr 10 minutesOrange pulsating streak high up in the North East early morning sky in the area of Morgan City Louisiana6/12/08
4/24/08 17:05Lake CharlesLAUSAOther1-2 secondslong narrow silver rod seen6/12/08
4/23/08 12:20New OrleansLAUSACigar2 hoursthing s were stolen by an unknown identity6/12/08
4/19/08 21:00PaulinaLAUSALight15 minutesAt approximately 9:30PM we observed about fifteen to twenty orange glowing lights moving slowly in the sky and then disapearing6/12/08
3/25/08 20:30RayneLAUSALight30 min.Seven star like objects!3/31/08
3/22/08 18:00CovingtonLAUSAUnknown10 minutes5 silvery objects drift across the sky changing formations with no sound3/31/08
3/21/08 01:15West MonroeLAUSAFlasharound an hourCrazy UFOs moving in circular and zig-zagging formations, very fast!10/31/08
3/2/08 23:30GretnaLAUSALighta few secondsOrange/reddish light moving at an incredible speed through the night sky.3/31/08
2/22/08 18:30Deham SpringsLAUSASphere20 secondsAmber light not flashing nor leaving a trail was traveling at a high rate of speed compared to the plane we witnessed!3/4/08
2/6/08 07:30New IberiaLAUSACigar5 minutes((NUFORC Note: Witness provides no information. PD))7/4/12
1/22/08 05:45Baton RougeLAUSA3 secondsWhile still dark one morning, lights of many colors were flashing and shining through the window shade of my house. By the time I step2/14/08
1/15/08 07:47SpringhillLAUSAFireball2 minuteswhite ball traveling at high speed over Springhill, Louisiana1/21/08
1/15/08 06:48AtchafalayaLAUSALight35 MinsLight seen over the Basin Bridge in La.1/21/08
1/8/08 01:30New OrleansLAUSACircle1 minuteI saw what I saw12/12/09
1/1/08 21:00PrairievilleLAUSAChanging1 minStrange object changes shap over my house in Louisiana.1/21/08
12/25/07 20:00Cut OffLAUSACircle3 minutes...Christmas night, Cut Off, Louisiana had a extra special christmas gift that night.3/4/08
12/23/07 18:00Lake ProvidenceLAUSASunday night I looked up a the full moon, a directly under the moon in the middle, I saw a bright object, I looked again a it was binki3/4/08
11/15/07 09:19LafayetteLAUSAFormation10seconds((HOAX??)) A UFO flew right over my house in the city.11/28/07
11/1/07 10:00LafayetteLAUSARectangle3 to 5 minutesI saw a rectangular shoe-box shape stationary object the exact color of the blue sky.3/19/09
10/23/07 20:40Baton RougeLAUSAOval5+ minutesBright white oval of light moving slowly towards ground11/28/07
10/21/07 02:45HoldenLAUSADiamond30 minutesDiamond shape with multiple colored lights spinning around it with no sound, strobe light reflections from the ground.11/28/07
10/20/07 02:45FracisvilleLAUSAUnknown5 minutes((HOAX??)) The object moved around the feild as if it were looking for something....11/28/07
10/6/07 18:11FranklintonLAUSAUnknown.30 min.Observed red,green and white lights hovering WNW of Franklinton La. with 3 flickering lights to the North.10/8/07
10/2/07 01:30MetairieLAUSAUnknown<30 secondsObject over New Orleans streaked out of sight in a flash followed with a sonic boom. ((anonymous report))10/8/07
9/7/07 20:15DoylineLAUSATriangle20 secondsfour people witness triangle shaped craft10/8/07
8/11/07 20:30Baton RougeLAUSAFireball7 minutesFlaming Ball over Baton Rouge8/14/07
8/4/07 20:30Baton RougeLAUSAFireball7 minutesFlaming Ball over Baton Rouge8/14/07
7/25/07 20:50GretnaLAUSALight2 minutesSmall red lights in an arc formed over Belle Chase, Louisiana.8/7/07
7/9/07 23:00ColumbiaLAUSAChangingabout one minobject seen the the southern sky it changed shape twice, then traveled off at a high rate of speed to the south.8/7/07
7/4/07 21:00AlexandriaLAUSAFireball15 minutesBall of fire in Louisiana 7/4/0711/28/07
6/28/07 21:11HammondLAUSACigar3 hrsA object appeared to hover over Hammond LA, the object changed colors the object was disc shaped8/7/07
6/19/07 20:54MonroeLAUSALightOnly SecondsI saw nothing, but the camera saw differently8/7/07
6/13/07 22:00ShreveportLAUSATeardropa few secondsA green light in the sky...8/7/07
6/1/07 18:45MandevilleLAUSACigar5 secondscigar shape which I initially thought was a plane but didn't have wings1/21/08
4/30/07 22:00ShreveportLAUSAOvalhoursMultiple-type UFOs are witnessed multiple times, in multiple states, near U.S.A.F. bases in LA and CO.6/12/07
3/17/07 20:30NapoleonvilleLAUSAFormation8-9 neon green like balls moving in a snake like line7/19/10
2/28/07 03:30Kentwood (just north of)LAUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle shaped UFO sighted near two 18 wheeler accidents!3/8/07
1/17/07 17:35Louisiana (??) (in flight)LAUSACigar1 TO 2 MINIn flight sighting1/21/08
12/26/06 21:41LafayetteLAUSATriangle4-5 secondsDark fast-moving triangular object2/1/07
12/15/06 19:00Moss BluffLAUSALight1 minBall of Light mirrors large plane over Moss Bluff2/1/07
11/27/06 18:00ChauvinLAUSAOvalmomentaryUnidentified object photographed over South Lousiana Bayou.12/7/06
11/11/06 01:50HammondLAUSATriangle10 secondsblack triangular object without lights moving very slowly above treeline along I-122/1/07
11/1/06 20:50LivoniaLAUSACirclea minute or twosomething weird flying in the sky12/7/06
10/26/06 20:00New OrleansLAUSACrossCross Shaped UFO with 30 lights on each of the 4 sides and 1 in the middle.10/30/06
10/3/06 19:30ShreveportLAUSAUnknown6-8 minutes2 different objects seen in Louisiana10/30/06
9/30/06 17:00Holy BeachLAUSADiskunknown((HOAX??)) Spherical, moving, indentation in center, no witnesses at time (though it did show up on camera), and more than one.2/1/07
9/25/06 06:30JeaneretteLAUSALight3-5 secondsFast moving object appears and disappears in seconds.10/30/06
9/20/06 22:30Pearl RiverLAUSAOther3 - 5 SecondsI saw a bright, white object flying at a VERY high rate of speed and then suddenly disappear.10/30/06
8/31/06 20:40Port BarreLAUSACircle50 secsObject displays remarkable variations in speed high in the night skies over Louisiana10/30/06
7/30/06 20:55Port AllenLAUSATriangle10 minutesMother witnesses first UFO flying directly over house -- with NO SOUND10/30/06
7/26/06 18:50New IberiaLAUSAUnknownUnknownStreak of light appears in picture at dusk near New Iberia, LA.12/7/06
7/24/06 04:00JonesboroLAUSAOther30 minutesIt slowley flew over the house stoped about25 or 30 yards past the back was a boomer rang shaped object it made no sound and wa10/30/06
6/12/06 23:00Baton RougeLAUSAOval45 SECONDSIt went like a shooting star7/16/06
5/13/06 21:28AlexandriaLAUSALight15 mniutesFighter jets chased 3 lights above my house.7/16/06
