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Date / Time City State Country Shape Duration Summary Posted Images
2/27/23 20:43YorktonSACanadaOtherAt least 10 minutesSighted out the North bathroom window so took pictures. NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Venus3/6/23Yes
10/31/22 06:30Granite lakeSACanadaDisk2 hoursOne craft was seen in front of my friends cabin. Craft kept appearing all around us , we watched them for 2 hours12/22/22
7/14/22 21:26White CitySACanadaTriangleless than a secondSaw three lights in triangle shape shoot across sky9/9/22
7/13/22 23:40ReginaSACanadaDisk2 secondsWhile watching a large thunderstorm an oval disk shaped craft was illuminated against the clouds it floated up and right and disapeared9/9/22
5/14/22 22:30SaskatoonSACanadaCylinder30 secondsMoving slowly west to east 100-200 ft long all white lights from one end to the other no flashing no noise no other colors6/22/22
12/30/02 19:30Prince Albert (Canada)SACanadaOval5 secit looked like a satellite . same brightness and size travelling across the eastern sky. It then changed direction and increased speed 2/5/03
11/29/02 01:30Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaTrianglemin 3 hoursbright object that seemed to be affected by the gusty winds ?12/23/02
6/15/02 14:30Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaTriangle60 secondslarge floating triangle saw floating just outside of a third story window.7/1/02
10/18/01 00:00Regina (Canada)SACanadaLight2 minred and white strobing light moving oddly, not a jet, looked far off.11/20/01
9/22/01 20:00Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaChevron5 - 7 secondsWedge or chevron shaped object passed in front of crescent moon.10/12/01
9/7/01 04:00Regina (Canada)SACanadaLight2 hoursWhile facing east in my bedroom at 4:00 a.m. central standard time, I saw what appeared to be a very bright star in the sky, low on the10/12/01
8/18/01 21:57Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaDisk53 secondswe thought it was a airplane until we saw it disk like shape8/20/01
4/4/01 23:20Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaDisk50 minutesstationary, flat disk like shape with white red and green lights flashing intermittenly seen south of Saskatoon, April 4, 2001 11;20pm4/28/01
9/3/00 22:45Rosthern (Canada)SACanadaCigarfew secondsI defintely saw a silvery cigar shaped object descending12/2/00
8/23/00 11:34Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaFlash30 secondsflashes of light, quickly dissapeared afterwards4/8/02
7/31/00 23:21Kuroki (near Saskatoon) (Canada)SACanadaFlash1 - 2 secondsAfter seeing an unusual flash in the night sky the previous evening, I was curious to see if the phenomenon would occur the following e12/2/00
7/30/00 22:07Humboldt (near Saskatoon) (Canada)SACanadaFlash3-5 secondsBright flash directly overhead in night sky, lasting two or three seconds.12/2/00
5/28/00 11:35Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaTeardrop1 minuteThere is a teardrop and triangular shiny object floating above a small forest edge. It floated stably and produced absolutely no sound.8/5/01
5/25/00 20:00Saskatoon (Approx 10 minutes west of) (Canada)SACanadaOvalapprox 2 minutesSilvery white, oval object over the clouds.12/2/00
1/29/00 02:00Prince Albert (Canada)SACanadaTriangle1 hourA triangle-shaped craft or object, with red,green,and yellow lights flashing in seqences. Seemed to be hovering in the southern sky at 12/2/00
1/29/00 01:30Prince Albert (Canada)SACanadaDiamond2 HoursSeemed to stay in one area for approx. 2 hours, is still there at 03:17 and during the event the object seemed to change color and inte12/2/00
1/28/00 21:08Prince Albert (Canada)SACanadaUnknownA star looking light flashing red, white, blue12/2/00
8/20/99 22:10Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaFormationLess than 1 minI saw what a first appeared to be a satellite but it was being followed by three lights in a V formation and then another 3 lights in a12/2/00
7/13/99 22:45Fort Qu'Appelle (Canada)SACanadaOther2 minutes approxStarlike objects rotate around each other & then speed away in opposite directions in an erractic flight path at varying speeds.2/18/01
6/21/98 22:30Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaOther<2 secondsWing-shaped or boomerang-shaped craft at high altitude directly overhead.12/2/00
8/12/97 00:30Pilot Butte (Canada)SACanadaChevron1min.seen when observing the Perseid meteor shower august 199712/2/00
8/12/97 00:20Pilot Butte (Canada)SACanadaChevron30 secsA huge, "gilver" coloured pair of wings, with undereath protuberances, about 2ft long, rather like a gold ingot.2/18/01
6/15/96 21:30Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaOval3-4 minutes300-400 ft long, oval and orange did not move or make any noise at all8/5/01
5/15/96 03:00Regina (Canada)SACanadaUnknown4 secit was a light moving south east then it was like a camera flash and it was gone the for one sec it was there and streaked norht and wa12/2/00
10/31/95 23:35Regina (Canada)SACanadaTriangle5 min.On October 31, 1995, I was outside waiting for my cab to take me to work. I looked up to the East sky and first noticed a light which 7/26/02
10/10/90 20:00Pense (Canada)SACanadaUnknown1/2 hr.i saw something one rainy night, and i'll never forget it as long as i live.10/12/01
11/11/89 11:00Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaCigar1 hourI was having breakfast when I noticed a cigar shaped and cloud color object not moving at all in the sky about 20 to 30 miles away ...12/2/00
8/15/87 22:00Saskatoon (Canada)SACanadaLight20 minutesI used to sit on our deck,on summer evenings and look at the stars. This was on a farm south of Saskatoon. Infrequently, these lights w12/2/00
6/1/74 13:11Langbank (Canada)SACanadaCircleWhen I lived in Whitewood Saskatchewan in the early 1970s, everyone in our remote rural area heard about and saw photos of crop circles12/2/00
8/10/73 21:00Saskatchewan (eastern --- rural) (Canada)SACanadaCylinderseveral minutesYellow illuminated cylinder in eastern Saskatchewan -- 8/197312/2/00
8/10/72none (in countryside) (Canada)SACanadaOther?Metallic "squished-football"-shaped UFO displayed extraordinary maneuverability and speed; later green light cloud followed car.12/2/00
1/10/71 20:00La Ronge (Canada)SACanadaUnknown5 minutessighting at anglo rouyn mine in the early 1970' s in norhtern sk.4/1/01
9/30/68 19:00Lanigan (Canada)SACanadaDiamond15 secondsThe light came off in long, slightly dark, transparent rays for about 10-15 seconds.12/2/00
6/14/62 02:00Yorkton (Canada)SACanadaDisk45 - 60 secondsDull aluminum alien space craft ,silent,motionless hover,150 Ft. away,crystal clear view,country sighting,SCARY then!5/14/02