4/29/06 19:00MindenLAUSAUnknown55 SecondsWHILE I WAS TAKING A WALK I SAW TWO TINY DOTS IN THE SKY.5/15/06
4/15/06 07:00BerwickLAUSATriangleNot knownHuge Black Triangle and proof that something happened to me last night.5/15/06
4/9/06 22:00MandevilleLAUSALight5 sec.seen lights that looked like stars playing5/15/06
4/7/06 00:00MonroeLAUSADisk5 minutesI saw a bright circle of white light in the shape of a disk, that hovered about 5 minutes and then it was gone.5/15/06
3/13/06 23:00Bossier CityLAUSACircle10 minutesI have not told anyone, afraid of being labelled a nut.10/8/07
3/10/06 22:00Plain DealingLAUSAUnknown45 minutesExtremely bright light stationary in the west. Would dim then brighten. We were standing at front door watching it. ((Venus??))5/1/20
2/23/06 02:45livingstonLAUSACircle10minround craft with no lights moves over livingston,la without sound3/11/06
2/20/06 19:30Denahm SptingsLAUSALightsecondsstrange swirling lights over Denahm Springs Louisiana February 20, 20063/11/06
2/16/06 00:42Shreveport (20 miles off)LAUSALight10 secondsA big triangle of light.5/15/06
2/15/06 22:00LaroseLAUSACircle30 minutesRed Ball of light seen hovering over Lake Salvador in Louisiana.5/15/06
2/3/06 15:55Denham SpringsLAUSACylinder1 minute or lessAn intermittently silver & glowing-white cylinder, floating silently, about 1/8 mile up. 2 witnesses.2/14/06
1/18/06 03:00NatchitochesLAUSALight40 minutesMy friends and I witnessed 4 objects of orange light moving across the sky in formation for about 40 minutes. ((Advertising lights??))5/15/06
12/24/05 22:00FarmervilleLAUSASphere1-2 minutesbluish white lights over the trees just outside of farmerville, louisiana2/14/06
12/23/05 06:45LafayetteLAUSAFireball2 secfireball seen in morning then bright light seen in same area later in the day.2/14/06
11/14/05 23:00MandevilleLAUSAFireball10 secneon green fireball or sphere falling or moving across the sky. ((Meteor??))12/16/05
11/11/05 18:25Lake CharlesLAUSATriangle6-7 minutesTriangular object moving over interstate1/21/08
11/7/05 21:27Denham SpringsLAUSADisk3 minutesFirst sited around 21:27 moving at a very fast constant rate to the NW. Object appeared to be disk-shaped, but standing on edge. Periph11/8/05
11/1/05 00:00Interstate 10 (between BR and Laf)LAUSASphere5 minutesone large round gleaming white object goes dark then drops into three smaller gleaming white objects5/15/06
10/29/05 22:00LivingstonLAUSASphere3 secondsVery bright ball of light seen above the tree line on I-12 in Louisiana11/3/05
10/22/05 19:55Gulf of Mexico (west of VK 989)LAUSAUnknown20+ MinBright white stationary light, hovering for 20+ minutes11/3/05
10/19/05 18:00BastropLAUSATriangle45 minutesUFO followed us for more than 30 minutes in Bastrop, La3/19/09
10/15/05 14:00ThrallLAUSA20 minsI shirt-boxed shaped object flew over my house slowly and silently on afternoon in Thrall, Texas.6/9/09
10/12/05 01:15Bossier CityLAUSAOval30 secondsVery loud, noisy craft, intense orange-red color, goes over my house in early a.m.10/20/05
9/25/05 08:15ShongalooLAUSALight8-10 minutesIt was a light with a haze around it.10/11/05
9/20/05 07:30ManyLAUSALightone minuteflying light similar to venus, but venus does not move ;)10/11/05
9/15/05 21:30StarksLAUSAFireball5-7 secondsfireballs intersecting3/11/06
9/2/05 02:00New OrleansLAUSASphere2+ hoursI saw several high speed sphere shaped objects with purposeful erratic turning ability , with night vision goggles10/30/06
7/12/05 00:11River RidgeLAUSAOther:03Strange long light opens in the sky.7/13/05
7/5/05 20:00Forked IslandLAUSACircle24 secondsorange color circle moving slowly then faster until it just disapeared. I was outside to take some pictures of the clouds. I went look7/13/05
6/27/05 21:10Lake CHarlesLAUSATriangle10 secondsBright Silvery White Traingular UFO7/5/05
6/10/05 20:30AlexanriaLAUSAChanging30 MINUTES((NUFORC Note: Possible hoax. PD)) WHILE ME AND MY WIFE WERE WALKING OUT THE DOOR WE SAW UFOS IN THE SKY.7/15/05
6/6/05 22:13Bossier CityLAUSAChanging3-4 minutesIt was dark and round with lights, then changed into a rectangular form with lights.6/20/05
5/25/05 23:00NapoleonvilleLAUSASphere10secsphere,or orb of dim light passes over followed by a passing jet7/13/05
5/10/05 17:30New OrleansLAUSACylinder30 seccylinderical ufo streaks low over New Orleans on weather tv broadcast6/20/05
5/8/05 20:00Vermillion ParishLAUSALight1-2 minutesBright red light that faded then suddenly then a second later a white streak shot to the east from where the red light was.5/11/05
4/18/05 22:45ShreveportLAUSALight10 minutestwo bright orange lights moving slowly5/11/05
4/3/05 13:50New OrleansLAUSAChanging15 minsThis thing looked like a stare and then something elses cant say just what elese just something strange4/16/05
3/13/05 01:00MetairieLAUSALight5 secondsOff-white ball zoomed across the southern sky5/11/05
2/14/05 09:30Grand IsleLAUSATriangle10 secondsTriangular shaped craft seen on beach5/11/05
2/2/05 20:00New IberiaLAUSACircle2-3 mins.we saw a big, round ,colorful ufo just stopped in one spot a few feet in the air, and it took off, and it was no where's in sight.2/8/05
1/8/05 18:00DeQuencyLAUSADisk90 secSwarm of 13 ufo fluttering silently by brightly lit up with lights inside the dome.2/14/06
12/13/04 18:27AlexandriaLAUSA15-20 secondsDate: Dec. 13, 2004 Sighting Time: 06: 28 p.m. c.s.t. Location: Alexandria, Louisiana My wife and I were traveling by SUV over the12/14/04
12/7/04 19:55AlexandriaLAUSAFormation10-15 secondsWhile driving a friend ogf mine and I both saw random glowing lights appear in the sky then formed a strait line and dissapear12/14/04
11/8/04 09:20ShreveportLAUSATriangleone minuteSomething out of the ordinary..looked like a flying constellation to me..but not to him...11/9/04
9/4/04 17:30Baton RougeLAUSACigar5 min.while watching live football game, an allumminum sigar shaped object appeared above the clouds, I took picture.9/29/04
9/1/04 23:00FranklintonLAUSACircleFlying ufo's that emitted white lights, and flew around my home in Louisiana!1/19/05
8/29/04 21:45BakerLAUSALight30 min2 white lights moving eratically in the sky.9/1/04
8/27/04 19:30KennerLAUSATeardropnoneobject on film9/1/04
8/26/04 20:00Baton RougeLAUSAall nightevery night....go out where it is dark, check out the skies, they travel in three's, triangular form, of course everyone thinks they ar9/1/04
8/25/04 22:45LulingLAUSACircle45 min.Small like a star but changes colors, blue, red, orange, green ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a celestial body. PD))9/1/04
8/19/04 15:05Abita SpringsLAUSATriangle1 minuteTriangle 'floating' in the sky and observed between tall pine trees9/1/04
8/14/04 01:15Baton RougeLAUSACircle1-6 in the morningcircular, multi-colored, flat object ((Sirius??))8/24/04
8/14/04 01:07KennerLAUSALightone secondStrange light8/24/04
7/30/04 22:30Mississippi Gulf outletLAUSACylinder5 secThree red light craft approached our boat on a collision eye level course at a very high rate of speed, veared and dissapeared8/24/04
7/10/04 20:14Abita SpringsLAUSAFormationSecondsDistant objects in formation visible in sunset photos7/25/04
7/7/04 21:05MonroeLAUSACylinder3 SECONDSGlowing green rocket-shaped object with a tail of fire.7/8/04
6/18/04 17:20ManyLAUSASphere5 minutes+Metallic sphere with smoke/steam tail, very bright.6/23/04
6/7/04 23:30BastropLAUSAFireball25-30 secondshuge round green pulsing light floating toward the ground outside Bastrop Louisiana6/18/04
6/7/04 22:00CovingtonLAUSAFireball5 secondsfireball traveling over Interstate 12 in Louisiana6/18/04
5/31/04 22:30Baton RougeLAUSACircleabout 1.5 minI was in Louisiana on a business trip. Looking up to check the weather/cloud coverage I noticed an odd shape just floating through the6/4/04
5/25/04 23:00RobertLAUSATriangle15 minsufo over robert la3/23/11
5/24/04 18:00MetairieLAUSAFormation30 minround craft with bright center light and flashing blue, green and red lights stationary for 25 to 30 min. video recorded6/4/04
5/15/04 23:00SlidellLAUSAOval10 secondsBright white lights seen in open area on road6/4/04
5/15/04 05:45Lake CharlesLAUSAOval20 secondssmall silvery object blends into surrounding sky6/23/04
5/13/04 20:00SlidellLAUSACircle3minIthink it was at about 30,000 feet as it was very small Redish orange in color6/4/04
5/7/04 21:15New OrleansLAUSALight1 minutePulses of light5/10/04
4/24/04 04:00New OrleansLAUSATeardrop30 to 40 secondsit was like it was made of mercury and molded to the most arodynamic shape posible. it flew very fast and was only seen because a refle4/27/07
4/22/04 03:50Gulf of MexicoLAUSALight1 hourFOUR FLICKERING LIGHTS6/4/04
4/15/04 22:00DeRidderLAUSALight25 minutesFour unidentified lights in the sky.9/2/05
4/15/04 20:00Morgan CityLAUSALight10 secondsTook placed on a thursday night. I was just looking at the stars when I noticed a fast moving object in the sky. It moved in a fashio4/30/04
4/15/04 17:15KennerLAUSASphere10 sec.Clear sphere seen4/27/04
4/11/04 14:30SlidellLAUSAChanging5 minutesMorphing Chromatic Craft with Chaser4/27/04
4/9/04 21:10New OrleansLAUSALight20 secondsYellowish/orange star like light5/10/04
4/6/04 10:00New OrleansLAUSADiskunknownClear image of saucer in photo4/27/04
3/16/04 21:15River RidgeLAUSASphere5-10 secondsIn New Orleans, approximately 7 spheres silently travel in a straight line then become triangle as they move overhead.3/17/04
2/28/04 18:40New OrleansLAUSALight15 secondsStar-like object meandering in sky.3/2/04
1/28/04 19:20New OrleansLAUSALight5 minsSatellite in sky over New Orleans?3/2/04
1/28/04 12:30New OrleansLAUSASphereless then 30 secondsThey were flying in a tight fomation like fighter jets do, but they were no fighter jets.2/12/04
1/22/04 19:50DeridderLAUSATriangle15 minsYea........... around 750pm on 1-22-04 i spotted something weird over Deridder,louisiana ...some might call me crazy but for me and my1/31/04
1/20/04 19:00AlexandriaLAUSADiskIt was a very large metal disc-shaped aircraft with bright lights hovering just above the tree line and then shot off into the sky.1/31/04
12/24/03 03:19GonzalesLAUSATriangle2 minutesThe Silent Trianlge Helicopter1/17/04
12/22/03 13:00Lake CharlesLAUSAChevron20 minA small silver - blue chevron shaped object moved across the parking lot of closed restaurant.11/3/05
11/30/03 18:30Belle ChasseLAUSALight15 minutesBright light changing colors about 20-30 miles in the night sky.12/9/03
11/20/03 22:23Denham SpringsLAUSALight2-3 secondssmall flashing lights11/26/03
11/19/03 22:25AbbevilleLAUSAFormation10 minutesIt was a scarey sight.11/26/03
10/29/03 22:00New IberiaLAUSACigar5 sec.Very bright object along busy highway.12/9/03
10/29/03 18:55RayneLAUSALight3-min.THERES SOMETHING WEILD GOING ON UP THERE !10/31/03
10/4/03 23:00Mississippi River (from aboard a cruise ship)LAUSALight1 minuteCarival Conquest 10/04/03 Mississippi river mouth (inbound) (port-side) 2 bluish-green glowing orb's heading up-river2/14/06
10/4/03 16:30LafayetteLAUSALight15 min2 very bright balls of light dancing. The brightest light I have ever seen.10/7/03
9/19/03 16:00EthelLAUSAOval4 0r 5 minutesOne the date stated me and my father were working in the yard. I am sort-of a big UFO fan and I often "search the sky". I looked up and8/11/04
9/19/03 16:00EthelLAUSAOval4 0r 5 minutesTHEY WENT CRAZY8/11/04
9/15/03 22:00Lake CharlesLAUSADisk10 secondsDisc seen with circular whiteish outter edge9/1/04
9/11/03 03:00Lake CharlesLAUSASphere5.5hrsWe saw one large craft that changed colors and later on we saw 2 other crafts that were smaller and emitted a red light.9/17/03
9/11/03 02:13MandevilleLAUSATriangle20minsA Twenty Minute Experience @ 2:13 AM in Mandeville Louisiana9/12/03
8/28/03 21:45EuniceLAUSALight5 min.I was returning from town to my farm located 4 miles NE of Eunice. I turned north off of the main Hwy. and as I cleared some trees to9/4/03
8/13/03 19:25NapoleonvilleLAUSAOther8secBlack boomerang wing with no sound or lights passes low and fast over south Louisiana8/28/03
8/3/03 22:30PollockLAUSALight3 Min.Three orange lights traveling high altitude, close prox. to one another, high rate of speed.8/4/03
8/1/03 01:00GallianoLAUSACircle30 minutesObject seen where nothing should have been at all.8/4/03
7/21/03 21:30ShreveportLAUSATriangle1 minutelarge triangle thing over Shreveport7/23/03
6/15/03 22:30Lake CharlesLAUSADiska few secondsUnusal objects moving fast and quite over southwest Lousiana10/7/03
6/15/03 13:00natchitochesLAUSAOther60 secondsWedge shaped object flying low to the ground.8/27/15
6/4/03 02:30Evelyn (north of)LAUSAUnknown5 to 10 minsHad stoped to check my tires an lights on my truck.I'm a truck driver,ex law officer an hate typing. There was not a clo7/16/03
5/22/03 23:50LouisianaLAUSAUnknown5 secBright light in Gulf of Mexico sky5/27/03
5/19/03 05:30WestwegoLAUSATeardrop8 secondsBody of teardrop blue and tip green.5/27/03
5/8/03 18:15New OrleansLAUSASphere8 secondsSilver sphere with wings appeared, disappeared, reappeared, did 90 degree turn, then disappeared.5/27/03
3/4/03 07:34WestlakeLAUSATriangle10 secondsMe and a co worker observed three craft flying at a very high rate of speed while on the job,We both witnessed the three craft as these3/21/03
2/24/03 07:34WestlakeLAUSATriangle10 secondsAs Me and a co worker were on the job ,I noticed something out of the corner of my eye .High In the sky were three Triangular Craft tha3/21/03
1/24/03 18:51NatchitochesLAUSALight5 minutesStarlight object sparkels as star, drifts and travels awkwardly northeast, then fades and loses all light....3/21/03
1/17/03 17:30PinevilleLAUSASphere5-10 minutesSun light relecting off a metallic type surface.3/21/03
1/5/03 01:13Plain DealingLAUSALight54 minlights under clouded sky. red, blue, and green. no sounds. moved up,down,side to side, and stoped to hover at times no fast movement3/21/03
12/18/02 17:30ZwolleLAUSAOther21:00I have an entire armada of different type crafts appear in a short time and it is almost overwhelming!12/2/13
12/2/02 05:40Lake CharlesLAUSALight30 secondsI only observed a single point of light. It was traveling north to south. It was located north of the handle of the big dipper. Then12/23/02
11/24/02 11:30Lake CharlesLAUSACircle15 min.A small dot that didnt' seem to move as a jet flew under as it was passing and dot looked white and we watched 15 min.12/23/02
11/14/02 12:00Baton RougeLAUSAUnknown15 MINUTESbright lights appear suddenly at high altitude during a clear day ,make formation and disappear4/27/07
11/13/02 01:20Baton RougeLAUSACircle10 secondsA giant black orb, looming over Baton rouge.11/16/02
10/19/02 08:45New OrleansLAUSAUnknown2minsouth to north movement, possiblt light reflected from the sun, it appeared to be rotating like on an axis.10/28/02
8/30/02 17:00LafayetteLAUSATrianglearound 10 minutesA huge orange triangle heads toward Earth!10/28/02
8/11/02 14:00Elm GroveLAUSASphere4 secondsSpheres in naked eye visuals and in developed photos as well, in NW Louisiana.5/9/03
7/29/02 19:30New OrleansLAUSAOval3-5 minTime: around 19:30pm Location: New Orleans,LA (near Mississippi River). When I was getting home and getting off the car, I saw a si8/16/02
7/6/02 01:00FranklintonLAUSATriangle01:30We spotted a UFO we think!7/26/02
6/27/02 22:00NatchitochesLAUSAOval20 minutesflashing object jetting around the sky7/1/02
6/16/02 20:30Bossier CityLAUSALight3 to 5 minutesBright blue/white light flies silently across evening sky.7/1/02
5/10/02 21:30Elm GroveLAUSAFireball6 secondsFiery object sighted in NW Louisiana5/14/02
5/7/02 21:30MarksvilleLAUSATriangle3 minutesIt was a triangle shaped object with lights, hovering over a small airport next to a casino.5/14/02
4/10/02 21:00RagleyLAUSALightone hourTwo friends and myself were grilling steaks outside. All outside lighting was off so we could star-watch on this clear night. As we rec4/25/02
3/16/02 14:00SlidellLAUSATeardrop10 SecondsAmoeba like plasma "craft".3/19/02
3/1/02 17:00New OrleansLAUSASphere<1 minuteI saw a small white sphere cross the sky in a straight line9/4/03
2/20/02 21:45Elm GroveLAUSATriangle7 minutesAbout an hour and a half after our earlier sighting of 3 oval objects, we observed a "wedge shaped" object, very low altitude, about 1,3/19/02
2/20/02 20:00Bossier CityLAUSAOval20 minutes3 Bright oval objects observed by at least 4 witnesses in NW Louisiana.3/19/02
1/25/02 19:00GreenwoodLAUSASphereMin four hoursGlowing Orb Flashes and Hovers For three hours in smalltown in north Louisiana.2/22/02
1/14/02 19:15AlexandriaLAUSAFormation>1 min.Row of lights over city1/29/02
1/6/02 23:00GilliamLAUSACigar5 minsobject was 25-26 miles north, by north west of Shreveport la, moving in a north by north west direction. No noise or sound, four lights1/11/02
12/28/01 06:00JenaLAUSACigar20mincigar shaped craft north sky, very large moving slow then fast also coming to a dead stop, very bright silver.1/11/02
12/17/01 22:05Baton RougeLAUSATriangle2.5 minutestriangle sighted 1000 feet up in baton rouge, la1/11/02
12/1/01 20:45S. BossierLAUSACigar40 secondsTwo low altitude, large, slow moving craft, cigar shaped, odd light configuration and sounds.12/5/01
11/15/01 05:31Natchitoches/Alexandria (between)LAUSATriangle15 minutesappearance of triangle shape polished bright alunium like surface shark fins slow moving11/21/10
11/7/01 18:05FarmervilleLAUSALight2 secondsI was smoking on my porch and i saw a bright light high up in the sky moving fast and it just disappeared suddenly. it may have been a 11/20/01
9/30/01 00:00BentonLAUSASphere5 minutesSmall orange orb hovering in lawn10/4/19
9/13/01 17:00New OrleansLAUSASphere3-5 minutesSmall mettalic spheres "chasing" each other5/24/05
7/21/01 00:15Bossier CityLAUSATriangle12 minutesblack,triangle craft flying over air force installation observed with no response.8/5/01
6/21/01 04:55ShreveportLAUSACigar10 minutesCigar shaped intense white light surrounded by blue, then yellow in the distance8/5/01
5/19/01 20:00ColumbiaLAUSAOval5 minutesoval flourescent colored ball coming right at us slowly, turned into four round balls of light just sitting still in the sky8/5/01
4/15/01 22:00MansfieldLAUSA3 hoursNot a quick, here then gone event, lasted several hours and witnessed by 6 people4/28/01
3/12/01 02:30Baton RougeLAUSATriangleabout10 minutes.the craft was tringular in shape and there was lights allover the craft, A strobe light would dicribe it better. the craft was moving i2/14/06
2/22/01 08:00RustonLAUSALight2 to 3 HoursRed And Blue Lights were on it, slow moving with a white light between the red and bue lights.8/5/01
2/10/01 21:00Abita SpringsLAUSATriangle3 minsThe widely seen BLACK TRIANGLE UFO7/25/04
2/6/01 18:45New OrleansLAUSACylinder30-90 secondsBlack Cylinder object seen in the French quarter of New Orleans2/18/01
1/30/01 22:00ShreveportLAUSALight3 nights (at least)My family saw 15-20 UFOs that appeared as lights for 3 consecutive nights.2/18/01
12/17/00 20:40Baton RougeLAUSALight5 mins3 "blinking" objects traveled at different times from the same side across the sky fairly fast.12/20/00
11/19/00 22:00WestlakeLAUSASphere2hrs.It was the week of thanksgiving holidays my kids and thier cousin were out of school for thanksgiving. I was in the house cooking the 12/2/00
11/13/00 21:00HeflinLAUSADiamond15 minutesDecember 29, 2000 Dear NUFORC, I’m writing in concern of a sighting of a craft that I saw 13 years ago, and again, recently, an encoun1/3/01
10/17/00 19:00NapoleonvilleLAUSAOther5sec31 y/o insurance agent sees a red light shoot into the sky .12/2/00
10/14/00 18:30GonzalesLAUSARectangle30 secondsGigantic ufo near Gonzales, LA12/2/00
9/17/00 20:55OpelousasLAUSAChevron6-10 secWing- shaped, low altitude, very fast, very large, completely silent, no running lights, black-colored.9/21/00
8/14/00 19:30LunaLAUSARectangleapprox. 5 to 10 secondsI observed one black rectangular object flying at a high rate of speed with no lights, noise, tail, trail or wings.8/19/00
7/29/00 22:00AmiteLAUSALight2 secondsOn 7/29/00 at around 10:00 pm, I was outside admiring the sky because it was a very clear night. I am in a rural area that is wooded, 8/5/00
7/14/00 23:30ThibodauxLAUSAFireball5h5mRiding in my uncles boat we saw a dome shape craft that flew at tree level, it was orange and accasionally changed white.7/29/00
7/14/00 21:00RaglyLAUSAUnknownnoneThe lights kept disappering and reappering.6/20/05
5/1/00 21:00WestlakeLAUSALight1 minObjects left Earth towards Moon2/1/07
5/1/00 17:00PrairievilleLAUSAEgg3 secondsbright, glowing egg-shaped object came down extremely fast: disappeared at tree level.6/6/00
4/28/00 22:28Bossier CityLAUSAChevron10 secondsI was standing outside to smoke just before David Letterman tonight. I always smoke outside, never inside; but, I do not ever expect t5/3/00
4/22/00 23:15Lake CharlesLAUSATriangle10 min.My girlfrind and myself were out stargazing when i noticed 3 trianular shaped craft slowly moving north in the sky she also saw the sam4/26/00
4/15/00 22:00MerauxLAUSARectangleabout 1 minuteRectangular shaped flying Huge box kite looking thing (about 15 ft across)6/20/05
3/28/00 22:40HammondLAUSALight00:00:20Two elongated, flickering lights travelling east to west at high speed, circled around to the south and vanished. No sound apparent.4/1/00
3/1/00 21:00Lake PontchartrainLAUSATriangle5 MinutesLight-absorbing craft pays homage to Mardi Gras.10/15/02
1/15/00 20:00Lake CharlesLAUSALight40 minutesThere was a UFO in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 2000.1/10/09
1/1/00 23:00ErathLAUSAEgg2:00Yellow egg shape craft displays of technolegy5/15/06
12/26/99 23:00PonchatoulaLAUSADiamondI was washing dishes and I looked out my kitchen window and seen 4 diamond shaped objects circling my field. They were about 11 feet fr1/7/00
12/26/99 20:00New OrleansLAUSALight15-20 sec.sufo streaked across the sky, like to know what we saw.1/7/00
12/26/99 19:55LaroseLAUSAAmendment to previous report filed yesterday as reported in The Times-Picayune 12/29/991/7/00
12/22/99 22:30Baton RougeLAUSAOther12 secondsGreen object appears in digital camera shots of the Moon taken on the night that the Moon was at it's brightest.1/7/00
11/18/99 18:00ArcadiaLAUSALightWhere did it go, that is what i want to know.1/11/02
11/16/99 20:00HarveyLAUSAFormation20 secondsI had taken the dog outside, and while I was waiting for him to do his business,I looked up to stargaze on this extremely clear night. 11/23/99
11/2/99 19:15Baton RougeLAUSATriangle5 secI happen to look up at the stars and saw 3 craft heading south. Two were smaller with 3 lights each,1 larger craft with a circle of li11/9/99
11/1/99New OrleansLAUSACylinder10 minutesBlack cylinders over French Quarter4/28/01
10/23/99 07:15Florien/Hornbeck (between, Hwy 191)LAUSATeardrop1 minuteCraft appeared polished aluminum color, nose down attitude, flat bottom, slightly domed on top, hovering, no noise heard, no movement s11/2/99
9/17/99 20:50AnacocoLAUSADisk40 minutesMy wife called me to the living room to see an ornange pulsating light. I watched it for a bit and it shot straight up, almost out of s10/2/99
9/7/99 05:00Slidell and Thibadoux (New Orleans)LAUSADisk10 minsGlowed orange, green and blue9/12/99
9/2/99 03:30New OrleansLAUSALight2 hoursLight streaked across sky ... power failure/brownout followed.9/12/99
7/25/99 20:00Rocky Mount (Plain Dealing)LAUSATriangle30-45 secondsWhile swimming in pool I looked up and noticed what looked like a bird just hoovering, it suddenly moved backwards about 2 lengths and 8/10/99
7/21/99 18:00JacksonLAUSAOther5 minutesSilent black helicopter.1/6/17
7/13/99 07:45New RoadsLAUSATriangle20 secondsTranslucent watery appearance with waves like heat waves.7/14/99
6/12/99 01:00Barksdale AFBLAUSATriangle10 minutesBlack Triangle Over Barksdale AFB Summer 19993/4/08
6/1/99 22:30River RidgeLAUSACircle3 minutesSilver aircraft with 3 lights, beeping noise - hovered over my house and then in front of me while watching it from the street.5/24/05
5/18/99 22:00KeithvilleLAUSALight15 minutes2 bright red, hazy, motionless objects were observed.5/24/99
5/11/99 23:15MonroeLAUSALight15 secondsI was in my driveway and I happened to look up and I saw a bright ball of light pass overhead , very low. It first made me think of a c5/24/99
4/5/99 22:45LettsworthLAUSALight2 minutesnoise, vibration, light seen being chased by helicopters4/26/99
2/20/99 20:00New OrleansLAUSALight30m((HOAX??))Really weird to see an object flow across the sky slowly but then take off from one end of the sky to the other in seconds.4/27/07
1/8/99 23:30Carmel (I-49)LAUSALight1mini was driving on i49. when my tractortrailor started to vibrate vilently i stop the truck to see what was wrong. after i stoped i got o9/19/02
12/31/98 23:00Jonesboro (near)LAUSAChanging3 minSlow pink blob11/26/03
12/24/98 21:00HathawayLAUSACylinder5 min.It was Christmas Eve "98. My girlfriend was leaving my house and I walked her outside to her car. All of a sudden, we both saw a cylind10/2/99
12/17/98 14:12Bossier CityLAUSACircle3 minutesI was looking into the bright blue sky wathing a trail from a high speed us aircaft. When I was looking I saw a bright circular item s1/28/99
12/13/98 23:00Baton RougeLAUSALightabout 5 secIt was a long light, blue with a purpleish tint. Resembled a shooting star, but appeared and disappeared but ended before the horizon.1/28/99
11/3/98 05:00Baton RougeLAUSAFireball1-2 secsBright Green Fireball followed by a tail of orange sparks11/19/98
10/23/98 21:45AlexandriaLAUSAFireball60secgreenish white fireball ascending across clear night sky fromeast to west following an irregular flight path and chg's in speed.when ob11/1/98
10/7/98 22:05GonzalesLAUSATriangle2 minutesSilent triangle shaped ufo up close and personal12/5/01
8/15/98 00:00StonewallLAUSA45 minutesTone heard throughout home10/30/06
6/1/98 22:00DestrehanLAUSALightminuteOne reddish light splits into two smaller lights of same color & intensity, then they travel in different directions.8/5/01
6/1/98 21:00SulphurLAUSASphere2-3 secondsOrb / Sphere seen over football Stadium1/10/09
3/25/98 23:30AlexandriaLAUSATriangle2 minutesFive white lights in V-shaped pattern seen along Interstate 49 just south of Alexandria6/5/12
1/1/98 13:00Baton RougeLAUSACircle15 minthe brightest lights over the mississippi river10/8/07
10/12/97 21:51Kenner (34th St.)LAUSADisk1:21mintwo disk like objects passed over me and my mother objevts seemed to be a couple of thousand feet overhead6/2/98
9/7/97 12:00Gulf of MexicoLAUSACigar5 minsMercury colored Cigar shaped USO surfaced near Oil Plarform in Gulf of Mexico1/10/09
6/23/97 09:30EuniceLAUSALight10 minutesCircular bright white light above house10/31/08
6/3/97 23:00CoushattaLAUSALight10 minutestwo orange lights in the stars4/27/04
5/27/97 00:00WinnsboroLAUSAOther10 minuteswell the object sort of came out from the north as i was riding my bike home.1/28/99
3/15/97 19:00Bossier Parish (southern)LAUSARectangle15-20 MNS.((This is the seventh of several of these experiences, all of which I now feel are connected. If visitors to this site have any questi2/16/99
3/12/97 09:00New OrleansLAUSAOther5-10 SecondsAre you interested in unexplained noises?3/7/98
12/29/96 20:00BastropLAUSALight1 hourdue south of bastrop A bright light was seen in the sky, and was thought to be a star until it started moving. It moved back and for3/7/98
10/26/96 20:30Marksville (Spring Bayou, 1st landing)LAUSATriangle5 minutesTriangluar object moved very slowly over the trees appr. 100 yards from me without a sound, stopped, tipped up and lowered itself into 10/2/99
6/1/96 21:00New OrleansLAUSAChanging20 secondsThe above report was mine and I just wanted you to know my name for your files.7/3/13
6/1/96 21:00New OrleansLAUSAChanging15-20 secondsWhile a conversation with a friend a large mirror like objesct came out of the south west sky traveling at a moderate rate of speed. Th7/4/12
4/15/96 00:30GretnaLAUSASphere1.5minRed strobbing object, approx. the size of a basketball.2/18/01
2/1/96 15:00DoylineLAUSATriangle3 minutesTRIANGLER CRAFT NEAR BARKSDALE6/20/05
10/5/95 21:30SlidellLAUSAFormation10minAppeared to be a formation of sorts at first; 1500-2500' feet off the surface; 1/2-3/4 mile in length E-W, 1/4 mile wide N-S; over Lake5/24/99
9/23/95 23:00ThibodauxLAUSAOther1 minuteEyewitness of a large, silent, bluish-white object traveling over Thibodaux from east to west.11/26/03
9/22/95 23:30Lake CharlesLAUSA3 min.Man & son witness 3 bright, "neon red" objects flying overhead in tandem formation. Objs. suddenly maneuver to form triangle.11/2/99
6/15/95 02:00CameronLAUSAUnknown1 minuteObject at high altitude and moving extremely fast makes instant course reversal without turning.5/11/05
6/3/95 03:00GardendaleLAUSAWoman repts. witnessing 5 strange ships. One very large, at "treetop level." One appeared to be in trouble. Witnesses reptd.11/2/99
5/26/95 22:45VintonLAUSA10 sec.Young man witnesses very bright "star" flying north very fast, "1/2 speed of falling star." Obj. stopped, suddenly disappeared.11/2/99
2/4/95New OrleansLAUSANew Orleans FAA ATRR called to say that they had received a UFO report from a caller.11/2/99
1/31/95 19:32AlexandriaLAUSA2 min.FAA/Houston reports sighting by crews of two airliners 60 miles NW of Alexandria, LA. Lights move suddenly.11/2/99
8/1/94 09:00MetairieLAUSACircle30-45 secondsUFO over Lake Ponchatrain--1994. ((anonymous report))1/17/19
6/1/94 12:00CarencroLAUSAOtherTHE TRUTH, THE WAY, AND THE LIFE11/6/14
4/11/94 21:00HarrisonburgLAUSADisk30 secondslarge, well-lit saucer passes only a hundred feet above house2/22/05
11/23/93 23:30Baton RougeLAUSATriangle20 to 30 secondsI saw 3 orange illuminated triangles flying very low between 2 apartment buildings, just above the trees.7/5/99
10/15/93 21:00Moss BluffLAUSADisk2 minF-16s chase Disc object over Calcasieu River between Lake Charles and Moss Bluff2/1/07
10/15/93 15:30SulphurLAUSAOval5 TO 10 MIN.Two large black objects fly over town ... 0nly 4 people observed them .....12/14/04
6/13/93 21:45LafayetteLAUSATeardrop22:20the quick moving "star" balls sped away faster than anything i had everseen and change color in the process of leaving.6/12/02
12/24/92 22:00West MonroeLAUSADisk2 hoursDocumented. The firefighters, State Police, and Sheriffs Office were called out to investigate a strange object in sky.7/5/99
11/20/92 17:00Little TensasLAUSAUnknown30 secondsBright star, that leaves the sky with high speed capabilities.8/15/14
12/24/90 23:00GonzalesLAUSAFireballIn a trailer parkMagic came down to earth.3/19/09
6/1/90 20:00DeltaLAUSACigarJust a few secondsI was driving when I thought I was about to witness a plane crash, then it disappeared.5/12/11
5/15/90 17:50TiogaLAUSACigar10Cigar shaped object hovering approximately 100 feet in 30 knot wind making no sounds.2/14/08
1/6/90 22:00New OrleansLAUSADisk20 minutesI was flying a Pan American A-300B4 (Airbus) from New York to Mexico City. Our route took us directly over Biloxi, Mississippi and the8/24/04
12/13/89 23:00PinevilleLAUSARectangle5 Minutes?rectangular, black metallic, hover, silent, huge, low to ground, two witnesses3/31/08
11/25/89 22:00Monroe-BastropLAUSAUnknown1 hourSomething flying in and out of formation within a triangle shaped constellation6/18/04
6/25/89 23:00Weeks IslandLAUSALight7-10 minTwo lights, moving as one in echelon, starting north at 9 o’clock horizon to straight overhead and stopping, no noise, faded into dark3/4/22
5/15/89 01:00LouisianaLAUSATriangle5 minutesI was hitch hicking. It was late and I walked off the main highway on a paved road that ran perpendicular. I had walked about half a5/15/06
1/15/89 17:00DestrehanLAUSACircle5 minutesWalking home from football practice one evening I was looking up at the clouds and saw a cloud and out of the cloud flew a black circul10/29/15
10/22/88 22:33Interstate 10LAUSAOval6 minutesAt night I saw a large pulsating light at low altitiude, at first stationary, and then flying away at enormous speed.5/11/05
9/15/88 03:00DarlingtonLAUSAUnknown15 minBlade sound passes overhead while photographing wildlife at night.7/23/00
8/15/88 22:00AzucenaLAUSADiamond15-20 minutesHuge ship, with colored lights placed in this diamond-shaped pattern on its underside, one light protruding from the center1/22/04
6/1/88 19:30BurasLAUSADisk5 minDisk shaped silent craft with 7 lights passed directly overhead of 3 witnesses, appeared high and huge.1/31/11
2/5/88 15:00HoumaLAUSADisk30 min.walking home i saw a gray saucer in the sky!!!!!!7/16/06
1/1/88 17:00KennerLAUSACircle20 minutesGigantic circular object hovering, and then with progressive speed moved away and disappeared. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes3/31/08
6/1/87 00:00IowaLAUSAUnknown15 Sec.A bright light came through the ceiling and paralyzed me and my friend.11/28/07
8/4/86HarrisonburgLAUSA5 min.Woman repts. witnessing dramatic disturbance in local reservoir caused by large "falling" object. Other witnesses in LA, NC (?).11/2/99
6/1/86 23:00New OrleansLAUSALight30 sectwo lights circling each other in the night time sky then shooting away from each other in new orleans louisiana.3/11/06
4/15/86 21:50LafayetteLAUSALight1 minuteA sighting of four bright objects seen performing unusual maneuvers with no apparent change in speed.9/17/00
11/20/85 22:30Big Cane (Plaucheville area)LAUSALight6 SECONDSA bright light traveling east to west followed by a green waving light, followed by a smaller white light. The objects were close toge4/2/99
6/15/85 18:00LacombeLAUSAOval35 minOn a sailing trip across Lake Ponchartrain we spotted the craft having above land4/22/22
4/30/85 11:00DequincyLAUSAUnknown30m-1hr 1/2Children from small town school see object over town over twenty years ago. It doesn't end there.3/31/08
6/20/84 20:20HolmwoodLAUSAOval25 minutesLake Charles native got a close up view of a large hovering disk on the hwy between Lake Charles and Bell City.4/18/12
6/1/84 22:00FerridayLAUSAOther8 secondsMy girl friend and I were leaving Ferriday La. about 10:00Pm. one night and just as we got even with the rest area about 3 miles out of8/28/03
6/30/83 18:00StonewallLAUSAOval5 minsObjects over northern DeSoto Parish, Louisiana 198310/8/07
4/15/83 13:30New OrleansLAUSAOval2-3 secondsMy story is short but True . This sighting occurred while fishing in the Mississippi river , in the spring of 1983 , probably April.11/21/10
11/15/82 03:00MarksvilleLAUSACircleaprox 5 minI can Only Belive That This Was A Loading Of A UFO Into A Mother Ship.3/19/02
9/20/82 12:00SlidellLAUSAChanging20 minShape shifting, color changing UFO8/7/11
6/15/82 15:00HaughtonLAUSADisk10 secondsmy sister and i saw a silver disk @ 90 ft long with a red vert stabilizer fly silently over our house tree top high, no sound & slow!6/12/07
6/1/82 17:00PinevilleLAUSAFormation10 minutesThis happened sometime in the early 80s as i was still in High School.I had taken our dog out,and had decided to sit on the porch for a1/28/99
6/17/81 13:00KennerLAUSACircle5-7minutesRound Craft over Hwy in Louisiana,viewed from 2 blocks away.10/30/06
4/30/81 23:00LAUSADiamond120 secondsDiamond shaped object, with accompanying lights (of all colors) and under girding.10/10/11
10/15/80 19:00Denham SpringsLAUSARectangle6 minutesFlying object observed9/24/12
10/1/80 23:00HomerLAUSADisk?bright light becoming near and more intense in rear veiw window of car1/3/01
10/24/79 17:00ArcadiaLAUSADisk45 secondsobject moved from one point to another so fast that it looked liked there were two of them9/9/03
9/1/79 02:00CrowleyLAUSAUnknown1 minuteMachine Sounding Heart Beat10/8/07
6/15/79 19:30Baton RougeLAUSADisk30 secondsmetallic disk emerged from one cloud and disappeared behind another.1/21/08
6/15/79 15:00Baton RougeLAUSADisk2-3 Min.Several witness Silver Disc over Baton Rouge7/1/02
6/1/79 19:00MonroeLAUSAOther10 minutesIt looked like a hang glider and was totally quiet.8/20/20
6/1/79 15:00SpringhillLAUSADisk4 minutesAn object was seen observing a large construction site of various sized concrete pads then shot away at a high rate of speed.11/3/17
5/6/79 01:00WatsonLAUSADisk5 min.- ?observed metallic disk with revolving multi-colored light band hovering over neighbor's field8/5/01
11/11/78 13:00CarlyssLAUSALight5 minutesokay, im am sending this regarding the sighting in Carlyss, La. appr. 1978. the report said they were 16 years old and scared and you w1/5/11
10/1/78 20:00LecompteLAUSADisk5 minutesI believe this object was either a test vehicle of some sort or it was not of this world.12/23/02
8/21/78 19:00BastropLAUSARectangle10minLarge rectangular object, about 100 yards over the power lines.12/16/99
8/21/78 19:00Monroe-BastropLAUSARectangle20-30 minutesRectangular bright craft on Hwy 139 From Monroe to Bastrop,LA.11/3/05
6/15/78 20:30Baton RougeLAUSAOval5 minutesHUGE oval craft hovering over the treetops follows our car.10/31/08
1/1/78 01:00CarlyssLAUSAStrange light through my window. 500 Lights On Object0: Yes10/31/08
12/15/77 00:00Lake CharlesLAUSAUnknownUnknownVisited by UFO5/31/22
7/1/77 18:30Woods Mid-NELAUSACircle3 secondsThere was a electrical-like white, glowing sphere in an elliptical that would appear to be a landing pattern during the summer 1977.1/24/19
6/21/77 21:00ChopinLAUSAFireball30 - 90 min.Fireball light show in the Western Louisiana sky.7/8/04
6/15/77 20:00New OrleansLAUSAFather and son witness V-shaped formation of lights move quickly overhead.2/5/03
5/8/77 16:00KinderLAUSASphere20 minutesMultiple Daytime sighting of silver spheres.6/12/08
8/25/76 22:00JonesboroLAUSATriangle30 min.Triangular craft w/ flashing lights in 19769/2/05
6/30/76 22:00SpringfieldLAUSADisk~3 minutesMy body was scanned by a beam from a small flying object and I received a message of kindness/love.12/20/12
6/1/76 21:00AlexandriaLAUSALight3 minutesBall of light incapacitated my best friend and scared me10/30/06
6/1/76 16:30RacelandLAUSACircle2 minthe silver object was approx 1/4 mile away, we were looking down the street towards a wooded area.The object to the north was glistenin7/1/02
10/1/75 23:00MonroeLAUSACircleHourMetallic silver orb floated over Northeast Louisiana University dorms.1/11/19
8/10/75 18:00River RidgeLAUSACircle2 minutesBright orange object in front of woods1/17/04
6/15/75 16:00Baton RougeLAUSADisk1.5 hoursObject hovered over Baton Rouge a long time then shot away6/12/08
12/1/74 01:00Fort PolkLAUSAUnknown5 minI witnessed this event when I was 17 years old and had just entered the army. I was awaiting what was called the catttle trucks to tra4/13/10
11/13/74 22:00New OrleansLAUSADisk25 secoundsTwo Saucer Shape U.F.O.'s over New Orleans East.5/2/14
11/2/74 00:00New OrleansLAUSAOther10 secondsHugh blinking red light over New Orleans East.5/2/14
10/6/74 19:00New OrleansLAUSA1 minuteStrobe cloud hiding object over NOLA east.4/22/16
9/30/74 01:00BaskinLAUSAOval5 to ten minutesHello sir I may be 30 years late but i have to tell someone that will believe me. I`ve tried to tell my story and all i got was my let10/20/05
6/1/74 13:00TerrytownLAUSAOtherHalf hourA large hot dog shape object, glowing red orange, just like the color of an electric stovetop. Object was seen floating above the Cres2/23/00
5/1/74 03:00SpringhillLAUSA10 secondsGiant Ship over Lake Earling.12/22/14
4/15/74 20:00natchitochesLAUSAOther60 secondsBright, dome shaped object observed.8/27/15
3/15/74 06:00MetarieLAUSADiskdont knowI woke up and looked out the window to see a silver craft that made no noise at all7/16/03
4/25/73 18:30Grand ChenierLAUSASphere20 secondsHave always felt certain it was a meteorite, It was a burning ball of fire about 3 to 4 foot in diameter. This object hit the earth. Af5/11/00
3/13/73 04:00New OrleansLAUSACircleapprox. 2hrs.My husband and I stopped early one morning on a highway to look at a bright object, the object was a large round silver thing.7/1/02
2/15/73 01:00Port SulphurLAUSACircle4 seconds2 silver circular crafts with glowing blue all around leaving a blue flame trail.10/16/15
2/1/73 23:00Port SulphurLAUSACircle3 secondsDrag Racing UFO's10/27/04
10/20/72 22:00ShreveportLAUSADisk15 to 20 minutesSaucer zoomed close above at twice the height of a very tall pine tree and disappeared within 5-7 seconds at great speed.10/8/22
6/1/72 13:00Avery IslandLAUSACircleMaybe 5 minutesIn the early summer or late Spring of 1972 when my oldest son was 5 1/2 and my youngest son was 15 months old we went to a friend's gra7/23/20
7/10/71 14:00New OrleansLAUSAOval90 minutesOne thousand saucers observed telescopically crossing the sun over a ninety minute period.7/25/04
12/15/69 16:00GlenmoreLAUSACircle15/20 secA very clear sighting on highway U.S. 165 in Louisiana north of Oakdale near the small town of Glenmora in 1969.10/31/03
9/29/69 11:15RacelandLAUSATriangleU.F.O SEEN THE DAY AFTER HURRICAN CAMILLE.7/5/08
1/1/69 20:00FarmervilleLAUSAOther2 minutesFive bright white, small balls jumped out of the sky, and bounced across the road.7/5/99
10/15/68 23:30Fort PolkLAUSALight30 MIN,Star sized light that split into two and mimic'd each others movement1/10/09
6/30/68HarahanLAUSALightA huge bright light descends from the sky then shoots off at an angle.5/12/09
1/15/68 22:30Cameron ParishLAUSASphere10-12 minutesJan/Feb. 1967 or 1968, sphere, gold, yellow, orange, solid color, 25 to 50 feet off the ground about 1/2 a football field away from us.5/29/15
1/1/68 21:00West MonroeLAUSALight20 minutesOn the way into town, a light appeared over head and followed us.7/5/99
11/10/67 06:00Fort PolkLAUSAUnknown5-10 inutesThis was a UFO sighting by a military formation at Ft Polk, Lousiana in 1967.6/23/10
6/30/67 20:00SlidellLAUSACircleabout 1 minuteI appreciate this forum to report what I saw. I was a young lad who went outside to feed the dog in the back yard. While walking back t3/11/06
5/15/67 23:00MonroeLAUSALight1 minuteMy cousin's husband abd I were night fishing and saw a single light looking like a large star moving across the night sky at a pretty g10/30/06
3/3/67 22:00Oak GroveLAUSAUnknown30 MinutesMy girlfriend and I were having a romantic evening in the front seat of my car one evening. I looked across a field that lay in front9/2/05
7/1/65 22:00New OrleansLAUSAUnknown60 secondsSpec of light in sky changes course around another spec of light.6/12/08
2/16/65 21:00MetairieLAUSACircle20 secondsTwo circular objects/craft, luminous on their outer perimeters, flying in a staggered formation, sighted above back yard residence.4/12/13
10/20/64 12:00New IberiaLAUSACircle5 MINUTESOn a clear, cloudless day at 12:00 noon my buddy and I saw this craft at a maximum altitude of 100 to 200 feet.8/7/07
6/15/64 23:00DestrehanLAUSALight30 secondsthree lights in the night sky with very unusual behavior.5/27/03
6/30/62 14:00MindenLAUSACircle4 minutesCircular saucer shaped object clearly seen and left with no noise in less than the blink of an eye.12/1/19
6/30/58 23:00ThibodauxLAUSAFireball90 secondsHistorical Sighting I have related this many times, but never committed it to writing until now. I was motivated to write this by the1/21/08
3/5/57 19:30JenaLAUSASphere15min.Heading S. in my car on two lane highway entering Jena LA saw UFO's to the S.E. many cars stopped to abserve1/28/99
7/15/55 22:00RingoldLAUSALight2 min. maxAs a young boy at church summer camp my friend and I were sitting on the steps of the main dining hall talking. I looked up in the sky10/30/06
10/31/53 19:00New OrleansLAUSAOvalSeconds20+ ovals flying over New Orleans9/2/05
7/1/53 14:00MerryvilleLAUSACigar~5 minutesCigar shaped sighting at around 2 PM in afternoon8/27/20
6/30/52 06:00Barksdale AFB (Shreveport)LAUSAIn 1952 I was stationed at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport La. about 6 AM this cigar shaped UFO, about 100 yds long, approached about 80010/30/06
6/1/47MindenLAUSAUnknown10 secondsHigh altitude sighting in 19472/18/01
6/15/45 23:00West MonroeLAUSACircle10 minutesArkansas Road West Monroe LA siting as Children Playing close to the street which was very rural at the time. Never heard much about U7/5/19
8/15/43 00:00unknownLAUSAUnknown10-12 minutesWhite light at midnight traveling into outer space.1/30/14
8/15/43 00:00unknownLAUSALight10-15 minutes1942 Louisiana midnight light like airplane 10-15 minutes, then corkscrewing up into the atmosphere2/14/08
4/5/00 20:00Baton RougeLAUSALight15 secondsUFO report communicated by Thomas Jefferson2/8/11
00/00/65 20:00ShreveportLAUSADisk45 minneighbor ((deleted)l came to get my sister, me amd maid to see ufo overhead is street no higher than a telephone pole. Made humming noi1/28/99
sept.20 01:20New OrleansLAUSATriangle6 secondsflying boomerang shaped craft with about 100 translucent warm lit panels on underside.8/5/01